Chapter 275: Long Night (1/3)

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Vahn followed behind not long after Loki had left the room. He had a thoughtful expression on his face intermixed with a bit of curiosity. Seeing the amount of confidence she had in her words, Vahn was wondering what Loki had in mind for the evening. The only thing he was certain about was that things were always somewhat more interesting when more people were involved. Ironically, it helped Vahn pace himself because he tried to show attention to everyone instead of losing himself in the moment with a single person. When he was with Hephaestus…things got a bit out of hand and she almost had to ‘kick’ him out the next day because of it.

The seating arrangements had been changed again since it looked like Loki had kicked Haruhime out of the spot where she was likely sitting earlier. Vahn saw she had a somewhat docile look on her face as she sat next to Fenrir and Preasia while Loki was acting in an unrestrained manner. When Vahn sat down and they started eating, the atmosphere got a little better but things were still somewhat awkward. For many of the girls, this was their first time meeting Loki and she hadn’t been shy at all about complimenting the girls and even teasing them a bit. She especially liked to tease Fenrir, but Fenrir was having none of her behavior when Loki tried to say something to Preasia. She placed her paws on the table and sat forward and said, “Loki bad! Don’t say mean things to Preasia!”

Loki was informed about Preasia and would have normally kept to herself, but she had seen the look on the sheep girls face and the fact that she never looked away from Vahn was interesting to her. However, she realized Fenrir was very protective of the girl so she awkwardly laughed while drinking a small cup of wine that Vahn had given her earlier. Though she had heard about the girls that joined Vahn’s Familia, Loki was somewhat excited to see the ‘variety’ of girls at the table. Since she had been abstaining ever since making her promise with Vahn, it was difficult to keep her old habits from coming out when she was around him. She was actually about to sleep with both him and Hestia, so her tensions had been loosening a bit as she imagined any plays she might have with the girls present in the future.

After dinner, everyone lounged about a bit while doing their own things before preparing to take a bath and go to bed. Milan and Haruhime had become the defacto leaders of the ‘teaching people to read’ faction with their star pupils being Fenrir while Tina acted as an assistant. Mikoto had asked Ryuu for some pointers, so they went out back and were getting a bit of evening training in before taking a bath. The twins were learning to read while Preasia, who already knew how to read and write, was just sitting off to the side with a thick book in a large plush chair alone.

As for Vahn, Hestia, and Loki, they were slowly starting their own preparations for the coming night. Hestia had wanted to take a bath with Vahn, but Loki dragged her off to the women’s side since none of the other girls were bathing yet so she could help Hestia ‘prepare’ properly. She made a remark about potential dangers and things she needed to watch out for that weren’t appropriate for Vahn to hear so Hestia begrudgingly accompanied her ‘former’ rival. Since Vahn could detect their presence in the next room, he knew when they would be finishing up so he just enjoyed the heat of the bath while looking forward to the coming night.

By the time the other girls were beginning to show up in the bath, Loki and Hestia were on their way out and had been intercepted by Vahn who escorted them upstairs with a hint of giddiness in his step. When the finally entered the room, Loki actually pulled out a series of charms even though she clearly didn’t have pockets to keep them. She saw Vahn’s curious look and playfully stuck out her tongue as she placed them around the four corners of the room. By the time she was done, Loki activated a barrier that caused the entire room to feel somewhat ‘dense’ and Vahn realized it prevented sound from traveling more than a short distance through the air.

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Loki demonstrated the principle by looking over toward Vahn and Hestia, cupping her hands around her mouth, and ‘yelling’ with enough force that she leaned her body forward and her face turned a little red. Even though they were only a few meters away, Vahn and Hestia didn’t hear a single word, nor did they hear the laughter of Loki until she walked within three meters of them. She said mischievously, “Now it won’t matter how loud we are~.” Vahn made a mental note to find out where she got the charms while Hestia was acting very jittery and had a blush on her face while holding the edges of her dress.

