Chapter 245: Vahn (2/2)

After Hephaestus had calmed down a bit, Vahn looked lovingly into her eyes and stated his earlier impression, “I feel like you’re becoming even more beautiful…” His words caused Hephaestus’s smile to turn radiant and she responded, “They say a woman in love gets more beautiful every time she is with the man she loves. From now on, I’ll become even more beautiful just for you~.” Vahn felt his brain buzz a bit as a large smile covered his face and his whispered playfully, “I think that before the year ends, you might be the most beautiful woman in the world then…”

While Hephaestus was marginally shocked, Vahn reached his hand down and grasped her breast somewhat firmly. Her body arched a bit and Hephaestus’s breathing began to increase as she asked, “Already?” Though she didn’t specifically say what, Vahn knew she was asking if he was ‘able’ to go again. Feeling a little mischevious, Vahn whispered, “I can literally go forever if it is with someone as beautiful as you…call it the perks of my unique body.” Though she didn’t know exactly what he meant, Hephaestus remembered that one of his assumed divinities was related to ‘fertility’. The thought of an endless cycle of love-making with Vahn made her heart begin to race.

However, before they continued, Vahn wanted to let Hephaestus know about his concerns and began discussing what had happened with the ‘eternal flame’ when he ejaculated inside of her. Hearing Vahn so casually mentioning the act made Hephaestus feel a little flustered since, even now, Vahn’s semen was warming up the interior of her v*****. Though she couldn’t confirm it with her eyes, she even imagined some had found its way directly into her womb and had caused the aching feeling she had been experiencing to increase by a large amount.

After hearing the full explanation, Hephaestus responded with a relative certainty to her voice, “It is the ‘eternal flames’ desire to create. When you…-inaudible-…inside of me, I’m almost certain it was looking for an egg to infuse the energy into. I think the flame wants to help you impregnate me and make the child between us more powerful.” Her words caused Vahn to remember the heart’s desire of the eternal flame and recall the image of the ‘fetus’ that had been wreathed within the flame.

Since the Loyalty value of the ‘eternal flame’ was actually immeasurable, Vahn knew that it wouldn’t do anything to harm himself or Hephaestus. While his other subordinates showed values for their Loyalty, the ‘eternal flames’ had always displayed the words (Absolute) instead of an actual value. Though he couldn’t be sure until he actually impregnated Hephaestus, Vahn believed that her words and intuition were correct. As the creator of the ‘eternal flame’, Hephaestus would understand its tendencies to an extent he couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Now that they had agreed on the matter, Vahn asked in a low voice, “Are you ready…?” As he spoke, a resplendent golden chain appeared out of the air that made Hephaestus rapidly beating heart more than double in speed and intensity. Since they were embracing each other, Vahn could feel her body shaking and also experienced the emotions that Hephaestus was going through. Her aura had turned a deep crimson and the pink hue almost looked ‘dangerous’ as wispy tendrils of her aura began to wrap around [Enkidu].

Though it was a part of him, Vahn briefly felt somewhat jealous of [Enkidu] since it was able to garner such a large reaction out of the woman he loved. Laughing a bit at himself, Vahn asked again, “Hephaestus, will you bear my child?” Instead of making it just about her, Vahn decided to ask her in a way that was inclusive of himself. Hephaestus seemed to realize it as well and crawled out of his embrace before stopped mid-movement. Vahn had thought she was going to lay down again, but Hephaestus looked over her shoulder and said, “I want you to bind me like this…since you like my butt so much, I think this position could be enjoyable for both of us.”

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Even though the majority of his anxiety had faded long ago, Vahn suddenly felt giddy after hearing Hephaestus’s words and seeing her butt slightly waggling in front of his eyes. There was a slightly viscous liquid dripping from her exposed v***** that was a mixture between three different fluids. Vahn suddenly felt a powerful urge well up inside of him and positioned himself behind Hephaestus with his own expectations building.

As if she found his reaction amusing, Hephaestus murmured, “You definitely like butts…well, mine is yours to do as you please from now on. After all…you even marked it…” Hearing her words, Vahn felt a pressure rise in his nose as he traced the black crest-like maker’s mark he had left on Hephaestus’s backside. Since it was in full view from this position, Vahn felt a sudden…possessive feeling well up inside of him. Even though he didn’t plan to treat her as an object, Vahn felt like Hephaestus truly did belong to him after hearing her words…

Sending a mental signal to [Enkidu], the chains gingerly inched forward and began to bind Hephaestus’s body from the void. Since he had to use his domain, Vahn’s mind was somewhat calmer but it didn’t prevent the emotions he wanted to feel from remaining. His fears and inhibitions started to fade away as a ‘confidence’ replaced them and made all of his positive emotions more prevalent within his mind.

