Chapter 1064: Intimacy

With a slightly distant look in her eyes, Nobunaga was listlessly soaking her feet into the cold water of the lake, using the natural incline to avoid getting the rest of her body wet. Due to the nature of Sub-Space Orbs, they were often a little on the cold side, ensuring that the water always had a fresh and crisp feel. With a large magic circle carved into the white stone below, there was no need to worry about the perpetual pool ever stagnating, yet another ‘simple’ technology that would improve the lives of an incalculable number of people. Knowing that food, clean water, and electricity, all things that could be remedied relatively easily with magic, were some of the largest issues plaguing the world, Nobunaga couldn’t help but feel a little dissatisfied with the greedy nature of those shepherding the world behind the scenes…

Landing almost silently at Nobunaga’s side, Vahn took the seat on her right before allowing his feet to soak in alongside her’s. She didn’t show a surprised expression at his sudden appearance and, if not for the momentary glance she spared him, Vahn would have thought she was ignoring him. Then, as if to seize the initiative for herself, Nobunaga adorned a teasing smile as she spontaneously asked, “Oh~? Have you come to solicit me for sex? I half-expected you to spend the evening with that dark-skinned one. She certainly possesses the ‘assets’ you seem to enjoy…ufuuu…” Towards the end of her words, Nobunaga extended her legs, kicking water a short distance, before crossing them.

Nodding his head in agreement with Nobunaga’s assessment, Vahn added, “Those pants of hers accent her figure well. Though not as extreme as Scáthach, I won’t deny that her choice of clothing makes it hard ‘not’ to notice how plump her butt is…” These words caused Nobunaga to instantly burst into laughter, continuing for several long seconds before she was able to calm herself. After she was able to collecter herself, she casually asked, “So, what did you have in mind? I wouldn’t mind getting straight down to business, but I feel the build-up is just as important as the event itself. How about we get a drink first? You may be immune to the influence of alcohol, but I could use some liquid courage after seeing some of the things you did in your memories…”

This time it was Vahn’s turn to laugh, followed by him remarking, “I would never have pegged the Demon King as the type to require ‘help’ before facing down her enemies. If that’s what you want, though, I don’t mind opening up something special, just for the two of us…” To this, Nobunaga surprisingly shook her head before calmly stating, “I already have a specific kind of sake in mind. If you can pull it out of the air like everything else, well…I wouldn’t mind dedicating myself to you for a short while…” Though these words rolled off her tongue with ease, Vahn could feel the significance Nobunaga had assigned them. She was acting more than a little strange, at least compared to normal, but Vahn still asked, “What would the Demon King ask as a tribute for her-.”

Shaking her head to interrupt his words, Nobunaga adjusted her position so that she was facing Vahn before saying, “Cut the theatrics, Vahn…I want a specific sake that was only produced during the year following the overthrowing of the Ashikaga Shogunate. Following several years of battle, the country was bleeding resources and suffering through food shortages throughout the land. To fill their bellies, many commoners supplemented their diets with a special shōchū named Shōri-Imo-sake…can you produce it…?”

Understanding that Nobunaga placed more than a little significance on the peculiar brand of sake, Vahn was already scouring through the system shop from the moment she mentioned the name. He assumed that it would be a relatively inexpensive brand so, after restricting the shops display to only show sake that originated from the Nasuverse, Vahn still had a functionally infinite list. With no better options, Vahn began to purchase brands starting from the bottom while having Sis help him analyze the descriptions. Fortunately, Nobunaga didn’t seem to be in a particular hurry as she just watched him with her blood-red eyes in silence…

After ‘recycling’ several thousand different bottles of sake, Sis finally said, (*This may be what you are looking for, Vahn.*) The sake she brought his attention to was stored in a simple clay pot but, after reading the description himself, Vahn believed that, at the very least, one of the Nobunaga’s in the Nasuverse would be seeking this specific sake. It was depicted as being a ‘sake of promise’, used by Nobunaga during a private banquet held with her closest vassals. It represented the ‘present’ during one of the most discordant times Nobunaga’s life. However, it wasn’t a focus on the present that was important, but the infinite potential for the future that the present represented if you were willing to face it with your head held high…

Pulling out the small clay container, Vahn watched as a flicker passed through Nobunaga’s eyes, followed by a nostalgic smile as she reached out to take the container into her hands. Then, after removing the small cork, Nobunaga deeply inhaled the fragrance of the sake before releasing a long sigh. When she opened her eyes again, she looked directly at Vahn before smiling mischeviously as she stated, “Looks like you just made a deal with the Devil…ufuuu…” To this, Vahn just returned a smile as he resisted the urge to call Nobunaga out for her own theatrics. This ended up being the correct decision as, shortly thereafter, Nobunaga’s smile melted away as she leaned against him before resting her head on his shoulder.