Seeing her reaction, Loki turned to Hestia and stated clearly, “You have a choice to make, Hestia. You can either try to have a more ‘normal’ interaction with Vahn and trust that he’d treat you gently, or you can open yourself up a bit and interact with Vahn on a more meaningful level. Since it’s your first time, you have the option of treating it specially and wanting to enjoy the experience alone. However, if your first time is with another woman in the room, your expectations about sex will probably undergo a big shift. It’s not just me, but you’ll probably be involved with other girls in similar situations in the future…so, what will you choose?”

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Similar to their first meeting, Hestia placed her hands together as if she were praying to some unseen force and her body and aura slowly became stable. After she was calm, she looked into Loki’s slightly revealed red and said, “I know I’ll do a lot of selfish things in the future, so I want my first experience to change my expectations. I don’t want to continue being a restriction on Vahn in the future, so I’m not going to back down after I already made my decision.” As she spoke, Hestia’s dress began to ‘wilt’ away into white petals that decorated the floor around her feet. The only thing that remained was the blue ribbon under her breasts, the ornaments in her hair, and the stark white panties around her hips.

Loki nodded her head and said, “Commendable resolve~! Since that is the case, I’ll be leading things along so you don’t end up getting hurt or doing something regrettable. Afterward, well, that’s something to look forward to.” As she laughed in a strange manner, Loki began to peel away her relatively skin-tight clothing. Starting from her boots, she kicked them off before sitting on the edge of the bed and removing her stockings. Looking over, she saw Vahn and Hestia staring and asked, “What are you two waiting for, an invitiation~? If you don’t know what to do, you can help Vahn undress or just wait in the bed like a good girl.”

Her words finished, Loki wiggled out of her arm warmers before stripping off the thin cloth covering her nearly non-existent breasts. She gave a glance to the side and saw Vahn take a peek and noticed he didn’t have an adverse reaction at all so she released a small sigh of relief in her mind. Following Loki’s advice, Hestia began to awkwardly help Vahn undress with slightly shaky hands even though Vahn could have simply unequipped his clothes to save her the trouble. On the bed, Vahn looked over and saw Loki give him a cheeky grin before sliding down her form-fitting shorts and revealing deep-blue underwear that was slightly transparent.

Since Vahn wore somewhat loose clothes, it was easy to remove his tunic and, after he removed his shoes, the trousers were able to simply be dropped after his belt was loosened. The only thing that remained was the boxers he wore underneath his clothes so they both stood there in just their undergarments as Loki took the initiative and stripped her’s off. Without any semblance of shyness, she propped one of her legs up on the bed to give the two a full presentation of her hairless genitals. Even though she was ‘experienced’, Loki almost looked like a virgin given the slight puffiness and clean nature of her mons pubis.

There was a slightly enamored blush on her face as she asked, “Well, what do you think? I usually don’t let people gawk so much, but I’ll make an exception for the two of you.” Vahn showed a slight smile that Loki hadn’t expected and simply stated, “You’re beautiful.” Her eyes opened slightly and she dropped her leg down before turning away and crawling toward the center of the bed. Calming herself, she said, “Let’s get this started before things become too awkward.”

Vahn had stared at her somewhat toned backside as she was crawling away and, hearing her words, leaned a bit as he stripped off his own boxers. Hestia saw his actions and her eyes widened before stripping off her own panties in turn. Her nude figure, minus the nearly flawless breasts, had a somewhat dangerous look to it that made Vahn feel slightly uncomfortable. If not for the fact that she was literally more than a million times his age, he expected he wouldn’t be able to follow through in the end.

Before Vahn had finished taking in the sight of Hestia’s body, Loki commented, “Wow, I really can’t help but envy your breasts, Hestia.” Placing her hands on her chest, Loki pushed together her negligible mounds before sighing and shaking her head. When she removed her hands, Vahn saw that she had slightly peach colored nipples that matched the color of her lips. Though she didn’t have much in the breasts category to speak of, it wasn’t as if she had none whatsoever.

