Chapter 124: Tiona and Ais (1/2)

(Warning: NSFW content ahead. If you are under the requisite age listed by the novel, please turn away.)

(Disclaimer: The characters represented in this novel are a work of fiction and have no relation to real people/places. As fictional characters, according to the background information and cultural relevance of the situation, all parties are of an acceptable age to engage in sexual acts. This chapter is not intended to be pornographic in nature and has been written with the express purpose of artistic expression while remaining culturally/ethically/canonically accurate.)


Hearing Vahn’s question, Ais remained silent while Tiona seemed to recall that they were all inexperienced. She had the most ‘knowledge’, but there were problems if she was going to be the one teaching them. After a bit of hesitation, she pulled out a small leather pouch and removed the cap. She emptied the crimson contents into a small cup before drinking it as Vahn and Ais watched her actions with confused expressions.

Vahn wanted to know what she was doing, so he asked, “Tiona? What is that liquid…it has a strange smell.” Even from where he was sitting, Vahn felt like the liquid was ‘dangerous’ just based on the odor it was emitting. After gulping down the liquid with difficulty, Tiona looked at Vahn and gave an awkward smile as she explained, “It’s called ‘Ambrotos’ by some, but many Amazons call it ‘Fallen’. To get experience with men, not every Amazon is willing to wait for a strong man, so they take the ‘Fallen’ to decrease their strength. I’m not sure I’ll be able to control myself if we do it normally, and this will make it so that I can barely use my strength.”

Hearing her explanation, Vahn suddenly felt very ashamed of himself for some reason. He could already see that she was having trouble supporting her own body, and it made him feel like he had failed as a partner. Tiona saw his look and laughed, “Don’t worry, Vahn. This will be better for you and Ais, since I’ll be able to keep my clarity for a longer period of time. Besides…” Vahn looked at her and saw a fierce blush covering Tiona’s face as she continued, “I want to be spoiled sometimes.”

Hearing her words, Vahn recalled that it was Tiona’s dream to be a ‘princess’ and that he had previously promised to ‘spoil’ her. He even remembered in his vision how she had waited for a hero to free her from her powerlessness when she was a young girl. Now, the strong woman that had lived her life pursuing a strength she never desired, lay almost helplessly in front of him with a passionate gaze in her eyes.

Vahn shifted his body and reached over before placing his hand on her hair and began stroking her head. Tiona giggled and weakly hugged his body while looking toward Ais and saying, “I’ll be going first Ais. Amazons are a bit different than humans, and it’ll be less dangerous if he uses my body to learn a bit. You should also pay attention, as it will help you when the time comes.” Ais, hearing Tiona’s words, slowly nodded her head before repositioning herself to the side. Instead of sitting in a composed manner, she now sat while holding onto her knees while looking at the two acting intimately before her.

After Ais moved away, Tiona buried her head into Vahn’s chest and mumbled, “Undress me…Vahn. I don’t have any strength…” Vahn’s heart was already beating harder than he had ever felt before, and each word she spoke slammed into his ears and had a stunning effect. Swallowing his saliva, he moved his hands down the line of her body until he came in contact with the belt that fixed the cloth around her waist.

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As he had been moving his hands, Vahn couldn’t help but gawk at the figure of Tiona and marvel at how soft she was. He could also vaguely smell the fragrance coming from her hair and body, and Vahn started having difficulty with the belt due to his distracted state of mine. Tiona, keeping her head down and focusing on Vahn’s actions, said slowly, “You have to untie the cloth first…or the belt can’t be removed…”

Vahn could hear the struggle in her voice, so he tried to remain calm and listen to her words. He used his slightly shaky hands to unfasten the knot that had been holding the large cloth that hugged her waist. Once the knot was undone, the fabric loosened up and he was able to unfasten the belt that held the bundle of fabric hanging from her hips. Tiona released a long sigh and said, “That’s good…Vahn…now the top…” At this point, tiona could only form short sentences as she slowly focused on taking long breaths. She weakly moved her arms up before hanging them around Vahn’s neck, but she still hadn’t avoided looking at his face.

