Chapter 10: Refusal

There is only one miserable thing that can happen when playing games.

To meet a BOSS when you have no HP, MP and SP.

(TLN: HP is Health/Hit Points which usually red in color, MP is Magic/Mana Points usually blue in color, SP is Strength/Stamina points)

Nothing can beat that.

Currently, Qin Tian’s mood could only be described as miserable. To suddenly come across a BOSS and it was a humanoid one too.


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Confronted by Qin Xiangtian, whose entire body was already glittering with golden light, Qin Tian once again shamelessly drooled. To him, it was as if he was seduced by a beautiful girl and she was tempting him to strip off his clothes, a layer at a time.

It was very difficult to resist this feeling of ecstasy.

Qin Tian currently didn’t have sufficient Qigong to execute the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture.’ Even if he was able to execute it, he is not Qin Xiangtian’s opponent. Although Qin Tian had been able to live through the first exchange, his blood and Qi were already in disarray and his life points had been halved.

Everyone was puzzled by the unexpected laughter of a person at death’s door.

Was it possible that the previous attack by Qin Xiangtian had shocked Qin Tian silly?

Qin Xiangtian wasn’t bothered by Qin Tian’s sudden weird reaction as he just continued to increase his pace towards the fallen Qin Kun. Upon seeing the lifeless body of his son, his already angered heart erupted into fiery rage. He wished to immediately flatten Qin Tian into meat paste with his palm.

When Qin Tian saw Qin Xiangtian moving straight towards him, he sighed in his heart without fear, ‘The BOSS really does take the initiative to attack people. Just you wait, I will definitely destroy you. The experience received by killing a BOSS must be a lot. Perhaps it will come with the 8 * 8 big bonus, oh.’

Has Qin Tian become a fool?

Except for Meng Lei, everyone in the martial arts field thought so. If Qin Tian did not dodge this attack, he would definitely die from Qin Xiangtian’s palm.

“Young master!” Meng Lei anxiously called out as he charged towards Qin Tian’s side. However, how could he be compared to a peak Spirit Gathering Realm cultivator in terms of speed?

But then again, how can a peak Spirit Gathering Realm cultivator be compared to a Spirit Refining Realm cultivator?

A shadow flashed from among the crowd, leaving behind a series of false images.

“Enough!” The voice resounded before a figure appeared.

He was wearing a long black gown and had two straight sword-like eyebrows. His body emitted a faint stream of light. After that figure landed arrogantly in front of Qin Tian with both his hands clasped behind his back, he faces Qin Xiangtian and released a layer of Qi that mixed with Qin Xiangtian’s Qigong to instantly neutralize it.

That figure was the Qin Clan’s Patriarch, Qin Zhantian.

“A Spirit Refining Realm cultivator is really powerful. I must work harder in order to overcome this huge gap difference.” Qin Zhantian’s performance gave Qin Tian a deep and unfathomable impression. For him to be able to neutralize Qin Xiangtian’s ferocious Qigong just by releasing a layer of Qi from his body was not something the average person could do.

Qin Clan’s number one expert was really not ordinary.

Qin Xiangtian was secretly shocked when he saw Qin Zhantian’s body. ‘To actually make a breakthrough to the Spirit Refining Realm!’

Currently, Qin Zhantian’s body was emitting streams of light in all directions. That was an obvious sign after breaking through to the Spirit Refining Realm. Qin Zhantian was Qin Clan’s genius that only appeared once in a century. Who would have thought that he was able to make a breakthrough to the Spirit Refining Realm at the age of forty? Really a true genius.

“Greetings to Patriarch!” Hundreds of disciples in the martial arts field simultaneously bowed and greeted. In their hearts, the Patriarch was just like an eminent God, unapproachable. With just a casual move, he was able to neutralize a peak Spirit Gathering Realm cultivator’s Qigong. What monstrous ability.

“No need for ceremony,” Qin Zhantian chuckled and answered in an amiable manner.

After he caught a glimpse at Qin Kun who was lying on the ground, Qin Zhantian walked over to prop Qin Kun’s body up before gently pressing his palm against the boy’s back and slowly sent out a string of milky white Qigong. As Qin Zhantian’s Qigong penetrated into Qin Kun’s body, Qin Kun’s originally pale face gradually became rosy and his eyes slowly opened.

“Hehe, it is all right now.” Qin Zhantian faintly smiled while propping up Qin Kun. He then took out a bottle of Dan from his bosom and hand it to Qin Xiangtian, saying, “In here are three Yangshen Dan. Feed him and his body will recover right away.”
(TLN: Yangshen means recuperate)

After receiving the bottle, Qin Xiangtian bowed slightly. Secretly, he clench his fists when he glanced at Qin Tian, who was not too far away.

“Yangshen Dan, it is actually Yangshen Dan.”

“That is a Third Grade Dan.”

“The patriarch is indeed generous.”

Qin Kun managed to recover from his injury but his spirit was still a little sluggish. However, his face showed anger as he stared fixedly at Qin Tian. He fiercely stated, “I, your father will not forgive you.”

