Chapter 6: Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture

Quest accepted.

Qin Tian didn’t care whether it could actually be completed or not; especially since the quest didn’t have a time limit or a punishment for failure.

At this point, Qin Tian was only thinking of how to cheat Cang Tianji for some benefits, or at least into allowing him to take the box, as the box should contain something good.

Cang Tianji spoke in a weak voice, “This box contains the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’. Master managed to skillfully obtain it but was unable to comprehend it due to being found out by the traitor, Long Xiaotian……”

“Master, please only tell me the important stuff. I see that you do not have much time left so just leave me some useful stuff and I will cultivate diligently. In the future, I will definitely avenge you.”

“The more secret techniques or Spirit Dan the better.”

Cang Tianji’s coughs began to sound muffled. Qin Tian could only put his ear near Cang Tianji’s mouth to listen closely so as not to misinterpret any words.

“You must cultivate this ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’ diligently. It is a legacy left behind by an ancient martial cultivator. It is a very powerful technique, and the day you successfully practice this technique will be the day when none will rival you.

“Master sees that you look very weak, so I’ll grant you a ‘Dragon Tiger Dan.’ This Dan’s efficacy is really fierce; if you haven’t broken through to the Spirit Formation realm, do not take it. The slightest mistake can burden your body and destroy your Dantian.”

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“Are there any other things you would like to tell me? Tell me quickly! There is very little time left.”

Listening to Cang Tianji’s voice getting softer and softer, Qin Tian became very anxious and wanted to give Cang Tianji a few electric shocks to restore his body functions. However, he forgot that Cang Tianji was already long dead. The Cang Tianji in front of him was neither conscious nor alive but was the last fading traces drawn out from his body.

“You can take the ring on my finger. This token of mine is a spatial ring. In it contains my lifelong studies as well as everything in Tianji sect…”

Having said all of that, Cang Tianji’s mouth closed and his eyes turned lifeless.

It seemed that he had really died, thoroughly this time.

Not wasting any time, Qin Tian took Cang Tianji’s ring and felt indescribably happy.

The ring was not made of gold or jade, but seemed to be of rotten wood. Qin Tian, without thinking, put on the ring and gently stroked it a few times. As Qin Tian was thinking about how to open it, a space suddenly surfaced and enlarged in his mind.

Qin Tian was shocked by the accumulated stuff that had already formed a small hill.

Books of techniques and cultivations, top grade weapons, bottles of spirit Dan were all there. Qin Tian couldn’t control the saliva flowing down from his mouth.

Just as Qin Tian was about to take a weapon from the space to play with, the voice system prompted in his mind: “Quest is not complete. Reward cannot be taken.”

“F***. How is this the quest’s reward?” Qin Tian angrily cursed loudly.

To fall instantly from heaven to the eighteenth layer of hell is really an uncomfortable feeling.

All the magic weapons, high grade spirit stones, countless of spirit Dan and odd treasures were right in front of him but he could only see and not touch. The most terrible thing was that these treasures were actually his.

Qin Tian felt like he was currently experiencing the world’s saddest event.

Other than the bunch of treasures, there was still the black item; a Dan that looked like chicken excrement. Inside Qin Tian’s thoughts, the information of the Dan appeared.

Dragon Tiger Dan

Grade: Seventh grade (Dan grades range from 1 to 9)

Effect: cleanse marrow; increase physique; dredge tendons

Use method: Oral

Qigong: 1000

Life: 3000

Survival: 500

The irony…

“****, there are so many things to give me but Can Tianji only gave me a small Dan. Really too stingy.”

Qin Tian looked with contempt at Cang Tianji, who was lying motionlessly on the ground. Qin Tian then excitedly opened the box. The brocade cloth that was in the box was printed with small words. With the help of the moonlight, Qin Tian was able to determine the first sentence. “A hundred thousand dragons released a majestic atmosphere; to defeat anyone from all corners of the world will be like swallowing moon picking sun… ”

(TL Original: “A hundred thousand dragons released a majestic atmosphere and to defeat anyone from six ways and eight directions*, will be like swallowing the moon and picking the Sun ……”

*eight directions: east, south, west, north, southeast, northeast, northwest, and southwest)


“Congratulations to the player ‘Qin Tian’ for obtaining 《Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture》. Technique grade: God level”

“God Level?” Qin Tian was stunned, surprised by the voice system.