Vahn traced his hands up her back and noticed she had begun sweating, but he tried to keep his focus until his hands came into contact with the band of fabric that wrapped around her breasts. Vahn always wondered how it managed to stay on without falling, and now he was able to tell that the fabric was somewhat elastic in nature. It was comprised of a double layer of elastic cloth and some kind of leathery fabric on the inside. The leather had small holes in it, and looked like it was intended to increase friction so the garment wouldn’t slide while also absorbing sweat.

Slipping his thumbs under the fabric, Vahn slowly moved it upwards and revealed the contents contained within. Though Tiona was relatively small for most girls, it wasn’t like she had no breasts at all. The moment Vahn moved the fabric away, his mind numbed a little after seeing the bouncy mounds that seemed to cry out for acknowledgment. His hands stopped for a moment as he stared at the light-brown protrusions in the center of Tiona’s breasts and noticed they had turned rigid unlike when he had last seen them.

Noticing his hands had stopped, Tiona quietly mewled out, “Vahn…quickly…” Vahn was awakened by her ‘pained’ and ‘sensuous’ voice as he continued pulling the fabric up. He managed to work it through her arms, and was able to free the fabric after raising her hands above her head. Tiona continued to hang her head, even when Vahn had pulled her arms up. The moment her hands were free of the fabric, they fell back down and she nearly collapsed onto the bed.

Vahn tried to catch her body, but because of their combined sweat, she ended up slipping through his grasp before falling backward onto the bed. The face she had been hiding from him for the last few minutes finally came into view, and Vahn experienced a powerful shock within his mind. Tiona’s face was incredibly red and covered in sweat as she looked at him with a blank expression and watery eyes. Tiona looked into his eyes and muttered, “The bottoms…”

At this point, Vahn’s tension was at an all-time high as he looked at Tiona’s figure. Though she seemed to be in pain, Vahn found her appearance to be captivating and it was almost like something was scratching away at his heart and his reasoning. Right now, the only clothing on her body was her jewelry and the white fabric that looked like small shorts wrapped around her hips. It was made of the same material as her ‘bra’ and Vahn slowly placed his hands at the side of Tiona’s hips before slowly pulling down the white fabric.

After pulling it down toward her thighs, Vahn felt a pressure in his brain as he saw the contents that had been kept hidden by the fabrics presence. Though he had seen it previously, now Vahn stared at the unguarded v***** with a powerful curiosity welling up inside of him. Tiona was already emitting some kind of strange transparent liquid and her healthy-brown skin glistened in the low light of the cave. There was a smell that made the itching in his mind and heart grow in intensity, and he forced himself to look away as he removed the ‘shorts’ from her legs.

Just as he had to lift her arms previously, Vahn had to raise Tiona’s legs to remove the shorts and he had to trace his hands along her legs to do so. Vahn noticed that Tiona had an incredibly beautiful and muscular pair of legs, unlike any girl he had seen other than perhaps Tione. Seeing them in their current powerless state made him feel that it was a bit of a shame as he slowly lowered them back to the futon after having separated the fabric from their grasp.

Now Vahn could see the entirely nude Tiona looking at him with an even more ‘painful’ expression than she had previously. Vahn wasn’t even sure if her eyes could see anything at this point with how hazy they looked. While he was staring at her body, Tiona’s legs twitched and she slowly tried to put strength into them to bend her knees. Vahn noticed what she was doing, so he helped support by placing his palms at the back of her knees and helping complete the motion.

Tiona released a heavy sigh, almost like she was relieved at receiving Vahn’s assistance. She used what strength she had left to trace her hands along her stomach before bringing them to a stop at her own genitals. Turning her head to Ais for a moment, Tiona started speaking in slow and low tones, “Pay…attention to this spot…it will make it easier for the girl…and…” Tiona used her fingers and spread open the inside of her v***** so Vahn could see the interior. The moment she did so, Vahn’s eyes opened wide and he was paying full attention to each of her words.

