Chapter 274: Compromise

While Loki had started kissing Vahn, Hestia glared at her with teary eyes as she rubbed her butt and said, “Loki, I thought we were supposed to be getting along!?’ After savoring the moment for a bit, Loki removed her lips from Vahn and peaked over his shoulder and said, “Well, I thought about groping your butt since you were clinging to Vahn…but I couldn’t resist giving it a nice pinch instead. I promised not to interact with anyone other than Vahn like that, so unless he wants me to I’ll keep my hands to myself…”

Vahn tilted his head with a thoughtful expression and said, “I’d like for the two of you to get along better, but I don’t think it should be through teasing each other…it’s confusing to think about the relationships between girls. Since I don’t have many guy friends, I don’t have a good baseline to make my judgments from…Hmmm.” Loki heard Vahn’s words and had a playful look in her eyes as she removed her arms from around his neck and walked by his body towards Hestia on the couch. Hestia glared at her a bit before her eyes widened when Loki began groping her breasts. She screamed, “Loki, you gorilla girl~!” Hestia then tried to kick away Loki, but she turned her body to the side and fell towards Hestia before sealing her lips.

Not only Hestia, but Vahn’s eyes widened and he wasn’t sure if he should interfere with the situation. It was the first time he had ever seen one girl kiss another so his mind blanked for a moment as a dizzying feeling overcame his mind. Hestia resisted Loki but couldn’t do much to resist the ‘highly experienced’ hands and tongue of the trickster goddess. After a few seconds passed, Hestia closed her eyes tightly and began to blush fiercely until Loki finally pulled away with a trail of saliva connecting their lips. She peeked into Hestia’s watery eyes with a slight fervent expression and whispered, “Let’s get along better from now on Hestia…we both ‘love’ the same man after all…”

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Hestia gnashed her teeth for a bit and held Loki’s gaze before turning her head to the side in a huff and saying, “Don’t just do as you please, I only love Vahn…” Hestia’s bashful actions seemed to incite something in Loki who caressed her face and tried to kiss the flustered Hestia again before Vahn grabbed the red ponytail at her back and prevented her actions. Though he thought it was an enticing sight, Vahn heard Hestia’s words and decided to interfere before things got out of hand.

Loki gave a false cry of pain as she patted Vahn’s hand holding her ponytail and said, “I give, I give, it’s not nice to grab a girls hair under normal circumstances~!” Vahn let her hair go and Loki separated from Hestia before giving her a cheeky look and saying, “Well, its whatever for now, but I think things might get interesting later on…” Understanding her implications, Hestia blushed and hung her head which let Vahn understand what they were talking about. Ever since he heard Hestia say that Loki was coming over, Vahn assumed she might be staying the night as well. Especially after the earlier talks about children…

Vahn squinted his eyes and, instead of asking Loki, looked toward Hestia and asked, “Hestia…did you two already decide something between yourselves?” Hestia looked up and had an awkward expression on her face while Loki bit the fingernail of her thumb and had a somewhat excited look on her face. Hestia swallowed with a big gulp and explained, “I thought…I thought it would be unfair to get ahead of Loki since she was working so hard…and….and I was kind of scared to be alone.” As she spoke, Hestia began to breathe more deeply and Vahn could see her expression wavering a bit.

Vahn remembered Hestia’s earlier words about not backing down and knew she was pushing herself pretty hard to overcome her own inhibitions. Since she had a ‘frenemy’ type relationship and rivalry with Loki, they would be able to goad each other on and she would be able to muster up her own resolve. With a serious expression on his face, Vahn looked at Hestia for several seconds until her eyes stopped wavering and her aura began to stabilize. Even without him saying anything, Hestia realized Vahn was looking through her intentions and seeing the extent of her own resolve. If she backed down after Vahn agreed, it would probably be just him and Loki while she slept in her own room and dealt with the frustrations of knowing what was going on in the opposite room.

As if making an excuse to justify her actions, Hestia explained, “We’ll be together a lot from now on, so I think it’s only fair if Loki gets to spend time with you first. Besides, this way I can make sure she doesn’t do anything strange…” Continuing off of Hestia’s words, Loki retorted, “I might do some strange things if Vahn wants, but I’m not going to make him do anything. Even if he doesn’t tend to me often, I don’t mind being his plaything as long as I eventually get what I want…” Though Vahn had been seriously staring at Hestia, he faltered a bit when he heard Loki’s words and gave her a strange look.