Without broaching the subject of alighting the Sub-Space Orb, Vahn and Nobunaga just sat drinking by the lakeside, slowly working down the contents of the [Shōri-Imo-Sake]. Vahn found its somewhat foul aftertaste, combined with the burning sensation it left on the way down, to be surprisingly fitting for a sake named after a pyrrhic victory. Even with these shortcomings, however, the fact it was nearly 70% alcohol meant that, by consuming just a small amount, most people would feel their bodies had warmed considerably as their mind began to wander under the alcohol’s influence. In this state, the struggles of the present would fade away, replaced by memories of the past and visions of the future. Though Vahn was unable to experience these things, the red-faced Nobunaga, who had entered into a daze shortly after they started drinking, conveyed everything Vahn needed to know.

Attempting to pour another cup for herself, Nobunaga noticed that only a few small drops were left, causing her to release a hot sigh as she said, “Looks like its time to face the music…ufufu…” With that said, Nobunaga licked the remnant sake from her cup before unceremoniously tossing it to the side as she tried to shift into Vahn’s lap. In response to this, Vahn wrapped his hands around Nobunaga’s waist, placing his forehead against hers to prevent her from trying to steal his lips. This resulted in Nobunaga frowning, at least until Vahn shifted his hands down to her butt and reminded, “We’re out in the open. I’m not particularly fond of the idea of an audience…”

Producing a somewhat sinister-sounding laugh, Nobunaga wrapped her arms around Vahn’s neck before looking directly into his eyes and saying, “Let them watch. If they lack the wherewithal to mind their own business, that is their own problem…”

Knowing the alcohol might be speaking for her, Vahn leaned in to kiss the nape of Nobunaga’s neck before slowly working his way up to her ear. She began to breath loudly through her nose, especially with the electrifying sensation spreading through her lower body, even without Vahn needing to use [Hands of Nirvana]. Though he had lost the [Petting] Development Ability, Vahn’s understanding of Petting Laws were one of the things he had a strange amount of confidence in. Nobunaga certainly seemed to be enjoying it, at least until he gently kissed her ear lobe before asking, “What’s the word to leave the Orb again…?”

Almost as soon as the words left his ears, Nobunaga’s surprisingly light 39kg weight vanished from Vahn’s lap. Then, knowing she would probably be raging on the other side, Vahn departed the orb under the notice of both Fenrir and Rin, the latter of which had been silently watching Nobunaga and Vahn drinking at the lakeside. Now that he had departed the orb, she released a sight before moving to a seated position, muttering, “Why did I have to fall for an idiot that can’t love just one woman…” Though she hadn’t expected an answer to her question, Rin was startled to the point that she fell out of her bed when Scáthach answered, “It is the instinct of any capable woman who is not content with their current lifestyle.”

While rubbing her nose, tears on the corner of her eyes, Rin complained, “Someone needs to put a bell on you…” This, however, didn’t seem to bother Scáthach at all as she simply added, “You place too much emphasis on your emotions, letting them delude you into having thoughts and aspirations that are not founded in reality. Though your feelings cannot be discredited, your attraction to Vahn is predicated on his looks and capabilities. As a woman who wants to bring about great change in the world, you will always be intrinsically drawn to anyone that can share that burden with you. The sooner you accept that you just want Vahn to take care of and have sex with you, the easier it will be for both of you. There doesn’t need to be feelings of love present at all times, as that is something that can be cultivated over time. That Goddess of yours should be able to explain it better, but love isn’t a persistent force that you need to shape your life around. It exists only when you wish to express it, changing forms to suit the situation and needs of the parties experiencing it…”

