Chapter 125: Tiona and Ais (2/2)

Since Ais had been preparing to go out and celebrate her birthday earlier, she wasn’t wearing her armor at this moment. Instead, she was wearing a white one-piece short dress with blue accents that extended to the center of her thighs. The dress looked very cute and was an interesting contrast compared to her generally expressionless face. Generally, because right now she was frowning slightly with a blush while waiting for Vahn to remove her clothing.

Vahn couldn’t help but retort in his mind, ‘What is this adorable creature!?’. His emotions had been out of whack for a long period of time, and after having sex with Tiona he felt a little unstable at the moment. Seeing Ais acting cute in front of him, he could feel a tingling sensation in the back of his mind and had an urge to pamper the bashful girl.

Similar to how he had done so with Tiona, Vahn gulped before reaching out his hands and grabbing the bottom of the dress. Before he even began to move, Ais’s frown grew deeper and she squinted her eyes a bit. The moment he came into contact with the dress, he began rolling it up her body which caused her to close her eyes and hold her breath. Vahn noticed that Ais was wearing a pair of tight blue shorts beneath her dress and he paused for a moment before continuing to remove the dress. He rolled it up over her navel and continued moving upward until he once again paused after revealing her breasts.

Though Ais was nowhere near her future self’s proportions, she still had a decent pair of budding breasts that were currently hiding behind a white featureless bra. Vahn had expected Ais to be wearing something more ‘fancy’, so he was a bit surprised at the simple design. At the side, Tiona remarked with a sigh, “Why are your breasts bigger than mine, even when you’re younger?” Ais, who had been holding her breath for a while released a sigh and tried to answer, “They just…grow that way?”

Tiona groaned out in frustration before asking, “Vahn, do you like girls with big boobs, or small boobs?” Vahn was a bit confused by the question, as it wasn’t the first time someone had asked him before. He couldn’t remember who asked, but he recalled saying that he didn’t particularly mind either size. Even though his thoughts about the female body had changed since then, he still believed each type had their own charms.

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While removing the remainder of the dress and pulling it over Ais’s head, Vahn said, “Honestly, I think it’s a bit fascinating either way…everyone seems to have their own beauty. Your breasts, even if they are small, are very springy and soft and look very healthy. I think they suit your cheerful personality a lot and it makes your hips stand out more.” Vahn was a bit distracted by his own words, and he was able to continue undressing Ais without any hesitation.

He reached out his hand and tried to roll up the bra, but Ais stopped his hands while shaking her head and saying, “Back. Clasp.” Vahn had never unclasped a bra, so he reached forward and tried feeling his way around Ais’s back. At this point, they were very close to each other, and Vahn could feel her breath tickling him and her ambient body heat. Tiona spoke once again from the side, “What do you mean my hips? Are you saying my butt is big?”

Vahn was now distracted with trying to unfasten the bra, so he responded while nodding his head, “Yeah, with how you move about so much, it really makes your butt and waist stand out. It’s like all of your movements are like a dance.” Tiona seemed to be happy with his compliments, so she continued fishing for more, “And, and, what else do you like about me~?” Vahn finally found the clasp and managed to unfasten it as he thought about her question. Unfortunately, his mind blanked a bit when he removed Ais’s bra and revealed the stark white breasts underneath.

Unlike the healthy, light-brown color of Tiona’s nipples, Ais’s had a rose-like coloration and a healthy blush to them. Since she already had very fair skin, her breasts were stark white and it was an almost indescribable sight for Vahn. Tiona seemed a bit saddened by his reaction and failure to answer her questions. She muttered in a low voice, “So you do like bigger breasts more…”

Vahn heard her words and frowned a bit as he was broken from his reverie. He was about to try to explain but Ais, who had been quietly struggling on her own, said in a slightly frustrated tone, “Tiona. Don’t distract Vahn. He already likes you.” Tiona and Vahn were both surprised by the ‘forceful’ tone of Ais. Tiona laughed awkwardly while Vahn followed up with Ais’s statement, “Ais is right. I already like everything about you. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others and…I need to do my best for Ais right now.”

