Chapter 276: Long Night (2/3)

Vahn felt Hestia’s hips drop, so he stopped his efforts and just tried to lap up anything that was coming out of Hestia’s body without stimulating her too much. Her insides were wriggling about and Vahn noticed that the contractions coming from her body were long with very brief windows of time where she would loosen up. He wondered what kind of feeling would be transmitted from her body to his p**** if they were to have sex. Though he couldn’t be certain, Vahn imagined it might be like a vice given how intense her reaction seemed to be.

All the while this was going on, Vahn was completely unaware of the joint attack of Loki above him. Loki continued to skillfully invade Hestia’s mouth in her stupor while supporting her body through their connected hands to keep her from falling over. When Hestia finally started to come down from her personal trip to space, Loki changed her approach from being intense to being exceptionally gentle. Without separating their lips, Loki slowly angled her head to the side and caressed the inside of Hestia’s mouth and tongue with her own in a slow, probing, fashion.

Hestia had already absentmindedly responded to Loki’s kiss earlier and was a bit distracted by the pleasant sensations attacking both sides of her body. By the time she returned to her senses, she noticed that Loki was suddenly treating her gently and realized that her own tongue had intertwined with her former nemesis. She embarrassingly pulled her head away and frowned as Loki whispered, almost inaudibly, “Relax, we’re not enemies Hestia…I’m just trying to make this pleasant for you…” Without ‘pushing’ any further, Loki pulled back her hips a bit and said loudly, “Vahn, I’m going to start moving now. Keep tending to Hestia, but be a little more gentle for the time being. Women are very sensitive after they just climaxed…Hestia, watch me closely…”

Vahn heard Loki’s words and, very gently, began to prod at the insides of Hestia that had become a lot hotter than they were previously. He could feel Loki reposition as the firm sensation of her insides suddenly become incredibly tight as she angled her body and tensed up. Vahn was momentarily surprised by the sensation and exhaled powerfully through his nose before taking a big whiff of Hestia’s scent. He could feel his brain buzz and a dizzying sensation overwhelmed his mind for a moment before he returned to normal. From his p****, he felt Loki loosen up her body a bit before changing the angle and powerfully squeezing on his p**** again. He was more prepared this time, so Vahn rhythmically grits his teeth before continuing his efforts to ease the tension of Hestia’s body. Though she had ‘relaxed’ a lot, Vahn still felt like she wasn’t ready for the next step.

Every time she flexed her abdomen, Loki tightened the muscles in her anus and twisted her body a bit to stimulate Vahn’s p**** inside of her. She was impressed with how resistant he was to stimulation since most boys would have audibly gasped or even released a bit of pre-ejaculate since he had already been ‘primed’ by how long they were connected earlier. With a somewhat devious look on her face, Loki turned her attention to Hestia and said, “Don’t let me fall…” Though she didn’t understand, Hestia nodded her head and Loki tilted back her body a bit.

Repositing her feet so that she was ‘squatting’ on the bed, Loki began to raise and lower her hips while trying to find the most pleasant angle. Since she had a lot to work with, it wasn’t that difficult and she began to release enamored moans that made Hestia blush as she stared into the flushed face of Loki. She would periodically look down to where she and Vahn were connected and could see that Loki’s v***** had expanded much greater than she expected and she could easily take in Vahn’s relatively larger p****. Though she had known it was ‘possible’, Hestia still had trouble believing the rumors and was only now confirming it with her own eyes. She didn’t think any woman would have been able to stretch open so much, but also realized it made sense since women were capable of birthing children…compared to the full body of a baby, even Vahn seemed somewhat small.

Vahn noticed that Hestia was beginning to loosen up a lot more but it was hard to focus with the literal ‘attack’ coming from Loki. She had found an angle that was very pleasant for him that dragged the underside of his glans along the interior of her v*****. Vahn could feel a slightly rougher, almost bumpy spot, where Loki would twist her waist and strike whenever she lowered her hips. Every time she did so, Vahn could feel Loki’s body vibrate slightly as the interior of her v***** clamped up and she released a very sensual moan that tickled his ears and made his heart race.