After [Enkidu] wrapped around her arms, legs, and torso, Hephaestus’s aura diminished by a massive amount and her Divinity was completely sealed. From this point on, she was a mortal and would experiences all her urges without the influence of her Divinity at all. With the support of [Enkidu] around her torso, Hephaestus didn’t even need to hold her own body up as she began to relax. Though it was a strange sensation to be wrapped in chains, for some reason they made Hephaestus feel comfortable. She even started to suspect she had some deviant tendencies she wasn’t aware of, but it was actually due to Vahn’s desire to bring her comfort and not injure her that made the chains feel soft to the touch.

While Hephaestus was thinking strange thoughts, Vahn knew matters weren’t as simple as the goddesses suspected. Since he had done quite a bit of research, Vahn knew that a girl needed an egg within their fallopian tubes if they wanted to get pregnant. Even if the goddesses suddenly became mortal, it didn’t mean they would have an egg on standby waiting to be fertilized. Since waiting several days, or even weeks, while wrapped in chains would be inconvenient, Vahn had come up with a…solution of sorts.

Though it had been awkward, Eva had helped him out with the problem and Vahn had confirmed that he was able to guide one of the eggs from the ovaries and place it firmly against the lining using his [Eyes of Truth] to literally peer into the inside. Because it felt dangerous, when they had practiced the act, Vahn had asked Eva to assume her adult form, even though she teased that he wouldn’t be able to escape the matter when he met her real self in the future.

Vahn explained the process to the somewhat confused Hephaestus who had never heard about such concepts before. Since the medical sciences and education in the Danmachi record were somewhat halted with the existence of magic and gods, it meant that there was a severe lack of understanding about the matters of procreation. Though many races experienced a period cycle, there were several ‘traditional’ methods and beliefs about how to increase fertility that wasn’t founded in anything concrete. The only guaranteed methods related to being an Amazon or having a Divinity related to fertility.

During the explanation, Vahn stared intently ‘through’ Hephaestus’s backside with an incredibly focused look on his face. Since Hephaestus had looked back and seen his expression, she remained silent and turned her head while having strange thoughts about Vahn’s appreciation of her backside. Of course, while she was having a small misunderstanding, Vahn was using his [Eyes of Truth] to peer into her fallopian tubes and performing one of the most delicate procedures imaginable. He managed to remove a single egg and guide it along the small tube before shepherding it against the inner walls. If he wanted to, Vahn could even guide some of the semen that had already entered her womb and guarantee she would get pregnant then and there.

However, Vahn didn’t want to make the process feel so artificial so, as soon as he placed the egg securely, he began to position himself behind Hephaestus’s butt. He had other ways of guaranteeing she got pregnant by just checking on the status of the egg as they continued their lovemaking session after all. By the time they were done, Vahn would sure Hephaestus was pregnant no matter what.

The moment Vahn began to reposition himself, Hephaestus felt an incredible excitement building in her body that was only enhanced by the inclusion of [Enkidu]. She knew that, since he was now ready to continue, that she would most likely be pregnant soon. Even though it hadn’t been confirmed yet, Hephaestus felt so much happiness in her body that she shouted, “Do it, please, impregnate me Vahn!” With her words as the marker, Vahn found the correct angle and pressed forward in a relatively swift, steady, motion until he was completely within her v*****.

Vahn noticed that he was actually able to maintain his angle easier from this position and could even insert himself completely into Hephaestus which made them both feel a bit of excitement. Grabbing her waist with his hands, Vahn began to slowly and rhythmically thrust into Hephaestus while becoming enamored by the sight of the ripples spreading through her butt from his impacts. Even if he wasn’t actually drawn to butts before, Vahn felt like he had completed a strange awakening especially since he could see his own mark on her backside close enough that he could touch it with his thumbs. There were even two slight, dimple-like, indentations on Hephaestus’s backside which seemed like a perfect place to press his thumbs into…

He wasn’t the only one enjoying himself as Hephaestus also felt an incredible pleasure literally hammering through her body. Every time Vahn collided with her backside, she was pressed against the comfortable chains of [Enkidu] and they served as a support to keep her firmly rooted against him. She began to release loud, gasping, moans as she once again began to repeat her mantra. Though he hadn’t noticed it yet because of his intense focus, every time Hephaestus repeated her mantra her love parameter would increase by several points. Vahn would later find out that it had grown to more than thirteen-thousand after their short period of time together…

Vahn had gotten strangely mesmerized by everything that was happening and was slowly stimulating the lower back of Hephaestus using his [Hands of Nirvana]. He could hear her calling his name and it was almost like her words were piercing his mind and the only thing he could feel was an incredible pleasure and heat coming from their connection. Though she wasn’t incredible tight, Hephaestus’s v***** hugged his p**** firmly and transmitted an almost insane level of heat through his body. If not for his absolute fire resistance, Vahn even speculated that his p**** would have been cooked by the heat. Instead, he just felt an incredible, almost indescribable pleasure.