Tiona seemed convinced by his words, so she just sat with her legs spread while holding her ankles and watching the two proceed. Vahn had glanced over when he spoke, and seeing the way she was sitting made his heart itch a bit. Though she sat that way often, it was a much bigger impact when she was naked. (A/N: Tiona sits like this a lot:

Vahn tried putting Tiona out of his mind for a bit as he focused his sight and attention on Ais. He could see that her fair skin already had a light blush, and even the nipples on her breasts were standing slightly. The only thing remaining was her blue shorts, so Vahn placed his hands on her hips while Ais leaned forward slightly to help him remove them. Vahn noticed that, unlike Tiona, Ais had white panties on under her blue shorts, so he thumbed the fabric and removed them with the shorts.

Ais repositioned herself during his movements so that he would be able to remove them easier. Vahn felt like her movements were rigid and awkward and it made him feel a bit of excitement as he slowly removed the garments from her long and fair legs. Now, Ais was fully nude and leaning backward with both of her feet in the air. Perhaps following Tiona’s example, she allowed herself to lean back onto the futon and opened her legs slightly.

Vahn felt a sudden rush in his head, and he almost thought his nose was going to bleed after seeing her actions. Since Ais had full control over her body, everything she did had a strange peculiarity to it that made Vahn’s mind race. Seeing the unguarded v***** of Ais, Vahn couldn’t help but fix his eyes on the slightly damp and puffy mound. Though she wasn’t nearly as wet as Tiona had been, the slight moisture and flushed white skin made Vahn feel a dangerous feeling in his heart. The sparse golden hairs glistened in the low light of the cave and made the entire scene hard to deal with.

Mimicking Tiona’s actions, even more, Ais reached her hands down and slightly spread open her v***** which made Vahn feel faint. When Tiona had done so, it seemed natural and it made him feel anticipation, but seeing Ais do the actions actually made Vahn feel a little terrified. Ais was a lot less mature looking than Tiona was, and Vahn felt like, if he tried to have sex with her, there was no way he wouldn’t end up hurting her.

Tiona saw his fear and hesitation and spoke out, “Ais, I think you should try it different than how I did. I could barely move my body at the time, and it doesn’t look like you’re ready yet.” Ais frowned before sitting up and looking between Tiona and Vahn. She then turned her eyes to her own v***** and tried to inspect the insides, but couldn’t get a good angle to see for herself.

Everything Ais was doing seemed to strike like a hammer in Vahn’s brain. Even though he had next to no experience, he didn’t think he was as naive as Ais was acting. He understood she was doing this out of curiosity and her competitive nature, but it seemed like she genuinely lacked an understanding of what was going on. Watching her try to bend over and look at the inside of her own v*****, Vahn almost wanted to call off the event entirely before Tiona spoke.

Tiona had a smile and said in a happy voice, “This is actually a good opportunity. Since Ais is a human, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done anyways. Vahn, why don’t you help her?” Looking over, Vahn could see a somewhat ‘mischevious’ look in the young Amazons eyes, but he agreed that Ais probably needed assistance as well so he nodded his head.

Tiona laughed before moving a bit closer and saying, “Okay, Ais, lay back and spread your legs open as far as you can without it being uncomfortable.” Ais hesitated for a moment, but she eventually listened to Tiona and lay on her back. She pulled her feet closer to her body and spread her legs out in an M shape that gave Vahn a full-view of her genitals. He felt a numbing wave pass through his mind and Tiona spoke out again, “That’s good~! Now, Vahn, remember that spot I told you about earlier? Why don’t you try experimenting with it a bit~ Just remember to be gentle, as that is a girl’s most sensitive area!”