Hearing Scáthach’s words, Rin’s face had formed an extremely skeptical expression as she stared back at the purple-haired beauty. Though there was certainly some truth contained within her words, Rin didn’t feel as if a woman who seemed to lack even the most basic emotions was the highest authority on the subject. To put the matter to the test, Rin raised her chin slightly before asking, “So, have you ever loved anyone, Scáthach? There are some things you have to experience before you can counsel others on them…” Since she knew Scáthach had the [Wisdom of the Haunted Ground], Rin didn’t doubt she had a lot of ‘second hand’ knowledge regarding the subject. Some things simply couldn’t be forced through a filter of objectivity, however, especially when it concerned emotions like love…

In response to Rin’s words, Scáthach slowly nodded her head, surprising the former a bit, at least until she said, “When I was a young girl, long ago, I loved my father. He taught me many things, including how to survive in the unforgiving wilderness. If not for his guidance, I likely would have died at a very young age, long before I ever became a warrior. It was his eventual death that led me to the Land of Shadows. I believe that, if I grew strong enough, I would be able to pull him from the land of the dead and live at his side once again…” At this point, Scáthach showed a rare display of emotion as she released a somber sigh that caused Rin to feel extremely guilty. For a moment, she had been tempted to tell Scáthach that what she had experienced was simply ‘Familial Love’, an emotion that was certainly comparable, albeit remarkably dissimilar to the love between two people…

Deciding not to pry any further, Rin just shook her head before falling silent, not really knowing what to say. Fortunately, Scáthach seemed to have something in mind as she calmly spoke, now back to her ‘normal’ self, “Come. I will have you spend your time more productively. Though you are making good progress, you don’t even have enough knowledge to claim a basic understanding of my [Primordial Rune] Magecraft. If you focus on increasing your strength and knowledge, your doubts about the future will be gradually cleared up. After all, it is the ‘privilege’ of the weak to worry about things that the strong need not consider…”

As he had expected, Nobunaga was more than a little angry when Vahn exited the Orb behind her. The moment he appeared, she sword her saber in a silvery arc towards Vahn’s neck. Since he could see through the trajectory, however, Vahn made no attempt to dodge as the very tip of the blade barely traced across the surface of his skin. Her sword attacks wouldn’t be able to harm him under normal circumstances anyway, so Vahn held his hands up in a placating gesture while stating in a firm tone, “Even if you’re okay with it, Nobu, that doesn’t mean I’m just going to go along with your whims. You can blame me for being considerate of others, but the simple truth of the matter is that I don’t like ‘putting on a show’ for people. Besides…”

Stepping into Nobunaga’s personal space, causing her to nearly stumble backward, Vahn deftly snaked his hands around her hips before whispering, “We both know you would be embarrassed to be seen if I got serious…” As these words left his lips, Vahn briefly channeled his [Hands of Nirvana] to send a wave of electrifying pleasure through Nobunaga’s body. Somewhat surprisingly, she didn’t actually exclaim or moan according to expectations. Instead, her face reddened slightly as her eyes sharpened into daggers before asking, “Do I need to teach you a lesson about taking things too far, Vahn…?”

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Removing his hands from her backside, Vahn released a sigh before saying, “Sorry, I got a little carried away. Come…I’ll make it up to you…” Since it felt like he was going to lose the momentum at any moment, Vahn lightly pulled Nobunaga’s hand without forcing her along. Eventually, she rolled her eyes before following along with him, their final destination being one of the unused guest rooms on the second floor. Though Rin might complain about it later, Vahn knew it wasn’t exactly a good idea to drag Nobunaga out to a love hotel in the middle of the Holy Grail War. At least, if an enemy were to attack the Manor, he would be able to react to the attack instead of arriving after the fact…

After reaching the room, Nobunaga pulled her hand free from Vahn’s grasp before walking over to the bed and immediately plopping down on its surface. Her clothes effectively dissolved, being replaced by a pair of intricate silk lingerie which, like the rest of Nobunaga’s preferred garb, were blood-red in color. She then propped herself up on her elbows before opening her legs and saying, “Show me what you’ve got. Just this once, I’ll let you take the lead. Know that I’m normally on top in situations like this so make sure you express your gratitude properly…” Though she was speaking in an overly casual manner, both Vahn and Nobunaga were aware that her heart was actually racing far faster than she’d ever admit.

