Chapter 7: The Three Wishes

Two months passed in the blink of an eye.

It was already autumn and the weather was a little cooler. Qin Tian, relying on the killing of poultry at the slaughterhouse, had risen two levels; he was now a fifth-ranked Warrior. The speed of his progress put the so-called geniuses to shame.

For him, there was no bottleneck when breaking through.

At noon, the restaurant was busy as usual and Qin Tian was rushing around serving the diners.

Zhang Dafu treated Qin Tian very harshly, giving the work meant for five people to Qin Tian, and only stopped when he fully exhausted him.

Qin Tian never muttered a single word of complaint, which made Zhang Dafu very unhappy, as he was looking forward to beating Qin Tian up and kicking him out of the restaurant. If he had a reason to kick the thorn out of his restaurant, he wouldn’t have to worry about getting scolded by the great elders.

Inside the private room, Qin Tian would hunch his back and bow his head as he received the fierce humiliation served to him by Qin Kun; the bully still hadn’t turned a new leaf.

Qin Tian grew accustomed to his everyday lifestyle. The grievances he held did not depress him. On the contrary, it made him look forward to the upcoming Qin clan’s autumn hunting contest.

The Qin clan held an autumn hunting contest once every year. This was the most important event of the year for the Qin clan, and also a great opportunity for the young generation of the Qin clan to showcase their skills.

The top three who managed to hunt the most number of demon beasts not only had free access to the library for three days, but also gained the patriarch’s recognition and some mysterious gifts.

Only members who belonged to the Qin clan, whether they were from the outer sect or the inner sect, were twenty years of age or below, and had the strength of a fifth-ranked Warrior or more, were eligible to participate.

Even though Qin Tian was transferred to handling the Qin businesses, he was still eligible to participate.

He was eagerly waiting for the day to come for multiple reasons. First, to learn about the Kunlun Mountains; second, to surprise the Qin clan; and third, to trample over Qin Kun.

But with his current strength, he was still no match for Qin Kun, who was already a seventh-ranked Warrior with a Qigong at the sixth Dan.

“Must endure…must endure…”

There were still ten days before the start of the autumn hunting contest.

Just as Qin Tian was about to leave the room, Qin Kun stopped him and said, “Waste, don’t you dare leave this room. I have someone I would like to introduce you to today. Someone who you once had a close relation with.”

Qin Tian stopped and stood, thinking. “A person I once had a close relation with? In Qin clan, the only one that has a close relation with me is my paternal aunt, who never comes home. Is she coming back today? That can’t be. My aunt should still be in the Jingxin sect.”

Qin Tian had learnt about the information pertaining to his aunt from his former body’s memory. The success of the Qin clan was partly due to Qin Shuang.

She had only been thirteen years old when she had joined Jingxin sect because an elder fancied her. In the Jingxin sect, her cultivation had reached the Spirit Refining realm in just a decade, thus she was known as a genius groomed by the Jingxin sect.

Jingxin sect was considered a unique sect within the cultivation world. The members of the sect were all female and it was the only sect that only welcomed females.

The rankings of the Qin clan and the Jingxin sect in the Qinghe city were well known mainly because of the positive relationship between them.

Qin Tian stood to the side while thinking quietly. Qin Kun returned to his table and talked to several of his friends about trivial things. From time to time, Qin Kun would turn a cold stare on Qin Tian, as if he was afraid that Qin Tian might run away.

After some time, the door opened and a fairy-like woman entered.

The woman in white was very delicate and pretty, but had a cold and arrogant expression that would make men flee a thousand miles.

The woman barged into the room, not caring for the people inside.

Seeing the woman who had entered the room, Qin Kun did not get angry, but stood up immediately to greet her with a smile and said, “Sister Ruqian, you are finally here.”

The woman was Xiao Ruqian, Xiao Rufeng’s sister. Qin Tian glanced a little at her and his heart was somewhat bitter.

Five years ago, Qin Tian, who used to be a genius groomed by the Qin clan, had reached sixth-ranked Warrior. During his glory days, his fame was like the fame of the current genius in Qinghe City, Xiao Rufeng.

