Chapter 277: Long Night (3/3)

For several agonizing minutes, Vahn continued to console the crying Hestia who had started to put more strength into her grip. She had moved her hands from his shoulders to Vahn’s neck even though she wasn’t tall enough to easily hold him from her current position. If not for the fact that Vahn was arching his back slightly, Hestia would most likely have to hug around his chest or shoulders since she was only 140cm tall compared to Vahn’s 165cm. She had stopped repeating how painful the situation was and instead began regulating her breathing.

Vahn stroked the side of Hestia’s face and kissed her gently on the lips, but she didn’t respond to his kiss at first and just turned her head sideways a bit as if refusing further kisses. Though he knew she didn’t hate him, Vahn couldn’t help but feel that Hestia was building a wall around her heart at the moment. Shifting his hand from her face, Vahn reached toward where they were connected and tried to use [Hands of Nirvana] to ease her pain, but Hestia instantly glared at him with ‘fierce’ eyes and said, “Don’t you dare take this from me! Grrrrrr, Vahn, you big fat idiot~!” Hestia released Vahn’s neck and covered her eyes with her forearms and began to cry, this time in sadness instead of pain.

Hestia’s words smashed into Vahn’s brain like a ton of bricks dropping from the top of Babel Tower. In the time when his mind completely blanked, all the reasons behind what Hestia’s words could mean flashed through his mind and Vahn realized that, even though it was painful, Hestia placed a lot of importance on this moment and didn’t want to do anything to ‘make things easier’. He remembered her earlier words about not hesitating and yet, once again, he had hesitated after her pained outburst. Vahn realized that he had made a big mistake when treating Hestia like a normal virgin girl since her virginity had been nurtured over millions of years and not one-to-two decades. While other girls placed some significance on it, Hestia had been defined by hers for an almost unfathomable amount of time…

Gritting his teeth briefly, Vahn threw aside his inhibitions as he leaned down and placed his forehead into the pillow next to Hestia’s head. He whispered in a firm tone, “Hestia, I love you…I’m going to move now. Bear with it…” Without responding orally, Hestia nodded her head but still continued to hide her teary eyes behind her arms. Vahn saw her aura actually stabilized a bit and it gave him a lot more confidence in his current actions. Even though he might not be able to understand everything from her aura, Vahn could see the obvious signs if something was going well.

Vahn hadn’t been paying attention to it previously, but now that he was preparing to move he realized that Hestia’s insides were inviolable with their tightness. Not only did it seem impossible to enter, but now it seemed impossible to exit. If not for his high endurance, Vahn imagined it would have actually been painful to stay inside of Hestia without moving if he were a normal person. Now that he had achieved the ‘impossible’ and broke through her chastity, Vahn wasn’t going to back down so he clenched his teeth again and tried pulling his hips back with a slowly increasing amount of force.

It got to the point where Hestia’s vulva had distended and clung to his p**** for a few centimeters which made Vahn fearful that something catastrophic might happen. Even now, his inserted p**** hadn’t been loosened up on at all and Vahn was genuinely concerned he would injure Hestia if he kept trying to remove his glans from her insides. Finally, right when he was about to give up, Vahn nearly slid out all at once which caused Hestia to cry out painfully before biting her lip and stifling her own cries. Vahn instantly realized she was trying to spur him onwards by trying to hide her own pain…

Though he didn’t often curse, Vahn couldn’t help but swear in his mind while screaming, ‘Dammit’ at the top of his imaginary lungs. He might be able to alter his size over the course of a few days, but there was no way to change things at the moment. Vahn also suspected that Hestia might ‘blame’ him if he tried to make things any easier on her. Mustering up his courage, Vahn grabbed Hestia’s wrists and pulled them away from her eyes. He could see her pained expression and tear-stained face as he said, “Hestia, kiss me…don’t focus on the pain, just focus on our kiss. Leave everything to me and don’t resist no matter how hard it gets…” Without waiting for her response, Vahn overlapped his lips with Hestia and inserted his tongue as deeply into her mouth as he could manage. She began to return his kiss passionately as Vahn lifted her right leg with his left hand while also grasping her left breast with his right hand.