Tracing the inside of her v*****, Tiona explained, “This…is where you put…your p****…don’t mix it up…with other holes…” Tiona’s words kept getting lower and lower, and Vahn almost had to strain himself just to hear what she was saying. The pounding of his own heart had drowned out almost everything else, and he couldn’t free himself from the sight in front of him.

Tiona took a deep breath before moving her hands away and resting them on her stomach. She seemed to have almost no power left in her body as she quietly said, “Now…do your best…Vahn.” Vahn clenched his jaw at her words and began removing his own clothing piece by piece. Ais stared from the side, and at this point, she had almost hidden her face from view as she watched the action between the two. If Vahn had been paying attention, he would have noticed that her eyes were also a bit watery as they reflected the low light of the cave.

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After removing all of his clothes, Vahn was standing on his knees looking down on Tiona who gazed at him with her same dazed expression. It didn’t seem like she had any strength left to speak as she waited for Vahn to take action. Gulping, Vahn realized there wasn’t actually any saliva in his throat. His mouth was dry, and he actually felt a powerful fear welling up inside of him as he stared at Tiona. But, seeing how far she had gone and having experienced the trust and hope she had for him, Vahn did his best to overcome his hesitation as he tried positioning the tip of his p**** where she had demonstrated.

From the side, Ais squeezed her legs tightly after seeing the size of Vahn’s p**** compared to the entrance of Tiona’s v*****. From her perspective, there was no way such a large thing would be able to fit into such a tiny place, and she began to recall the advice Riveria had given her before accompanying Vahn. Though she was still curious and wanted to try having sex, she was afraid that Vahn might break her in the process. She watched as he slowly found the correct angle before grabbing Tiona’s hips and leaning over her body.

Ais wasn’t the only one worried, as even Vahn was scared at comparing the two. The entrance that Tiona had pointed out earlier seemed so small compared to the head of his p****, and it took a bit of effort before he was properly able to insert the tip. He was overwhelmed by the powerful heat that assaulted him, and he would have gasped if not for the fact he already clenched his jaw. Adjusting his angle a bit, he leaned over Tiona and stared into her face as he slowly put strength into his own hips.

As he made his way further into the depths, Tiona started taking long and deep breaths and a bit of her strength seemed to recover as she tried embracing Vahn with her arms. Vahn pressed himself closer to her body to allow her to do so, but he realized it made his progress more difficult. He could already barely resist the build-up of pressure and the powerful sensation from his own p**** every time he moved even a little. Tiona didn’t seem to mind what was happening to her own body, as she weakly sought out Vahn’s lips but couldn’t lift her head from the futon.

Vahn saw her attempts and started kissing her, and he began to struggle even more by the conflicting sensations. His lower body seemed to be directly linked to his brain, and he felt a wave of pleasure that assaulted his senses while the kiss with Tiona made his mind slightly numb. He even felt like he was beginning to lose his own awareness, almost like he was beginning to drown within his own emotions.

As Vahn hadn’t made any progress for a while, Tiona stopped her kiss and slowly said, “Vahn…do…your best…you promised…” Hearing her words, Vahn grits his teeth even harder before adjusting his angle and putting force into his waist. The sensation brought about from his efforts almost made him explode, and he barely resisted the urge to shout out. After entering slightly more than halfway, Vahn suddenly reached a hard yet flexible spot which sent a jolt along his back. Tiona also flinched before releasing a powerful moan that tickled his ears.

It seemed that the longer they continued, the more strength she had, as Tiona started digging her fingers into Vahn’s back while gritting her teeth. After a few gasps, she mumbled to Vahn, “Its a little…too big…” She laughed a bit at her owns words while Vahn was frozen like a statue. The moment he had hit the ‘end’, Vahn had begun to experience a phenomenon that threatened to devour his mind.

