Chapter 12: Lolita Yun Man

Qin Tian’s sudden rise to fame caused many to be shocked or frustrated.

That night, a candle flickered in one of the Qin Clan’s courtyards.

“This Dan is known as the Burning Sun Dan. Consuming it will allow you to double your strength for a period of time. You must always take it with you.”

“Father, don’t worry. I will definitely make sure Qin Tian will not come out the Autumn Hunting Event alive!”

“Kun’er, you can only eat this Dan as a last resort.”

“This child understands.”

Qin Xiangtian’s eye twitched. He wasn’t sure whether giving Qin Kun the Burning Sun Dan was the correct choice. Although the Burning Sun Dan could double the user’s strength, it also had side effects. It shortened the user’s lifespan. Also, once the strength enhancing effect dissipated, the user would be weakened to the point of nearly collapsing. Therefore the opponent must die, or the user would not be able to deal with the consequences.

He had his reasons to kill to kill Qin Tian.

However, Qin Tian was now protected by Qin Clan. The only time he could kill Qin Tian would be during the Autumn Hunting Event.

Qin Tian’s current cultivation was at the Sixth Rank Warrior. Qin Kun, who was a Seventh Rank Warrior, under the Burning Sun Dan’s effects, shouldn’t find it difficult to kill Qin Tian.

Three days later, the Qin Clan’s secret Martial Arts Field.

The field was usually reserved for the training of Qin Clan’s elites. No ordinary people were qualified to enter.

Currently, Qin Zhantian was standing on the stage and was looking at the younger generations, who were all at least Fifth Ranked Warriors. His heart lamented. All these youngsters were carrying the Qin Clan’s blood. In the future, they would either become the Qin Clan’s cornerstones or bring the Qin Clan great achievements.

“How many will come out alive?” Qin Zhantian asked himself.

Qin Tian was quietly standing in a corner. He was worried that he would succumb to his bloodlust, lose control of himself, and start to fight the BOSS, Qin Xiangtian. For three whole days, Qin Tian had been constantly thinking about how to kill Qin Xiangtian.

Although it seemed similar to playing games, he was actually facing a real person who, like him, had an IQ. Against this type of BOSS, Qin Tian didn’t dare be reckless. He had to plan and make preparations. One step at a time.

Qin Zhantian spoke a few sentences to express his enthusiasm before announcing the first prize of the Autumn Hunting Event.

Everyone was full of fighting spirit, just like being injected with chicken blood.

(TL: injecting chicken blood (打了鸡血): feeling high with excitement)

On the surface, the Autumn Hunting Event was like a game, but in actual fact, it was a massacre, as it did not have any rules.

There would be endless killing for three whole days.

This was a test for the younger generations, to baptize their spirit. If someone was lucky enough to survive the ordeal, that person would become a worthy candidate to be nurtured and cultivated. That person could even be qualified to be the Clan’s next Patriarch.

To survive, one must be cruel. This is the only law of survival.

The hunting ground was located near the borders of the Kunlun mountain range. There, thick miasma spread out among the forest and monsters’ cries could be heard from time to time, warning intruders of danger and to steer clear.

After entering the hunting ground, fifty-seven Qin Clan members dispersed in separate direction. Many were alone, while the rest were in groups.

Looking at the dark forest from the entrance, Qin Tian laughed coldly. “The hunting has begun…”

“Hey, let’s go together, I’m…I’m…I’m a little scared…” A weak voice called out.

Qin Tian was shocked when he saw a shivering girl some distance away from him. As he was about to reject her, the system sounded in his mind. ‘Accept Yun Man’s party invite. Quest reward is 100 experience, 50 Qigong, 20 survival.’

“Geez, what’s wrong with the system? When did it start giving out party invites? She isn’t even a player!” Qin Tian could not understand it. The girl would be a burden. If he brought her along, she would not only affect his killing speed, but there was the danger of his secret cultivation method being exposed.

However, he would be punished if he did not accept it. Without a choice, his mind answered the system, ‘Accept,’ while he lightly replied to Yun Man, “Alright”.

Yun Man happily jumped up and naively asked,” Really? Great! Hee hee…”

Qin Tian shook his head and sighed.

Looking at Yun Man’s delicate egg face and slender legs, Qin Tian was pleasantly relieved that during his killing journey he would be accompanied by a beauty.

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Along the way, the two would occasionally hear sounds of strange insects. This greatly alarmed Yun Man. She would hide behind Qin Tian in fright. Only after recovering would she show her violent side. She would stomp the insects to death, leaving none alive. Nobody knew whether she was afraid or hated the insects.

