Chapter 39

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When the fire started to dwindle, as the firewood had almost been eaten up, I decided it was time to take a walk around the mountains. Kina was preoccupied with talking to Gary, and her back was towards me as she started animatedly slapping Gary’s shoulder in response to his jest.

I stood up and looked at Gary, jerking my thumb towards the forest.

Gary nodded his head subtly at me, then continued talking to Kina. It was as if he was intentionally trying to distract her, because he and Kina would normally follow after me wherever I went. Well, if he didn’t want to go, then I wasn’t going to force him to.

“C’mon,” I said as I held out a hand to help Sarielle stand up.

She and I walked along the path to the deeper parts of the mountain, the moonlight guiding our way. I could smell the damp leaves and earth, and even the faint aroma of roasted chicken from the campsite. The merriment was not over yet, and laughter drifted towards where we carefully walked.

“I’m actually bad with directions,” I confessed further in.

“Me too.” Her cold hand grasped my own. It was another chilly night.

“…” She was kidding right? I could not tell which way was which. All the trees looked the same!

“I’m kidding.” She laughed hard when she saw the bleak expression on my face. “I’m so good with directions, I could easily find the way back to your heart!”

“You’re so funny,” I said in a deadpan way, although this joke of hers made my heart pound.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be lost with me.” She squeezed my hand, and her smile seemed to be more charming with the moonlight giving her a silvery glow.

“That’s true. On the contrary, I would be lost without you.”

We both grinned at each other. The subdued undertones in our conversation caused us both to crack up, and we slapped ourselves on the back for being such mawkish individuals.

There was a large clearing up ahead, and we both decided to lay down to look at the bright stars. Because we were far from the city, there was nothing to obstruct their beauty.

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“Lap pillow!” I said as I eyed Sarielle who had sat down on the grass with her legs stretched out. I was becoming too shameless, but I didn’t care one bit.

“You’re such a child.” Sarielle rolled her eyes, but patted her legs anyway.

With my head on her lap, I could see the stars and her face (or rather, her chin) properly. I had a pretty great view, if I had to say so myself.

“I bet you don’t know the constellations,” I told her. I actually wanted to boast to her what I remembered from Science class.

“Well, what do you see then?”

I traced the stars with my finger towards the sky, “See that protruding line to the right? That’s Aquarius’s right arm, with the large downward shape being a combination of the water flowing down out of the vase and his right leg. Did you know that Aquarius represents Ganyemede, a very handsome man in Greek mythology?” I started stroking my chin in a contemplative manner. “I didn’t know that constellation was named after me. I wasn’t informed of such thing.”

Sarielle pointed to the five bright stars in the sky, tracing it to form a ‘W’. “No, that’s your star. Cassiopeia, the vain queen.”

She chuckled when she saw me making a face.

“Whatever,” was my only reply, as I could not think of a better comeback.

Because Sarielle had become the wind breaker for me, she started shivering from the cold, owing to the fact that she had on but a measly cardigan.

I started to sit up in order to give her my jacket, but her voice stopped me.

“I don’t need it,” she said stubbornly, despite her small shivering shoulders.

“I don’t need it more,” I said as I shrugged off my jacket and placed it over her shoulders. She pouted in response, but didn’t refuse my offer.

“Plus, I’ve got really thick flesh now. Can you not see my exquisite abdominal muscles and bulging deltoids?” I took her hand and made her pat my shoulders for a keener observation.

However, she looked unfazed. “I’ve seen better.”

“Whose?” I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. How could she find another guy’s body better than mine? I suddenly found myself in a little pit of disappointment.

“Mine,” Sarielle responded slyly, indicating her celestial form.


Well, as the God of War, his physique and battle scars were unequal in Heaven, so I could not deny what she said. He was literally and metaphorically ‘Heavenly’.

I checked my nose in case another nosebleed was coming, and I was glad I had a bit of control over it now. Just as long as I didn’t imagine anything further…such as what laid underneath the clothes. I hastily sucked in air.

I laid my head back on her lap, and in the guise of looking at the stars, I was looking at her profile instead. She seemed to notice my stare, and she suddenly blushed, covering my eyes with one cold hand.

“I can’t see anymore,” I complained.

“Then look properly,” she replied, taking her hand away. She gazed back up at the stars.

“I am.” I chuckled.

After some time, the wind started to cradle me to sleep. With the warmth of her body like a blanket and the cold night, it was a lull into inevitable somnolence.

In the midst of dreaming, I felt a hand caress my hair away from my face, and heard a soft voice that accompanied it.

“Juju…” It sounded far away, yet it contained warmth and an affection I could not deny.

The wind was howling.

“I love you…” I hoped I wasn’t just dreaming this, but I was still lost in the black abyss.

“I have always loved you…”

The breeze carried the words I wanted to hear.


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My name was said in a sigh, caressed by the wind and caressing my heart.

“Ryle!” A shout.

I woke up with a start, directly banging my head against Sarielle’s, who had shook me awake.

“Owww!” We both exclaimed while touching the tender parts of our faces.

Kina and Gary stood beside our bodies with exasperated faces.

“What the hell, you guys! We were looking for you everywhere!” Gary looked like he was going to erupt.

“We thought you were eaten by bears or something!” Kina added, looking upset as well. I felt guilty for making them worry.

“C’mon! The bus is leaving! We were just waiting for you guys. We got your bags ready. Let’s go!” Gary started jogging quickly back to the campsite and I stopped my tracks to look for Sarielle. When I saw Kina bringing Sarielle along with her, I jogged back to Gary’s side.

“What did you do with him last night?” I could hear Kina’s low voice.

I couldn’t hear Sarielle’s response clearly, but I hoped she denied any amatory accusations.

In the bus, everyone cheered when they saw us arrive. The teachers looked relieved and scolded us for making them worry. Sarielle and I apologized for that.

“Took you long enough!” Tim shouted from the front of the bus.

“What were you two doing in the forest, eh?” Bob smiled lasciviously, offering a lewd stare at Sarielle and I.

I chucked him under the chin with a low growl and went to a vacant seat beside Sarielle.

In no time, everyone in the bus was passed out and people were singing through the back of their mouths. The sound of snores were varied, ranging from boat sounds to whistle sounds to gargling sounds. Sarielle and I could not stop grinning.

“I never knew our class was so musically inclined,” Sarielle mused. I burst out laughing.

Although we had quite a noisy backdrop, both she and I were exhausted to even care. I laid my head against her shoulder, and she promptly leaned her head against mine in turn.

I closed my eyes, and I began to recall the dream I had last night. It was quite vague, and I could not seem to catch it anymore. However, the sweet essence still lingered in my heart. I could not help but smile.

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