Chapter 244: Hephaestus (1/2)

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Hearing Hephaestus’s words, Vahn felt an itch in his heart as an excitement far greater than when he had carved his mark into her backside. His brows lowered a bit while his eyes opened wide, almost as if he had a fiery look in his eyes as he said confidently, “Leave it to me!” Before she could even respond, Vahn lifted her body from the couch and hugged her bare breasts against his chest as he swept his hand toward the center of the room. As if materializing out of thin air, a large bed appeared and Vahn used Shundo and dropped them both in the center.

Though she was already incredibly excited, Hephaestus could feel her emotions compounding as her heart pounded like a hammer in her chest. The ‘decisiveness’ of Vahn and his actions immediately after her request made her body feel like it had turned into a furnace. She felt a powerful aching feeling in her womb as anxiety rose of from her abdomen and caused shivers to run up her back. Even before they had begun, Hephaestus had already turned into a sloppy mess from the anticipation alone.

Vahn leaned over Hephaestus’s body and kissed the side of her neck before slowly moving up the rest of her face starting from her ears, continuing to her cheek, and then finally locking lips with Hephaestus before invading her mouth with his tongue. Even though Vahn couldn’t really describe the taste well, it felt like her saliva made his body feel warmer and warmer as the emotions continued to rise between them. At this point, Hephaestus aura had turned a deep pink along the edges while the center was a passionate, almost blood-like red.

Even though he had seen her naked before, Vahn began to take deep breaths as he finally stopped kissing Hephaestus and worked his hands around her hips. She watched him with the most passionate expression he had ever seen and Vahn even noticed she was periodically holding her breath before releasing short, sharp, gasps. Since her trousers were form-fitting, they were very elastic and Vahn felt like he was removing a slightly thicker pair of hose from Hephaestus body. Before he even got far, Vahn nearly fell over onto Hephaestus after he got a whiff of the powerful aroma coming from her v*****.

Since it had been something that caused him excitement in the past, now that Vahn was so close, he had gotten a lungful of the mind-numbing aroma and it made him feel incredibly giddy. Even though he wasn’t a virgin, Vahn felt like everything he was experiencing was brand new and he could hardly contain his own excitement as he shakily removed the rest of Hephaestus’s clothing. Throughout the whole process, Hephaestus was biting the side of her hand and had even closed her eyes as a deep blush spread through her whole body.

For several seconds, nearing an entire minute, Vahn just stared down at Hephaestus’s nude body while unable to make any movements other than the jittering of his own body. The flush that had covered her body made every part of Hephaestus look even more beautiful. With the bond they shared, Vahn could feel her own emotions and it was an almost overwhelming sensation as her aura had long ago encompassed his body. He could feel it crawling along his skin and a heat spread through his body that seemed like it would burn through him if it wasn’t extinguished soon.

Vahn uttered in a shaky voice, “Before we use [Enkidu]…I want to make you my own in the normal way…we have plenty of time.” Vahn spoke through long breaths as he looked down on Hephaestus’s body from his kneeling position near her legs. Though it took her a while to compose herself, Hephaestus turned to Vahn and had an enamored smile on her face as she said, “Do it however you want…I just want to experience you…make everything else go away. I don’t want to be a goddess of forging, I just want to be your woman right now…”

At this point, even Vahn’s legs were shaking somewhat as he unequipped the remainder of his clothing and stripped off the briefs he had been wearing. Hephaestus’s eyes widened a bit at the sight as a burgundy blush appeared on her face. She had seen Vahn naked previously and had long prepared herself both physically and mentally. However, even though she had steeled her resolve, Hephaestus still dripped a small amount of blood from her nose due to the increased tensions and rise in blood pressure.

Though it wasn’t the first time he had been erect, Vahn felt like his p**** had grown a few centimeters due to his own excitement. Since he knew he could control it to an extent, Vahn wanted to calm himself down to make things easier for Hephaestus. However, before he could calm his mind, Hephaestus sat up from the bed with a bit of difficulty and reached forward to grab his member in her hands. The moment her hand made contact, Hephaestus twitched a bit and said, “It’s so hot…this will go inside me.” Then, against any expectations Vahn had, Hephaestus leaned down and removed swept her hair to the side with her free hand as she kissed the tip of his p**** and said, “Go easy on me…”