As the two were currently at the borders of the Kunlun mountain range, the area was not heavily infested with monsters, so the journey was very smooth. However Yun Man’s sporadic outbursts of energy were giving Qin Tian a huge headache.

Yun Man’s every actions were very childlike, but cute.

If this was the previous world, Qin Tian might have brought her to a scenic place to nurture her feelings for him. They could chitchat about their own lives and dreams. However, their current situation was different. Who knew what would happen in the next second.

As the two gradually proceeded deeper, the trees became more and more dense and gloomy.

“Hey, can we go a little slower? I’m scared.” Yun Man softly asked.

“No.” Qin Tian’s clear-cut answer with no hint of pity caused Yun Man to feel wronged. She pouted her little mouth and stared fiercely at Qin Tian.

“Hu……” A rough wheeze was heard before being followed by several screams.

Qin Tian’s expression changed. He halted and listened for a moment, and said to Yun Man, “Stay close to me. Don’t go missing.”

“Hey, what are you doing?” Before Yun Man could finish, Qin Tian had already sprang forward like a cheetah and maneuvered ahead with ease.

Yun Man was dumbfounded. Her two big eyes became watery and she began to angrily stomp on the ground. Once she noticed that the surroundings were shrouded in darkness, she became frightened and immediately chased after Qin Tian.

Qin Tian did not increase his speed by a lot. The ones who were able to join the Autumn Hunting Event had to be at least Fifth Ranked Warriors. He believed Yun Man would be able to catch up to him easily.

It was easy but it still required time.

However in the space of a few breaths, Yun Man unexpectedly caught up to Qin Tian. Her steps were very graceful, so she seemed to be floating, just like a fairy stepping on clouds. “Hey, what are you looking at…”

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Qin Tian was slightly startled and he secretly thought, “This lass’s strength isn’t that simple ah.”

Ferocious Tiger King, Rank 2, was 10 feet long and its whole body was full of fiery red stripes. It was extremely powerful and its body was harder than steel. The only way to kill it was to aim for its head, but its terrifying speed made aiming difficult.

Qin Shan, Qin Niu, and Qin Hu surrounded it in a formation shaped like a ‘品’ word. One of the Ferocious Tiger King’s eye was already blinded, so it had already reached its end.

The three people’s faces were filled with joy. Qin Niu giggled, “So much for a Rank 2 monster!”

“Haha, that is so……”

“Shan bro, a Rank 2 monster is 5 points, how are we supposed to split it?”

“Split what? Let’s kill it first before deciding.”


The three attacked together, but the power behind the attacks wasn’t as powerful as before. Qin Tian, who was hiding, was able to understand the situation. The three were conserving their strength as they did not trust each other.

It was just a matter of time before they began to kill each other.

“Da Niu, why aren’t you using more strength? You’re only using the third layer of your Reckless Bull Scripture. What are you doing, ah…”

“Your Mother, ah, stop talking about me. Da Shan is also doing the same.”


At that moment, the Ferocious Tiger King gave a roar, fiercely scratching the ground, before it pounced on Qin Hu. Seeing the approaching Ferocious Tiger King, color drained from Qin Hu’s face and he immediately shouted, “Save me!”

However both Qin Shan and Qin Hu just let out cold sneers. Save you? Dream on!

“Puchi…” With a bite, Qin Hu’s neck was broken by the Ferocious Tiger King. Blood splattered in all directions.

“Da Niu, I’ll take two points and you’ll take three. You kill it!”

“Haha, great!”

Qin Niu gathered his Qigong and the tenth layer of the Reckless Bull Scripture burst out. Both of his fists, that seemed like they could split open mountains, slammed down on the head of the Ferocious Tiger King. The Ferocious Tiger King collapsed on the ground. It was at death’s door.

“Haha, Da Niu, the tenth layer of the Reckless Bull Scripture is indeed powerful.” Qin Shan put both hands behind his back and slowly walked towards Qin Niu.

In the darkness, Qin Tian laughed coldly and thought, “So greedy.”

When Qin Shan was close, both of his hands suddenly moved and an overbearing amount of Qigong was shot out. Qin Niu, on the other hand, just laughed coldly and said, “You are still far from my level.”

While Qin Shan was approaching, Qin Niu had already readied his Qigong and was preparing for the kill.

Both palms met, but the force blew them back and the recoil caused them to vomit blood.


“How wonderful…”

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