“Presumptuous,” Qin Xiangtian reprimanded lightly. In the Patriarch’s presence Qin Kun still did not restrain himself. It was a question of whether he was really foolish or already accustomed to being domineering.

Qin Zhantian was a little displeased. His brow wrinkled slightly but he did not make any moves.

The minor action was caught by Qin Xiangtian. How could he not tell the situation? He immediately apologized, “My son does not understand etiquette. Patriarch, please have mercy.”

Qin Zhantian waved his hand and lightly said, “Take him back to recuperate. Hopefully, he is still able to catch up in the autumn hunting contest.”


Qin Kun was angry but he didn’t dare attack. He simply stared at Qin Tian with killing intent. Today’s incident had caused him to lose face, as he was thoroughly disgraced in the presence of everyone in the martial arts field. This caused him to hate Qin Tian down to the bone.

Qin Tian watched Qin Zhantian’s actions as he secretly measured Qin Xiangtian’s influence in the Qin Clan. To have the Patriarch go out of his way to help him, one can only imagine Qin Xiangtian’s position in the Qin Clan.

Although Qin Tian wasn’t happy with Qin Zhantian’s actions, he didn’t voice out his disapproval. He was merely a sixth ranked Warrior ‘little shrimp’. He should be fortunate that he was still able to protect his life.

If just a moment ago Qin Zhantian had not appeared, he would have certainly died. Qin Tian wasn’t arrogant to the point of competing with Qin Xiangtian.

After Qin Kun, who was being supported by Qin Xiangtian, gradually disappeared into the distance, Qin Zhantian smiled a little and walked toward Qin Tian. He took out a bottle of Yangshen Dan and says, “In here are ten Yangshen Dan. Use them well and go all out during the autumn hunting contest.”

Qin Tian was secretly surprise and thought, ‘Ten Yangshen Dan. Even the clan disciple isn’t able to receive this much within a year. The Patriarch is really generous.’

Without thinking, Qin Tian received the bottle of Yangshen Dan and put it into his bosom. How could he still be a person if he didn’t take all of the small advantages?

Besides, he urgently needed to use Dan to replenish his nearly depleted Qigong. As he secretly took note of the Yangshen Dan’s properties, his heart was a little surprised.

Yangshen Dan

Grade: Third grade

Effect: Clear mind, replenish physical strength, cleanse meridians

Life: 500

Qigong: 300

Survival: 50

Compared to the Dragon Tiger Dan’s properties, the Yangshen Dan was miles behind. Now Qin Tian finally understood that the Dragon Tiger Dan Cang Tianji set aside for him was actually very powerful, but at the time he had viewed it like chicken feces.

Qin Tian was really glad he at that time had not disposed of the Dragon Tiger Dan.

Qin Tian did not understand the importance of the Dan for martial cultivators. A low grade Dan was usually in short supply, let alone a high grade Dan. Just the Yangshen Dan that were in Qin Tian’s bosom would cost at least a thousand silvers in the market, provided they were even in stock.

In the Tianyuan continent, there were countless martial cultivators and cultivator genius, but alchemist were scarce.

Low-grade alchemists could already support a clan. If it was a high-grade alchemist then wouldn’t he be able support to a lot of giant clans? He would be fancied by many large clans and would be worshiped by many.

Qin Clan happened to have a low-grade alchemist and due to her, Qin Zhantian, in his young age, was able to become Qin Clan’s Patriarch. That low-grade alchemist was Qin Zhantian’s sister, Qin Pei.

“Thank you, Patriarch.” Qin Tian gratefully bowed.

Qin Zhantian smiled and said, “Tomorrow move back to the Qin Clan. It will be much more convenient for you to practice here in the future.”

Qin Tian knew that Qin Zhantian would ask about this. However he wasn’t Qin Clan’s dog, who would come when called. Just these ten Yangshen Dan and you want to pull me back? Your giving price is just too low.

Qin Tian didn’t have too many feelings toward the Qin Clan, which also included Qin Zhantian. When his Dantian was broken, he was treated like a prisoner with an infectious disease. He had become even less than a servant. Had Qin Zhantian ever said a few words for him?

When he met with Qin Xiangtian’s evil intentions to get him transferred, he was expelled and sent to Furong Restaurant to act as a small retainer. He was not given enough food to eat, no warm clothes, and he had to sleep in the pigpen. Had Qin Zhantian ever denounced any people?

Qin Tian wasn’t a fool. He will not soften because of Qin Zhantian’s little favor and shed tears of gratitude. Also there is a BOSS, Qin Xiangtian, who was willing, at anytime, to take the initiative to attack him. How would living under the same roof as Qin Xiangtian be safe?

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He revealed his strength for the sake of seeking a little shelter so that he would have enough time to grow. However, he didn’t need to stay at the Qin Clan.

For now he did not want to go back to the Qin Clan. 3 years later. At that time he would return without tricks and walk into the Qin Clan.

Three years later, Qin Tian would be eighteen years old, and he would have to face Qin Clan’s final assessment.

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