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Loki saw his expression and explained in a ‘serious’ manner, “It’s not that strange, I just don’t want to try to be in ‘control’ of your actions when we’re together. I know myself better than anyone else and things would get out of hand if I didn’t take a more submissive role in the relationship. Except maybe Anubis, I’ll probably be the best option if you want to ‘vent’ any of your interests or frustrations. Most of the girls just want a simple and affectionate love, and that might be ‘healthy’ for a time, but you’ll eventually want to try other stuff. Even if you can hide it from others, I can tell that you’re the curious type that likes to push the boundaries after experiencing that massage of your’s…”

For a moment, Vahn had an absolutely blank expression on his face as he listened to Loki’s words. The main reason he needed someone to rein him in originally was due to his ‘interest’ in getting a rise out of the girls the associated with. If not for things being explained to him clearly, Vahn knew he would have walked down a slightly more deviant path since goddesses like Anubis were around him. Though it was difficult to admit, Vahn actually did like to see the different reactions he could get from the girls depending on his actions…and he might never mention it, but there was a small shadow in his heart after his visit to the red light district.

Seeing the look on Vahn’s face, Loki continued, “Remember, I said you can dress me up and do whatever you want back when we first made our agreement. If you step over the line, it would be better to hear it from me instead of one of the more delicate girls around you. Unlike most of them, I’ll always give it to you straight regardless of if we’re in public or in private. However, from now on, I’ll only devote myself to you since that is my personal commitment…I’ve told you before, but the opportunity to have a child is something that fundamentally changed my expectations in life. Everything else is secondary…and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that expectation a reality.”

Both Vahn and Hestia gulped at seeing the seriousness of Loki and hearing her resolute words. Hestia was beginning to realize that her resolve was much weaker than that of some of the other girls around Vahn. The fact that she wanted to regulate his relationships at all seemed strange considering she was the one lacking in resolve and self-control. For Vahn, he was just imagining his future interactions with Loki and could feel his brain buzzing slightly with both anxiety and anticipation. Of all the girls around him, Loki was the one least inclined to place restrictions on him currently and always took actions to clean up his messes. In a way, she was actually one of the most devoted girls to him, even if that devotion was only to guarantee she was able to have a child.

Swallowing a second time, Vahn asked seriously, “Are you intending-” Before he could finish, Loki gave him a serious look and said, “I’ll get pregnant when you choose to impregnate me. I don’t mind if we play around a bit before then. I don’t want to step on Hephaestus’s toes and take away her right to have the first child. I will say one thing though…” Loki looked over toward Hestia and said in a very serious manner, “I don’t think Hestia should have a child any time soon. It might sound selfish, but I think she is better suited to helping raise other children than having her own for the time being. If all the goddesses around you get pregnant so close together, it could cause problems in the group synergy in the future. It might act as the catalyst that makes other girls want to have children just because they are afraid of being ‘left out’.”

Though Vahn frowned slightly, it was Hestia who responded to Loki as she said, “I also don’t think it would be a good idea for me to get pregnant. It already feels like I’m cutting ahead of other people and I don’t want to be the source of friction that drives a wedge between Vahn and others anymore. I already decided to support him and take care of everyone in the Familia from now on, even if that doesn’t include having a child of my own.” Since Hestia had never imagined having a child in the past, she didn’t really have a good understanding of what she would do once she had one of her own.

Hestia’s words made Vahn briefly remember their earlier discussion about ‘regulating’ things so they can get a better understanding of the situation. Since he was only 15, there was no rush to have a large number of children, especially considering that he might live in this record for hundreds of years…With a gentle expression on his face, Vahn stroked Hestia’s hair before lovingly kissing her forehead. She looked up at him with her crystalline blue eyes and they could see the love they shared between them. In a way, other than descending from Heaven to look after him, this was the first ‘sacrifice’ Hestia was making to ensure Vahn’s happiness. It made her feel a little bit better about how often she had Vahn spoil her even when she clearly overstepped his boundaries sometimes…

Before they got caught up in their own atmosphere, Loki leaned forward and stared at them with a mischevious expression. She had a big grin on her face as she said, “Oh no, please, don’t mind me, I just want to see how the two of you kiss~! If you have any questions, I’ll be willing to answer them~.” Hestia had a fierce blushed on her face and pushed Vahn’s chest which caused him to nearly fall over since the wooden table was right behind his legs. However, as long as his feet were in contact with the ground, Vahn was able to use Shundo. Both Hestia and Loki tried to reach out to grab him as he disappeared from their sights before reappearing a few meters away. Since they hadn’t expected him to suddenly vanish, both Hestia and Loki collided with each other before nearly falling on the table.

