Chapter 20: Run!!!

Yun Man was an expert in killing monsters, but not humans.

Both her attack and speed are higher than Qin Tian. With her in the team, the overall power of the team was much higher.

Thinking back, he had blamed the system for prompting him to form a party with her. At that time he had felt disgusted. Yet now, the continuous increase in his experience and Qigong value caused him to be secretly delighted.

To Qin Tian, there was no difference between killing monsters in his current reality and in games except for the speed in leveling up.

In the afternoon, he had only managed to earn a little bit of experience. Looking at his long experience bar, he felt helpless. However, compared to others, he was like a presence that could oppose the heavens.

To normal cultivators, the purpose of killing monsters in the Tianyuan continent was to increase their combat experience, gain insight into their ability, or to familiarize and practice their ability. It only gives minimal help with their breakthroughs.

Cultivators’ breakthroughs are dependent on the breakthrough of their body. They have to repeatedly challenge their limits, such as increasing their comprehension, strengthening their organs and Dantian, and increasing cultivation, in order to release stronger Qigong. Only when all of the conditions were met would cultivators be able to make a breakthrough.

Other than Qin Tian, there was no one whose breakthroughs were simply dependent on killing monsters.

“So scary! Ah! Snake! I’ll kill you, kill you…” Yun Man was like a yellow oriole bird, chirping non-stop around Qin Tian. Though her voice was very beautiful, after hearing it for the whole afternoon it got a bit irritating.

Her every move was very sharp, causing many innocent monsters to die and creating a large pile of dead bodies on the ground. Qin Tian sighed at their fate.

Even though her mouth claimed that she was afraid, her attacks were still overbearing. Every time her ribbons shot out from her sleeves, many lives were claimed, which made the killed monsters unable to accept their fate.

“What’s your reason for participating in this Autumn Hunting Event, ah? You don’t want the heads and don’t want to accumulate points, so why did you join?” Qin Tian curiously asked as he cut off the head of a Long Arm Gorilla before looking at Yun Man, who was hiding at distance, like a maiden in fear.

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“Killing monsters is very fun.” Yun Man weakly answered.

Her answer made Qin Tian feel like vomiting blood. To him, he didn’t have a choice and he needed to kill monsters in order to level up. If not for that, he would be too lazy to join. As for the prizes, he thought about getting them, but never placed much hope on it.

Before the event started, it was normal for disciples who are from an influential background to buy around four to five outer disciples to kill monsters. The accumulated points would then go to only one person: the disciple with an influential background. Therefore, no matter how much effort Qin Tian put in, he could never beat them.

This was not considered cheating. In order to get first place and be recognized by the patriarch, they would do anything.

Totaling this afternoon, this morning, and the previous night’s kills, Qin Tian had managed to accumulate a total of at least 900 points.

“Do you want to take first place?” Yun Man suddenly asked.

“Of course, who wouldn’t want to seize the first place? They are also generous in giving away the prizes.” Qin Tian said with a laugh. If he could fight for it, why not? Furthermore, the purpose was only to kill monsters and while doing so gain some experience. If by luck he could become the first, he would be able to get some prizes, so why not?

“I also want to be the first, so that I can enter the hidden library.” Yun Man muttered with her head lowered.

The ability she was cultivating was something she got by entering the hidden library to choose an ability when she made a breakthrough and became a Fifth-Rank Warrior. It had been two years since she got it. Other than some basic attack abilities, she did not have a decent one.

Abilities were strictly controlled by the Clan. Other than some geniuses, if any outer disciple wished to obtain a low rank ability, the difficulty of getting it was comparable to ascending the heaven. Unless that person had made outstanding contributions to the family, no one would be able to obtain a single low rank ability from the Clan in their entire lifetime.

Yun Man was an exception. If not for her breaking through to a Fifth-Rank Warrior, she would not have the qualifications to enter the hidden library to choose an ability.

When Qin Tian saw Yun Man was deep in thought, he decided, ‘If I can become first, I will see if I can let her go and choose a better ability.’

This was only if he could really become the first. Yun Man had worked very hard, and most of the monsters were killed by her.

“The sun is setting, let’s return to the cave. I’m feeling a little scared.” Yun Man walked towards Qin Tian while looking at the setting sun. The rays of the setting sun reflected off of her face, making her face glow. It was very beautiful.

The sky gradually darkened and Qin Tian completed his harvest. He was unwilling to stay, as at night the scene in the forest would be different from in the day. In less than an hour, the bodies of the dead monsters would be torn apart and not even the bones would be left behind.



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Suddenly, a sound as loud as thunder exploded out from the forest. It was like the large body of a dragon had crashed onto the ground. Following that, a series of deafening, bitter cries could be heard.

Qin Tian frowned and thought of the Rank 5 monster from the previous night. He immediately pulled Yun Man’s hand and coldly said, “Run!”

Yun Man could not react fast enough and fear crept into her heart. That sound just now was full of power, it was beyond any monsters she had met. Was that monster above Rank 4?

The Autumn Hunting Event was at the border of Kunlun Mountain. Most monsters had low ranks and a Rank 4 would rarely appear. A Rank 5 monster had never appeared before, thus the Qin Clan had never worried about a situation where a Rank 5 monster would appear.

One should know that the appearance of a rank 5 monster that had condensed a core would be able to cleanly sweep away all the contestants.

It was extremely horrifying.


Dust flew up into the sky, giving the effect like a bomb had exploded.

Qin Tian pulled Yun Man’s jade white hands and they ran without stopping. The sound behind them became louder and louder.

‘The breathing of a Rank 5 monster is already so strong.’ Qin Tian thought.

He and the Rank 5 monster were a few kilometers apart but he could still feel that monster’s anger as if it was right beside him.

“What is behind us?” Yun Man asked in fear. She too could feel its strong power.

“I’m afraid it’s a Rank 5 monster which has already condensed a core.”

“Rank 5?”

“I’m afraid so. Let’s not think too much about it. We’ll continue after we have escaped.” Qin Tian was anxious as he was afraid that Yun Man would be scared.

What they were facing against was a Rank 5 monster which was strong enough to kill a Spirit Gathering Realm cultivator. They were still in the Warrior realm and had an ant-like existence. If they did not escape, it would mean death.


“It is going berserk. Everyone, scatter! Remember not to get too close to it.” A man who was wielding a giant hammer, with his body protected by his Qigong, jumped onto a tree before instantly leaping and dashing hundreds of feet away. It was as if he was soaring in the sky.

Not far away, there were two middle-aged men who were, like him, trying to get away from the berserk Violent Gorilla.

Initially, there were 13 people in the group, but now only three were left.

In order to face the Rank 5 monster, they had suffered heavy losses. However, it was now seriously injured and if they would be able to kill it within three days. Its core would be able to fully compensate their losses.

“Ah!” A tragic scream could be heard. One of the two middle-aged men was crushed by the Violent Gorilla before he was able to counterattack.

“Da Hu……”

“Yan Tian, run!” The man shouted again. His heart hurt as if it was dripping blood when he saw his brother being crushed alive by the Violent Gorilla.

A 13 man team, with only two remaining.

Now the two had to face the Violent Gorilla who had a divine ability by themselves. They became more and more uncertain……

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