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Even though he had been struggling to suppress it, Vahn felt like his blood flow had increased marginally and had the illusion that his p**** would explode soon. This wasn’t caused by the urge to ejaculate, but the tensions in his body as he felt the girth of his own p**** increase marginally. Hephaestus had noticed it as well and had a strange smile on her face as she whispered, “Or not…”

Laying back down on the bed, Hephaestus pulled up her knees and spread her legs invitingly as she looked into Vahn eyes and said, “It doesn’t matter, shape me however you want…even if my body isn’t, my heart is ready.” Vahn gulped heavily and almost wanted to comment that Ais had been able to manage, but the words got stuck in his throat and he swallowed them down before they had the chance to form. If things got bad, Vahn could use [Hands of Nirvana] to ease any suffering she might feel…

Approaching near the inside of Hephaestus’s legs, Vahn placed his left hand on her waist as he positioned himself at the incredibly damp entrance of Hephaestus’s v*****. Though he hadn’t commented about it, Vahn was surprised by the sheer quantity of fluids produced by her body. There were already several stains soaking into the bed and Vahn was even worried that she would suffer from dehydration if things continued. When he pressed his glans along the smooth, slippery, interior of Hephaestus’s v*****, Vahn felt an incredible heat spread through his own p****.

Since she was a goddess, Hephaestus was completely bare on her crotch and everything glistened in the low light of the room and created a dangerous urge in Vahn’s heart. However, even before he began his insertion, a flood of liquid began pouring out from the steamy mound as Hephaestus’s body shook a bit. Vahn looked into her passionate eyes and locked gazes with her as she said, “Stop teasing me…”

Gritting his teeth, Vahn found the proper angle and began pressing his way forward into her depths. Other than the pleasant tightness, the thing that impacted Vahn the most was the incredible heat coming from her body. As if she was trying to compete with his own body that was powered by the ‘eternal flame’, Hephaestus’s interior was like an actual furnace and Vahn felt like she was trying to mold his p**** to her shape, instead of the opposite way around. As if driven by some primal instinct, Vahn powered his own ‘eternal flame’ and increased the heat of his own body until he reached a thin, somewhat firm, membrane.

Hephaestus’s body shook again and she opened up her arms and hugged around Vahn’s neck tightly. Before she said anything, Vahn fixed his angle to a more optimal position and pressed powerfully against the futile resistance. Immediately, the heat of Hephaestus’s body increased by a large degree as he inserted more than 80% of his p**** into her v***** with a single powerful thrust. In response, Hephaestus released a loud, gasping, moan as her body seized up from the sudden painful intrusion.

Vahn paused to allow her to adapt, but Hephaestus had different plans as she began forcibly kissing Vahn. Between gasping breaths and passionate kisses, Hephaestus said, “Don’t stop, I want to remember this forever. Even if you ravish my body…I would only feel more fulfilled…” Though he was tempted, Vahn removed Hephaestus’s hands from his face and body as he locked his fingers through hers and pressed them against the bed. Looking into her crimson-red eyes, Vahn said seriously, “I will make sure you remember this, but it won’t be through pain…”

Leaning down, Vahn kissed Hephaestus as she squirmed to free her hands. Even though he wasn’t moving on his own, Hephaestus seemed to be trying to take action herself as she wrapped her legs around his body and tried to pull him deeper into her depths. Though it was an incredibly pleasurable feeling for Vahn, especially since he noticed he was slowly pushing against the back of her v*****, he continued to maintain his focus and finally released Hephaestus’s hands while kissing her deeply.

Even when Hephaestus was lightly gasping for air, Vahn continued to kiss her and only stopped to allow her to catch her breath for a few seconds before continuing. Though not to the full extent, Vahn began to caress Hephaestus’s body with [Hands of Nirvana] as she squeezed his back with enough force to leave hand prints embedded in his flesh. Fortunately, Hephaestus seemed to trim her nails properly and there wasn’t any blood like when he had experienced something similar in the past.

Banishing excess thoughts from his mind, Vahn traced his hands along Hephaestus’s large breasts and began to massage them from the outside before working his way to the cherry-colored nipples in the center. Though she usually had lighter colored protrusions, when Hephaestus was excited they took on a blush of their own and became firm. Even before he touched them with his hands, Vahn had felt them scratching against his chest while they were kissing.

After around five minutes, Hephaestus’s body had begun to vibrate even though Vahn hadn’t eased the tension of her muscles like a normal massage. He had been stimulating her body instead and now there were powerful reverberations running through her body. Though he was tempted to heal her v***** as well, Vahn knew Hephaestus might begrudge him a bit since she seemed to care deeply about feeling the sensations normally. However, now that she was already in an echoing climax, Vahn began to slowly pull back his hips and piston into the fiery depths of Hephaestus’s v*****.

