Chapter 2: Disdaining me? Then you do it!



“Poison fairy?!”

Instantly, in the large tent, everyone fell into disarray.

Old Jin widened his eyes, completely not expecting that this kind of thing would happen.

A perfectly fine little medicine fairy that was brought back, how come turned into a poison fairy?

The great general was already infected with a deadly poison, what use was there for a poison fairy at this time…….

“Little miss, why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

Old Jin crouched down and looked to Yu Fu with his eyes wide open, like he was about to swallow her whole.

Yu Fu pulled back, and hid behind Yan Hua Shi.

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She shyly said, “But you didn’t ask me either…..”

“Hai!” (T/N: The sound of sighing.)

Old Jin anxiously slapped his thigh, making a sound like meat hitting the chopping board, a heavy and rough sound.

“It’s all my fault, all my fault!”

Old Jin roared in tears, “I’ve been crude and reckless my whole life, it’s thanks to great general who didn’t disdain me and accepted me under his flag! Yet, today because I didn’t ask clearly, caused great general’s death!”

Outside the Immortals Valley, if he’d just asked Yu Fu whether she was a medicine fairy or a poison fairy, then there wouldn’t be this unexpected mishap.

Now, it was too late to regret!

Seeing him howling in tears like this, the crowd of grown men in the tent, all couldn’t help reddening their eyes.

Great General Gu has already been poisoned for a while now. Even if they go back to the Immortals Valley again to invite the medicine god now, it would still be too late.

Everyone lowered their heads with reddened eyes.

All were iron willed men of the battlefield, yet at this moment, because Great General Gu was poisoned and could not be saved, each and everyone crumbled in despair like stray dogs.

Yu Fu was about to say something, when she suddenly heard Yan Han Shi who was in front of her speak.


Everyone faintly lifted their eyes, and uniformly looked to him.

“The great general has been a hero all his life, don’t let him still see us like this before leaving. He won’t be at peace in death either. Everyone get yourself together, properly give general a send off!”

These words were correct.

Everyone deeply took in a few breaths, swallowed back the tears in their eyes, and all uniformly walked to Great General Gu’s bedside.

“Ai, wait a moment.”

Yu Fu attempted to pull Yan Hua Shi’s sleeve, but everyone was sunken in sorrow, simply having no time to attend to her.

And her tiny figure amongst the tall crowd was also unnoticeable.

Yu Fu jumped with all her might, but it was still to no avail.

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She dejectedly pursed her lips, watching everyone be like walking corpses. Their eyes full of melancholy as they look to the great general on the bed.

This aroused her curiosity again.

Just what kind of general was he, to be able to let his subordinates be this fiercely loyal towards him, and be this sorrowful for his death.

Seems like he’s an incredible person, only lying there with eyes closed, yet could let one feel reverence towards him.

She tilted her head and thought for bit. Afterwards, seemingly coming to an important decision, she squeezed herself towards the center of the crowd.

After squeezing through for quite a while, all the way until that bit of baby fat on her face were squeezed into a lump, did someone finally noticed her.

“Little medicine….little miss, don’t mess around. In a while, after we send off the great general, we’ll naturally send you back.”

Old Jin thought that she was anxious to get back to Immortals Valley.

“Are you sure you really want to bid Great General Gu farewell?”

Yu Fu furrowed her brows, and lifted open the quilt covering Great General Gu’s body.

Everyone saw her greatly disrespectful conduct, and just as everyone wanted to stop her, Yu Fu already coldly lifted her head.

It was like she’d changed into another person. The childishness shed away from her eyes, leaving behind only seriousness.

“Bring over eight porcelain cups, then start a furnace fire. Prepare a bucket of warm water for bathing, want the scalding hot kind.”

She methodically ordered, as she reached her little hand into her bosom, feeling around.


Didn’t feel it.

One more time.

She felt around for quite a while and had some of the hindering gold and silver hidden in her bosom all thrown next to Great General Gu’s foot.

At last, finally fishing out a roll of silver needles.

She couldn’t help letting out a smile, yet saw everyone behind her still blankly standing there, not even moving an inch.

“What are you still standing there for? If you want to let your great general die, by all means don’t listen to my words!”

Old Jin was just about to raise a question, when he was stopped by Yan Hua Shi.

“Quickly prepare according to Miss Yu Fu’s instructions, quickly go!”

Who cares whether she’s a poison fairy or a medicine fairy, as long as there was a thread of hope in saving the great general, they won’t give up!


Old Jin distractedly replied, then swiftly ran out the tent.

Inside the large tent that had been densely crowded with people just now, aside from Yu Fu and Great General Gu, who was on the bed, only old Jin and Yan Hua Shi remained.

Yu Fu drank a mouthful of wine, sprayed it into the porcelain cup with a solemn expression, then lit a fire.

She had the porcelain cup placed upside down on Great General Gu’s body, densely covering up his abdomen. Afterwards, used her personal dagger to slice open his abdomen.

Old Jin momentarily panicked and was about to go forward to stop her, but got pulled by the arm by Yan Hua Shi.

He pointed to Yu Fu and quietly leaned in next to old Jin’s ear.

“Don’t you see that little poison fairy with a solemn look and a head full of sweat? If you go and interrupt her, what will happen to great general? Our great general has fought in the battlefields for decades, would he still be scared of a little dagger?”

Old Jin saw the sweat endlessly dripping from Yu Fu’s forehead, and immediately understood in his heart.

Ever since she decided she was going to save Great General Gu, she became abnormally serious, completely not like her naive and cute appearance from before.

If her attention wasn’t extremely focused on the task at hand, it was impossible to sweat like this on this spring day.

“She genuinely wants to save our great general. It must be tough for a little girl like her. Just don’t know if……”

The usually good-natured Yan Hua Shi unexpectedly glared at him, preventing him from saying inauspicious words.

Old Jin immediately shut his mouth.


As soon as Yu Fu spoke, the two simultaneously looked towards the bed. Great General Gu’s stomach blood was everywhere, and half his intestines were fished out.

Old Jin eyes widened in shock when he saw. Yu Fu realizing not good, hurriedly stuffed the intestines back in.

This time even Yan Hua Shi couldn’t help but widen his eyes!

Yu Fu was afraid that they might recklessly do something, hastily pulled out the thread and needle and had Great General Gu’s stomach sewn shut.

“Bring the hot water and have my silver needles washed clean.”

Old Jin was even more dumbstruck.

“What? You had us prepare hot water for washing the needles?”

Is this little poison fairy reliable or not?

Looking at the wound she stitched up, even countryside pig neuterers would sew better than her!

Yu Fu noticed his gaze, and immediately became discontent.

“I’m a little poison fairy, not a stomach stitching specialist. If you think my sewing is ugly, then come sew it yourself!”

Her little hand holding the needle was raised before old Jin’s eyes with all her might.

She had painstakingly used up half her strength, and this old Jin actually still dared to question her? Truly ‘to destroy the bridge after crossing it*’!

(*T/N: This idiom figuratively means ‘to abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal’)

Yu Fu pouted, with a displeased look on her face. Yan Hua Shi took it to heart, inwardly thinking in his heart about her every move.

Just earlier, when she was performing her treatment, she was solemn and unapproachable.

But now, she reverted back to her lovable silly self.

Looks like, the great general is fine now?

Just as he was guessing in his heart, he suddenly heard Great General Gu let out a stuffy groan from the bed.

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