Vahn nodded his head and moved closer to Ais who stared at his actions with interest and a bit of hesitation. Things weren’t going as she expected, and the new development worried her a bit. Even without Tiona telling him, Vahn was already aware that the spot was very sensitive. In the manuals, he had read about [Hands of Nirvana] and other techniques, they showed the area as being a large nerve cluster on a female’s body. It even listed several warnings about properly handling the area so as not to cause adverse effects on the body in the future.

Reaching forward, Vahn placed his thumbs on the sides of Ais’s v***** and spread it open a bit. Unlike when she had done it, Vahn felt even more uneasy after doing so himself. He traced the inside a bit and Ais squirmed slightly with widened eyes. Moving his thumb to the small hood of flesh at the top of the v*****, Vahn began to gently prod it while paying attention to her reaction.

The moment Vahn contacted her most sensitive spot, Ais jerked her hips a bit and tried to pull away from the unfamiliar touch. Vahn was very surprised by her reaction, as he hadn’t expected the normally ‘stoic’ Ais to show so much expression on her face. Though she normally had a somewhat blank look, the moment Vahn rubbed the little nub her face became full of shock and she suddenly had a very expressive look.

Tiona spoke out once again, “If you run away, Ais, Vahn won’t stop you. You can always try doing this again later.” Tiona had known Ais for a long period of time, and she could see how afraid she became the moment Vahn started touching her. Unlike Amazons, who had extensive education about the matter, Ais only recently learned about sex and had no familiarity with the sensations associated with the procedure.

Ais heard Tiona’s words and spread her legs open again while looking into Vahn’s eyes. She suddenly seemed full of conviction as she ‘pleaded’, “No…don’t stop.” Once again, Vahn’s mind blanked after seeing how Ais reacted. He slowly reached forward and continued his actions of tracing around and proding the inside of her v*****. Unlike her previous reaction, Ais now seemed to be willing herself to remain still and bear the unfamiliar sensations.

Vahn noticed that, slowly but surely, the pink flesh in her v***** began to turn a slightly crimson color as more liquid was secreted from the interior. Whenever he would rub the nub, her entire insides would twitch a bit while the two holes within would contract almost entirely closed. Vahn was fascinated by the various reactions, and he kept turning his attention between his hands and Ais’s face. As he continued his efforts, she had grown more relaxed and was acting somewhat docile with a blush on her face. She watched Vahn’s actions and would periodically draw in sharp breaths when he would poke at her sensitive spot.

Vahn started getting immersed in the act, and in his haste, he ended up triggering something that nobody in the room had expected. Using one of the techniques in the manual for [Hands of Nirvana], Vahn put a small amount of energy into his thumb as he pressed it onto the bright red nub that had recently pierced the hooded veil of Ais. The moment his thumb made contact, Ais released an ear shattering scream and arched her back while Tiona stared on in ‘horror’ at the unexpected reaction of the generally complacent Ais. Though she had expected Vahn to eventually bring Ais to climax, she never thought it to be so soon and in such a spontaneous manner.

Vahn immediately became terrified that he had made a large mistake as he saw Ais writhing about on the futon in ‘pain’. Her hands gripped the cushions so hard that it tore through the thick fabric and her yell had yet to cease as she arched her hips. Vahn just stared blankly at her reaction with both of his hands withdrawn. All he had done was insert a bit of energy that should have stimulated the nerves a bit; he thought he could make her feel even better, and never expected his actions to actually harm Ais.

Eventually, Ais’s body finally lost strength as she collapsed onto the futon and started taking heavy breaths. She had a dazed expression and there was even a bit of drool coming out the side of her mouth. Before Vahn could move forward, Tiona had gotten near Ais and began inspecting her state. She knew from the fear and regret in Vahn’s face that he had probably gotten carried away, and she wanted to make sure Ais wasn’t in any danger.

