Chapter 8: The Beginning of Vengeance

Once a person has ambition, one would become very scary, to the extent of affecting the behavior and style of performance.

Qin Tian had ambition and it was big.

Humiliated. Taunted. Ridiculed. Qin Tian had engraved the cycle of misdeeds he experienced in his heart. Once opportunity knocked at his door, he would seize it and reimburse those who owed him at one go. He would attack until they never recovered. Qin Tian believed that that day will come soon.

Qin clan’s martial arts field.

The place had been packed with people since early in the morning. Just counting the total population of Qin clan’s outer disciples and inner disciples, they numbered around a thousand. They were waiting expectantly.

Today was a very big day for both Qin clan and Qinghe city. Except for the Qin clan’s members that were on guard, everyone was watching. Even the other clans were secretly watching.

In the near future, Qin clan’s youngsters may become the clan’s main pillars so several of the large clans didn’t want to miss this opportunity to understand their opponents.

Qinghe city had four big clans. They had poor relationships with each other so infighting was a normal occurrence that happened frequently, as every big clan wished to step on the other three big clans. The Kunlun Mountains were currently under the jurisdiction of the Qin clan and it was a source of envy for many other clans as everyone wished to have a share of it.

The huge martial arts field where all of the Qin clan’s younger generation had gathered was bubbling with noise as they argued about who will be the champion of the autumn hunting contest.

At this time, two figures entered the martial arts field.

One was thin and the other was fat, making a weird duo. They casually walked to the front row as if they didn’t have any relations with the surrounding people.

Upon seeing the surrounding gazes that were filled with surprise, Qin Tian’s mouth curled up, revealing a cold smile.

Qin Tian’s cold smile contained confidence, arrogance, and his unyielding nature that showed contempt for the world. It was as if at that moment he was the monarch of the world, who controlled the life and death of all living creatures.

Qin Tian’s cold smile also give rise to the surrounding members’ contempt and mockery.

“What is Qin clan’s big waste doing here?”

“Wasn’t he expelled by the clan’s grand elder?”

“What qualification does Furong Restaurant’s little retainer, an inferior person, have to enter the Qin clan’s martial arts field?”

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“Get out, this isn’t the place for a waste.”


Qin Tian calmly looked at the surroundings and his smile broadened, filling with disdain.

Meng Lei, who followed behind Qin Tian, was like the personal guard of a king. With his majestically big body, every single step landed heavily on the ground, just like the gallop of wild elephants, very domineering…

After waking up in the morning, Qin Tian had not done his daily chores but allowed Meng Lei to do the cleaning because today was their big day.

Though Meng Lei was simple-minded, he knew that today was Qin clan’s autumn hunting contest and it was also the day Qin Tian would shock all of the Qin clan’s members.

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Regardless of how Zhang Dafu cursed them, they still directly came to the Qin clan’s martial arts field.

Meng Lei had given Qin Tian one hundred percent of his trust, even more so after Qin Tian had recovered from his illness.

Meng Lei also fully supported whatever Qin Tian did without question.

Hence he believed that today would definitely be a good day.

Qin Tian walked towards the location for registration and faintly said, “I want to sign up for the autumn hunting contest.”

The registration deacon was Qin clan’s honorary elder, Qin Xiangnan. He did not hold any real power as his job was just to deal with some of Qin clan’s trivial matters. Regarding Qin Tian’s condition, Qin Xiangnan knew a bit. Out of concern, he gently asked Qin Tian, “You are a first ranked Warrior so don’t join in the fun just to become joke. Go back.”

Before Qin Tian could answer, a commotion happened in the crowd. Qin Kun, Qin clan’s small bully, scorned Qin Tian as he walked towards the registration deacon. Following behind him were some of his loyal followers with the strength of at least a fifth ranked Warrior.

“Yo. Furong restaurant’s little retainer also wants to apply for autumn hunting contest, ah. Ha ha …”

Qin Kun walked up to Qin Tian and circled around him once before bursting into laughter, “Someone like you also wants to participate in autumn hunting contest? Are you courting death or do you want to court death?”

