Chapter 169: Never Checked My Fortune Calendar

Aiya both of you,” the servant in deep green clothes was getting a little impatient to go home and said, “Just back down a little! The earlier we finish, the sooner we can knock off! Really! This nanny here, there is really no chicken soup left. We’ll just use whatever’s left: ham, scallop, dried shrimps, eggs, winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and some green vegetables to cook a bowl, okay?

“Fine! So be it!” Since the servant in deep green clothes yielded, Nanny Gui stopped insisting on making a fuss and said, “Make a bowl for four: Third Old Master, Third Old Mistress, as well as Second and Fourth missies! They must be very hungry now, please make a little more!” 

“Eh, got it! One pot will be just enough!” The servant in deep green clothes started to wash and cut the vegetables nimbly while the servant in claret-red clothes merely grumbled. 

An aroma slowly rose from the steaming hot pot, and the noodles were ready very quickly. Having a whiff of the aroma, Nanny Gui could not help but feel hungry herself. However, she had to hold herself back any gracelessness. 

The servant in deep green clothes quickly ladled the noodles into a huge bowl and placed it into a meal box. Inside the meal box, hot water was added inside, before she informed Nanny Gui, “It’s done!” 

Nanny Gui got up and brushed her clothes before leaving with the meal box. 

As soon as her feet left the kitchen, the other two left as well, almost as if they were afraid that she would come back to find them again. They hurriedly locked the kitchen and hastily left in different directions. 

“Just what are they!” Nanny Gui mumbled. 

But the truth was that those two servants were foresighted to have run off quickly. As the cold wind blew, Nanny Gui subconsciously closed her eyes. Her foot landed wrongly and she slipped and fell. The meal box fell out of her hands and landed sideways heavily. 

Nanny Gui was stupefied, and her mouth gaped as she remained stationary like a statue. 

“Why am I so unlucky today! If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have taken up this rotten task!” Nanny Gui crawled over to the meal box while sighing endlessly. Harbouring her last hope, she opened the meal box but was dismayed. 

The noodles were scattered all over inside the meal box, how can it still be eaten!

“What to do! What to do!” Nanny Gui was so anxious that she almost wanted to find a piece of rope to hang herself! This was just great, not only was she taking so long to get food, she wasn’t even able to return with any food! It so happened that the kitchen was locked now, there was no longer a way for her to return to the kitchen and cook another bowl of noodles even if she wanted to!

The saying that a person would be smarter when pressured to a corner was true after all. Being under huge pressure, Nanny Gui suddenly thought of Sang Wan and she quickly got up to search for Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence

Right now, Sang Wan and Shi Fengu were cuddling and being intimate with each other. They were just like newlyweds, their relationship in harmony, cuddling together on a cozy night felt even sweeter than honey. 

“Young Master, Young Mistress!” A voice from behind the doors, shattered the lovely atmosphere inside the chamber. 

Shi Fengju was embracing his wife and whispering lovingly into her ear. Upon hearing the voice from outside, he creased his eyebrows. Not letting Sang Wan leave his embrace he hugged her tightly and asked unhappily, “What’s the matter?” 

Behind the door, Liu Ya felt annoyed and thought that her Young Master had a very bad temper today. He seemed to find every one of them a nuisance, and always had a look of animosity towards them. 

What did they do to make him angry? 

“It is Nanny Gui from the third family who wishes to see Young Mistress!” Liu Ya hurriedly answered.

“Nanny Gui?” Sang Wan quickly got out of Shi Fengju’s embrace and arranged her clothing. Raising her hand to arrange her hair, she smiled and asked, “For Nanny Gui to see me at this hour, it must be something urgent! Do I look messy? 

“Definitely not! You’re fine!” Shi Fengju smiled and arranged her loose hair. Both of them looked at each other and smiled. 

“Let her come in. There’s no need to go out to see her; she’s not an outsider anyway!” Shi Fengju said as he led Sang Wan to sit together at the table before raising his voice to instruct Liu Ya to let Nanny Gui in. 

“Nanny, you’re here, have a seat! Is something the matter at Third Aunt’s side?” When Nanny Gui entered, Sang Wan asked with a smile. 

“This old servant shall politely refuse,” After the greeting, Nanny Gui smiled and said, “There is something that needs Young Mistress’s help! Our Old Mistress forgot about the hour when she was unpacking; by the time the third family wanted to eat, the food was already cold! I suppose Young Mistress has a small kitchen here? Can I trouble you to make a bowl of noodles? Our Old Master, Old Mistress, and two Missies have not eaten at all!” 

“Who’d have thought!” Sang Wan hurriedly smiled and said, “Winter is like this, the dishes turns cold very quickly! Wait awhile, I’ll have someone make it!” She called for Liu Ya and instructed her to inform the small kitchen personally.

Nanny Gui was elated, and gave her thanks profusely. Smiling, she said, “Then this old servant shall not bother Young Master and Young Mistress any longer. This old servant will wait at the kitchen!” 

“Certainly! Nanny, take care!” Sang Wan smiled and nodded. 

“Really, there is everything in the house, what’s the rush for Third Aunt to unpack all her things!” Shi Fengju laughed. 

However, Sang Wan could understand her for doing so and said, “They finally have a house for themselves at last. Of course she would be anxious to decorate it! You men will understand this!” 

Shi Fengju laughed and said, “Really? But I’ve never seen you decorate our house at all.” He could not help but look around. It was true, other than the big red ‘喜’ character and the bright red silks that were taken down, everything else was the same as when they got married. Nothing was moved at all. 