After nearly ten minutes, Hestia began to tense up her body again and had lowered her head to resist the rising pleasure. Every time she did so, however, Loki would fall back a little and Hestia would pull her to prevent her from falling over. Loki would then give her a ‘grateful’ smile as she continued her efforts for a while before saying, “You’ve…gotta be…kidding me…Vahnnnnn~!” Though her own tolerance was high, Loki had been attacking her own weak spots while trying to forcibly make Vahn ejaculate. She was beginning to get very frustrated because she had already had several small orgasms while he continued to go strong and only twitched slightly when she teased him.

Vahn stopped his efforts a bit to try and answer Loki’s words, but Hestia groaned, “Nooo…don’t stop…you idiotttt…” Since she had been on the brink, the fact that Vahn suddenly stopped was agonizing for Hestia who wasn’t that experienced with such matters. She felt like Vahn was teasing both her and Loki since she had never seen her in such ‘dire straits’ before. Vahn opened his eyes slightly before grabbing Hestia’s hips and continuing his efforts with a bit of extra attention to the three slightly tense spots he had identified as Hestia’s sensitive areas.

Loki noticed Hestia started holding her breath a bit, so she leaned forward until they were right in front of each other and said in a voice loud enough for Vahn to hear, “Vahn…I need you to move…I need your hips as much as you can…” Then, in a voice Vahn couldn’t hear, Loki whispered quietly to Hestia, “Hestia…lets…do it together…” Because she had been holding her breath, Hestia panicked when Loki approached since she thought they would end up kissing again the moment she needed to breathe. When Vahn lifted his hips in a jerking motion, Loki was pressed into her breasts and their lips briefly touched as her weight dropped on Vahn a bit.

Hestia began to panic because it was a different type of stimulation when Vahn was moving his hips to collide with Loki. Every time he moved, Loki moaned sensually in her ears with her face right next to hers. Hestia could feel her mind begin to blank from holding her breath, so she released a gasp on Loki’s shoulder while preparing herself for the coming attack. Instead, Loki just kept moaning while leaning into her body and holding her hands tightly. Hestia was confused for a moment before Loki whispered sensually, “Together…” Vahn impacted Loki again and their lips briefly touched for a moment while Hestia drew long breaths with a complex expression on her face. She could feel herself reaching her own limits and noticed that Loki had an almost ‘suffering’ expression on her face. Though their situations were very different, they were both sharing this experience with Vahn together…even though she was still trying to focus on just herself and Vahn somewhat.

Vahn impacted Loki again and she fell forward for a slightly longer period of time and once again briefly kissed Hestia while opening her glossy eyes a bit. Hestia absentmindedly kissed Loki’s lip before she pulled away and prepared for Vahn’s next thrust with an incredibly enamored look on her face. Loki opened her eyes slightly and licked her lips where Hestia’s tongue had touched earlier without breaking eye contact with the pair of hazy blue eyes. Hestia swallowed a bit of saliva and could feel Vahn moving as an expectation welled up inside her own heart. When the impact came, Loki fell forward and once again placed her lips against hers. This time, however, Hestia hesitantly returned the kiss and her already rampantly beating heart began to beat even faster.

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Instead of holding hands, as soon as Vahn dropped his hips, Loki reached around and hugged Hestia’s body as they shared a passionate kiss with each other. Hestia timidly mirrored her actions and closed her eyes as if trying to escape reality a bit as she clung to the body of her former rival. From below, Vahn suddenly noticed that Loki’s body had become a lot more stable so he pressed his feet to the bed and moved his hips faster and faster since he was also approaching the peak of his own pleasure. He could feel Loki’s body writing around his p**** and an incredible excitement built up inside of him at the prospect of having all three of them climax at the same time.

The moment he was about to burst, Vahn clenched his butt tightly and resisted the urge until Loki’s body began to clamp down on him hard. He released his own tensions with one strong thrust while also stimulating the insides of Hestia with a brief amount of energy from [Hands of Nirvana]. At the same time as an irresistible pleasure passed through his lower body, Vahn felt a waterworks on his face as both girls shared a strangely muted moan above him. Vahn raised his hips a few more times as a viscous and hot liquid dripped down from where he was connected with Loki.

