Chapter 126: Promise

Hearing Ais’s words, Tiona moved over and stared at the place she and Vahn were connected with a somewhat shocked expression. She noticed that, even though Ais was a virgin previously, she made use of Vahn’s [Hands of Nirvana] to allow herself to take his entire length. What they had done barely even qualified as sex, but Tiona was still impressed with the ‘boldness’ of Ais. However, that didn’t mean she would simply back away as she said, “Maybe~? But I got a lot of his firsts, you know? I was the first to kiss him, and the first to have sex. From now on, even if he sleeps with a hundred girls, I’ll always be number one~!”

Ais widened her eyes at Tiona’s claim before furrowing her brows in contemplation. Staring at Vahn, who was still pinned underneath her, she asked, “What other firsts are there?” Ais didn’t seem to want to lose against Tiona, and Vahn was very tempted to say she was the first to ‘fully accept’ him. However, he couldn’t muster the words against her serious expression, and he was still distracted from the point where they were still connected.

Tiona wanted to help him out a bit, so she said in a playful tone, “Weren’t you the first to eat him up entirely~? You were also the first to mount him and even made him ejaculate in an instant. Even I was surprised since he lasted for nearly half an hour with me.” Ais had a small smile when she heard Tiona and placed her hands on her lower abdomen. She had a bit of a glaze to her eyes as she stared at Vahn and said, “My body feels full…and hot. It hurts, but it is also pleasant.”

Vahn could feel his emotions begin to rise after hearing her words, and his excitement began to build up again. Ais raised her brows a bit and said, “It got bigger?” Tiona was surprised by her question and she looked at Vahn with a fervent expression on her face as she asked, “After all that, you’re still good to go?” Vahn could see a glint in her eyes, and it made him waver a bit, but he still nodded his head.

Tiona started laughing and said in a cheerful tone, “A hero really is different~! Most men wouldn’t be able to last more than two rounds, but Vahn looks like he can go another ten!” Vahn began to sweat heavily at her words and feared she would try to put the claim to the test. With his natural regeneration, stamina recovery, and skills like [Rakshasa Body], it was true that he could ‘recover’ much faster than normal. Even serious wounds could be healed rather quickly, and he never seemed to suffer the effects of blood loss. It stood to reason that his other ‘fluids’ regenerated just as fast.

However, as much as he enjoyed having sex, Vahn felt like something inside of him would break if he tried to go at it ten times. As he mulled over his thoughts and tried to find the words, Ais seemed to have grown either impatient or curious, as she slowly started moving her hips back and forth. Vahn’s thoughts immediately ceased as he was suddenly attacked by the pleasure that assaulted his p****.

Tiona screamed a complaint, “Hey, Ais! That isn’t fair, you already had a turn, didn’t you?” Seeing Ais start moving on her own after she teased Vahn, even Tiona was a bit worried for the both of them. Ais had just lost her virginity, and even though she believed Vahn had the stamina, she wasn’t sure his mind could keep up for too much longer. She had already noticed he was struggling, and it seemed this new action of Ais might push him over the edge.

Ais slowed her waist a bit and looked at Vahn’s face before turning to Tiona and saying, “We only put it in…you took a lot longer.” Tiona was dumbstruck at Ais’s words, and she wanted to explain the matter was a bit more complicated than simply ‘time’. However, before she said anything, Vahn started laughing. Both girls looked at him with curious expressions as he just smiled and said, “Don’t worry about me; my body isn’t that weak. I can keep going just fine.”

After his words fell, he grabbed the waist of Ais and lifted his hips with a bit of force. Ais’s eyes opened wide and she let out a short gasp at the unexpected movement. Because Vahn had been healing her the entire time, most of the pain she had been feeling from the start had completely vanished. Right now, Vahn’s [Hands of Nirvana] were rank A, and he would even be able to heal a seriously injured person on the verge of death, much less the aftereffects of losing one’s virginity.

Ais’s competitive spirit seemed to be triggered by Vahn’s prodding as she pressed down on his stomach and began twisting her waist in a circle. She was trying to find the best spot within herself while also trying to ‘defeat’ Vahn before he could get an advantage. Vahn clenched his teeth as a mind-numbing sensation traveled up his spine and made his head ring. Because of her size, Ais was still incredibly tight and she used that fact to torment Vahn and gain the advantage.

Unwilling to let her simply do as she pleased, Vahn continued putting force into his hands to raise her butt and pull her forward a bit. As her hands were already on his abdomen, she didn’t fall forward and then Vahn stopped putting strength in his arms as her weight fell back on his hips. Every time he repeated the action, Ais would pause a bit and gasp before continuing her movements.

Tiona stared at the two like they had gone mad and just sat at the side watching the show with a mixture of intrigue and mild frustration. Since she had only brought a single dosage of the ‘Fallen’, she wouldn’t be able to have sex with Vahn again due to the risks. Watching Ais go the second round, before the first even ended, made Tiona feel a bit regretful. She began to wish she hadn’t ‘underestimated’ Vahn and she resolved to prepare more medicine in the future.

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Vahn and Ais continued to try to ‘defeat’ each other for nearly ten minutes straight as both of their faces were flushed and their breathing became ragged. Ais had long lost her strength and had started leaning on Vahn’s chest while kissing his lips. Since Vahn had the benefit of his [Hands of Nirvana], it was impossible for Ais to keep an advantage for long. Though he felt a bit cheap for having to rely on the skill, he liked the affectionate Ais that sought his lips more than the ‘aggressive’ Ais from earlier.