Taking after Nobunaga, Vahn allowed his shirt to ‘pop’ out of existence, allowing his tanned and muscular body to come into view. Every time he took a breath, his muscles would flex slightly, causing Nobunaga to turn a little absentminded before licking her bottom lip and biting it. Though he noticed this amusing reaction, Vahn maintained an unperturbed expression as he stared back at Nobunaga, systematically removing each piece of his clothing. The tension in the air began to gradually build, all the way up until Vahn removed his boxer-briefs. Immediately following this, Vahn felt like a small bomb had been set off in his mind as Nobunaga showed an expression of confusion before commenting, “Isn’t it smaller than normal…?”

Understanding what she actually meant, Vahn coughed once to clear his throat before saying, “The women in this world aren’t as…durable as the women in my previous world. I decided to reduce the size out of consideration for others…” This seemed to make sense to Nobunaga as she nodded her head in understanding before lightly patting her lower abdomen and saying, “Well, let’s give it a try. I’m pretty sure I would have been fine with your normal size, but this will likely be more enjoyable. I wasn’t fond of the idea of being split open like log in the first place.”

Vahn issued an awkward chuckle in response to Nobunaga’s words before crawling into the bed and closing the distance between them. She was obviously making an effort to hide her nervousness and Vahn wasn’t in a particular rush to break her facade. He did, however, gently trace his hands down her sides before hooking the band of her panties and removing them by pulling them along her long and slender legs. Though she wasn’t in her most mature form, Nobunaga was around 159cm tall right now, possessing a shapely yet slender figure that cast a striking sight in the low light of the room. Vahn couldn’t help admiring her for a short while, causing Nobunaga to swallow hard before muttering, “Get on with it…”

Hearing Nobunaga’s words, Vahn’s expression melted into a passionate yet amused gaze as he answered, “We have plenty of time. Since you’ve allowed me to take the lead, I intend to service you completely this time around. Just sit back and focus on your breathing so you don’t pass out…” With that said, Vahn shifted his hips back before lifting Nobunaga’s towards his face. This caused her to inhale sharply as she moved her hands to support herself, even if Vahn was more than capable of keeping her stable. Then, ignoring the slightly sour smell tickling his nose, Vahn began to delicately lick around Nobunaga’s surprisingly swollen entrance. She was obviously looking forward to this a lot more than she was letting on…

Though it wasn’t the first time she had experienced cunnilingus, Nobunaga quickly found her nails digging into the mattress below as Vahn’s tongue seemed to quickly ‘map’ her insides before targeting all of her most sensitive spots. His tongue was also ‘ridiculously’ long, causing Nobunaga to inhale out of shock when she felt it reach a place that should have been impossible with a human tongue. As if he was trying to test of she was sensitive in that spot, Vahn’s tongue flicked against the deepest part of her insides, making Nobunaga feel a sudden panic as she stopped trying to support herself and instead pressed against Vahn’s head. This only seemed to egg him on, however, causing Nobunaga’s back to arch in under three minutes…

Feeling as if someone had just sprayed him in the face with a bottle of water, Vahn closed his eyes and continued his efforts, despite the fact that Nobunaga seemed intent on pulling out his hair. She had been surprisingly quiet thus far so Vahn was intent on getting a more satisfying response out of her before they moved on. To this end, he had practically buried himself down to to the nose as his tongue changed into one more reminiscent of a Cat Person. He knew from experience not to make it like sandpaper, but that didn’t stop him from adding a bit of texture that would often come as a surprise to whoever was on the receiving end of his service. In response to this sudden change, Nobunaga’s hips bucked violently as she shouted, “What the f*** are you doing!?”

Ignoring her outburst, Vahn dutifully kept at his assigned task, causing Nobunaga to smack the top of his head a few times, panic in her voice as she stated, “No, seriously, this isn’t…funny! Stop it…stop it nowwwwwww…!” Towards the end of her words, Vahn slowly ran his tongue slowly along the upper folds of Nobunaga’s v*****, timing it with a powerful climax that was rocking her body. It took him a full twenty seconds to extricate his tongue, an inexorably long period of time for Nobunaga as she tightly clenched both her teeth and eyes shut. When Vahn let her hips come to rest on the bed, she released a sigh of profound relief as her blood-red eyes aimlessly wandering around their sockets.

