Chapter 11: Acting is an Act of Survival

Qin Tian refused.

He rejected straightforwardly. No one ever thought that he would do so, especially since the patriarch had personally invited him. Even Qin Zhantian was secretly surprised.

The Qin family actually had someone who dared refuse him! Where had the dignity of the patriarch gone?

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However, Qin Zhantian was not angry and did not insist any further. Qin Tian’s position was currently very important to the Qin family. The fact that he was able to withstand the attack of Qin Xiangtian was enough to display his strength.

In Qinghe City, none among the younger generations were able to withstand a full power attack from a Spirit Gathering cultivator. Even the number one genius, Xiao Rufeng, might not be able to do so.

News of Qin Tian defeating Qin Kun in the martial arts field in a single move and surviving Qin Xiangtian’s shadowless art spread very quickly. In just half a day, everyone in Qinghe City knew about it.

It seemed like a normal fight, but there lay a deeper meaning behind the fight.

The rise of a genius was bound to gain the interest of many, and a genius who dared to refuse Qin Zhantian’s invitation was even more so. Was there a reason hidden behind the refusal, or was Qin Tian venting out his anger for being stepped on by the Qin family in the past? It puzzled people and was worth pondering.

This had also become an opportunity. The opportunity was like a still lake. When a pebble is thrown into it, only a slight ripple is produced; yet against one’s imagination, it may become an earthshaking raging tsunami.

Early in the morning, Qin Tian and Meng Lei returned to Furong Restaurant.

In the Furong Restaurant’s courtyard, Zhang Dafu was in a cold sweat, kneeling on the ground. He kept feeling chills and was extremely afraid.

News about what had happened in the morning had already reached his ears and he almost wet his pants from fright upon hearing it. For the past few months, he was always torturing them and beating them up. Now everything had changed, and it was time to receive his retribution.

Qin Tian sat on a chair with a piece of dry grass in his mouth, and looked at Zhang Dafu, ridiculing. The feeling Qin Tian had was like a small and useless person suddenly gaining the power to rise above others. He had never thought of himself as a gentleman and thus, would be a villain occasionally. Like now, looking at Zhang Dafu kneeling down while lowering his head in a submissive way made him feel happy.

The past bitterness and pain surfaced. Qin Tian gave Meng Lei a wink. Meng Lei took the hint, walked towards Zhang Dafu, and gave him a big tight slap.

“Pa!” A resounding slap was heard, and Zhang Dafu started seeing stars. It would not have been that painful if he had actually used his Qigong, but he did not dare do so.

After the beating finished, Meng Lei let out a silly laugh. His first wish had finally been achieved!

Qin Tian walked towards Zhang Dafu and lifted him to his feet. “I’ve already forgotten about what happened in the past, and you should know what to do in the future.”

“Understood…understood.” Zhang Dafu bent his body and did a bow, and he did not dare direct his gaze at Qin Tian, as he was afraid.

“There’s nothing for you now. You may go.”

“Yes, Young Master Qin. I’ll take my leave now.” Zhang Dafu walked faster than he ran, and his mind was in a state of panic. He was only a Qin family servant helping to take care of some family business. As Qin Tian had now regained his strength, his status naturally became higher than Zhang Dafu’s. With just a word from Qin Tian, Zhang Dafu believed that the Qin family would not think twice before banishing him, or worse, kicking him to death.

“Young Master, are we going to let him go just like that? Think of what he did to us in the past.”

“Don’t bother about that anymore. It is not worthwhile to fight with a servant. His life is already hard enough.”

“Young Master, what do you suppose we do now? Qin Xiangtian will not let us go so easily. Why don’t we leave Qinghe City?”

Qin Tian narrowed his eyes and recalled Qin Xiangtian’s blazing eyes at the martial arts field. He replied after a deep thought, “Fatty, we will leave Qinghe City, but not right now.”

Of course he couldn’t leave yet. How could he bring himself to leave when he had still not finish off BOSS Qin Xiangtian?

In games, how could there not be a reason to kill a BOSS? It’s not like there was any reason not to kill a BOSS in games anyway.

Qin Tian was currently not on par with Qin Xiangtian. He had to become stronger to kill the BOSS. However, this BOSS would die at his hands sooner or later, or how could he be worthy of his name?

Meng Lei did not say anything after listening to Qin Tian and stepped aside. Everything would be dealt with by Qin Tian. He only had to follow.

“Young Master Qin, the city lord has invited you to visit him.” Zhang Dafu hurriedly ran into the courtyard and said respectfully. He was now treating Qin Tian with more respect than his ancestors.

A servant is like that. They treat people by their status. Very simple.

“City lord?” Qin Tian asked in doubt, and thought, ‘Why would the city lord want to see me?’

“Yes, he is in the private room. If you are not willing to meet with him, I will turn him down in your stead. The Qin family had always been unwilling to meet with officials anyway.” Zhang Dafu revealed.