Perhaps inspired by Loki’s words, but Hestia had a more confident look as she grabbed Vahn’s hand and ‘eagerly’ pulled him along while saying, “It’s okay, Vahn doesn’t care about things like that at all~! Even if my breasts are the best, other people have their own commendable qualities.”

Since she hadn’t expected Hestia to try to ‘encourage’ her, Loki gave her a strange look as the two climbed into the bed next to her. She had a serious urge to comment how awkward they were making things since she knew Vahn was at least a little experienced with women.

Things would have gone a lot smoother if he was behaving more proactively, but Loki assumed it was likely due to her words about ‘leading things along’ earlier. Since she had asked him to ‘support’ her before dinner, he was probably already acting the role of a ‘participant’ when he should be the one pushing them both forward. Loki realized she needed to find someone to ‘teach’ Vahn properly or it would make matters more difficult for everyone in the future. She knew she couldn’t be trusted to teach him, so Loki started juggling ideas around in her head as she helped Vahn lay on his back.

Once Vahn lay down, Loki looked to Hestia and said, “Okay, I heard about your little charade this morning, so you should already have some idea of what to do. If you try to start off having sex without the proper preparations, you’ll just end up hurting yourself. Unless you want Vahn to help you relax with a massage, the best method would be to let him make you orgasm a few times before you finally lose your virginity. I’ll also show you one method of how things are done…” As she spoke, Loki straddled Vahn’s hips before placing her feet on the bed and ‘presenting’ herself clearing to both Vahn and Hestia.

Though she was very thin, Loki was actually the same height as Vahn and had a properly mature body, minus the breasts. She had somewhat wide hips and a firm butt that felt comfortable when she was sitting on top of him. Other than the slightly puffy mound, Loki looked like a proper woman and had the air of someone very experienced with the situation. She motioned to Hestia and said, “Go ahead and straddle Vahn’s face; make sure you get your legs around his arms so he can support you if you fall over. Vahn, well, I think you’ll be able to manage on your own…”

Her movements were awkward, but Hestia got into position over Vahn as she bashfully muttered, “Excuse me…” Though he lost sight of Loki, Vahn got a close-up of Hestia’s v***** for the second time today. There was a powerful smell coming from her and Vahn notice that, though it wasn’t much, Hestia was already beginning to show clear signs of arousal as a small moisture built up along the thin line of her v*****. From a place where he couldn’t see, Vahn heard Loki say, “Lean your body forward a bit and lower your waist so you don’t cramp up. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t place your full weight on him, Vahn should be fine. If things got really dangerous he could fling both of us off his body in an instant.” As Loki’s words fell, so too did Hestia’s hips and there was a brief moment where she actually sat on his face which left damp feeling on his mouth and chin before Hestia’s body shot up.

Loki laughed a bit and said, “Don’t put all your weight on him, just lean forward a bit and…here, grab my hands.” Hestia’s heart was already beating wildly in her chest after she dropped down onto Vahn’s face. She could feel his hot breath against her privates and it made her feel a powerful anxiety in her own body that was slowly beginning to build up with the rising heat of her abdomen. Seeing Loki hold out her hands, Hestia grabbed them and felt a little more ‘stable’ since she didn’t feel like she would fall over as easily.

With a ‘gentle’ smile on her face, Loki released one of her hands before moving her hips back a bit and saying, “Vahn, make sure you treat Hestia gently down there for a long while…I’ll be moving on to some more…educational things for her to see.” Though it was a bit awkward, Vahn nodded his head and it came into contact with the small crevice that had begun to open slightly in front of his face. He could feel Loki grab his p**** while he supported Hestia’s hips and opened up her labium and pulled her hips a little closer to allow him to have easier access to the interior.