When his p**** had contacted Tiona’s cervix, the entire inside of her v***** squeezed him like a vice and seemed to wriggle, almost like it was trying to pull him further into its depths. Vahn was nearly overwhelmed by the powerful ‘suction’ which had yet to cease. He slowly tried to pull himself out, but any efforts to do so made the force more powerful, almost like her v***** was unwilling to let him retreat. The moment he moved back, Tiona released a loud moan and put more strength into her hands. At this point, Vahn’s back was bleeding a bit, and she slowly said, “You have to be…more forceful…an Amazon’s body…isn’t like normal girls…”

Vahn wasn’t entirely sure what she meant, but he did his best and put more effort into his motions. After mustering a certain amount of strength, he was finally able to overcome the powerful suction, and Vahn felt like the entire inside of the v***** vibrated as he withdrew his p**** back. His body echoed the vibrations, and he thrust forward again with a bit of force in his hips. Unlike when he pulled out, it was much easier to enter into Tiona, perhaps due to her Amazon biology. It was like her body was willing to accept but unwilling to allow him to escape.

The powerful suction immediately encompassed his p****, and Vahn couldn’t help but groan out this time. Ais flinched when he did so, but Tiona just laughed a bit as she moved her arms behind his head and kissed him. Her tongue invaded his mouth and began to suck on his. Vahn was distracted by the sensations on his p****, but he did his best to reciprocate the kiss. He repeated her action and entangled his tongue with hers as they exchanged saliva for nearly a minute. It wasn’t until he pulled back his waist and thrust in again that they both stopped the kiss and sighed.

Tiona gasped and muttered, “It won’t end…at this rate…don’t mind me…do your best” Tiona buried her head into Vahn’s chest and hugged around his back while refusing to look at him again. Vahn wanted to remark that it was difficult to move when she grabbed him like that, but he thought saying so would have been selfish. The amount of pleasure he was feeling had already begun to change something inside of him, but he wasn’t willing to act just in his own interests. He wanted her to enjoy it just as much as he was, instead of continuing to ‘suffer’ like she seemed to be.

Vahn reached down and grabbed the back of Tiona’s knees and lifted her legs further up so he could get a better angle while she clung to his body. He was briefly surprised by how flexible her legs were as he was able to lift her knees near his ribcage without any difficulty. His actions seemed to awaken something in Tiona, as she then wrapped her legs around him as well, almost like a Koala.

Since Vahn’s efforts to make his movements easier backfired, he almost laughed out due to his own frustration. He wanted to try and make things easier for her and wanted to try increasing her pleasure by rubbing the spot she told him about earlier. Instead, she made his efforts more difficult because she was now clinging to him with her whole body and didn’t seem willing to let go any time soon. Now, he couldn’t even pull back his waist at all, and it seemed like his p**** was slowly being buried further inside her v***** as the suction force continued to grow.

For a while, the only thing he could do was slightly rock back and forth as he slowly sunk deeper and deeper into the greedy insides of Tiona. Vahn actually started to get afraid that she would devour him, as nearly 80% of his p**** had been inserted at this point. It was like her body was adapting to his body, or maybe her v***** was just becoming more flexible with the increased arousal. Vahn wasn’t sure of the answer, as even his curiosity was being kept at bay by the powerful sensation.

Tiona slowly started taking long and deep breaths, and Vahn noticed that every time she did so, the suction force increased by a great extent. He had actually started to gasp in sequence with each of her breaths, and he wasn’t sure how long he could last if things kept up. It was an incredibly frustrating feeling for Vahn because he felt an incredible amount of pleasure, but it was also like he could never get to the peak that his body sought out.