Though she tried to gasp, Vahn continued to seal Hestia’s lips as he used [Hands of Nirvana] to fondle her breast with a bit of strength in his fingers. She had inexplicably soft breasts that were incredibly malleable and Vahn could almost grab them from any angle without difficulty. He rolled her nipple with his thumb and sent waves of stimulation into her muscles while feeling the rapidly beating heart of Hestia through his palm. Hiking up her right left even further, Vahn re-inserted himself into the inviolable depths of Hestia. She moaned a painful intonation but didn’t break away from the kiss and instead wrapped her arms under Vahn’s armpits and grasped the hair on the back of his head with a death grip. Though it was painful, Vahn knew it wasn’t a fraction of what Hestia was going through so he completely ignored the mild ache from the back of his head.

Vahn noticed that the vice-like grip of Hestia’s v***** hadn’t faded at all, but now he could feel a throbbing sensation coming from where they were connected as a heat slowly began to spread from her insides into his p****. Vahn understood that the throbbing sensation was her v***** slowly trying to ease up as her arousal continuously began to build. The problem was, it wasn’t happening fast enough because of the size difference between Hestia’s interior and his invading member. Since the interior of the v***** could more than double during arousal, Vahn knew things would get easier for Hestia if he could get her more excited.

Noticing the pink aura clinging to his body, Vahn suddenly had an epiphany as he spread his own domain to match the confines of the room. During his testing and forging, Vahn realized that, though he couldn’t stop it from expanding out as a sphere, he could prevent it from traveling through objects if he wished. He had experimented with using it to physically push things in the past using this technique, and now he was using it to increase the density of his aura by constraining it to the room. Everything within the room shook slightly as a formless energy began to appear within the air. Even Loki woke up and looked around the room with wide eyes but kept her silence.

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Vahn pulled away from Hestia and stared into her deep blue eyes and said, “Hestia, use your Divinity…I’ve sealed this space completely.” Hestia thought Vahn was trying to do things in a roundabout manner for a moment but couldn’t understand what activating her Divinity would do. After a brief hesitation, she calmed herself from the intense pain and spread her own aura that began to intermingle with Vahn’s domain within the room. She suddenly felt a strange feeling in her body as two forms of energy entered inside of her…

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When Hestia’s pink aura had spread through his body, Vahn could feel a powerful arousal rise up inside of him but it was held back by his [Will of the Emperor]. Instead, he absorbed the energy through his pores and used [Yddrasil’s Favor] to redirect it and imbue the energy into his [Hands of Nirvana]. Ever since his first experience with Hephaestus accidentally stimulating him in the past, Vahn had been curious about how other’s auras could influence each other. Vahn realized that, since the energy spread through his body and was powerful enough to influence him, he should be able to channel the energy as well and imbue it into his own techniques. Though he didn’t realize it, Vahn was actually following the same core principle that would have allowed him to learn the [Magia Erebea] from Eva in the orb. He was using a foreign energy, absorbing it into his body, and then converting it into a form he could use by leveraging his own body as a conduit…

Instead of her aura sending Vahn into a state of arousal, Hestia was experiencing her own emotions compounding through Vahn’s right hand that was massaging her breast. Her heart rate was already beating faster than a stethoscope could detect, but it seemed to increase marginally as a heat spread through her body. She didn’t know what was happening, and the pain was still there, but Hestia was slowly beginning to feel an incredible excitement rising in her own body. She put more strength into her grip as a reddish aura that emphasized the use of her divine power spread across her body. The pained looked in her eyes slowly faded as a slightly enamored look took its place.

Vahn could feel Hestia’s body heating up as her hair slowly began to float around them. The throbbing from inside her v***** still continued, but now Vahn felt a pleasant moisture accompanying the vice-like grip of her insides. Removing his hand from her breast, Vahn stroked Hestia’s face and said, “I love you…” Sealing her lips, Vahn redoubled his efforts and actually managed to slide out from the interior of Hestia with marginally less difficulty than before. Though she still moaned in a painful manner, Vahn could hear the undertones of pleasure as her throat hummed slightly.

The longer their embrace continued, the easier it was for Vahn to move, even though his actual progress into her insides wasn’t that far. He had initially only gotten about 10cm into Hestia, and now he was around 13cm and it didn’t seem to be increasing much at all. Though it was a strange sensation, since half his p**** was normal while the other half was being squeezed like a vice, Vahn ignored it and continued to kiss Hestia who had begun to return his advances with a moderately passionate response.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but Vahn suspected it was close to half an hour when Hestia’s Divinity slowly began to fade as a somewhat exhausted look appeared on her face. She had a fierce blush and had seemed to be enjoying herself since her painful cries had turned into pleasured gasps. Hestia was in an incredibly aroused state because of the influence of her own aura that had been channeled through Vahn, but he realized that she didn’t seem to be nearing climax even though her vice-like insides had loosened up with a slippery moisture allowing for easier movement.

