Chapter 163: Luo Shi Tribe

For a brief moment when Qin Tian was blasted off, he was still conscious.

At that moment, he sensed that the duo were very powerful humans. Wielding tridents, they killed the rank eight eel in an instant.

The series of footsteps gave one a sense of pressure.

And that was not all.

Even the aura of the man that just recovered was surging and was now completely different from a while ago.

Three tall and sturdy dark skin men with chests bare walked into the tent. There were distinctive lines on their body.

The middle-aged man that was leading, seeing the face of patient turning rosy, had a huge change in his expression. “Luo Feng, you’ve recovered?”

Last month, to pay the oppressive tribute, many of them went to wipe out ocean monsters. At that time, Luo Feng was trampled over by thousands of monsters and had his life hanging on a thread. When rescued, he was covered with grave injuries. If not for him having a physique of the ocean tribe, he would already be dead.

A month later, his injuries were rotting, seemingly unable to live more than a few days. Luo Yue came today because he wanted to see Luo Feng one last time. Unexpectedly, he had recovered. Truly miraculous.


Luo Feng and the old woman bowed.

Luo Yue waved his hand and walked excitedly to Luo Feng’s side. He gave Luo Feng a few more looks before giving a slap on his shoulder, “Indeed, there aren’t any more injuries, not even a scar was left. How did you do that? Yesterday, even your Mother say you won’t live over three days, how are you so lively like a dragon now as if you were never injured?”

The old woman was the tribe’s doctor, so she could not have mistaken. Also, she could not have been cursing her son to be unable to live for more than three days.

Luo Feng stared at the old woman, unsure how his injuries were completely healed. All he felt was a powerful energy spreading within him and his injuries healing rapidly after.

Luo Feng scratched the back of his head, “I’m not sure.”

“It’s him that saved my son.”

The old woman said emotionally as she moved to Qin Tian’s side, wanting to kneel. However, she was quickly stopped by him, “Granny, there’s no need.”


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Luo Yue was stupefied, feeling that it was not possible. However, since Qin Tian did save his tribesmen, expressing his thanks was needed. “Thank you.”

“I should be thanking you for saving me, else I would already be buried under the ocean floor.” Qin Tian replied sincerely.

“You are the lad Luo Kuang saved?”

Luo Yue smiled and continued, “That dark ocean eel is extremely crafty. Of the few times we fought against it, it would always escape. If not for you, we would not be able to kill it, haha……”

Qin Tian laughed bitterly.

The strength of the duo was too great, having the rank eight eel killed in two moves. Without Qin Tian attracting it, they would probably still be able to kill it easily. Luo Yue spoke like that to console him, which made Qin Tian grateful.

And so, a conversation started.

Qin Tian found out that this was the edge of the land of the ocean tribe, and the tribe was also known to others as the Tribe at the Edge. To not be banished, they had to pay a tribute of 10000 cores every month.

Hearing that, Qin Tian was stunned.

10000 cores, perhaps even some sects would not have such a large amount of cores.

To need to kill 10000 rank five monsters a month, what kind of concept is this?

Difficult to imagine!

If they do not pay, they would immediately be exiled. For generations, they lived in the deep ocean. No matter what happens, they were unwilling to leave.

To fulfill the 10000 cores quota, almost all of the tribe had to move. Every month, they would organize some large scale hunting. However, the chances of success were very low.

Last month, to block the escape route, Luo Feng stood to his ground. Still, under the charge of thousands of monsters, he was trampled over and sustained serious injuries.

In almost every large-scale hunt, there would be tribesmen losing their lives. With the number of abled tribesmen decreasing, Luo Yue was anxious.

The day to pay up again was coming soon. With the few hunts being a failure, the tribe had only gathered a third of the necessary amount. In a few days, without enough…..

Thinking until there, Luo Yue let out a long sigh.

As the patriarch, to protect the tribe, the pressure on him was extremely great.

“Brother Luo, did you never think of leaving this place?” Qin Tian couldn’t help but ask. With his strength, wanting to create a new clan in Tianyuan continent was not hard.

“Leave?” Luo Yue’s expression changed, “Then we would no longer be able to return.”

If they leave the dark ocean territory, returning was no longer an option. That was why they never thought of leaving before.

“What about rebelling.”

“Rebel?” Luo Yue laughed bitterly, “With our strength, we will only die faster.”

Qin Tian turned silent. Seeing Luo Yue’s expression, he did not continue speaking.

He wanted to say that if they do not rebel, what’s left for them, in the end, would still be death, so why not work together to attack?

However, Qin Tian did not say those words out. Luo Yue is the patriarch, no matter what is planned, the lives of his tribesmen must be considered first.

Rebelling would mean sending the entire tribe to their deaths. With the chance of success not even one percent, Luo Yue could not do it.

The tent was in a complete silence.

A long while later, Luo Yue stood up, “Luo Feng, rest for a few days. You do not need to join the hunt tomorrow.”

“Patriarch, I am already fine.” Luo Feng stood up.

“This is an order.” Luo Yue frowned and Luo Feng immediately lowered his head while sitting back down.

“Qin Tian, welcome to the dark ocean territory. After a few days, I will think of a way to send you out……”

“Gedeng, gedeng……”

From outside, a few mad laughter sounded.


Screams of girls were heard.

Luo Yue frowned and his aura changed. Killing intent emerged as he snorted, “Demonic knights!”

Immediately, the other two stood up. Killing intent exploded out.

Luo Yue stepped out of the tent. The other two followed behind.

Qin Tian was startled, once again stunned at Lou Yue’s powerful aura. However, feeling the aura of the Demonic knights, his heart tightened, “Demon Tribe?!”

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