After several seconds, Vahn released a relaxed sigh while the two girls above him supported each other’s bodies. Vahn felt a powerful sense of accomplishment and enjoyed the scent of Hestia as he waited for the girls to calm down. A minute or so passed, and Vahn could feel both girls moving about a bit on top of him and he wondered about their strange reactions since it seemed to be somewhat odd. Though difficult, it wasn’t impossible for Vahn to peak around so he titled his head and looked over Hestia’s butt and could see that they were both passionately making out on top of him. Vahn’s mind blanked for a moment and he suddenly remembered Loki’s words from earlier. He didn’t know when they started, but she had somehow incited Hestia to kiss her and they seemed to be absorbed in the moment even after things had calmed down.

Vahn suddenly felt very awkward and didn’t want to be ignored so he said, “Umm…” Before he could say any actual words, Hestia broke out of her daze and dropped her but onto his face. Vahn could feel the heat from her moist v***** as she slid off his nose a bit and uttered in a shrill voice, “Waaaaaaaah, what are you making me do~!?” Loki shook her head and had a serious expression on her face as she said, “As I said, I was just making things more pleasant for you. Don’t worry about minor details so much…you should be preparing yourself for what comes next instead. That is unless you plan on suffocating Vahn to avoid the matter altogether~?

Hestia followed Loki’s finger and realized she was literally suffocating Vahn with her own, surprisingly open v*****. She was briefly shocked at the flexibility of her own genitals until she suddenly raised herself from Vahn’s face and moved off to the side and said, “Vahn, I’m sorry, please don’t die~!” Vahn was actually able to hold his breath for several minutes, so he wasn’t actually in any danger. Seeing Hestia’s flustered reaction, he began to laugh in a very happy manner which eventually spread to Loki. Hestia stared at the two of them with slightly furrowed brows because she felt like they were laughing at her.

Loki stopped laughing first and took a deep breath before clenching the interior of her v***** as much as she could. Vahn stopped laughing and took a sharp breath which made Loki smile mischievously. She had seriously underestimated Vahn’s stamina, so she wanted to get a minor win against him after her resounding defeat. Keeping the tension of her v*****, Loki slowly raised her body and could feel her own inside distend a bit as if they were in danger of being dragged out by the invasive member. The moment she cleared the glans, there was an audible popping sound that could be heard by all three of them before Loki fell backward onto the bed and released a very satisfied sigh.

She lackadaisically said, “Vahn, you really have what it takes…” Vahn didn’t know what she meant by her words as he sat up on the bed and stared at her naked body. She hadn’t bothered to close her legs, so Vahn could see an off-white fluid draining from her slightly open v***** that had turned a rosy blush while covered in an incredible amount of her own fluids. He could see Loki look toward him through her slightly open eyes and Vahn muttered his impression, “Beautiful…” Even though she had a slender body, Loki looked like a proper woman and, now that she had just made love with him, Vahn felt a little proud at seeing her tired, yet enamored, face and body.

Loki covered her eyes with her forearm and dismissively said, “Yeah, yeah, you’re a smooth talker. You need to focus your attention on Hestia now before her body calms down too much…” Because she could feel her heart twinge a bit from Vahn’s words, Loki covered her own expression and tried to ignore him since she was slightly afraid she might monopolize him regardless of Hestia’s presence. Though it wasn’t the first time a man had whispered compliments to her, it seemed a lot more genuine when it was coming from a stupidly honest boy like Vahn.

With one last look at Loki’s body, Vahn turned his attention to Hestia and saw she was becoming increasingly nervous now that it had come down to the moment of truth. Her aura had been like a stable flame earlier, but now it was like a chaotic wisp of fire that was on the verge of being extinguished by the wind. Vahn, as gently as he could, asked, “Are you ready Hestia?” Hestia took several deep breaths and stared up at him with her watery blue eyes but didn’t answer his question at all. Vahn felt slightly unnerved with how small she was and suddenly lacked the resolve he thought he had found earlier. He remembered Hestia telling him to not hold back and to go all the way, but he couldn’t help but hesitate after seeing her current apprehensive appearance.

