Chapter 215 – Die!

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Under the Song of Disorder from law of aura, the Qi inside Yang Han’s body that had originally calmed down seemed to be provoked again and instantly raged violently.

Suddenly, the demon inside him became extremely ferocious. Relying on the Song of Disorder, they immediately seized his mind sea. In a mere moment, he entered the state of Qi deviation.

If the stage of Qi deviation Yang Han was in earlier was considered to be at the initial stages, then he was certainly at the advanced stages now.

There was no turning back.

If he could not eliminate the source of the heart demon , it would become a huge problem.

Yang Han had spent the past year feeling hatred, allowing the demon in his heart to develop greatly.

The Song of Disorder directly controlled the Qi inside his body and strengthened the heart demon. It instantly swept away Yang Han’s clear headedness and turned it into a violent rage.

This result was exactly what Qin Tian wanted.

Qin Tian’s method of using the Song of Disorder to make Yang Han lose control was a very insidious move. However, Qin Tian felt calm and did not consider himself despicable in the slightest.

There were no means considered too despicable when dealing with people like Yang Han. The most important thing was simply to kill him.

Since the moment that the ‘Song of Disorder’ was released, Qin Tian was prepared to kill in a single hit. He absolutely could not give Nanguan Lie any opportunity to save Yang Han.

When he had fled from the hidden dangers of Sky Border city last time, Yang Han had sent people to kill him again and again. If he let him escape this time, Qin Tian would be leaving behind an even greater danger.

Hence, this single move contained all of Qin Tian’s power.

“Yang Han, hurry up and stop!”

Nanguan Lie was beyond stunned and shouted loudly. At this point, it was too late to stop Yang Han.

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Yang Han could not hear at all, being possessed by the evil spirits and having sank into madness. There was only one thought in his mind and that was to kill, kill him…

At the sinister smile appearing on Qin Tian’s face, Nanguan Lie looked even more shocked.

At this moment, Shen Yan was extremely furious with Yang Han. Right now, Qin Tian was her only hope. How could she let him be hurt outside of the stage?

When Yang Han rushed out, murderous intent emerged within her. Without waiting for her to make a move, she heard a ‘whoosh’ sound pass by her ear. Looking around, Qin Tian had already disappeared.

“Be careful Qin Tian, he has already entered Qi deviation.” Shen Yan frowned and readied herself.

“Seven lore formation…”

“Third form, absolute destruction…”

Qin Tian shouted fiercely and a huge black sword suddenly appeared in his hand. Third form of the seven lore formation, absolute destruction, seven huge swords condensed into one, having seven times the power.

Simultaneously, a faint, extraordinarily powerful dark aura loomed over the huge sword.

The Blood Demon War Armor within his body echoed with a ‘buzzing’ sound, as though it had smelled the scent of blood flowing in Yang Han’s veins and released a powerful defense.

“By killing you with your father’s skill, Laozi will let you die in peace. When you go to hell, tell Yang Hong that you died from his skill.”



Blood spurted out like an enchanting, blooming red flower.

His waist was sliced!

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Under an increase in speed of sixty-four times, absolute destruction was incomparably fast. With one strike of the sword, six illusions followed simultaneously. One sword equivalent to seven swords, This was absolute destruction!

His body was split into two.

Fresh blood splattered all over the ground and Yang Han’s eyes bulged. He spat black blood from his mouth and stared at Qin Tian, saying in a low voice, “My… my… my third brother… my third brother will… will find you…”

With each word that he spat out, blood sprayed uncontrollably from his mouth.

Qin Tian squatted down and laughed coldly. Lowering his voice, he said, “Yang Han, I will reunite your family. Yang Lin will die by my hands sooner or later.”

“You… you…”

Yang Han glowered at Qin Tian and reached towards him, wanting to grab him with his bloody hands. His hands were halfway in the air, when they suddenly fell down.


“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing ‘Yang Han’, gaining 600 000 experience, 130 000 Qigong, 12 000 survival value…”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for obtaining ‘Golden Hepta Qi’…”

…Yang Han died and Nanguan Lie was furious.