Technique ratings in the Tianyuan continent were divided into the following grades: Gold, Jade, Immortal, and God level.

According to Qin Tian’s memory, a Gold level technique had never made its appearance in the entire Tianyuan continent. To find God level technique…

“Am I dreaming?”

Qin Tian quickly returned to reality. He scanned his surroundings before hiding the brocade cloth underneath his clothes.

Qin Tian looked at Cang Tianji’s stiff body that was on the ground and sighed, saying, “I still have a filial heart so I’ll build you a tomb because of our master and apprentice relation.”

After completing his filial task, the day was already bright.

Qin Tian could care less about the fact, since he was already in such a dangerous place. If he continued to stay here, who knew whether he would encounter any pursuers or not?

If he were really to encounter Long Xiaotian, or the Thousand Demons sect, ten lives would not be enough to kill them.

Along the way, Qin Tian was nervous to the point that his mind went blank. In his possession was the supreme treasure. If news of it leaked out, it would cause turmoil throughout the entire Tianyuan continent and even some of the old demons would be shocked out of their hiding.

Everything that had happened at the riverside could not be leaked. It would be best if he could forget everything. It would be tragic if one day it was leaked due to him sleep talking.

As Qin Tian was trying to figure how to keep the whole incident a secret, he unwittingly returned to the slaughterhouse.

After waking up Meng Lei, they quickly rushed back to Furong Restaurant.

It was morning and Qin Tian was still suffering from the aftermath of excitement. He was not focused in his work; he acted like a lost soul and his actions were lifeless. Zhang Dafu seized this opportunity to severely scold Qin Tian.

Qin Tian didn’t seem to have listened.

Finally, Zhang Dafu walked away grumpily.

“Yong master, what’s the matter with you?”

After Zhang Dafu left, Meng Lei immediately stepped forward and asked in concern.

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Yesterday, Qin Tian had surprised Meng Lei greatly. Not even considering the break through to the second-ranked Warrior, just Qin Tian’s being able to kill poultry all night long had made Meng Lei scratch his head in wonder about the weird situation. His heart was worried that Qin Tian might have become a fool.

Qin Tian eyes returned to reality and he looked at Meng Lei, saying, “Nothing, nothing.”

Qin Tian in the past was an orphan and in that lifetime, he had never experienced any big occurances. However, after gaining this body, he experienced a life full of tragedy and fifteen years of living in destitution.

As he touched the God level technique that was in his bosom, Qin Tian’s joy could not be compared to the previous world, even when he won 5 million from gambling. It was just like a dream.

Qin Tian used the whole morning to recover from the aftermath. Whenever he thought of the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture,’ it made his heart jump with joy, but his expression on the surface still remained unchanged.

Qin Tian was still a small retainer in Furong Restaurant, an inferior.

However, after meeting Cang Tianji, his ambition began to take root and germinate…

For the following two weeks, Qin Tian visited the slaughterhouse at night to kill poultry and level up. At dawn, he would find a piece of wasteland to practice the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture.’ He would not sleep for more than two hours every day. He had never tried so hard in his previous life, except for farming EXP to level up in games.

In the same two weeks, Qinghe city had undergone a major event.

There were many people of the Tianji sect who came through Qinghe city and stayed for a few days each time. This scared many families in Qinghe city, whether they were big or small.

Who would have thought that the item they were trying to find was with a small retainer in Furong Restaurant at the west side of the city?

Qin Tian also managed to gather some intel from the dinner guests’ gossip in the restaurant about the Tianji sect.

Thinking about the SSS super quest gave his heart little relief.

As a cultivator, obtaining the position of a sovereign of a sect was really an unimaginable feat, and to also wipe out the Thousand Demons sect, which was tens of thousands of years old, made the quest even more daunting.

For the time being, Qin Tian didn’t really consider the quest to be an issue currently, as he was only thinking about his goal of returning to the Qin clan within three years. He wanted to let those who ridiculed, tormented, and slandered him see that even without the Qin clan, he could still rise to severely trample Qin clan under his foot.

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