Suddenly, a loud sigh came from his left and Vahn saw Loki climb up and ‘glare’ at him before crawling over to Hestia. Before Hestia could rationalize what was happening, Loki pushed down her body and laid on top of her. Since there was a 25cm height difference between them, Loki was able to lean over Hestia’s body and cover her with room to spare. She pressed her legs under Hestia’s before raising her knees and holding their bodies together at a zero distance. Hestia flustered and tried to resist against Loki, but Loki leaned down and sealed her lips for a brief while as Vahn looked on with a shocked expression.

He could see that Loki’s slightly open v***** was pressing against Hestia’s as his own semen dripped down from her’s before sliding down the barely open crevice of Hestia. It was a dangerous sight, but Vahn was more confused by the fact that Loki had suddenly pinned Hestia without warning. He could see the chaotic aura of Hestia and was about to interfere before he noticed it had begun to rapidly stabilize so he awkwardly held out his hand without saying anything. After a few seconds had passed, Loki looked over her shoulder with slightly open eyes and said, “How long are you going to keep her waiting…?”

Right before she had turned to speak to Vahn, Loki had pulled away from her kiss with Hestia and whispered, “You’re scared, that’s fine…this is an important event for you…but Vahn is too nice to be able to take the initiative if you’re afraid. Let me distract you for a bit and things will get a lot easier…don’t be afraid Hestia…” Hestia had a somewhat fearful look on her face, but she felt comforted by Loki’s calm words so she nodded her head. She knew it was her fault that the situation had suddenly turned awkward, but Hestia also felt a small amount of resentment that Vahn had failed to follow through as he promised. Even if she hyped herself up, Hestia had been protecting her virginity for millions of years, so it wasn’t something she could easily give up even if it was to the boy she loved.

Vahn suddenly felt ashamed after seeing Loki’s look and moved over to get into position as she turned away and began gently kissing Hestia’s face outside of his line of sight. Since she had aligned their pelvises, Vahn couldn’t see Hestia’s face since it was underneath Loki’s chest. All he knew was that he had probably made a serious mistake and couldn’t continue to falter now that Hestia’s aura had calmed down. He remembered Loki’s words about auras not always representing someone’s true emotions and realized he might have hurt Hestia a bit.

Angling his p****, Vahn was briefly distracted by the two overlapping vaginas since it was truly one of the most tantalizing sights he had ever seen. Taking a deep breath, Vahn spread Hestia’s v***** slightly with his fingers before finding the correct angle. He noticed her aura flared up to a monstrous amount, but decided to stop hesitating as he leaned forward a bit and drove his hips forward before wrenching open the incredibly tight entrance of Hestia. Since he hadn’t expected it so soon, Vahn had driven past the resistive membrane that was located surprisingly close to the entrance of Hestia’s v***** before coming to a dead end after only 10cm of his p**** had entered into Hestia.

Hestia literally shrieked at the intrusion as Loki rolled off her body so she and Vahn could see each other. The moment they made eye contact, Hestia loudly shouted, “Vahn, hold me, please, it hurts so much!” Hestia had tears in her eyes and her aura was more turbulent than anything Vahn had ever seen before. Without hesitating, he leaned down and embraced Hestia powerfully as she sobbed in his chest. She loosely hugged his shoulders and kept repeating, “It hurts…it hurts…” Vahn felt terrible at causing Hestia so much pain so he began trying to soothe her by gently stroking the back of her head and saying, “It’s okay Hestia…I’m here…I love you…it’s okay…”

Loki sat with her legs crossed from the side and nodded her head before laying down on the bed and staring at the ceiling. She muttered to herself in a voice neither of them could hear, “Vahn really needs a mentor…and a teacher…maybe Tsubaki?” With thoughts running through her head, Loki decided to take a short nap since she was actually quite exhausted. She expected it would take a while for Vahn to tend to Hestia and didn’t want to feel like a third wheel as she watched them awkwardly make love to each other.

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