Chapter 253: Leave it to me…

Because of his personal preference, the dining room table was the same style of low table as the ones he had used back at his old workshop and during his stay with Tsubaki. In fact, because he enjoyed the style, Vahn had completely redesigned the dining room to simulate the designs of the Far East. One of the main reasons he enjoyed this style of table was that he could easily sit next to others without any difficulty. Right now, Eina was sitting at his left and they were in very close proximity to each other while the new ‘maids’, Erimu and Maemi served dinner.

Hestia would typically sit next to him and get in the way a bit, but she was now on the opposite side of the table flanking Preasia with Fenrir. Though Vahn wasn’t aware of everything she had experienced, he could tell that Preasia had suffered a severe trauma and was in a catatonic state. She had almost no expressions and only ate small bites of food when it was offered to her. Though she seemed to respond to people’s words and followed their guidance, Preasia still hadn’t spoken a single time since Vahn had met her. Because the maid outfit she had originally worn wasn’t appropriate, Hestia had helped her change into a thick wool sweater and something similar to pajama pants with slippers. Because of her shaggy hair and tail, Preasia looked somewhat round and fluffy compared to most normal girls.

After everyone got their dishes, the twins sat down and Vahn started the meal after giving a short welcoming speech to their new members. As the Captain of the Familia, it was his job to regulate and assign duties to everyone in the future but he had left the twins to the discretion of Hestia until they decided what kind of training they wanted to do. Vahn learned that, other than basic chores and cooking, the girls didn’t actually have much of an education at all. Even though they were already sixteen years old, they had never learned to read or write properly as it was unnecessary in their relatively nomadic lifestyle in the Northern Tundras. From now on, other than cleaning and cooking, they would be learning to read alongside Fenrir. Just imagining Fenrir helping the girls learn to read made Vahn smile slightly.

After dinner, Hestia took all of the girls together to enjoy a group bath in the onsen. Surprisingly, the twins had actually experienced onsens before as they lived near a mountain range where hot springs were common in the mountains. The only person who didn’t have a reaction was Preasia who needed to be tended to by Hestia with the support of the twins. Of course, Vahn didn’t learn any of this until later as he was in the men’s side being accompanied by Eina for the first time.

Surprisingly, even though he had seen several girls naked, Vahn had never seen the body of his own ‘first wife’ before now. Eina didn’t even show up to ask for a massage and they only went on a few dates alongside Hephaestus. When Vahn asked why, Eina told him that she didn’t want to enjoy Vahn’s service and care like the other girls. If she had her way, she would be the one taking care of Vahn so that he could actually relax.

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When Vahn first saw Eina’s naked body, he was very impressed by the somewhat youthful, yet mature, figure of the half-elf girl. They were nearly identical in height, except Eina was a single centimeters shorter at 164cm. As for her sizes, she had relatively large breasts that measured about 86cm compared to her 56cm waist and 87cm hips. Though Vahn never really noticed it before, he could see that Eina actually had a large bust and relatively fleshy butt with thin, long legs, and a healthy complexion. Though slight, she had a bit of matching brown hair on her pubic region that made her seem more mature.

Though she had a flushed expression, Eina had a smile on her face before helping Vahn undress and leading him to the smallest of the pools, one typically only suitable for a single person. While helping him undress earlier, Eina had also taken a close inspection of Vahn’s body and noticed that he had an incredibly athletic figure with a thin waist that almost made her jealous. Even though his muscles looked firm, when she touched them with her fingers they were actually somewhat springy. Of course, as was to be expected, the thing she took the most notice of was Vahn’s p****. She had heard the rumors, but this was actually her first time seeing what some of the girls on the network called the slumbering beast.

After helping Vahn sit in the pool, Eina stood in the center before crouching down in front of him with a surprisingly enamored look. If not for her clear eyes, Vahn would have thought she was aroused, but he also saw how stable her aura was and knew this was a normal reaction for her. Even though her blush reached her ears, she was actually calm and rational while she stared at Vahn from the front. Because of the small size of the pool, Eina was kneeling down between Vahn’s open legs without making any efforts to conceal herself at all. Tilting her head sideways, Eina asked curiously, “Does it not get big when you see a naked girl? I always heard that boys get aroused easily…” For a moment, Eina wanted to ask if Vahn didn’t like her body but she knew it was a dumb question and trailed off her words at the end.

Vahn thought about her words for a moment before explaining, “I think that, other than my expression, I’ve always had near perfect control over my body. I’ve never gotten an erection unexpectedly after the very first time it happened.” Eina’s brows raised slightly as she leaned forward and poked the sleeping beast with a bit of intrigue. After a few seconds, she looked into Vahn’s eyes and asked, “Can you get it up for me?” As if speaking a magic spell, Eina noticed that Vahn’s beast immediately awakened and even shot up for a breath of air.

Other than her eyes opening slightly for a brief moment and her ears turning redder, Eina didn’t have a reaction to the awakening other than commenting, “I feel like it’s bigger than the rumors stated.” It was Vahn’s turn to be surprised as he asked, “Do the other girls really talk about that kind of stuff on the network?” Ever since they had established their personal network, Vahn had been denied access to it other than when he asked someone to send a message for him.