Eventually, his frustrations reached a level where even he couldn’t restrain himself anymore as Tiona’s words replayed themselves in his mind. She seemed to be encouraging him to put in more efforts and try to overpower her, so Vahn put his right hand behind her shoulder while resting on his elbow as he used his left hand to pry her right leg from his body. Eventually, he managed to break the vice-like grip Tiona had on his waist, and he managed to pull her right leg to the point it passed his ribs and was nearly parallel with the futon.

Tiona tried to keep a hold of his waist with her left leg, but Vahn had enough freedom to pull back his waist and continue his movements on his own. The grip Tiona had around his back increased, and he could feel her hot breath tickle his chest every time she gasped from his movements. Vahn continued putting more strength into his actions, and the peak of pleasure that his body sought after continued to rise until he almost felt like he was going to go mad. He held his breath and continued colliding against the back of Tiona’s v***** as both of their bodies twitched from the collision.

Eventually, Vahn’s thoughts started to blank out and he felt like he might actually pass out from holding his breath. He could feel so much pressure in his chest at this point, that he wanted to release his breath and gasp for air. But, he couldn’t stop, as the pleasure had reached a critical point and continued to grow. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Vahn felt a wave pass through his body and he couldn’t help but clench his glutes as he released a powerful ejaculation into Tiona’s insides. He released the breath he had been holding, and Tiona used the opportunity when he dropped his guard to wrap her legs back around his waist. The suction in her v***** increased to nearly double what it had been previously, and Vahn felt like it was draining all the energy from his body. He drew in a sharp breath and held it until Tiona finally decreased the strength in her legs and released him.

Vahn, in his panic, rolled to the side and slid out from Tiona and began gasping for air. Though he already had his own expectations, sex had been something far greater than anything he had imagined. In his dazed state, while he was trying to process everything that had happened, Tiona crawled onto his body and rested her body against his. He could feel the hard protrusions and the springy breasts press into his chest as she began kissing him with a fierce passion.

Out of habit, Vahn reached his hand around her waist and pulled her tightly into his embrace to make the kiss more intense. They continued seeking each other lips for nearly three minutes when Tiona pulled her head away and gazed lovingly into his eyes as tears began building in hers. She slowly said, “I’m glad, Vahn, thank you…” Vahn, seeing the tear-filled eyes, pulled his hands from her waist and cradled her face as he wiped away the tears with his thumbs. He returned her gaze with a smile and said, “I’ll do my best to make you even happier in the future.” Then, before she could say anything else, he sealed her lips with another kiss. This time, Vahn was even more passionate, and he began to lose track of time as his emotions continued to build. It wasn’t until a noise sounded at his side that he was finally broken away from his self-imposed spell.

“It’s my turn.” Ais had been in a bit of a panic earlier when she saw the scene of their sex turn intense. She feared that Tiona was going to be hurt by Vahn, but seeing the happiness and joy on Tiona’s face after the fact made Ais feel strange in her heart. By the time Tiona and Vahn started hugging each other and kissing again, Ais’s fear and panic had faded and now she had a bit of frustration building inside of her. She suddenly felt a little lonely while hugging her knees at the side, and couldn’t prevent herself from interrupting their intimate moment.

Vahn and Tiona froze after Ais spoke out, and they both looked over at the girl that seemed to be staring at them with a bit of blame in her eyes. Tiona started laughing as she lazily pulled herself away from Vahn and moved off to the side a bit. Seeing Vahn, who had a bit of a confused expression on his face, Tiona smiled and said, “She is right. It wouldn’t be fair if I kept you to myself any longer. Make sure you take care of her properly, okay?” Vahn sat up and looked between the two girls before nodding his head and saying, “I promise. I will do my best.”

Ais seemed satisfied by his answer as she released her legs and crawled forward a bit on her hands and knees. Vahn didn’t know why, but seeing the young girl crawl toward him made his heart begin to itch. By the time she stopped next to him and raised her arms, almost all of his thoughts had flown out of his mind when she said, “Undress me.”

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