Chapter 5: Thank You Fourth Brother

His narrowed eyes looked very dangerous, but also very alluring.

Yu Fu also copied his look and narrowed her eyes, staring back at him without weakening in the slightest.

“My mother got lost.”

She was speaking of that mother her master hired for her.

“Got lost?”

Gu Jiu Ge5Gu Jiu GeGu family second son crookedly hooked his lips, and mischievously smiled. Naturally, he didn’t believe her words.

Not just him.

Next to him, the third young master, who held a cold expression this whole time, Gu Han Mo6Gu Han MoGu family third son, and the gently smiling fourth young master, Gu Wen Qing4Gu Wen QingGu family fourth son, as well as the twins, Gu Xiang2Gu XiangGu family fifth son and Gu Yi3Gu YiGu family sixth son, all continued to stare at Yu Fu with curious gazes.

They attempted to find some traces of resemblance of the great general from her face.

Yu Fu instead lowered her head suddenly, breaking off their line of sight.

She’d raised her head for too long, so her neck was terribly sore. Thus she used her hand to massage the back of her neck.

At the same time, a soft rumbling sound came from her stomach.

All the young masters blanked.

Yu Fu pitifully lifted her face and pouted her tender pink lips.

“I’m hungry…..”

Gu Jiu Ge stared blankly, while Gu Xiang and Gu Yi already began to secretly laugh, but got glared at by Gu Han Mo and immediately shut up.

This third brother has always been the coldest, sometimes every more stern than their father. The two of them as the youngest brothers didn’t dare to be unbridled in the slightest.

Nevertheless, it was Gu Wen Qing that pulled along Yu Fu’s hand.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to eat something.”

His palm was warm, and he very lightly pulled along Yu Fu, fearing that he would hurt an ice sculpted snow built little doll.

That smile was like the spring breeze brushing by, carrying within it the sweet aroma of peach blossoms.

Yu Fu sweetly smiled.

“Thank you fourth brother!”

Gu Huai Jiang followed along the long street, and a short while later, arrived outside the palace.

The imperial guards guarding the gates were also people of the military. Half among them, all had worked under Gu Huai Jiang before. Seeing him, they all respectfully greeted.

He flipped down from the horse, his movements smooth and agile, completely unable to tell that a month ago, he’d nearly died from poisoning.

Following his movements, his battle gown fluttered. Amidst the flourishing blossom like brocades of the imperial palace, he emitted the aura of the battlefield.

This kind of aura made the imperial guards at the palace gates all subconsciously straightened their backs.

He causally tossed aside the reins, “Take good care of this marquis’s horse.”

Someone steadily caught the reins, “His Majesty has specially allowed marquis to ride the horse into the palace, but when not during a state of emergency, marquis has never misused this privilege. This lower official very much admires.”

Gu Huai Jiang lightly smiled, but didn’t reply.

He stepped into the palace city with wide strides. Behind him, followed four five commanding officers, all with intimidating auras like dragons and tigers, standing out very much in this extravagant palace city.

The passing palace maids and servants greeted them as they met, burning their image into their hearts.

“So Marquis Gu has returned. Judging from that posture of theirs, our battle at the Western Kun borders must have resulted in a victory!”

When Gu Huai Jiang walked far, the palace maids, who had their heads lowered and bodies bent, began softly gossiping.

“When Marquis Gu sets out, when has he ever lost? You’ve only seen the generals’ prestige and brilliance, yet don’t know that in the past, when Marquis Gu brought the six young masters into the palace together, that scene was what’s called valiant and formidable!”

An older palace maid began reminiscing. Her eyes were filled with the color of fascination.

Upon the golden halls, his Majesty and numerous court officials have already been waiting a long time.

“The barbarians of Western Kun likes war, repeatedly invading our Eastern Ling borders. The thieving heart does not die. Fortunately, we have Marquis Gu to help bring peace and stability to the country. With you at the borders, this emperor can sleep peacefully in the imperial capital.”

Ning Emperor stroked his slightly white beard and smiled very contently at Gu Huai Jiang.

The numerous court officials in the hall all echoed in agreement, submitting cheerfully to his outstanding military service.

