Chapter 21: Damned Mission

Evening in the Qin Family’s hall.

“Patriarch, a sky-shattering roar was heard from the Autumn Hunting grounds! The roar is likely from a high ranking monster! We…”

“Since the Qin Family established the Autumn Hunting Event, no one has been allowed to interfere with what happens within the forest during the three days of the event. The three great elders cannot have forgotten about this, right?” Qin Xiangtian said it indifferently, but he was secretly delighted.

The only person who could show such powerful strength was Qin Kun after he had taken the Burning Sun Dan. It seemed that through his son’s hands, a big headache had finally been gotten rid of.

“All of those inside are our Qin Family’s elites, our future! Could it be that all of the great elders want them to die before taking action?”

“This is the law of the jungle: survival of the fittest. The Autumn Hunting Event is meant to eliminate the weak and leave only the strong. The Qin Family does not need trash.”


“Stop bickering.” Qin Zhantian raised his voice and said, “The laws laid down by the ancestors cannot be broken. If a rank 5 monster has really appeared, then it is fate. From now on, do not raise further questions about this situation. Let’s all leave everything to fate…”

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The roar from the forest became louder and louder. The berserk monster displayed it’s unbelievable strength. Everywhere it went was destroyed, with broken hills, crushed stones, and uprooted trees.

It’s appearance was like a wolf in a flock of sheep, where it acted outrageously and swept all around.

The low ranking monsters all shivered, let out roars of fear, and ran around flusteredly, clueless about what to do.

“What happened?” Qin Kun stood on a tree and looked at the scene in front of him. Dust covered the sky, so he was unable to see what had happened. Something was happening but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

The low ranked monsters all scurried around and trembled; they were all extremely terrified.

“Has a high ranked monster appeared?” Qin Yang’s body was full of vitality. The injury on his shoulders was healed, his Qigong had recovered, and his eyes were cold.

“That can’t be true, we aren’t even inside the Kunlun Mountain range! How could a rank 5 monster appear?” Qin Kun believed it wasn’t true, but after hearing the deafening roar, he became unsure. If it really was a rank 5 monster, they would have to split up and escape.

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“Isn’t Qin Tian just ahead?” Qin Kun suddenly asked.

“If I don’t remember wrong, they have a cave not far ahead, in the middle of a mountain.” Qin Yang let out a smile.

“Well then, forward.”

“We can’t run any further. Otherwise, we’ll be inside the Kunlun mountain range.” Qin Tian suddenly stopped and looked at the dark forest. He started to feel anxious.

The monsters in the Kunlun Mountain range were extremely scary. Those who stepped into it would be beyond redemption. Qin Tian started to think about how to resolve the danger they were in.

“Why don’t we…” Yun Man hesitated and did not say it. Her heart went ‘ge deng’ for a while. How did such a silly idea surface in her head?

“What?” Qin Tian asked.

“Let’s kill it?” Yun Man asked softly, afraid to look into Qin Tian’s eyes.

“Kill a rank 5 monster?” Qin Tian was obviously startled, and thought, ‘Since when have this girl’s guts become so big?’

“If we don’t try to kill it, we will need to escape into the Kunlun Mountain range.” Yun Man looked into the Kunlun Mountain range, and did not want to go inside. “Can we come out alive if we go inside?”

At that moment, a ‘ding’ sound was heard in his mind. ‘System quest: Kill the Violent Gorilla and get the core. Reward – 10,000 experience, 4000 Qigong, 100 survival.”

‘The f**k!’ Qin Tian could not help but swear. ‘System, why the f**k don’t you personally come out here and kill it!’ Qin Tian’s face was filled with anger. If the system had had a physical body, he would have mercilessly stepped on it and thrown it away.

He had wanted to run away and hide, but the system quest meant he could not. He needed to kill it and obtain its core. Was this not asking him to throw his life away? What was the difference between this and throwing an egg on a rock?

Well, the system did not allow him to choose, so he could not refuse. “Damn this, I’ll fight! Kill!”

Qin Tian took a deep breath and let go of Yun Man’s hand before activating the Heavenly Dragon Scripture. The atmosphere gradually became heavier and heavier, which caused him to pant rapidly. However, secretly, he was excited. A rank 5 monster that had condensed a core. This was an enormous challenge to him.

At that moment, Qin Tian’s fighting spirit awakened and his body let out a strong desire to fight. Yun Man, who was beside him, seemed to have been affected and her eyes became firm.

“Yun Man, later, when I hold it down, find a way to attack it’s eyes and turn it into a blind monster.” Qin Tian made a decision quickly. He was afraid about whether Yun Man could be relied on or not.

Unexpectedly, Yun Man nodded and the Vertical Cloud Spirit activated. Her body gently floated up as she stepped on the air.

Seeing that, Qin Tian rushed forward towards the direction of the monster…

“Pa, pa, pa…” The ground trembled every time it took a step. Tremors spread as its speed increased.

“Rumble…” A tree was uprooted. The Violent Gorilla used the tree and swung it at the trees in front of it. As it displayed it’s immense strength, it roared loudly.

“Yan Tian, it’s Berserk is about to end. It’s time!” The man raised both his sword-like eyebrows. He did not conceal his delight and swung his two giant hammers. With a push from both of his legs, he jumped dozens of feet.

They had been chasing the Violent Gorilla for half a month, and during the chase, their losses had been enormous. The group of 13 was now down to two. If they did not kill it and instead fled, they would have to carry the deaths of their friends until the day they died.

The expression of Yan Tian’s face changed, and another sword appeared in his hand. He ran on the ground, no slower than the gorilla.

The Violent Gorilla attacked non-stop, and they had to dodge continuously. With only a little strength left, they were unable to counterattack.

“Yan Tian, there’s someone in front of you! Be careful!” Seeing Qin Tian rushing towards them, the man shouted. He jumped and landed heavily on the ground.

The Violent Gorilla growled and with both its hands together, it smacked down. “Rumble…”

The man used his whole body’s strength to jump, dodging the blow, and was relieved. However, the gorilla did the same thing again. “Rumble…”

A huge hole appeared in the ground. To dodge the blow just then, the man had no choice but to leave one of his hammers behind. In the hole, the hammer had already become dust. A rank 5 monster was extremely terrifying.

Qin Tian could feel its strength. Very strong! Very big! Very abnormal!

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