Tiona confirmed that, other than a serious mess, Ais’s v***** was completely fine and there shouldn’t be any permanent damage. After that, she gently placed her hand on Ais’s cheek to get her attention. Even when Tiona had been inspecting her v*****, Ais hadn’t moved at all, almost like she had become lost within her own mind after the sudden and intense pleasure. Tiona was a bit worried after seeing her state, and she began to call out in a concerned voice, “Ais! Ais! Snap out of it! Are you okay!?”

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With Tiona’s shouts, Ais finally snapped out of her daze as she stared at the concerned face of her friend. She continued to stare for a few seconds before lifting her body and looking at Vahn. Seeing the ‘terrified’ look on his face, Ais knew he had probably done something wrong, but she didn’t blame him. The feelings of pleasure had been so intense that she felt like her entire body was dissolving until it finally ended and she felt completely empty and relaxed. Seeing Vahn’s worry and concern, Ais actually felt a little sad in her heart; though it was unexpected, she didn’t dislike the feeling at all…even if it was a little scary.

Ais looked at Tiona and said, “I’m fine…”, before crawling toward Vahn. Noticing her approach, Vahn fell back a bit and said, “Ais, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…” Ais continued to make her way to him and slowly crawled her way into his chest. Before he could ask anything else, Ais kissed him deeply and pressed his body down onto the futon. The moment he fell back, he felt Ais’s tongue enter his mouth and he almost instinctively wrapped his hands around her waist before stopping.

Ais kissed him for a few more seconds before lifting her body and straddling his stomach. She could see that he still had fear in his eyes, and both of his hands were held out to the side like he was afraid to touch her. Ais grabbed one of his hands and began to inspect the contours and shape. She ran her fingers along each of Vahn’s before saying, “That feeling…what was it?”

Vahn didn’t feel like he would be able to refuse her questions, so he answered mechanically, “I have a skill called [Hands of Nirvana]…it is the same thing as what I used back during the Juggernaut fight. I can put energy into my hands to heal wounds…and other stuff.” Ais tilted her head like she was recalling the events Vahn had mentioned. Suddenly, she leaned forward a bit and put Vahn’s hand on her head and asked, “Lefiya?’

Realizing what she was asking, Vahn started channeling energy into his palm and it began to flow into Ais’s head. She closed her eyes and seemed to be enjoying the sensation as she said, “Warm.” She then slowly moved his hand, while he was still channeling energy, and put it on her left breast near her heart. Though she didn’t seem to dislike the feeling, she muttered, “Different?” Vahn, instead of channeling energy to ‘heal’ altered the flow a bit. The light faded from his palms and seemed to condense on his fingers and Ais twitched before pulling the hand away.

When Vahn had changed the energy to the type used to stimulate the nerves, it made her chest feel like it had been electrocuted. After pulling his hand away slightly, she poked the tip of his fingers with one of her own and felt an energy flow into her finger that made it feel slightly numb. Vahn was just laying there while Ais did whatever she wanted with his hand. Ever since he thought he hurt her, he had been too afraid to do anything proactively.

From the side, Tiona was watching the events play out with a mixture of shock and intrigue. She knew about Vahn’s ‘hands’, as he had comforted her head previously. It was a very warm and calming sensation, but now it seemed like he could use it to ‘stimulate’ as well. She almost wanted to replace Ais, but now that the medicine had almost completely worn off, she was slightly concerned that she would be the one to injure Vahn.

Ais seemed to be incredibly curious about the energy coming from Vahn’s fingers. She stared at his index finger for a bit, before leaning her head forward and placing it into her mouth. Her eyes widened a bit as she immediately pulled it away. Vahn was incredibly confused at this point because it didn’t seem like she was afraid of him at all. Instead, she seemed interested in his [Hands of Nirvana] and was experimenting with his body. He felt conflicted feelings because he didn’t like people doing things with his body normally but, for some reason, watching Ais made him feel excited instead.

