Chapter 3: Becoming his Daughter

Great General Gu, who’d been poisoned by the Kunlun Snow poison and at his last breath, was already cured!

Naturally there was someone who went to spread this good news. In an instant, everyone in the entire army camp all learned of this. Everyone’s emotions were all worked up.

“So great! Great general’s poison has been cured!”

“Yeah, and right now, he’s already awake. All the generals went to visit.”

“It’s all thanks to that little medicine….little poison fairy!”


Now that Great General Gu’s Kunlun Snow poison was cured, Yu Fu naturally became revered as a honorable guest.

Even old Jin, this impulsive fellow, this time also became a meritorious subject for having merit in saving the great general.

For a moment, he was still unable to react. His entire person stupidly in a daze.

Originally, he thought that he’d messed up greatly, but unexpectedly and unintentionally, this little poison fairy actually could also cure poison!

He’d originally assumed that only medicine fairies could save people, and poison fairies could only kill people!

Great General Gu has practiced marital arts since childhood, his body strong and sturdy. As soon as the poison was cured, he every quickly woke up.

Of course, a part of the reason was waking from the pain.

When Yu Fu had split open his stomach and fished out his intestines, she hadn’t given him any numbing medicine to drink.

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He tried to sit up from the bed, but a sharp pain suddenly came from his abdomen. He lowered his head to look at his own body.

Only seeing a fairly large cut on his abdomen, and on it, carelessly sewn messy threads.

Carefully looking at it, that shiny and glistening thread was even golden threads, like the kind used for embroidering luxurious clothes.

His scalp suddenly felt numb.

He’d heard that it was a ten or so year old little girl that cured his poison. Could it be that this thread she used was her embroidery thread?

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Startled, Great General Gu’s foot slightly moved, and unexpectedly kicked something hard.

The others detected his movements and had the brocade quilt by his foot lifted, surprisingly discovering several ingots of gold and silver, sizes all varying.

The quality (relative purity of gold and silver) seemingly excellent.

He questioned the others with a meaningful glance. Just then, Yan Hua Shi finally recalled, these gold and silver were Yu Fu’s.

“Replying to great general, earlier, in order to save you, Miss Yu Fu, in a moment of impatience, had these things left here.”

A little girl carrying this many gold and silver for what?

Great General Gu became increasingly curious towards this little poison fairy.

“Since she’s my life saver, quickly invite her over for a chat.”


Yan Hua Shi replied, and not long after had Yu Fu brought over.

Seeing her first glance, Great General Gu was even more shocked than he’d imagined.

He’d thought that at least she should still be a little girl close to marriageable age, yet didn’t expect the Yu Fu before his eyes was a ball of childishness.

To have this level of medical skills at such a young age, indeed hard to come by.

Just her stitching was a bit ugly.

Yu Fu curiously stared at him with her large eyes.

When this Great General Gu had his eyes closed, he already made people feel unlimited pressure. As expected, with his eyes opened, he didn’t disappoint.

However this kind of bearing wasn’t violent and intimidating, only making one feel sincere respect for him.

Yu Fu suddenly smiled, the two dimples on her cheeks bloomed like pear blossoms, making one can’t help but guess–

Already this beautiful at such an age, if she were to grow up into an adult, wouldn’t she make everyone in the world envy to death?

This smile made Great General Gu even more curious.

There has never been a child, after seeing him, that dared to smile without him saying anything. This rather made him feel very warm inside.

“Little miss, I am the Eastern Ling’s Great General, Gu Huai Jiang. Thank you very much for saving my life.”

He was honored as the dignified great general, and also held a nobility title, yet he humbly introduced himself like this, making Yu Fu have a favorable impression of him.

She also introduced herself, “I’m the Immortals Valley’s little poison fairy. I’m called Yu Fu.”

“Don’t know how old Miss Yu Fu is this year?”

As Gu Huai Jiang said this, he directed his gaze towards her. At first glance, he immediately saw the glistening pearl necklace on her neck, and also the gorgeous pearls inlayed in her clothes.

He was very curious.

Even young ladies of noble families, when going out, wouldn’t dress this fancy either, not to mention carrying this much gold and silver.

“I’m twelve years old.”

Yu Fu straightened her back, attempting to let herself look a bit more taller.

How could this little movement be hidden from these people’s eyes?

The corner of Gu Huai Jiang’s lip slightly hooked, then very quickly went back down. However, old Jin who was to the side burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha, you look like 10 years old max. Our young general, when he was seven or eight, was many times taller than you!”

Yu Fu flitted a glance over. A little miss as pretty as white dango was lovable and cute even when glaring at someone.

Gu Huai Jiang gave old Jin a look, and the latter could only pretend to look scared, obediently shutting his mouth.

“There’s also little girls that grow slower, no need to compare with boys.”

Gu Huai Jiang said with a smile, “I have six sons, all grew very fast, yet I’ve always wanted a daughter. Unfortunately……”

When he got to the word ‘unfortunately’, his smile gradually turned bitter.

Yu Fu tilted her little head, and puzzlingly asked, “Unfortunately what?”

Yan Hua Shi quickly shook his head lightly at her, indicating for her to not pursue this matter anymore.

Gu Huai Jiang, on the contrary, didn’t avoid either.

“Unfortunately, my wife, on her fifth pregnancy, because was pregnant with twins, died from a difficult birth.”

Yu Fu slightly opened her little mouth. Never thought that such a brilliant and famous great general like Gu Huai Jiang was also a passionate person.

When his gaze shifted back onto Yu Fu again, it appeared a bit wet.

His dignified and solemn gaze also turned exceptionally warm.

He looked to Yu Fu, just like seeing his own ideal daughter.

At the time, there was a woman who once cuddled in his arms, stroking her slightly bulged belly, saying this time, she must give birth to a daughter for him.

A beautiful jade like daughter.

Gu Huai Jiang suddenly laughed, “I’ve let Miss Yu Fu see something embarrassing. That’s right, I heard that old Jin had forcibly brought you back. I will apologize to you on his behalf. If you’re willing to wait another two days, once my wound is healed, I will personally send you back to the Immortals Valley.”

Old Jin and Yan Hua Shi watched from the sides, and couldn’t help glancing to one another.

Today’s Gu Huai Jiang seemed to be particularly different, unsure if it’s because he’d just had his stomach split open or what.

In their impression, he seemingly has never been this warm towards a child before.

The six young masters in the manor were all strictly brought up by him since they were small, and in front of him, they didn’t dare to be unbridled in the slightest.

“The young general is great general’s eldest son. His military expertise among the young masters are the best, and he is also doted on the most by the great general. But even he didn’t receive this kind of treatment before either. Looks like the great general likes little Miss Yu Fu very much.”

Old Jin moved closer to Yan Hua Shi’s ear and quietly muttered.

“Exactly so.”

Although Yan Hua Shi didn’t say it out loud, he still silently agreed in his heart.

Suffering from an serious injury needed a hundred days to heal, let alone Gu Huai Jiang right now had been split open. How could he still personally send Yu Fu back to Immortals Valley?

Yu Fu personally did it herself, she was aware inside.

Hearing Gu Huai Jiang saying it like that, she tilted her little head and pondered for a moment, then suddenly coming to an idea.

“This rather isn’t necessary. If great general wants to repay me, how about letting me be your daughter?”

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