Chapter 18: Fainted Again

Qin Tian was a little touched when he saw Yun Man had not escaped, even though her body’s trembling clearly showed that she was frantic.

If she had used her Vertical Cloud Spirit to escape, Qin** shouldn’t be able to catch up. [TL: Not sure why they put a ** there, but I guess it’s Qin Yang]

Feeling worried and afraid, yet not willing to leave.

“Silly girl, you really are kind-hearted ah.” Qin Tian lamented.

In the meantime, Qin Tian circulated the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture in his crippled Dantian and a strong Qi dissipated to the surroundings…

As Yun Man was standing in front of Qin Tian, protecting him, Qin Yang was unable to see what Qin Tian was doing. The strong Qi he had just felt made his heart shudder, but he did not take it seriously.

Qin Tian was only a trash. Even if he was able to defeat Qin Kun in one move, he wasn’t Qin Kun, so he wouldn’t give him any opportunity to make his move.

“Little beauty, I’m coming…” Qin Yang smiled evilly as he swept his sword upwards. The slash wasn’t aimed at Yun Man but Qin Tian, who was behind her.

He had always been a careful person. He would never leave any problems behind, so he decided to first get rid of Qin Tian before taking his wooden plate. This was his true goal. For any other problems, he would take his time to deal with them…

“Ah…” Yun Man screeched before she suddenly squatted down with both hands on her head. She was like a scared little girl, trembling…

Qin Yang laughed when he saw Yun Man’s sudden reaction. The Sword Qi that was coated around his sword became extremely sharp, showing his intention to chop off Qin Tian’s head in a single slash. However, Qin Tian suddenly disappeared!


His mind became chaotic and fear rose in his heart.

“Pa,pa,pa……” Qin Tian released three consecutive punches into Qin Yang’s back. A magnificent sneak attack! From calculating to grasping the timing, it was almost perfect!

Qin Yang’s fully received the three heavy punches and his face paled, not because of the pain but because of Qin Tian’s speed. On seeing Qin Tian was doughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger, he angrily questioned, “Aren’t you poisoned? Your leg… could it be that you were pretending?”

“You had no idea right?” Qin Tian chuckled as he patted the thigh that had been bitten by the Smallpox Spider. Black blood continued to flow down his leg and onto the ground. “This is monster blood. Did you not know?”

A while ago, while Qin Tian was collecting the dead monsters’ heads, he had also collected some of their blood. This matter, even Yun Man did not know, so how would Qin Yang, who was in the tree, know about it?

Qin Yang was secretly startled. He did not expect that there would be someone who was more sinister than him and could not help but burn with anger. It had always been him who schemed against others, when had it become other people’s turn?

The taste of being schemed against wasn’t great. Qin Yang’s eyes burnt with anger and he took out some Dans to swallow down. Immediately after, Qin Yang drew a few strokes with his sword in mid-air, creating an image of a flower which violently rushed forward. “Eight Savage Swords!”

Qin Tian did not dare be careless. Though Qin Yang’s HP bar was reduced to half due to the damage inflicted by the previous three punches, Qin Yang had still managed to fully recover his HP after consuming those Dans.

It seems like people are the same as monsters. They all have HP bars.

“Let’s see how many Dans you have.” Qin Tian changed his form and his right foot stepped forward. He opened his fists and gathered Qigong onto both his palms. Both of his hands’ movements were ever-changing, making them seem like shadowless hands.

“You’re courting death.” Qin Yang snorted when he saw Qin Tian unexpectedly wanted to receive his Eight Savage Swords head on! This was one of Qin Family’s collection of high-rank abilities. He would not have an opportunity to practice this ability if not for an elder taking fancy of him.

Currently, Qin Yang was the only one among the Qin family’s younger generations to have cultivated a high-rank ability. The Eight Savage Swords were aggressive, but how could a high-rank ability be so simple?

The sword in Qin Yang’s hand cut downwards…

The arc was sharp and it covered a large area, sealing Qin Tian’s movement and denying him any escape route. Qin Tian’s facial expression changed as he realized that he had made the wrong move.

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The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture in his Dantian seemed to know that Qin Tian was in danger and started to circulate faster. Both of his palms were like two enormous hammers as they smashed down directly.

The attack released an ear-splitting, explosive sound. The sword Qi was shattered and it produced a sound similar to when the blade of the sword was destroyed.

Qin Yang could not believe it. How could the invincible Eight Savage Swords be easily destroyed by Qin Tian’s palms? He was extremely shocked as he had poured all his Qigong into that attack.

He was someone ranked within the top five among the younger generation. His move contained the strength of a peak Seventh-Ranked Warrior and was powered by his Seventh Layered Qigong, yet it was still destroyed by Qin Tian.

It was not dodged but shattered. This was simply an insult, an undisguised insult!

Qin Yang had only one thought, and that was to counterattack. He wished to ruthlessly pummel Qin Tian before slaughtering him. Otherwise his sadistic nature would not be able to swallow down this anger.

Qin Yang was not an idiot, however, and he knew that he had almost consumed all of his Qigong which would need hours to be recovered. Qin Yang once again looked at Qin Tian and understood that he wasn’t Qin Tian’s opponent.

When Qin Yang looked at the shivering Yun Man who was still squatting down, he revealed a sinister smile. Qin Yang held the sword in a thrusting position before he suddenly rushed forward. His target was Yun Man!

Qin Yang did not care about the strong Qi behind him and he laughed, “This daddy will kill her in a single chop…”

Qin Tian was enraged. Yun Man’s life was at stake. If Qin Yang’s sword landed on her, there was no doubt that her head would be chopped off.

In the midst of panic, Qin Tian did not know what to do, but his chest started to become hotter and he instantly ran several times faster.

“Try to catch up, this daddy here does not differentiate genders, haha…” Qin Yang sadistically laughed and his eyes bulged, like they wanted to pop out. It was extremely hideous.

“Yun Man, there’s a snake behind your ass!” Qin Tian knew he would not be able to catch up. In desperation, he suddenly remembered that Yun Man was scared of snakes. Without caring about whether it would be of use, he shouted.

“Snake?” Yun Man opened both her eyes. When she saw Qin Yang rushing towards her, she shrieked while shooting out ribbons from under her sleeves.

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Qin Yang was dumbfounded. The ribbons were like swords, stabbing both his shoulders. He was unable to dodge them.

“Puchi……” The ribbons had penetrated his arms and blood was spewing out.

“Ah!” Yun Man screamed again and she immediately withdrew her ribbons. What just happened was her immediate reaction when in face of danger or else she would never have dared to do it.

Looking at the blood flowing out of Qin Yang’s shoulders, she started to panic and both her legs became soft. Her body suddenly started to feel light. This was her first time attacking a human and it gave her an extremely complicated feeling. Her mind was blank and her sight became more and more blurred.

Qin Yang face paled as he endured the pain. He used his remaining Qigong to rush into the forest.

Qin Tian wanted to chase after him but he was already preoccupied. Yun Man had fainted again.

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