Only Prime Minister Yin, who was standing at the highest position on the left-hand side, wearing a dark purple cloud pattern brocade, with a pure gold cordon belt at his waist. His wide sleeves were gathered at this front, as he stood there silently without a word.

On his face, there was slight displeasure.

Gu Huai Jiang and his Majesty have known each other since youth, so naturally he understood his Majesty’s praise towards him comes from sincerity, yet he still modestly cupped his hand in a bow.

“Your Majesty overpraises. It is your Majesty’s effective governing in the court that has allowed Eastern Ling’s power to grow rich and powerful. That’s why this subject is able to repeatedly triumph over our enemies at the borders. Above, there is the wise ruler, in the middle, there’s the virtuous court officials, and below, there’s the loyal and brave soldiers. It is not the merit of this subject alone.”

Despite clearly knowing that these were just modest remarks, Ning Emperor still was delighted when he heard.

“Good, since Marquis Gu said it as such, then pass on this emperor’s decree, arrange a feast outside the city to celebrate, rewarding the Gu family army!”


After the dust settled and the golden palace halls cleared, Gu Huai Jiang was in a hurry to rush back to the Marquis Manor.

He was still concerned about Yu Fu at the manor. Although his sons were all accomplished, there wasn’t even a single servant girl in the Marquis Manor. This was their first time coming in contact with a little miss.

Don’t know if they know how to take care of her.

But unexpectedly, upon exiting the palace hall door, he was stopped in his path under the long corridors.

“Uncle Gu!”

A young and beautiful girl in a palace dress approached with a smile, not more than fifteen to sixteen years of age with the noble air of the imperial family coming from her.

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Gu Huai Jiang nodded his head in courtesy, “Princess Danyang best address me as marquis as per etiquette. I truly dare not bear the honor of being called ‘uncle’.”

“How many times have I told you, this is imperial father’s idea.”

Princess Danyang smiled slightly with the intention to curry favor. Among that smile, there exist the reverence towards an elder, and also foreboding towards him as a man of the battlefield.

“Imperial father said, uncle Gu and imperial father have been friends since youth, and you’ve also bravely fought for Eastern Ling soaked in blood for many years. In name, he and you are ruler and subject, but in his heart, he only views you as an elder brother!”

Gu Huai Jiang slightly smiled, still only saying he didn’t dare for such honor.

Princess Danyang’s eyes turned, finally cutting into the main topic.

“Why didn’t brother Shu Bai accompany you into the palace today?”

The tip of Gu Huai Jiang’s brows slightly lifted, very quickly understanding her intentions.

This address of ‘uncle Gu’, turns out, was just to fool others, only for the sake of being able to reasonably call Gu Shu Bai big brother.

“The campaign this time was extremely dangerous. I didn’t take them with me to the battlefield, so naturally I came alone to report to his Majesty. Shu Bai had some matters to take care of in Jin Ling. Does princess have business with him?”

Facing Gu Huai Jiang’s probing gaze, Princess Danyang felt somewhat embarrassed.

“No, nothing, just casually asking, that’s all.”

Gu Huai Jiang was about to take his leave, when who would’ve guessed, after having been delayed by Princess Danyang for a moment, those court officials already came out from behind.

Seeing him still under the corridor, each and every one advanced dauntlessly in waves to fawn on him. Gu Huai Jiang’s complexion changed.

Princess Danyang was self-aware that she’s caused trouble. If not for her stopping Gu Huai Jiang, at this moment, he wouldn’t have to be dealing with those smooth talking ministers.

“Since Uncle Gu is busy, then I’ll take my leave first!”

As she spoke, she awkwardly smiled, and then hastily left with her maids.

Gu Huai Jiang was already confined by a crowd.

“Marquis has once again attained outstanding military service this time, this lower official congratulates marquis!”

“Heard this time Western Kun invaded aggressively. Originally thought it would be a fierce battle, but unexpectedly, marquis was able to finish them this quickly. Truly brilliant!”

“Indeed, in front of marquis, we all are inferior like weed, still hoping for marquis to give pointers…..”

Gu Huai Jiang, who was encircled by the crowd of officials, carried a polite smile on his face. Suddenly, he inadvertently caught sight of someone walking out of the palace hall and fixedly heading straight in the direction of the palace gates.

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