Chapter 177: Fafnir Makes an Appearance

For the next few days until Friday, Vahn spent the majority of his time moving between the orb, home, and the Hostess of Fertility. Some important developments in those three days had been the change in his treatment from various people. Whenever Vahn visited the Hostess of Fertility he still had his private booth but now, instead of just Chloe, there was a rotation between the girls that served his meal. There seemed to be an agreement between Chloe, Syr, and Ryuu, and Vahn had the opportunity to spend time with all three girls in private.

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Whenever he was with Chloe, she liked to act affectionate and be spoiled, and Vahn found her presence to be very comforting. There was something tantalizing about having a woman lay in his lap and act playfully as he got to tease and feed her treats. Since she allowed him a few liberties, Vahn had a lot of fun spending time with her.

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When Syr had served him, she acted with her characteristic cheerful manner, but she also tried to act less reserved than normal. Though she understood that Vahn wasn’t willing to be with her for the time being, it didn’t stop her from sitting next to him close enough for their legs to touch. Unlike Chloe, she was trying to spoil Vahn and even held the fork as she fed him small bites of the food he had ordered. Throughout the entire time, she would make small and casual contact for very brief moments and Vahn could subtly feel that each time she did so, it was for a slightly longer period of time.

Of the three girls, Ryuu was the most peculiar when she entered the private booth. She acted in a very reserved manner and sat across from Vahn as she quietly listened to his stories. She would periodically ask questions about his past travels and what he wanted to do in the future, and Vahn answered each question with moderated enthusiasm. Since he could see her aura, Vahn understood she was enjoying their time together and slowly transitioning from her taciturn self to a slightly more cheerful demeanor. Since Ryuu had her hands on the table, Vahn wanted to tease her a bit and tried grabbing her hand to see how she would react. He didn’t know why, but teasing elf girls seemed to be an instinctual habit for him and he wanted to break her expressionless guise.

The placid expression on her face changed slightly as her brows raised and she opened her eyes by a marginal amount. She removed her hand out from under his and turned her head to the side with the slightest hint of a blush on her face as she broke eye contact with Vahn. He couldn’t help but think she was adorable, so Vahn said, “You look cute when you smile and have a slightly bashful expression.” Though it wasn’t much, the blush on her face grew slightly deeper as she ‘ignored’ his complement and just refilled his tea.

In response to her actions, Vahn just smiled and received the cup gratefully before taking a sip and saying, “Thank you, Ryuu.” After his words hung in the air for several seconds, Ryuu showed a hint of gentleness in her eyes as she responded in a curt and soft tone, “You’re welcome, Vahn.” After that, Vahn continued to enjoy the atmosphere and made small talk while periodically trying to tease her. Though she never reacted in a drastic manner, Vahn was always able to get a very slight rise out of her which made him smile.

When he wasn’t at the Hostess of Fertility, Vahn spent the majority of his time in the real world at home teaching Nanu about forging and attending the lessons with the other children. Tina had pretty much cemented herself as the second highest authority in the house as even Anubis was slightly deferential to the small cat girl. All of the kids were making rapid improvements, and Vahn had high hopes for their future lives and accomplishments.

The most significant change in his general living at home was the change that had occurred in Tina in the last few days. She wasn’t in nearly as high tensions as she had been previously, and she acted a lot less shy and bashful around Vahn, though not in an overly intimate way. Whenever they would return to the room in the evening to sleep, Tina didn’t act shy or concerned at all when she changed her clothes. When it came time for bed, she would quickly crawl in after Vahn and snuggle up at his side before falling asleep with a happy and contented smile on her face. Vahn noticed that she didn’t seem to have bad dreams anymore and her trust toward him had increased by a fair amount.

Vahn felt slightly protective of the small girl, and it felt like his self-control had improved a lot in the last week with her at his side. Now, whenever he interacted with girls like Anubis and Nanu, Vahn wasn’t so influenced by their change in reaction to his petting. He showed them affection and felt warm feelings for them instead of being overly-reliant on getting a rise out of them. They also seemed to have noticed his change and had happy expressions on their faces whenever he would scratch behind their ears.

Though they may not have understood why he had changed so quickly, Vahn was very aware of the reasons as it related to the place he spent the most time. Whenever Vahn entered the orb, he would experience an extra six days for every one day in the real world. That meant that, by the end of the week, Vahn had more than a months time to organize his thoughts and adapt to the changes around him. In the brief few seconds where he would spend days with the overly affectionate Eva, Vahn was able to get a lot of his urges out of his system. This, combined with his interactions with the girls at the Hostess of Fertility and the members of his family back home had rapidly changed his character.

Speaking of Eva, she too had changed quite a bit over the course of the week where they had been interacting with each other intimately. Instead of the black gothic dress, she liked to wear in the past, she instead wore cute and somewhat revealing clothing and often tried to tease Vahn in the moments when he wasn’t too busy. The moment he would finally put down his tools, she would immediately drag him away to the bath and receive his pampering for a few hours as they both ‘rested’. Vahn noticed that she sought his affection more and more as time went on, and he pampered the girl quite a bit to alleviate her needs.