As if awakened from a pleasant dream, Hephaestus put more strength into her arms and began to gasp in sequence with Vahn’s gentle thrusts. Since he was paying attention to her reactions, Vahn tried to time his pace with her breathing so she wouldn’t be overly stressed. He couldn’t deny he was feeling an incredible amount of pleasure, but Vahn was mainly focused on Hephaestus’s needs and wanted to carve their first experience into her body. Though he didn’t do it himself, Vahn knew about masturbation and was aware that Hephaestus had comforted herself to him in the past. Since he couldn’t always be around, Vahn wanted to give her a memory she would never forget no matter what…

Every time Vahn thrust into her, Hephaestus felt a jolt run along her spine as the aching feeling in her womb became increasingly stronger. She couldn’t even form coherent thoughts anymore and just began chanting a phrase like it was the only thing that defined her at this moment, “Vahn…I love you…love you….love you…” Every time Vahn thrust into the back of her v***** and collided with her depths, Hephaestus would repeat the phrase like a mantra.

Though she had been stuck in a climax for a while, Vahn knew it was possible to push Hephaestus to more pleasurable heights. After slowing is pace a bit and taking a few deep breaths, Vahn looked into Hephaestus’s glazed eyes and stated firmly, “I’m going to get a bit rough…prepare yourself.” In response to his words, Hephaestus just gave a vibrant smile and said, “Vahn, I love you so much.” Taking her hands once again, Vahn pressed then back to the bed and whispered into Hephaestus’s ear, “I love you Hephaestus…”

After his words fell, Vahn began to put much greater effort into his thrusts and knocked at the entrance of Hephaestus’s cervix as if he was trying to pry it open. Fortunately, Vahn had researched a bit about the matter and found out that was a needless worry. He also knew that the v***** could expand during intense arousal and stimulation and was intent on making Hephaestus fully accept him. Though he knew it would probably be somewhat uncomfortable for her, Vahn also knew that Hephaestus would be happy as a result.

After more than two minutes of powerful thrusting, Vahn was at the absolute limit of his tolerance and Hephaestus had been loudly gasping while calling his name for a large part of the duration. Since he was worried about her suffocating, Vahn just continued to kiss Hephaestus’s neck for the entire duration until he had finally reached a point of no return. Even though he had only worked around 90-95% percent of himself into her, Vahn took one last breath and tensed his body as he gave one last thrust into the interior of Hephaestus’s v*****. Even though she hadn’t accepted it naturally, Vahn was able to press his hips against the hard area of her pelvis and fully insert himself into her interior as he ejaculated more powerfully than any previous instance.

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As he had also timed it with the echoes and gasps of Hephaestus, she immediately had a power, albeit somewhat painful, climax as she loudly shouted, “Vaaaaaaaaaaaahnnnnnnnnnn~!!!!” Feeling the bulging sensation in her own v***** and the incredibly hot liquid expanding her depths, Hephaestus began to take several fast breaths as the most powerful climax she had ever felt wracked her body. Though she had felt a sharp pain for a moment, it was completely driven away by the intense heat that was spreading through her body.

While his own hips were shaking and he was holding himself over Hephaestus’s body, Vahn felt a strange sensation passing through his bloodstream and was incredibly confused by what was happening. The instant he had been preparing to ejaculate, the ‘eternal flame’ in his chest had seemingly exploded as its essence passed through his bloodstream and infused itself with his semen. He could feel a powerful heat erupt from his p**** and it felt like the inside of Hephaestus’s v***** had turned from a hot furnace into a blazing smeltery. His confusion compounded even further when the ‘eternal flame’ seemed to calm down and even acted somewhat melancholic as the heat began to dissipate…

Before he could investigate further, Hephaestus grabbed the sides of his face since he had released her hands earlier and began to kiss him. Though it was still passionate, it was far more gentle than their earlier kisses had been. Vahn decided to bring up the matter with Hephaestus in a bit, but for now, he would continue to comfort her in the afterglow of their union. Even though he already considered Hephaestus to be one of most beautiful women he had ever met, Vahn felt like she was especially beautiful at this moment…

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Leave it to me! -bed appears out of thin air- Aren’t you a little too well prepared!?’,’Everlasting Impression’,’Eternal Flame’s Peculiarity’)

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