Sang Wan rolled her eyes at him and remained silent. She thought to herself: I’d rather store myself in order not to leave any trace, as if I’d dare to touch your things that’re in this house? If you purposely used that to find trouble for me, then I’d be the one who deserved it!

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju saw how there was some bitterness in her eyes and thought about their relationship in the past as well. He could not help but pull her into his embrace before lowering his head to kiss her cheeks repeatedly. He put his face against hers and smiled, “You can decorate this house in any way you like. Why don’t we go to the storehouse tomorrow and have a look? And maybe pick a few items that you like? Oh, the storehouse behind my study room also has quite a few treasures too, I will bring you there tomorrow to have a look!” 

Seeing the way he behaved, Sang Wan giggled but felt bad herself and she took the initiative to inch closer to him, “Actually, our house is pretty nice the way it is. I like it, really! There’s no need to move the things here and there! What’s more, there are still many things to do during this year-end period, what’s the point of moving them now!” 

Shi Fengju heard her said “Our” and a smile spread across his face, “Alright then, I will leave it up to you! From today onwards, you will be in-charge of everything in this house, you can do anything you please!” 

His words sounded more and more untrustworthy; Sang Wan simply did not put his words to heart and merely smiled without speaking. 

After awhile, Liu Ya announced that the noodles were already cooked and taken by Nanny Gui. 

“It’s no longer early anymore, let’s wash up and sleep!” Shi Fengju smiled and said. His smile seemed to be hinting at something else and Sang Wan’s face blushed as she avoided his gaze. 

“This servant will have hot water prepared for Young mistress to bathe in right now!” Liu Ya quickly said. 

Sang Wan nodded before asking, “Did Nanny Gui leave by herself or did you instruct someone to send her back?” 

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Liu Ya smiled and said, “This Nanny Gui, really. At first, this servant asked two servants to send her back, but she refused it completely. This servant wasn’t able to change her mind and left it at that!” 

Sang Wan could not help but crease her brows and said, “How could you leave it at that? Even having someone to hold the lantern for her is good enough. It’s so dark and cold, how can we allow her to return all by herself?” 

Liu Ya smiled helplessly, “I agree too! But Nanny Gui was persistent and this servant couldn’t simply force it upon her!” 

“Since she was persistent about it, then you shouldn’t be thinking too much about it!” Shi Fengju patted her shoulder lightly before instructing Liu Ya to get the hot water prepared. 

Liu Ya took a glimpse at her young master who could not keep his hands off her young mistress, and the curiosity which she had suppressed for the entire day became restless again. After accepting the task, she could not wait to ask her young mistress when helping her wash. 

After receiving a warm welcome and respect in Ning Garden, Nanny Gui’s mood lightened significantly. It was not that she did not want anyone to send her back, but she was clear that she would definitely receive a scolding when she returned, and did not want outsiders to see. As such, she would rather return on her own. 

This way back was mostly through the long corridors so slipping and falling was almost impossible. Nanny Gui walked briskly, and as she walked, she thought in her heart how she should explain to her old mistress and not get on the wrong side of her!

All of a sudden, a servant darted out from around the corner. That servant was not looking ahead and knocked into Nanny Gui heavily.

Nanny Gui cried out in pain and almost broke her back from the sudden jerk. She fell onto the ground and the meal box was once again annihilated. 

“Which family send you out on an errand? Stand there! How can you walk without looking ahead of you!” Nanny Gui held her waist and sat on the ground as she shouted at the servant. The night was too dark so not only the face and appearance, even the servant’s height and size was indistinguishable!

The servant wasn’t foolish. There was no way she’d stand still and be caught. Instead, she was like the wind, disappearing in an instant!

“Aiyo! That wretched servant, whoever that is! Tomorrow, this old servant will find out who you are and teach you a lesson!” A fitful pain came from Nanny Gui’s waist, and she exhaled deeply while clenching her teeth as she struggled to get up.

“Ah! Nanny Gui!” Only to see Ying Xia bringing along a young maidservant carrying a lantern. Seeing Nanny Gui, Ying Xia hurriedly went over to her and asked anxiously, “What took you so long? Old Mistress and the two missies are waiting anxiously! Fourth Missy kept whining about how hungry she was! Eh, where are the noodles? Didn’t you go to the kitchen? 

“Gone! Just look at this!” Nanny Gui’s heart was extremely sullen and she told her story, “Why am I so unlucky! Just what’s with me, maybe I really I didn’t check my fortune calendar before heading out! Tonight was such a mess!” 

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“How could this have happened!” Ying Xia was stunned as she looked at the meal box that was on the ground. She sighed and said, “Forget it, I will help you back first! You’ll have to explain to Old Master and Old Mistress then see what’s to be done!” 

Nanny Gui thought to herself that she did take too long. If she did not return to give an explanation, and continue to make Old Master and Old Mistress wait, Old Mistress would definitely flare up. Not just Old Mistress, even she herself wanted to flare up!

Ying Xia held onto Nanny Gui, while the other servant carried the meal box and lantern. The trio returned to Ji Cui Tower together. In the dark, a black shadow darted silently behind their back. It was the servant who bumped into Nanny Gui just now—— Lan Xiang. 

Lan Xiang’s lips curled into a smile that was full of mockery as she turned to return to Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence.

“Just what is this!” Third Old Mistress Shi asked sternly with a solemn expression. She saw Nanny Gui leave all fine and well, but only to return with a twisted waist and no food. 

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