Chapter 164: Demonic Knights


At the edge of the dark ocean territory, yellow sand covered the surroundings.

In the originally peaceful tribe, tens of tents flipped over.

Now, Qin Tian understood why there was not a single tent that was well maintained.

At the middle of the tribe is a circular open area, usually used to for meetings.

Over there were five demonic knights standing proud like nobles. Looking at these commoners, they felt disdain.

As their faces were covered by helmets, one could only see their eyes. Their gaze contained their despise and arrogance.

The Evil Yin aura they exuded was extremely pressurizing and a cold radiance flashed across their spears.

The demonic mounts were huge, with limbs containing much strength. Above their noses was a horn and they breathe out sparks.

Blazing Rhino, a tamed demon beast with a powerful defense. They are peak rank five demon beasts.

With demon beasts this ferocious, the riders were even more not weak. Just from their aura, one could see that they had reached the ascension realm.

“Luo Yue, roll out for Laozi.”

The rider in the middle made the blazing rhino move a step forward before roaring.

Surrounding the open area, tribesmen that were no weaker gashed their teeth and clenched their fists. They stared at the riders with hatred. If not for the fear of the power behind them, they would rush forward and crush them.

“What are you looking at?”

“Still not getting Luo Yue? For disrupting Laozi’s business, it will cost your commoner tribe’s life.”


The rider snorted coldly and glared at the tribesmen without fear. Those that go against them would only have death as a way out.

Who doesn’t know the demonic knights are Dark Ocean King Luo Hou’s representatives?

Making things difficult for them was making things difficult for Dark Ocean King.

Such a small tribe could be eliminated in a minute.

“So it is sir representatives. Sorry for the wait, do forgive.” Luo Yue walked up and kneeled on a knee. Though, his heart was filled with hatred.

“Heng, what guts you have, Luo Yue. To actually let us wait for you, looks like you’ve grown tired of living.”

The rider snorted and brought his rhino forward, right in front of Luo Yue. The sparks it breathes out landed on her him, burning his face.


Luo Yue gashed his teeth and endured the pain. A smile continued to be hung on his face as he said respectfully, “May sir representative forgive. There will never be such a mistake again.”


“Luo Yue, you must endure.”

At this point in time, Luo Yue’s heart was raging in anger. He pierced his palm with a finger and blood flowed down.

Endure. Knowing that his tribe may be buried because of a moment of anger, his mind calmed

“Tut, not fun.”

The rider snorted coldly and slashed his spear across.

“This is your punishment. If it recurs, your dog life will be next.”

Luo Yue did not dare to resist, what’s more dodge. A wound appeared on his face, for which he did not wipe.


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Many started to shout and their aura burst forth. Looking at Luo Yue, Qin Tian felt anger.

The demonic knights trembled slightly and roared, “Want to revolt?”

“You lowly commoners, not knowing what’s death. Want to revolt?”

The demonic knights released a cold aura. Luo Yue lowered his head immediately, “Your servant does not dare.”

While lowered, he swept his gaze at his surrounding tribesmen, signaling them to control themselves.

The rider in the middle narrowed his eyes and laughed out coldly, “Even if you commoners have ten thousand guts, none will still dare. Revolt means death.”

“Luo Yue, we’ve come to tell you that this month, your tribe must pay a tribute of 15000 cores. Get it ready in three days.” Then, his words became extremely cold suddenly, “If it is not prepared, your whole tribe will die.”

The word ‘die’ was greatly emphasized.

“What? 15000?”

“Are you treating us as cores producers?”

“Do not force us to far……

……at the open area, dissatisfaction erupted. 10000 cores were their limit. 15000 was impossible, and there are only three days left.

There could only be a reason, which is that demonic knight wanted their tribe to be exterminated.

Qin Tian trembled, understanding the meaning contained within the rider’s words.

Hearing the dissatisfaction cries, the rider laughed, “Luo Yue, you have three days. Three days later, if that isn’t prepared, my dark ocean territory doesn’t need your lowly tribe anymore, haha……”

The blazing rhinos rushed away, not caring about the surroundings.

Average tribesmen that were hit by them flew hundreds of feet, unable to stand back up.

The tribe was in a disorder.