He also noticed that his legs had become completely soaked by the fluids draining from Hephaestus’s several consecutive climaxes and began to wonder what kind of reaction she might have if he stimulated her sensitive little button. Since Hephaestus already had such an incredible reaction, Vahn hadn’t even gotten near the blood-red little bead because he was afraid she might immediately pass out. Deciding to leave the matter for a later time, Vahn began to increase the speed and intensity of his thrusts.

Since he had been so focused, even though he was in a dazed state, Vahn had been rhythmically colliding against Hephaestus’s butt for nearly twenty minutes and had left her in a somewhat pitiful state. Even in the millions of years of her life, Hephaestus had never expected to experience anything like the sex she was having with Vahn. Not only was she likely to get pregnant, but Vahn was incredibly attentive of her and constantly pushing her pleasure to greater heights. Even though she felt like the situation was almost ‘maddening’, Hephaestus actually felt incredibly secure with Vahn and didn’t mind embracing the pleasure fully since she knew he would always be there to catch her when she fell.

Before he ejaculated, Vahn had activated his [Eyes of Truth] and got to experience the strange sight of his own p**** moving through molten folds of Hephaestus’s v*****. He could even see her body writhing about every time he impacted her cervix and noticed that it distended and followed his movements as if waiting for his inevitable release. More than any sight he had ever seen, Vahn felt a dangerous anticipation at watching his own actions on the inside of someone else’s body. It felt like ants were crawling over his brain and he couldn’t take his eyes away from the sight until he finally released everything inside of Hephaestus.

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When he ejaculated, Vahn hugged Hephaestus’s waist tightly and tried to press the tip of his p**** against the small hole of her cervix. Even though the interior of her v***** swelled up with his semen, only a small amount actually managed to get through. Though he didn’t guide it himself, Vahn slowly moved Hephaestus’s hips after the to create an easier path for the life-giving fluids, enhanced by the ‘eternal flame’, to follow. When the egg had been fully submerged in his own semen, Vahn pushed his [Eyes of Truth] to the limit and enhanced the magnification to the level where he would normally even be able to see molecules. He could see tiny wriggling entities swarming around the small membrane of the egg and even clearly saw one successfully break through.

Checking his system to make sure, Vahn had a large smile on his face as he loosened [Enkidu] and lowered the panting Hephaestus to the bed. Laying down next to her, Vahn turned her body to the side so they could see each other’s faces. She hadn’t fully recovered from the climax she had experienced and had an almost blank expression in her eyes as Vahn gently stroked her damp hair. After moving away some of the stickier pieces covering her face, Vahn used [Hands of Nirvana] to help ease her mind until the water haze had returned to a clear light. In the most gentle and loving tone Vahn had ever managed, he whispered, “Congratulations Hephaestus…you’re going to be a mother.”

Though tears began to well up in her eyes, Hephaestus actually didn’t lose her composure as she began to stroke Vahn’s face with her own hand. She whispered through a sobbing voice, “Don’t forget…you’re going to be a father also…we’ll be parents…together…I love you so much Vahn.” Since he had been so focused during the act, Vahn had completely forgotten the fact that he was actually going to be a father. Of course, he knew he would be, but he hadn’t made the mental connection yet since he had been paying attention to Hephaestus. Now that he heard her words, tears began to well up in his own eyes as a powerful sense of accomplishment and jubilation began to spread through his body. His hand that had been gently stroking Hephaestus’s face began to shake a little as he placed his forehead against her’s and said, “I love you so much Hephaestus…thank you…thank you…”

Vahn continued to utter his thanks as Hephaestus cradled his head into her chest and comforted him. Though she wanted to remark that it had been Vahn that saved her from an eternity of loneliness and had given her everything she loved, Hephaestus was more focused on tending to his needs at the moment. There was so much she was thankful for, but that could be expressed at any time from here onwards. For now, just like he had been attentive of her during the act, it was now Hephaestus’s turn to attend to him after the fact…this was their mutual love and the truest expression of their shared feelings.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘Eternal Flame…of Life!’,’The Awakening of Vahn Mason’,’Mother : Father’)

(A/N: You might have noticed that, even though it was a two-part chapter, they both have different titles~! This was to show that Hephaestus and Vahn came together to make a complete story by the end of the chapters (O,…,O)!)

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