Eventually, Vahn finally reached the peak of his pleasure and he once again ejaculated into Ais. Almost as if her body remembered the sensations from earlier, the inside of her v***** began to convulse a bit as she tightly closed her eyes and moaned a bit. It was significantly less intense than the last time, and Vahn was a bit thankful for the fact. After the echoes in her body passed, Ais rested powerlessly on Vahn’s chest and he could feel her breath tickle his cheeks as she whispered, “Feels good…” He then felt a soft feeling on his cheek as Ais gently kissed him before falling asleep with his p**** still inside of her.

Vahn smiled at the beautiful girl sleeping in his arms as he began to affectionally stroke her long golden hair. Tiona saw his actions and muttered in a ‘sad’ voice with a slight smile, “I wish you’d pamper me a bit too.” Hearing her words, Vahn looked over without losing his smile. He stared into her eyes for a few moments before whispering, “I’ll make sure to pamper you…we have a lot of time.”

As his words ended, he gently shifted his body and allowed Ais to roll off his chest. He controlled her motion so she wouldn’t wake up, and his p**** finally freed itself from her v*****. When he sat up, Vahn noticed a murky white liquid intermixed with blood flowing out of the entrance and he became concerned due to the amount. He hadn’t realized how much Ais had bled during her first time, nor had he expected how much semen he would release inside of her.

Tiona had moved over next to Vahn and saw the sight herself as she remarked, “You released so much on your second and third times?” She then began to laugh in a silly manner as she placed her hand on her abdomen and said, “I wonder how much is inside of me? My stomach still feels a bit full…” Vahn was embarrassed by her words, but he also felt a small amount of ‘expectation’ inside of him as he watched her actions.

Curious, he asked, “Why doesn’t it drip out of you as it does with Ais?” Tiona laughed at his question and looked into his eyes as she said, “When an Amazon sleeps with a mate she recognizes, her body will react and try to absorb all of the semen when it’s released. It’s one of the ways we can guarantee getting pregnant, and the more we’re able to take in, the better.” The anticipation in his heart continued to increase after hearing her words, so he asked, “Are you pregnant now?”

Tiona saw his excitement and felt her heart begin to flutter in her chest. She was very happy that Vahn was willing to have children with her, but it wasn’t meant to be at this time. Vahn noticed that Tiona was very happy after hearing his words but, after a little while, her smile slowly faded as she looked at him with an apologetic expression. Releasing a short sigh, Tiona explained, “When an Amazon uses the ‘Fallen’, they become unable to get pregnant for around three days.”

Vahn felt a little heartbroken after hearing her words, but he tried to prevent his emotions from showing on his face. He could see that Tiona was probably more affected by the fact than he was, and Vahn felt it wasn’t his place to make a comment. Instead, he gave her an apologetic smile this time as he said, “I’m sorry, Tiona. I will become stronger. Strong enough to make you happy, and to protect our future children.”

Tiona noticed Vahn was trying to cheer her up, so she teased him and asked in a playful tone, “Children~? Does that mean we’re going to have more than one?” For Amazons, though they often had multiple children, it was actually very rare for them to have one with the same man twice. Vahn didn’t answer her question, he just reached out and pulled her tightly into his embrace. Tiona was stunned at his actions and was unable to understand what he was trying to convey to her for a moment. She heard him whisper into her ear as he stroked her back with his hands, “As many as it takes for you to be happy. I don’t even mind if we have ten, or twenty, I’ll do my best to raise them all.”

Tiona felt her heart wrench in her chest as she hung her head on Vahn’s shoulder and returned his hug. She embraced Vahn with enough strength that it felt like his ribs were going to crack, but he bore the pain without flinching in the slightest. He could feel wet tears on his shoulder as he continued to gently caress the powerful Amazon woman. After a few minutes, Tiona muttered into his ear, “That’s a promise…you have to keep it, no matter what.”

Vahn slowly nodded his head as he spoke into her ear with a gentle tone, “I promise. No matter what it takes, I won’t let you down.” After his words ended, the two continued to embrace each other in the low light of the cave until it was finally Tiona’s turn to fall asleep. She had lost a lot of her strength earlier when she took the ‘Fallen’ and, even though she had recovered from the effects, it didn’t mean her stamina had recovered. Being held by Vahn as he gently continued to stroke her back, she felt very safe and secure in the embrace as she slowly lapsed into a blissful sleep. For the first time in a long time, she had a genuine, happy, smile on her face. It took more than fourteen years, but her hero had finally shown up and saved her…

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//[Heart’s Desire: Tiona Hiryute] fulfilled. Extra parameter ‘Love’ unlocked.//

[Tiona Hiryute]: Love: 83(True Love)

//Bond established with [Tiona Hiryute].//

//Optional Quest Triggered//
[Quest: A Man’s Responsibility, Repeatable]Rank: B-SS
Objective: Impregnate Tiona Hiryute (0). Ensure a safe delivery; Current Children(0)
Rewards: 100,000 OP, 1x [Guardian:(Nameless)]Failure Condition(s): Death, Tiona Hiryute’s Death, (Nameless) Child’s Death
Penalty: 200 Karma (0)

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Practically a softball team’,’Level 3 vs Level 5′,’Undefeatable Godhand’)

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