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Eina nodded her head and explained, “Its quite the curious thing really, I never knew how fun it could be to converse with people throughout the City. Other than the exorbitant price of the ink, I really feel that it should be a more easily accessible form of communication.” With a smile on her face, Eina continued, “It helps that we all have something in common to talk about. Every time you went on a date with some of the girls, they would spend part of the evening bragging about all the places you took them and the clothes they tried on~”

Vahn imagined several of the girls he associated with happily writing away in their scrolls while passing messages back and forth between each other. He had once asked for a scroll of his own, but he was shot down and told that it was better if the girls had their own network of communication without having to worry about him seeing anything. Though Vahn had agreed at the time, he was now somewhat jealous and wanted to at least purchase a second set of scrolls just to keep in touch with everyone.

For the brief period of time when Vahn was thinking, Eina stood up from the water and turned her back to him. Vahn was somewhat tempted to pinch her butt, which had turned slightly red from being submerged in the hot water. Eina looked toward him and said, “Excuse me for a moment, I’m just a bit curious…” After speaking, Eina sat down into Vahn’s lap with her legs on the outside of his. Vahn could only really see her back, but he put his arms around her front out of habit before peaking over her shoulder.

Eina had rested her genitals on top of Vahn’s p****, near the base, and had gingerly held it upwards toward her own stomach. Tracing her index finger from her bellybutton, it looked like she was trying to measure the distance between it and the head of his p****. After confirming it, Eina said, “If you’re this close to my navel, I can’t help but worry about some of the smaller girls.” Her words finished, Eina climbed off of Vahn’s body before sitting back down between his legs.

Vahn released a sigh and explained, “I should be able to do something about the size with practice…” Eina heard his words and giggled a bit before saying, “That is a very ‘Vahn-like’ way to think about things. I don’t think you should worry about it at all, as some of the girls would just see it as a challenge. There is no need for full-insertion to begin with, so just keep doing your best and it should be fine. After all of Hephaestus’s bragging, I don’t think anyone would fault you for the amount of attention you put into your efforts.”

Eina’s words made Vahn laugh slightly as he seriously considered what she had said. Remembering the competition between Tiona and Ais, Vahn somewhat agreed with what she said. The moment he thought about the two girls, Eina asked, “Ah, you’re thinking about Tiona and Ais?” Vahn was surprised and raised his brows a bit as she continued, “You have slightly different expressions when you think about different girls. It is kind of cute…” Crawling closer to his body, Eina asked, “Tell me Vahn, what can I do for you…Is there anything you’ve ever been curious about?”

Vahn grit his teeth a bit as Eina placed her hands on his sides and stared into his eyes with her emerald green pair. For a brief moment, Vahn thought about some of the acts that he had seen at the red light district, but he immediately frowned before saying, “Even if I enjoy sex, I don’t think it’s a good time to get into anything more than what I’ve already done. I just like spending time with you and relaxing like we are, I don’t think we need to do anything illicit…”

Eina’s smile widened a bit as she moved away and rested against the opposite side of the pool. She spread her arms and said, “Come then, lay down and let me hold you…I can do at least that much, right?” Vahn felt a bit of warmth spread through his heart as he moved through the water and turned his back before laying against Eina’s breasts. Even though the pool was small, he could still float a bit if he oriented his body properly. Eina wrapped her arms around his chest and pulled Vahn closer toward her as she cradled him in her bosom and stared at his face from above.

After the bath ended, Eina and Vahn headed to his room and relaxed in the bed for a bit while Vahn scanned the Manor with his perception and located where everyone was presently. He could tell that the girls were still in the onsen, so he only paid a bit of attention to them as enjoyed the feeling of Eina leaning against his shoulder. For a few minutes, they just continued to lay in silence until Vahn saw that Hestia had gone to stay in the same room as Fenrir and Preasia. He smiled since he knew she was giving him some alone time with Eina, even though this would be the second day in a row he failed to spoil her.

When Eina heard Vahn’s ‘status report’ of the location of the other girls, she sat up on the bed with the same gentle smile and slightly flushed face as she said, “Take off your shirt and lay on your stomach. Since you enjoy giving massages so much, I thought it was about time that you received one of your own. Though I can’t imagine I’m as skilled as your ‘godly hands’, I think I can at least help you relax a bit.”

Without unequipping it, Vahn removed the tunic he wore to bed before rolling over onto his stomach with a bit of expectation building up inside him. Eina, who had been wearing a pair of frilly red shorts and a light-yellow sleeveless blouse, removed her top and revealed her breasts. Since none of the girls seemed to wear their bras while they slept, when she removed her top Eina rose-bud protrusions were completely visible. Before Vahn could ask, she explained, “If I can make you feel a little tense, it will be easier to find the areas that need to be massaged. Just relax your body and entrust everything to me…”

Vahn nodded his head and took Eina’s advice as he completely released the tension from his body. She sat on his lower back with her relatively light body and began massaging his shoulders while probing for any knots that might have built up in his body. Vahn knew that she had probably researched it a bit but had likely never given a massage to anyone before. However, even though it wasn’t a high-level technique, Vahn felt like the massage Eina gave him was incredibly comfortable. Even the warm and fleshy feeling of her butt against his lower back was enough to make him feel happy, much less the pleasant feeling of the actual massage. Before even a few minutes had passed, Vahn ended up falling asleep with a happy smile on his face.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: ‘The Strength of an Onee-san’,’Sisterly Advice and Skinship’,’It is important to receive and not just give, give, give.’)

(A/N: It may not be obvious since I can’t fit every character into every chapter, but you should imagine that most of Vahn’s and Eina’s interactions are like this. Remember, even though she sees herself as his wife, Eina also sees Vahn as something akin to a younger brother that needs her care.)

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