“Qin Tian, you will pay with your life…”

Nanguan Lie roared, his entire body ignited with rage. The azure stone under his feet were burning red and a blazing heat spread outwards like magma. The heat was unbearable.

The surrounding disciples retreated step by step for more than a hundred feet. Still, they felt like they were burning in fire. Sweat drenched their clothes.

Qin Tian was unaffected and simply took a few steps backward to stand next to Shen Yan.

“No need to be afraid, Qin Tian. I would also like to see what Nanguan Lie is capable of.” Shen Yan was emboldened and did not feel a shred of fear.

She was only at rank 1 Void Piercing realm while Nanguan Lie was at the peak of the Void Piercing realm. He had an overwhelming advantage, yet Shen Yan was not afraid in the slightest. Not only that, she was bursting with self-confidence and looked at him disdainfully.

In his rage, Nanguan Lie simply did not care about anything. Thunder rang out with each step he took, the azure stone under his feet cracking rapidly and the flames on his body intensified. “Vulcan fist…”

The hot flames condensed into a giant, red-hot punch aimed directly at Qin Tian.

Shen Yan pulled Qin Tian behind her, activated the Zhentian ring in her hand and smiled coldly, “Daring to be so reckless in front of me with merely a vulcan fist, you are courting death.”

Feeling angry, she furrowed her brows and brought out a jet black bowl from her spatial ring. Turning it upside down, cold air surged out.

Hualala… Suddenly, Qin Tian felt as though he was in an extremely cold arctic abyss.

Nuanguan Lie’s vulcan fist was extinguished almost instantly, becoming powerless.


Qin Tian was utterly shocked. He had always thought that Shen Yan was not that strong at merely rank one Void Piercing realm. However, he discovered today that her cultivation did not matter at all and she could kill others by using countless tools.

From the half-god tool ‘Zhentian ring’ that destroyed the pressure to the mysterious bowl, she seemed to have a series of invincible treasures.

Nanguan Lie’s vulcan fist was extremely fierce, yet it had been blown out by the mysterious bowl.

The coldness of the surrounding calmed Nanguan Lie quite a bit. The chill caused all the hairs on his body to stand up. Facing the extreme coldness, he quickly retreated and shouted at Shen Yan, “Shen Yan, you better hand Qin Tian over. Otherwise, we will be irreconcilable.”


“Come over here and talk if you dare.”

“I would like to see how we are irreconcilable.”

Shen Yan smiled coldly. Her aura was not imposing in the slightest, however, her words were arrogant and domineering. Nanguan Lie dared not advance even half a step forward.

Nanguan Lie clearly knew in his heart that in terms of cultivation strength, even ten Shen Yan would not be enough to oppose him. However, if Shen Yan were to rely on her treasures to attack, even ten of him would not be enough to oppose her.

“Nanguan Lie, it was your disciple who was disobedient and entered Qi deviation. Qin Tian was eliminating evil, sparing him would cause disaster,” said Shen Yan.

It was Yang Han who made the first move. Qin Tian’s counterattack coupled with Yang Han’s Qi deviation which bound him to the Demonic path allowed anyone to have the right to punish him. From emotion to reason, even Nanguan Lie could not talk over it.

At the same time, the pillar master of the Southern Sun Pillar, Wuyue, appeared beside Shen Yan in a flash. He walked forward a few steps, looked at Nanguan Lie and said, “Brother Nanguan, Yang Han did indeed go into Qi deviation and attacked Qin Tian just now. If it had been someone else, it is likely that they would have died in his hands already. Qin Tian killing him was a justifiable defense.”

“That’s right, Brother Nanguan. Those who have entered the Demonic path are condemned by everyone. You must not forget this.” The pillar master of the Thousand Sun Pillar also came down and stepped forward.

“Brother Nanguan, let us just drop this matter. It would not be good to raise this matter and trouble the patriarch.”

“Exactly, exactly. There was nothing that Qin Tian did wrong here.”

…Of the eight pillar masters, seven of them stood on Qin Tian’s side.

“Looking at this, it seems like Laozi was born to become a leader!”

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