His words caused the crowd to laugh sarcastically.

Everyone knew that Qin Tian’s Dantian were damaged, and he was unable to gather Qigong. Much less thinking about breaking through to the fifth rank, to rely on his thin and weak body to enter Kunlun Mountains was already courting death.

Qin Kun words did not agitate Qin Tian, but they angered Meng Lei.

Meng Lei immediately ignored the martial arts field rules that forbid personal fights and struck out with his fist…

Qin Tian wanted to stop him but was too late.

When Qin Kun saw the incoming fist, his eyes narrowed and he shouted angrily, “Courting death?”

Instantly, his palm struck towards Meng Lei’s abdomen with speed that was much faster than Meng Lei.


Meng Lei’s 200 jin (100 kg) body was knocked flying by Qin Kun’s palm. He flew for a few feet before landing heavily on the ground.

Though Meng Lei had a painful expression, he didn’t give up and stood up. His Qigong skyrocketed and both of his fists turned into phantoms that bulldozed towards Qin Kun.

“Overconfident!” Qin Kun sneered contemptuously. His body released a burst of fierce force and the dust under his feet rose, flying around him rampantly. Qin Kun’s force was so overbearing that it caused the people near him to retreat.

Qin Tian anxiously cried out in his heart, ‘Not good!’

Meng Lei was only a third ranked Warrior; it was impossible for him to be Qin Kun’s opponent as Qin Kun’s strength was already at the peak for a seventh ranked Warrior. From the looks of the Qigong released by Qin Kun, he was going for the kill.

The first person to initiate an attack on the martial arts field was the one who broke the rule. Even if he died, he wouldn’t gain the right to argue.

Immediately, Qin Tian’s Qigong exploded and he gave out a majestic air, similar to a dragon force. With a single leg, he strode out and, in the blink of an eye, Qin Tian was holding onto Meng Lei’s body.

“Fatty, calm down.”

“Young master, I cannot stand it.”

“I’m here.”

On seeing Qin Tian holding back Meng Lei, Qin Kun became extremely angry. With a hideous expression, Qin Kun without delay directly attacked Qin Tian’s back.

Qin Tian’s back was facing Qin Kun. Upon feeling the approaching breeze from behind, Qin Tian laughed evilly in his mind. ‘I knew you would do this.’

It wouldn’t be a problem to kill the person who first initiated the attack. Even the patriarch could not blame him.

Circulating the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’ technique, a sound like the galloping of ten thousand elephants could be heard inside his body, and his limbs were filled with a powerful force. Qin Tian slowly turned round. Like a killing God staring ahead, Qin Tian’s face had a grim smile.

Qin Kun felt nervous. Qin Tian’s eye expression made him shudder, but the anger in his heart exploded out.

“Hungry tiger out of the cage!” The roar of a hungry tiger emerged from Qin Kun’s body.

The crowd was shocked, and upon seeing Qin Tian remain motionless, they started to mock him. “A waste is just a waste. He’s so scared he doesn’t dare move. This time he is dead.”

A mortal’s eye cannot be relied on when in the realm of speed. Everyone thought that Qin Tian was too scared to move, but in fact he had already made his move. It was just that his actions were too fast for everyone to follow.

After practicing the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’ for more than two months and achieving the 1st layer of it, Qin Tian’s reaction speed had become three times faster than ordinary people and his movement speed had also increased.

The 1st layer of the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’ was already this scary. What would happen after completing all the layers?


The dust on the ground rose up again, blurring the scene. The crowd was unable to see clearly but they all thought that Qin Tian was certainly dead.

How could a first ranked Warrior be a seventh ranked Warrior’s opponent?


Qin Tian immediately retrieved his released force. At that moment, all the dust that surrounded the fight instantly dispersed, leaving Qin Kun and Qin Tian. Qin Kun’s mouth was spilling out fresh blood and his two eyes were wide open as he looked at Qin Tian, astonished. Qin Kun had a deep concave in his abdomen, showing that he had received a serious wound.


Both of Qin Kun’s legs weakened and he collapsed into a kneeling position in front of Qin Tian. His eyes were lifeless.

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