As his intrigue began to grow, Vahn moved his other hand and starting poking the various pressure points on her abdomen and chest. Ais was surprised by his touch, but she didn’t make any efforts to move away. Instead, she held Vahn’s right hand, which she had been holding onto, and hugged it into her chest as she let him poke around on her body.

Though Vahn’s stomach was already damp from Ais sitting on him, he could feel a warm liquid begin to flow from her v***** and it began to slide down his stomach after having built up to a certain point. Vahn continued to perform his massage technique on her torso and was slowly becoming immersed in his actions as Ais’s reactions were very interesting to him. She seemed to breathe heavily, and her usually expressionless face seemed happy as she moaned quietly with a deep blush on her face.

After more than ten minutes Tiona, who had been watching with anticipation from the side, suddenly snapped out of her dazed state and asked, “Are you two going to have sex?” Vahn and Ais both froze for a moment as they looked over at the Amazon that had a slightly flushed expression on her face. Ais looked down at her crotch and could see the pool of fluids that had been building up on Vahn’s abdomen. She felt a bit embarrassed after seeing her own liquids tracing the indentations of his muscles.

She moved back slightly and could feel a hard feeling on her butt, and turned to see the erect p**** of Vahn pressing against her backside. Ais suddenly remembered that Vahn was supposed to be helping her ‘prepare’, and remembering the state of Tiona previously, she understood her body had long been ready. Vahn tried saying something to her, but before he could utter a single syllable, Ais sat on his abdomen and slowly dragged her body down to his pelvis.

Vahn was surprised by the sudden maneuver, and he could feel his p**** pass through a hot and moist tunnel as Ais dragged her body backward. For Ais, she had only intended to change her position a bit, but having contact with Vahn’s p**** made her stomach feel fluttery and hot, so she continued moving back while rubbing her own genitals against Vahn’s. After she moved back a farther distance than she expected, the organ was finally freed from her suppression and bounced up as if it would never be subjugated.

She stared at the erect p**** for a while before turning her gaze to Vahn and saying, “I want to try…” Vahn noticed her hot gaze and nodded his head slowly before trying to sit up. Ais pushed back on his stomach a bit and prevented him from changing positions. With a confused look, Vahn watched as Ais grabbed his p**** with her delicate fingers, slowly trying to adjust the position on her own. As Vahn had only ever experienced having sex with Tiona, he was slightly unprepared for her actions.

Tiona, from the side, suddenly called out, “Wait, Ais! That is a dangerous position for your first time!”Ais didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping as she finally managed to get the tip of the glans into the proper hole. Placing one of her hands on Vahn’s stomach, she slowly tried to lower her body which caused Vahn to draw a breath and gnash his teeth.

Though Tiona has been tight and put an incredible pressure on his p****, Ais’s v***** seemed to have no room for movement at all. Even though she was incredibly wet, it felt like his p**** was being crushed as she slowly tried to envelop his member. Ais had a pained but serious expression on her face as she began drawing deep breaths. Every time she inhaled, she would put more force into her hips and Vahn’s p**** would move in a bit deeper. To Ais, it felt like she was being wrenched open by a hot metal rod, but she was unwilling to give up without achieving her goal.

Eventually, Vahn’s p**** hit a point of fierce resistance and both he and Ais flinched. Ais, unable to bear the pain that had been building up cried out a bit as sweat began dripping from her face. Unlike Tiona, Ais had a hymen and, since she had never had sex before, she was informed by Riveria that her first time would be painful. The other three girls tried to give her medicine for the pain, but Ais didn’t want to take anything as she wanted to experience everything herself. Unfortunately, even with all her efforts, she was barred from proceeding further the moment Vahn’s glans reached her hymen.