During those days, the Xiao family had tried to set up Xiao Ruqian with him and they had almost signed the marriage certificate.

But on the night before the engagement, Qin Tian suddenly suffered a serious illness. After recovering from it, he had found out that the Qigong within his body kept escaping due to his damaged Dantian.

Thus, Qin Tian’s status in Qin clan had plummeted. The Qin clan’s servants looked down on him and his engagement with the Xiao family was never mentioned again.

If his Dantian had not broken, then perhaps Xiao Ruqian would have become his wife.

But now, Xiao Ruqian was Qin Kun’s fiancée. Their wedding date had been recently confirmed and would most likely be after the autumn hunting contest.

Qin Tian didn’t have much affection towards Xiao Ruqian. She was pretty, but her temperament was the exact opposite.

Xiao Ruqian smiled indifferently. She bowed slightly and said, “Brother Qin Kun, sorry to have kept you waiting.”

They sounded very contrived. Qin Tian could not help but feel nauseous listening to them.

Xiao Ruqian only realized that Qin Tian was inside the room after exchanging greetings with Qin Kun. She stared coldly at Qin Tian and said, “Isn’t this Qin clan’s ‘big genius?’”

The tone was very sarcastic.

Qin Tian forcibly smiled, not replying to Xiao Ruqian’s sarcasm. Even though he was not the previous Qin Tian, listening to Xiao Ruqian’s audibly sarcastic voice upset him very much.

Qin Kun walked to Xiao Ruqian’s side and laughed, “Now he is Qin clan’s largest waste.”
Xiao Ruqian pursed her lips, clung gently onto Qin Kun’s arm, and giggled, “Brother Qin Kun, if he had not been a waste, I would’ve married him. Fortunately, he is one… hahaha… I didn’t want to marry him! It was originally because my father…”

Hearing this, Qin Kun’s face changed slightly and he immediately covered her mouth with his palm.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Qin Tian felt something fishy. In his mind, he couldn’t help but think that the serious illness he had suffered five years ago was artificial, and that the Qin clan great elders were certainly involved.

“Ladies and gentlemen, duty calls downstairs. Please enjoy your stay.” Qin Tian bowed respectfully and was about to leave.


Qin Kun slapped Qin Tian on his cheek and chided, “Did I say you can go?”

“That was incredible, Brother Qin Kun.” Xiao Ruqian watched Qin Kun with infatuation as she clapped her hands happily.

She reacted as if scripted. Then once again, Qin Kun slapped him on the same cheek again.

Qin Tian’s cheek burned with pain while his heart burned with fury.

There was a palm print on the left side of Qin Tian’s face. He could have dodged the two slaps easily, but he did not. For now, he would quietly receive them… for now…

He knew that if he were to expose his strength now, Qin Kun would realize his secret eventually. With no one to rely on to face Qin Kun, as the Qin clan would never help Qin Tian, the only way to show his ability and give a shock to the Qin clan was during the autumn hunting contest. By doing that, no one in the Qin clan would be able to treat him unfairly.

This was not the first time Qin Tian had experienced this pain and humiliation. Grinding his teeth, Qin Tian bowed his head as blood flowed from his mouth.

“What a waste. Hit him twice and he doesn’t react. How could my Father let me marry such a coward?” Xiao Ruqian ridiculed as she nestled herself proudly on Qin Kun’s lap.

“Peng. Peng. Peng….”

Hearing the hasty footsteps, Qin Tian knew it was Meng Lei. Not caring about the humiliation he had received, he quickly left the room, closing the door behind him smoothly.

In the eyes of Qin Kun, Qin Tian was an inferior. Why waste his breath on an inferior when there was a pretty lady in front of him? Qin Kun did not stop Qin Tian when he left, as his eyes now lay on Xiao Ruqian’s body.

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“Young Master, do not stop me…”

“Even if I were to die, I’d still want to beat him up.”

“Young Master…”

Meng Lei’s heart only had three wishes:

First, to give Zhang Dafu a good beating.

Second, to kill Qin Kun.

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Third, to eat a full meal.


He was very foolish…

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