Luo Yue stood up. Flames of hatred burned within him

Among the yellow dust, Qin Tian could sense Luo Yue’s aura erupting. It was extremely terrifying. Just how much had he been enduring for it to be so great? Qin Tian sighed, “15000 cores, too difficult……”

“Patriarch, let’s stake it all against them.”

“Yes, let us stake it all”

“15000 cores, how can we finish in three days? Isn’t that just finding an excuse to eliminate our tribe? Patriarch, rather than that, why not fight against them?”

Luo Yue frowned. His face was ashen and his heart was in pain. He wanted to fight, but the tribe was left with just a hundred capable fighters, with half still injured. With their current strength, they did not even have the qualifications.

Fight, will only let his people enter their grave earlier.

There was no route to choose.

His heart was in great pain.

15000 cores were like a huge mountain, pressuring him until he could not breathe.

Qin Tian, seeing all that was happening, thought, “Going against may lead to them entering their graves earlier, but not going against will still lead to death. Such a matter, what could one do?”

“There is only one route, kill!”

Qin Tian’s Dao, killing———–

For the entire afternoon, the tribe was in an unrest.

Qin Tian followed the old woman to each wounded person. Using his grade three alchemy, he refined some Dans.

Now, he could only help with these.

An afternoon later, Qin Tian’s proficiency for alchemy increased slightly, almost reaching rank four.

However, he was not a bit elated. The tribe’s situation was worse than he expected, a large part of them had injuries, with many being capable fighters. With such a situation, Qin Tian could understand Luo Yue’s worries.

Having so many restraints, going against was not a way.

No matter what, the people of this tribe saved him. What he could help with, he would do.

“Granny, is there a woman called Hongyue in this tribe?”

Qin Tian followed the old woman into a tent and asked.

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The old woman’s expression changed and her voice turned sharp. “Who are you? Why do you know Hongyue?”

Qin Tian was stunned. Her expression caused him to shudder. He spoke truthfully, “City leader Ziyue sent me.”


Startled, the old woman grabbed Qin Tian by his waist, seemingly excited, “You, the one you’re saying, Hai Ziyue, a woman with purple hair and pupils?”

Qin Tian nodded, “Yes, it’s her.”

“Thank the heavens and earth, princess Ziyue is still alive.” The old woman was so excited that she started trembling. Tears flowed down. “Follow me.”

The old woman, grabbed Qin Tian’s arms, afraid that he would try to run.

The two reached the patriarch’s tent.

Dead silence reigned in the tent. Seeing the old woman, Luo Feng was startled, “Mother, why had you came?”

Luo Yue looked across. Seeing her being so excited, he asked Qin Tian, “What happened?”

The old woman swallowed her saliva. “Patriarch, I would like to discuss something alone with you.”

“Mother, we are discussing an important matter.” Luo Feng stood up and walked towards the old woman.

She dragged Qin Tian forward, ignoring Luo Feng, “It is very important.”

A few elders were unhappy at the sight. Why had an old woman rush into the tent and disrupt them? And even asking them to go out for a while first At such a critical juncture, she’s still making trouble?

Luo Yue, seeing the old woman’s expression, let out a sigh, “Go out first, we shall continue later.”


Many glared at her before walking out.

When the others were gone, she moved beside Luo Yue and said softly, “Princess Ziyue is still alive.”

Her words rang like thunder.

His eyes widened as he asked with great seriousness, “What? Is that true?”

“It is, and she has tens of serving girls beside her.”

Qin Tian took over. Each of the servant girls had breathtaking appearances, so it was not possible for him to forget them. Seeing their excited faces, Qin Tian was startled and roughly guessed that Ziyue’s position within their hearts was high. And, they might have thought that Ziyue died a few thousand years ago.

“Princess Ziyue is still alive!” Luo Yue was taken aback and continued asking, “Did she say when she would return? To bring us to defeat Luo Hou?”

“She did not say. However, she did ask me to bring Hongyue back.” Qin Tian said. “She seemed to have said that she could not return.”


Luo Yue’s face darkened.

The old woman beside sighed. “Hongyue is dead.”


Hearing the news, Qin Tian couldn’t help but take a step back. His mind turned blank.

Dead, then how could he complete the task?!

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