Hestia’s body flinched as Vahn began, once again, licking the inside of her v***** in a manner that made her heart ache a bit. She periodically clenched up as mild shivers of pleasure ran up her body while she ‘glared’ at Loki’s actions in front of her. Loki had repositioned Vahn’s p**** in front of her v***** and stared at it for a moment before raising her hips and placing the glans against the entrance of her v*****. Using the glans as a ‘wedge’, Loki arched her hips a bit so that her labium and vestibule were visible. She pointed at the smaller hole and said, “This isn’t a place you should be concerned with, make sure to get the tip into the second hole underneath…”

After seeing Hestia nod, Loki took several deep breaths before fixing the angle and very slowly rocked her hips while lowering her waist. Every time she breathed out, she lowered her body a bit more until she had gotten about half-way. Since she was much more experienced than Hephaestus, taking Vahn’s full length wouldn’t be an issue, but she didn’t want to spook Hestia from the start. She was also curious about Vahn’s tolerance since she had heard Hephaestus talk about his ‘stamina’. Even though he twitched slightly, Loki noticed that Vahn didn’t lose his focus at all as he continued to meticulously work away at Hestia’s defenses.

Loki reached her hand out and grabbed Hestia’s free hand with her own as they leaned toward each other a bit. She had previously been leaning back so that Hestia could see everything clearly, but now Loki felt like her switch was on the verge of flipping and was growing a little impatient. After leaning toward Hestia close enough for their breasts to touch, Loki lowered the rest of her waist and made smooth progress until her pelvis rested against Vahn’s. She released an extremely satisfied sigh against the top of Hestia’s breasts and muttered, “Even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could be with someone else after feeling like this…” Vahn actually wasn’t the ‘largest’ person Loki had ever been with, but the somewhat flexible and thick nature of his p**** combined with the powerful heat were almost intoxicating to her. She could feel her womb descend slightly even though the tip of Vahn’s p**** was already pressing into her cervix.

From Vahn’s perspective, he could feel a very pleasant sensation, almost like an incredibly warm and firm glove wrapping around his p****. Loki’s insides were far different than anything he had ever experienced. Even though there was a pleasant firmness to her insides, they also felt incredibly soft and flexible, almost like he would be able to move at different angles than anything he had experienced before. He could even feel a pressure on his glans that was pressing down against him to the point where he could feel Loki’s rampaging heartbeat.

For several long seconds, Loki didn’t move at all and just kept staring into Hestia’s watery eyes as she was pushed closer and closer to climax by Vahn. She was gritting her teeth a bit and breathing through her nose in order to hold down her own voice, even though there was a sound barrier around them. Hestia felt very embarrassed to have another person staring directly at her just a few inches away when she imagined the silly look that must have appeared on her face as she tried to resist the increasingly large pulse of pleasure that kept transmitting through her body.

Vahn couldn’t see what was going on, but he thought that Loki was taking things slowly to give Hestia time to adapt to the situation further. He continued to tirelessly lap up the increasing amount of fluids coming from Hestia’s interior while gently massaging the interior flesh near her c*******. He wanted to see if he could make her orgasm without directly stimulating the small bead and noticed he was getting increasingly closer to his goal as her insides writhed about slightly with her contractions.

Hestia began to make a long, frustrated, sound from her nose that sounded like a repressed moan as Vahn continued his efforts without a single moments reprieve for her. She felt like she was a container that had been filled up completely and was about to overflow while also feeling incredibly embarrassed to have her former rival staring intensely into her face. She had tried to free her hands earlier, but Loki held on tightly and she had lost the strength to pull away after that. She just leaned her breasts into Loki’s body until she eventually couldn’t get enough air just breathing through her nose.

Just as she was about to overflow, Hestia released a gasp of air and, the moment she was about to breathe in to resist the urges from her own body, Loki leaned forward and inserted her tongue into her open mouth. Hestia’s eyes opened wide at the sudden kiss and dropped her guard for a moment which allowed Vahn to tip the glass that represented the pleasure that had built up inside of her. Hestia had the urge to gnash her teeth, but she could feel the slimy stimulation from inside her mouth and had an instinctive response to keep her mouth open. She breathed heavily through her nose while Loki continued to kiss her and Vahn ceaselessly extended the duration of the reverberations in her body. After several seconds, Hestia’s body was losing strength and she dropped her hips a bit and absentmindedly returned a bit of Loki’s invasive kiss.

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