Because of their constant ‘battles’ for supremacy when she mounted his stomach, Vahn actually achieved a new benchmark in his capabilities. His [Hands of Nirvana] had finally increased from rank A to rank S, and he was now able to get a slight edge against the tyrannical vampire. Even with her near instantaneous recovery, Vahn was able to chain together the sensations long enough to get a rise out of her that made him pleased with himself. For the first time since their meeting, he was able to defeat Eva to such an extent that his abdomen had become bathed with a tantalizing and aromatic moisture.

Unfortunately, she didn’t seem as pleased by his actions as he was since she beat his chest with powerless strikes for nearly five minutes until he embraced her body. Though she calmed down a bit when he hugged her, that actually spelled his own demise as she regained her clarity enough to counterattack him. For nearly four hours after that, she tormented his body till the point where he had to forcefully activate his [Will of the Emperor] to escape her clutches. Though it made him feel a bit ashamed to retreat, Vahn still laughed like a fool as he ran away from the bed and toward his workshop to take out his frustrations on a piece of metal. Though she could have stopped him with her telekinesis, Eva just smiled as she followed his retreat with her eyes. After he left the room, she laid down on the bed and enjoyed the remnant heat coming from the blankets as she fell into a peaceful sleep.

And this was how Vahn spent what amounted to nearly thirty-five days worth of time in a single week. When Saturday morning came, he performed his ritual of fixing Tina’s posture and giving her a kiss on her forehead before he reentered the orb with more excitement than normal. Today would be a very important step on his path toward the future, and Vahn could hardly wait to see if his theory proved true.

The moment he opened his eyes within the orb, he immediately opened his arms to catch the small girl that dropped on top of him. Since Eva could sense when he was entering the orb, she had developed the habit of floating above where he would appear before dropping down on him. Vahn noticed that this time, she was wearing lacy white lingerie that highlighted her incredibly fair skin and golden hair. Vahn had realized that, the closer they became, the lighter her attire had become as well. Though she originally started with pure black clothes, she transitioned to colors like reds, blues, and purples until she eventually started wearing lighter versions of the colors before fully transitioning to golds, pinks, and whites.

When he pointed it out to her previously, she actually beat him up a bit with a fierce blush on her face. The entire time she did so, Vahn couldn’t help but laugh and tease her for her cute actions. After she had finally forced him to ‘concede’, she explained to him in a low voice that she changed her clothing to appeal to him more. Vahn nodded his head in response because he often gave her compliments when she changed attires and lighter colors really did suit her well.

After Eva finally released him from the bedroom, Vahn made his way to the workshop with an excited and almost giddy anticipation building within him. Eva had noticed his strange behavior and followed behind to see what he was up to. Seeing him start forging like normal, Eva couldn’t help but ask, “What are you up to that is making you act like such an idiot?”

Vahn had long grown accustomed to her ‘insults’, so he didn’t pay it any mind as he responded, “I have an ability to imbue the ‘legend’ of a name into entities without names. It has a very long cooldown, and the cooldown will be up in just a few hours. I really want to try it out on a sword to see how it influences the final product.”

Eva’s eyes opened wide in surprise as she asked, “You have naming magic? That is one of the most powerful systems of magic generally only used by the gods and those that emulate them.” If what Vahn said was true, it meant that he had far more magical potential than she had realized. She already knew that he was likely very compatible with the Magia Erbea from his ‘transformation’ magic, and now he even had one of the rarest types of magic from her world and mentioned it casually, almost as if it weren’t an important matter.

Vahn nodded his head and set down the metal he was working with to be treated by the ‘eternal flame’ as he pulled out a beautiful rainbow-colored crystal. Before Eva could ask, Vahn said, “Follow me, I’ll show you something pretty cool.” The two made their way out of the workshop and into an open area where Vahn didn’t have to worry about accidentally breaking anything. Infusing his energy into the crystal, it began to glow with a beautifully resplendent color before purple mist began to explode rapidly from the crystal as he threw it forward.

A large black dragon that was nearly 7m in length emerged from the crystal and flew into the sky before releasing a loud roar that echoed through the empty black and white world. Eva was surprised by the emergence of the dragon and asked, “Summoning magic?” Vahn shook his head in response as he explained how he had met a wyvern in the dungeon and tamed it. Shortly after, he used his ‘naming magic’ to give it the name of a legendary dragon which had forced it to evolve from a frail pink wyvern into the powerful black dragon flying in circles above their head.

Eva listened to his explanation with a bit of disbelief on her face since, if his words were true, which they likely were, it meant that his ‘naming magic’ was far more powerful than she expected. She could sense that the dragon Fafnir had the same energy signature as Vahn, even though their auras were completely different. To her, it seemed more like summoning magic, but she also knew that Vahn wasn’t lying to her. This meant that he actually had ‘Mythic Grade’ magic, even though he didn’t even know anything about the basics. She suddenly felt like the promise he had made to save her had much greater credibility.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Go, Fafnir, I choose you~!’,’Daily Life of the Harem Emperor’,’Voracious Vampire Baba’)

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