It was a strange time to think about such things but, as Vahn looked at the proud Nobunaga absentminded staring into space, he briefly wished that Scáthach had been here to bear witness to his ‘capabilities’. This thought quickly faded, however, as Vahn lift Nobunaga’s right leg before positioning his glans at her entrance. Though she herself didn’t respond, Nobunaga’s l**** twitched in response before Vahn felt a gentle suction against his glans, almost as if she were begging for it. Not one to refuse such a tantalizing offer, Vahn slowly sunk himself into Nobunaga’s surprisingly hot and comfortable cavern. She had a comfortable amount of tightness that, combined with the small yet intense contracting, caused Vahn to release a contented sigh at the same time that Nobunaga issued a nasally moan.

Having been caught off guard by Nobunaga’s surprisingly adorable reaction, Vahn looked into her eyes with a bit of amusement visible within his expression. As for Nobunaga, she had a shocked expression on her face as she stared back at him like a startled rabbit. Choosing not to make things ‘difficult’ for her, Vahn tucked his head into the nape of Nobunaga’s neck instead of staring directly at her. He began to suckle and kiss her tender skin before hooking his hand under her left knee this time. Though she didn’t seem particularly flexible at first, Vahn was able to lift both of Nobunaga’s legs without much resistance as he began a slow and steady piston, lightly pressing against her cervix with each movement…

As if she had only just now decided to treat his advice seriously, Nobunaga hooked her arms around his ribs and neck as she drew deep breaths in timing with his movements. It was surprisingly less stimulating than when Vahn had been using his tongue but there was a steadily increasing tension in her body that caused Nobunaga’s stomach to feel fluttery with each of Vahn’s movements. She was more than a little surprised with how things were playing out as, if things really did go on for two hours, Nobunaga wasn’t sure if she would be the same woman after the fact. Vahn’s gentle yet effective lovemaking was unlike anything she had experienced before, especially with how he seemed to alter his actions depending on the responses of her own body…

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Even without using his [Eyes of Truth], Vahn could ‘feel’ the subtle changes in Nobunaga’s body as a result of their direct contact. He wasn’t simply timing his movements with her breathing but instead chose to match the ‘natural rhthym’ of her body. This was the so-called ultimate technique he had learned from Freya, something that had proven effective against everyone woman he ever slept with. Though it wasn’t as intense as what they would experience if he used his [Hands of Nirvana], Vahn knew that most woman would actually prefer to be treated in a delicate and sincere manner. Even Anubis, possessing tendencies that would stun most people, would become surprisingly obedient whenever he used this technique against her…

Feeling Nobunaga’s body on the verge of what he knew would be a gentle yet ‘longlasting’ climax, Vahn changed his angle slightly so that his glans were scraping across the upper folds of her v*****. He would almost imperceptibly increase the pressure of his thrust whenever he passed over the location of Nobunaga’s G-Spot, the place where the nerves of her c******* passed under her bladder. It was fortunate that Servants didn’t pass waste through their bodies as, whenever Vahn would do this to other girls, they would rarely be able to hold the contents of their bladder. Nobunaga got off relatively easily given how there was only a slight change in the pitch of her breathing…

According to Vahn’s guidance, Nobunaga’s body began to produce a slow vibration that began to steadily build with his movements. She seemed to realize what was happening, causing her to hug him a little tighter as she took in a long breath before exhaling in an extremely contented manner. Vahn used the moment when she was breathing in again to slightly increase her speed, waiting until the vibration had reached its gentle peak before holding his breath as he released a much heavier load than normal into the deepest part of Nobunaga’s v*****.

Faster than either of them could react, Nobunaga suddenly felt as if lightning had struck her insides as she released a loud and pained yelp while kicking Vahn with enough force to send him crashing into the far wall. Though she might have felt apologetic in more normal circumstances, Nobunaga had a panicked expression on her face as she keeled over, clutching her abdomen while breathing rapidly. Instead of fading away, she was experiencing an overwhelming sensation, unlike anything she had ever experienced. It wasn’t exactly painful, but more like an extreme discomfort that was overlapped with an incomprehensible amount of pleasure that caused Nobunaga to curl up into a small ball as she exclaimed, “Vahn…what…what did you do to me…Hnnnnnnnngh!?”

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