Chapter 22

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Author’s note: hey guys, and welcome to the second arc of three lifetimes! You may actually find me laughing out loud from the nonesense I’ve created for this arc. I’m on chapter 34, and I swear I think my brain is a size of a nut lol xD well let’s just say I’m making the second arc a reprieve for the seriousness (I’ll try lol) the third arc will become…uh oh! Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I hope you continue being with me on this roller coaster ride of silliness xD

Once I returned to the Netherworld, I began musing. I wondered if my previous actions were good. If my death caused Jin to pass his first trial, then it was fine. But what if my death had disastrous consequences? I could just imagine my disciples going wild with anger, and I was afraid they would suddenly revolt against the monarchy. I hoped they were not that stupid.

As I walked around the Netherworld aimlessly, I could see my father’s palace up ahead, but I didn’t want to visit him yet. I was sure he knew now that I went down to the mortal realm for Jin Lei, and I was afraid he’d lock me up for good. Instead of paying my parents a visit, I went to Heaven and went to Siming’s palace.

Siming was the God of Fate, and I was certain she was writing Jin’s current fates as well.

“Simiiiiiiiiiiing!” I bawled when I pushed open her front doors. “Huhuhu!”

The doors opened with a slam, the reverberations causing the glasses perched on her nose to hang askew.

“What.” Siming glared at me as she corrected her glasses.

“Huhuh! I died!” I grabbed on to the hem of her dress and made a pitiful pose.

“I know. Or you wouldn’t be here.” She casually went back to writing her fates.

Seiran, who had been resting in my soul space, leapt out and started stretching.

“Master, why did you die.” Seiran looked at me accusingly.

“Seiran, how could you say something like that to your master! I need comfort!” I glared at him, and he meowed sweetly, as he rubbed his head against my legs to placate me.

“By the way, why don’t you turn back to your dragon or wolf form,” I said as I scratched him under his chin.

Seiran purred. “Nah, I prefer it this way. It’s easier for Master to carry me around because I’m portable.”

“You lazy cat!” I scratched his belly, and he trembled with undisguised pleasure. I abruptly stopped scratching, and he yowled in disappointment. If his dragon clan were to see him now, they would be vomiting blood! How could a sacred beast such as himself actually want to stay in cat form for an indefinite time?

It was a total downgrade, and I pitied his dragon clan for producing such a lazy dragon son whose head was merely filled with food. He even had the choice to transform into his human self, having painstakingly cultivated into the Xian Profound realm. However, the only time I ever saw him in his human form was when he was sparring with the Beast Master in the Jade Palace. He rarely ever transformed into his dragon self as well, and before his current cat form, he liked walking around as a fox. Where did he leave his dignity behind as a sacred beast?!

“So, why are you intruding into my humble abode yet again?” Siming asked as she raised an eyebrow at me. Her hair was in a bun today as well, and numerous brushes were inserted into it as pseudo hair pins. Although her face was gaunt the last time I visited, her current face seemed to glow a bit.

“I know you’re making Jin’s fates!” My tone was accusatory.

“So?” A vein on her face twitched.

“Erm…that means you’re making it! So you actually killed me!” My face froze in shock after the realization dawned on me. My best friend killed me!

She hit my head with a rolled up parchment. “Are you stupid or something? I was writing about Jin’s fates, without you as a variable. You, being the anomaly, messed up my creative ideas, you know.”

“Oh.” I scratched my head. “So, what was supposed to be the original story?”

“That’s a secret.” She winked at me coquettishly and I gripped the hem of her skirt in distress. She kicked me away without remorse.

“You’re so mean~~” I whined. “I thought we were best friends.”

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“Best friends? What are those words you speak of?” She smiled at me evilly, and I wailed louder. I heard Seiran snigger in the background. Damned cat.

“Well, you want to follow him along all three of his lifetimes right?” Siming looked through her drawers and pulled out a bunch of paper. “I cannot tell you the specifics, however, I can tell you where he will be.”

Curious, I sidled closer to her side, but she immediately covered the papers as if it was such an explosive secret.

“His Majesty and I have collaborated together for an experiment that will change the way Heavenly trials will be looked at forever.” Siming scanned one paper in her hands after shooing me away. “The next trials will happen in different worlds. The second trial will be on Earth, and the third trial will be,” Siming paused as she looked at another paper in her hands, “a world known as Amara.”

“Different worlds?” I echoed. I knew there were different worlds, but the gods who inhabited such worlds never really came to meet us personally, and we had never thought to meet them as well. This was a first.

“How did you obtain permission for such a thing?” I was awed. When did my uncle and the other world’s Heavenly Kings meet up and agree to something like this?

“It was just something His Majesty and I thought of one day when you were in the mortal realm. It was a fun thought, so he sent out missives to the different worlds for a small conference.” Siming acted like the details didn’t matter, but it was a huge surprise for me. I was getting excited. Different worlds! How amazing would they be?

“But,” Siming raised one finger, “there are rules one must abide to.”

“What rules?” I was feeling discomfited.

“On Earth, their Heavenly King stated that the reincarnated gods and goddesses must never use their divine power no matter what.” Siming read the paper in her hands. “Also, no spatial rings are allowed. No soul beasts. No unnecessary equipment. Bring yourself only. If one defies such rules, one will be sent to an eternal abyss. Ooh, scary. Killing is also not allowed. Mmm…they have the ten commandments written on here as well. All mortals must abide to these, though exemptions were permitted on a case to case basis.”

She continued on to the next paper in her hands. “For Amara, their condition is that all deities MUST drink the soup of oblivion. No spatial rings, no unnecessary equipment. No killing unless absolutely necessary…eh. Since you’re going to drink the soup of oblivion anyway, you won’t remember the next rules in the first place!” She guffawed.

I didn’t mind that I would lose my memories in Amara, but I was scared of what my personality would be like if I started from square one. Would I unwittingly change my character depending on my circumstances? The thought of an alter ego scared me.

Siming and I talked for some time. She knew many things about Earth and Amara, and she filled me in on the usual differences between such worlds. Earth, it seemed, did not have magic in its system. Mortals of that world had no supernatural power. However, to compensate for that lack, their advancements in what they call ‘technology’ was at an incredible pace. Science was a subject they used to explain magic, and technology was used to replicate its effects.

Amara, on the other hand, was an old romantic world where magic was limited to one’s imagination. Magic usage depended on one’s mana, and one could be anyone they wanted to be as long as they had the imagination to believe it. Although my memories will be erased in that world, I hoped I would be creative enough in that aspect. With my exceedingly dry imagination, I had a feeling I would be drawing the short end of the stick.

Seiran was curled around my neck, his snores resounding against my flesh. I thought it was time to go now, and I bid Siming goodbye. After returning Seiran back to the Beast Master in the Jade Palace, I went back to the Netherworld.

I was afraid to go back to my father’s palace, so I merely strolled around the Netherworld as the imps and spiritual beings celebrated my arrival.

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“Your Highness! How was your trip?”

“Your Highness, you look marvelous today!” Yes, keep those compliments coming!

“Your Highness! When will you be leaving again?”

These damned imps! Did they want me to leave as soon as I arrived? Maybe I should take back the gold I gave them! Hmph.

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