“I will see him, bring me there.” Qin Tian’s eyes lit up, and suddenly thought of why someone would want to see him.

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Furong Restaurant’s business was surprisingly good today, and those that came were Qinghe City’s important people. Members from the Qinghe City’s four great families were also there. It was like a big party, and there was only one reason why they were there – Qin Tian.

In the private room…

“Haha! Indeed a hero among the youths.”

Qin Tian entered and saw a man that looked like he was in his forties. His face was firm and he stood up to welcome Qin Tian with a smile.

“The city lord has gifted us with your presence. This little shop is unworthy of your grace.” Qin Tian clasped his hands and said.

“Haha, Little brother Qin is too serious.” Zhao Nantu placed his hand on Qin Tian’s shoulder directly before lifting it, as if they were both very familiar with each other.

Qin Tian smiled in his heart. His face showed a look of surprise and then showed a flattered look. Zhao Nantu looked into his eyes and felt elated.

Qinghe City belonged to a large dynasty, and was an important city in the northwest.

However, the power of the officials in Qinghe City was not as great as any of the four great families. In many circumstances, Zhao Nantu had to meet with the four great families. Every big decision had to be discussed with them, which was a humiliation for the city lord.

He had sent petitions to the imperial court in hopes of more troops being stationed in Qinghe City, but it had somehow not succeeded even once. Over time, the amount of troops that arrived became less and less.

Therefore, he had no choice but to develop his own forces, using the prestige of him being an official, and then eradicate the four great families.

He was a person with great ambition but didn’t have the power to back it. After receiving news that Qin Tian had refused the Qin patriarch’s invitation, his sharp senses felt that this was a great chance to win over a genius.

Qin Tian had always hated dealing with officials. The only reason he agreed to meet Zhao Nantu was because he knew that he would definitely receive a gift from someone who wanted to curry favor with him.

Qin Tian was extremely greedy, and opportunities to receive items were not something to be missed.

Just as Qin Tian expected. After they had both exchanged greetings, Zhao Nantu took out a bottle of Spirit Dans and said in a low voice, “These are five Husheng Dans. They can help guard the mind and relieve pain. Although they aren’t much, they are still my best regards.”

“City lord, how can I accept this? I can’t accept this without working for it!” (TL: Without exerting effort, people will not see rewards. It is generally used to decline the thanks or services of others) Qin Tian pretended to shirk, but in reality, he had already taken the bottle.

Zhao Nantu was a veteran, so how could he not understand? He immediately laughed, “Just take it as a meeting gift from a brother to his younger brother. Would that be alright?”

“This…this… this might not be appropriate.” Despite saying that, Qin Tian had already received the bottle and kept it. There wasn’t even any form of unwillingness from his actions.

Qin Tian checked the details of the Dans inside the bottle.

Husheng Dan

Grade: second grade

Effect: guard the mind, calm the mind, and relieve pain

Life: 400

Qigong: 80

Survival: 20

“What the heck! Only a second grade Dan. What a stingy man!” Qin Tian was contemptuous, but his face lit up and he lowered his head courteously.

Zhao Nantu laughed happily and thought, “This Qin Tian really took the bait.”

“Qin brother, what are your future plans?”

Qin Tian smirked, ‘The real business starts now I see…’

“I’ve not made a decision yet. Maybe I’ll become a handyman? But I definitely won’t return to the Qin family.”

Zhao Nantu was elated and thought, ‘Seems like these five Husheng Dans are not wasted.’

“What about becoming an official?”

“An official? I wouldn’t dare to think about that. I’m only a lowly person. How can I be an official? I wouldn’t dare to think about it.” Qin Tian acted naïve, and Zhao Nantu was amused.

“Qinghe City’s city defense is a bit lacking, and we’re now finding talents to join. Are you interested? If you are, the position of the city defense captain will be given to you.”


“Of course!”

“But I can’t really do that. The patriarch will certainly not let me go.” Qin Tian had a pained look.

“Qin Zhantian has really gone too far this time. One day, I’ll personally eradicate him… Uh, I mean talk to him to let you go.” Zhao Nantu said in a fit of anger, spilling some of the beans. If Qin Zhantian were to hear about this, Zhao Nantu would definitely suffer badly.

Zhao Nantu was only hanging onto the position of city lord, and was like a commander without an arm. If not for the four great families giving him face and some taxes, his life would have been much harder.

Qin Tian managed to get some free gifts from Zhao Nantu and took the chance to escape. Zhao Nantu was completely a soldier on paper (to concentrate on details but forget the main purpose), a person without power to counter attack against it.

Word of the city lord and Qin Tian having a secret meeting seemed to have grown wings. In less than half an hour, several other families knew about it.

Qin Tian continued to change his expressions and faces, acting again and again. Each family gave him numerous items. The results were 13 Yangshen Dans, 25 Husheng Dans, and 4200 silver.

At midnight, Qin Tian sighed and said, “Acting is also an art for survival.”

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