Vahn saw her pained expression and instinctively reached out to the area right above where they were connected. He began channeling the energy from his [Hands of Nirvana] to help ease the pain Ais was going through. Feeling the warm energy from his hands and the hot stake piercing her body, Ais had a lot of conflicted feelings. She felt like she had lost a bit of her own pride after receiving Vahn’s help, but seeing the concern in his face, she didn’t say anything. Instead, she used the moment when the pain had eased to take a deep breath before trying to drop her weight onto Vahn’s waist.

Ais felt a painful ripping sensation in her body while Vahn felt a muted pop as his p**** was further enveloped by Ais’s v*****. Ais nearly cried out, but she was able to suppress her scream as she had taken a deep breath to prepare herself. For Vahn, the only thing he could feel was the heat of Ais’s body and an almost painful sensation from his p****. She had taken nearly 70% of his length in an instant and he could see blood dripping from the area they were connected.

Vahn had a terrified expression on his face, but Tiona informed him from the side in a calming voice, “Don’t worry, Vahn, that is just the sign that a human girl is a virgin. Other than Amazons, almost every other race can identify their virgins with the existence of a hymen. You should feel proud to have been the person to break Ais’s.”

Though Vahn was still a bit worried, he felt a bit of relief after hearing the explanation. Looking into Ais’s pained face, he noticed that she was staring at him with her golden eyes almost like she was trying to assure him things were okay. After taking a few deep breaths, she spoke in a pained voice, “I’m okay…Riveria told me it would hurt. It will get better later.” Ais seemed to have found hope in her own words as she raised her hips a bit.

Vahn had been healing her with [Hands of Nirvana] the entire time, and she had been able to adapt to the pain a bit. After raising herself halfway, she looked at Vahn and reached for his left hand. Vahn had placed both palms on her lower abdomen, slightly above where her v***** was and had been inserting a lot of energy to heal the ‘damage’. He was confused when Ais removed his left hand until she said, “Make it tingle.”

Vahn somewhat understood what she was planning, but he had to ask, “Are you sure?” Ais nodded her head confidently and moved his hand to the area they were connected. She put his index finger on her nub and grit her teeth. Vahn, realizing she had ‘prepared’, began to channel his energy into his index finger. The moment he did so, Ais dropped her hips and cried out in a loud gasping voice once again.

Ais had used the moment when Vahn stimulated her c******* and dropped her hips with all the force she could muster in the brief moment. In doing so, she managed to fully envelop Vahn’s p**** before bending forward and scrunching up her body into a ball while they were connected. Vahn was incredibly surprised by Ais’s action, but he was so overwhelmed by the sensations assaulting him that he couldn’t form any words. While Ais was going through her second climax, Vahn’s fully enveloped p**** was being wrung by the interior of her v*****. There were so many conflicting sensations, and the tightness felt like it was trying to rip his p**** off and grind it into a paste.

Vahn was so overwhelmed by the intensely convulsing v***** that he quickly reached the peak of his own pleasure and released himself deeply into the interior of Ais’s body. The moment he ejaculated, Ais’s twitching seemed to begin anew and Vahn couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath as he waited for the intense stimulation to finally end.

After a few minutes, both Vahn and Ais were just laying powerlessly while unmoving from their position. Ais still straddled his hips with Vahn’s p**** still inside of her, while she leaned her weight against his body. Vahn was gasping for air as he slowly released his hands from Ais’s butt. He didn’t know when, but at some point, he had grabbed her waist and held her against him and he could feel his fingers sinking deeply into the firm flesh of her butt.

The moment he released his hands, Ais sat up a bit before kissing his lips for a few seconds. When she was satisfied, she pressed against his chest and raised her body. Her motions pushed Vahn deeper inside, and they both let out a muted gasp as he was once again fully enveloped by her v*****. Ais looked at the connected part and dragged her finger across the area. Noticing there was no gap between their bodies, she looked toward Tiona with a ‘pleased’ look in her eyes as she said, “I win.”

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘The terror of curiosity’,’Competitive Spirit’,’Longest Chapters Ever’

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