Chapter 8: Records of the Western Wing

Under the lovely spring sunlight, the Western Wing was like a sea of flower, making Yu Fu unable to walk from the sight.

Passing through outside the Marquis Manor’s main courtyard, following along a little path bedded in pebbles, one can clearly see a winding low wall.

The white stone steps below smooth and delicate, no more than four five layers. Going up, one can see the arched gate with hanging flowers. There was no sign, no inscribed board, on the door, instead expressing a trace of natural wildness.

Two fluttering butterflies flew out, seemingly as if they were welcoming the new master of the Western Wing. Yu Fu smiled as she clapped her hands.

“This place is nice, our Immortals Valley also has many flowers. The butterflies love pecking my fingertip the most!”

As she said this, she reached her hand out, nimbly pinching her fingers into an orchid* shape. That pair of dancing butterflies, as expected, landed on her finger.

(*T/N: A hand gesture in traditional dances where the thumb and middle finger are joined, and the rest extended.)

Gu Huai Jiang raised his brow in surprise. Yu Fu instead pursed her lips and lightly blew, blowing away that pair of butterflies.

She happily bounced towards the courtyard.

Only seeing below her feet a thin stream of spring water flowing by, and on there, a short and small bridge. On either side of the bridge, there was an elaborate handrail, with several crystal ruyi lanterns erect on there.

Further inside, several peach blossom trees strive to stand out brilliantly, and a broad leaved bajiao’s dark green leaves extend out.

Bajiao Tree

Following along the winding corridor all the way until the end into the building, hearing behind the house the refreshing sound of running water, Yu Fu curiously walked towards the back.

She leaned against the wooden chair under the veranda looking out towards the scenery outside, only seeing two peach trees below, and the clear spring water rumbling out of the mouth of the fountain.

This place was sure enough an excellent courtyard, perfect for a daughter to reside.

From her expression, Gu Huai Jiang just knew she liked this place. At the moment, he didn’t ask much either, ordering someone to transfer some servants to the courtyard to serve in cleaning.

Just then, another young girl walked in from outside. She walked before them, bending at the waist with her head lowered, performing a bow.

“This servant Qi Ting, greets Marquis.”

With that said, she slowly lifted her head, seeing little Yu Fu before her currently looking to her with a pair of large clever eyes and smiling.

“Greetings Miss Yu Fu.”

Yu Fu looked over, just seeing her with a long face shape, appearing gentle and prudent, very much deferential.

Gu Huai Jiang was also rather pleased.

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“Yu Fu will be given to you to take care of. In the days after, you are Western Wing’s first rank servant girl. Steward Qi, send someone to properly select some reliable servant girls over to serve. Yu Fu’s side can’t just have one person.”

“Yes, this old servant will take care of it right away.”

Qi An bowed at the waist, and before leaving, he gave Qi Ting a glance.

The latter slightly nodded towards him, letting him leave feeling relieved.

“I’ll go back first to handle some housework, if there’s something you want or want to eat, just order Qi Ting to come to the main courtyard to find me, understand?”

Gu Huai Jiang was always away from the manor for long periods of time, so there were still many trifling matters he needed to attend to, thus he left first.

Yu Fu smilingly stood under the veranda sending him off with her eyes, while Qi Ting was incessantly excited, looking Yu Fu just like she’d seen hope.

She was already fifteen, and in addition, was also a household-born servant, having grown up in the Marquis Manor since childhood.

With her status, her best place of return was to be able to serve one of the young masters of the manor, and in the future, become a tongfang* servant girl.

Only allowed on

(*T/N: servant girl you can sleep with)

With Qi An’s level of influence in the manor, she might even be able to become an yiniang*, or even………

(*T/N: The address for a concubine in the household)

Unfortunately, ever since Gu Huai Jiang’s wife passed away, he had all the servant girls in the manor dismissed. Only they, the few household-born ones, were spared.

Yet he didn’t let them come serve the young masters either. All matters were taken care of by servant boys or male servants.

But now with Yu Fu, Qi Ting can finally come serve. She increasingly didn’t dare to be careless, and served Yu Fu meticulously.

“Miss, this servant heard miss liked to eat flaky pastries, thus ordered the kitchen to send some over, would miss like to try?”

Yu Fu sat under the veranda looking out to the Western Wing’s scenery. Qi Ting moved over a round wooden small table and set a plate of flaky pastries on top.

As soon as she heard the words ‘flaky pastry’, Yu Fu’s eyes lit up, and she lowered her head to look.

“Earlier, sixth brother bullied me and didn’t give me any to eat. I still haven’t eaten any flaky pastries yet!”

Yu Fu happily picked up a piece and put it into her mouth, and her little face instantly puffed up in satisfaction. The light chewing motions were also very cute.

Qi Ting quietly measured her appearance, inwardly thinking to herself.

Afraid this outside mistress of Marquis’s at the border station didn’t live too well off, so Yu Fu’s mannerisms also differ to some extent from the large family young ladies of the imperial capital.

The noble young ladies that have been raised delicately since small won’t directly use their hands to pick up pastries.

Heard she was already twelve years old, looks like she didn’t develop too well, looking more like a ten year old child.

However, it doesn’t matter, she was already brought back to the Marquis Manor by the Marquis. From now on, she will be a genuine Marquis Manor noble daughter……

While Qi Ting was thinking to herself, Yu Fu had already excitedly finished two piece of flaky pastry and suddenly clapped her hands.

“Miss isn’t eating anymore?”

Qi Ting quickly went up and used a handkerchief to wipe her hands.

Yu Fu let her wipe clean her hands, while she wiped her little mouth. Little bits of golden flakes were stuck to the corner of her mouth, making her appear exceedingly childish.

“Miss don’t use your sleeve to wipe, let this servant do it.”

Qi Ting slowly went forward, using the handkerchief to carefully wipe the corner of her mouth for her, only stopping after ensuring that her face was clean.

Have to say, looking at Yu Fu’s appearance, she was just like a Marquis Manor young lady.

This pair of large watery eyes were like dimples filled with honey, and that pouting pink little lips………

Qi Ting momentarily fell into a daze.

“Big sister Qi, when great general was leaving, didn’t he say if I need anything just let you go get? I want to dink honey water, can you bring some?”

Honey water?

Qi Ting blanked, and then suddenly recalled, Yu Fu was still just a twelve year old little girl.

Which child didn’t like to drink sweet water?

She thus replied with a smile, “Miss only wants to drink honey water? Do you want sweet soup? Like sweet fermented rice dumplings, or papaya stew snow frog fat, jujube swallow’s nest soup and such?”

sweet fermented rice dumpling soupPapaya stew

Yu Fu smiled cutely.

“No need, just honey water is good, thank you big sister Qi.”

Qi Ting felt delight inside hearing her repeatedly call her big sister Qi, and hurriedly turn to go to the kitchen to prepare honey water.

Once her figure disappeared outside the Western Wing courtyard, Yu Fu stuck her head out and looked around, making sure that the servants Qi An had sent were all not present.

Finally, she relaxed.

“Yao Lan, quickly come out, this flaky pastry is delicious!”

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