Before they hit the hardwood surface, Vahn moved all the nearby furniture into his inventory and stepped forward to catch both goddesses in his arms. Even though less than two seconds had passed, there had been a huge change in the scene as a sequence of unexpected events played out. Because he had grabbed them by the waist and caught them against his chest, Vahn decided to tease Loki while punishing Hestia a bit for nearly causing an accident to happen. Putting a bit of strength in his grip, Vahn grabbed the firm left cheek of Loki’s butt while pressing his hand into the marshmallow softness of Hestia’s right cheek. Since they were leaning against him and had each other as shared supports, Vahn lifted up their bodies a bit and had a teasing smile on his face.

Hestia was heaving and Vahn could feel her heart rapidly beating like a startled rabbit after feeling Vahn’s hand on her body. Loki, however, broke from her stupor quickly and whispered, “I don’t mind staying like this for longer, but don’t we have to go eat dinner eventually?” Hearing her words, Vahn placed them back on the floor before fixing the furniture and table. After everything was sorted out, Vahn asked one last time, “Hestia, are you absolutely sure about this?” Hestia, who had been focusing on calming down, heard Vahn’s words and startled a bit before firmly stating, “I made my resolve earlier, don’t keep asking me to repeat the same things over and over! You should be mentally preparing yourself and expressing your gratitude for being able to take my first time~! I’ve protected this virginity of mine for…” Hestia almost shouted out her own age but suddenly faltered before stating, “For a long time! Make sure you treat me well or I’ll make your life difficult from now on~!”

Vahn knew that Hestia was one of only three goddesses in the western pantheon that had kept their virginity, so he treated Hestia’s words very seriously and said, “Leave it to me, I’ll make sure you never have any regrets for as long as I live Hestia!” Unexpectedly, Hestia kicked Vahn’s butt with her bare foot and shouted, “You’re giving me plenty of regrets already you dumb boy~! Make sure to make it up to me properly later.” Then before Vahn could recover, Hestia pointed toward Loki with her index finger and shouted, “From now on we’re partners as well Loki, so no more teasing me or I’ll make sure you never have time alone with Vahn!”

Without waiting for their responses, Hestia stormed out of the room and left the door open behind her as she made her way towards the dining room. Though she was surprised at first, Loki took on a thoughtful expression and stroked her chin as she said, “I’ll only want to tease you even more if you say things like that you chibi goddess…” As if a thought came to her mind, Loki looked toward Vahn and said, “I might need your help with something later…don’t freak out when the time comes, okay?” Before he could ask, Loki waved her hand dismissively and said, “Don’t worry, I know Hestia better than anyone…just leave it to me and support as best you can, okay?”

Though Vahn wanted to ask, Loki didn’t seem to be willing to tell him what she had planned. He knew her words about knowing Hestia best were true, but Vahn still said, “If she reacts badly, I’ll put a stop to it instantly…” Loki shook her head and explained as if she knew what Vahn was going to say, “I already heard about the incident this morning, you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking Hestia is as ‘naive’ and ‘innocent’ as she acts at times. Just trust me on this one…Remember, your ability to see auras isn’t as reliable as you might expect, especially when it comes to gods and goddesses…”

Vahn’s eyes opened a bit at Loki’s words and he couldn’t help but feel like he had actually overlooked something. He spent a lot of time with Hestia and trusted her deeply, but she did actually do things outside his expectations quite often…After a brief period of contemplation, Vahn nodded and gave Loki a serious look and said, “You’ve done a lot for me Loki, so I’ll trust you on this matter and do my best. Just understand that I care deeply for Hestia and don’t want to see her hurt in any way…” Even though she knew Vahn was being serious, Loki laughed a bit and said, “Hestia’s position is too cemented in your life, I’m not going to do anything to interfere with that fact. Trust me, Hestia won’t be hurt at all…” Without continuing the conversation, Loki laughed in a strange manner before stopping at the door and looking back at Vahn. With a playful smile on her face, she whispered in a seductive tone, “It’s something to look forward to…”

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