Without knowing when she had arrived, Loki spoke out from Vahn’s right in a casual tone, “It’s not easy for a girl that just lost her virginity to orgasm from just their v*****. Especially since they would become a bit numb with someone of your ‘caliber’ being their first partner. Even if she doesn’t want it, you need to stimulate her c******* or this’ll only become painful after a while.”

Vahn stared into Hestia’s dazed expression and saw her close her eyes in expectation so he reached down, after using his left arm to support his body, and used his index finger to rub the small nub at the top of where he and Hestia were connected. He didn’t immediately use [Hands of Nirvana], because he wanted to ensure that the experience was more genuine even though he had relied on a bit of a loophole earlier. Vahn noticed that the more he stimulated the little bundle of nerves, the greater the amount lubricating fluid was emitted from Hestia’s v*****. It wasn’t a new revelation, but Vahn was surprised by how quickly her body was beginning to respond and he was even able to slip slightly deeper into her interior.

Hestia began to let out labored breaths that were intermixed with pleasant sighs as Vahn maintained a steady and rhythmic pace with his hips. Other than when he experienced emotional and mental strain, Vahn could continue almost tirelessly without rest and only changed his movements depending on Hestia’s reaction. Just like Loki had done, except this time it was by his efforts, Vahn was looking for a pleasant area within Hestia’s insides. Though she still gripped the half of his p**** like a vice, Vahn was able to angle himself a bit as if he were exploring the interior for a hidden treasure.

Suddenly, as if by a completely random coincidence, Hestia released a loud sound while sucking in a breath of air. Her breath was immediately followed by a strange gasp and Vahn tried recalling his movements as he pulled back his hips and tried finding the exact same angle. While continuing to stimulate her c*******, Vahn pressed his hips forward at the assumed spot and Hestia immediately opened her eyes and shouted, “That’s no good~!” before releasing a strange squeaking gasp. As if to refute her words, Loki spoke out again and said, “There is usually a sensitive spot following the nerves of the c******* that runs parallel to the urethra…if you can keep hitting that area she’ll probably climax very quickly. Don’t worry, she might think that she is losing her mind, but she’ll be okay in the end…”

Hestia’s eyes widened and she said in an urgent manner while still clinging to Vahn, “Vahn, don’t listen to this little demon! I definitely won’t be fine~!” Vahn was surprised by how much energy Hestia suddenly had since she had been somewhat lethargic and tired while releasing gasping moans earlier. Vahn squinted his eyes and said in a soothing voice that sounded evil from Hestia’s perspective, “It’ll be okay, I’ll keep you from flying away and hold you until you come back to your senses…” Vahn knew that the best way to bring an end to this was to make things as pleasant as possible for Hestia and overwrite any of the pain she might have felt earlier.

As if she wanted to refute his claim, Hestia opened her mouth but had her lips sealed by Vahn as he pinned her leg firmly to the bed. Her aura flared up as if she were going to explode as Vahn found the correct angle and ‘mercilessly’ attacked the dangerous spot inside of her. Hestia began to release a continuous squeaking moan and tried moving her hips to counteract Vahn’s attack but wasn’t nearly strong enough to resist his accurate strikes. Every time Vahn hit that spot with his precise strikes, Hestia felt a wave of vibrations spread up her body and she felt like her insides were crawling with ants and electricity.

Vahn felt Hestia’s insides begin to writhe powerfully so he increased his own piston was easing the tensions that he had maintained to keep himself from ejaculating for the last few minutes. Hestia managed a high-pitched squeal while they continued to kiss and she began slapping his back in a panic but Vahn continued his precision assault until her vice-like v***** clamped down on him with an immense force that made him immediately ejaculate. The force was so strong that he had actually been stopped mid-stroke by Hestia and moved her body upwards without being able to enter a single millimeter further.

Hestia felt such an intense climax that she couldn’t form any words as a high-pitched sound emerged from her throat and out of her nose while she squeezed Vahn’s body as if she was trying to fuse with him. If not for her breasts acting as a cushion, she had a slight notion deep within the recesses of her mind that she might have succeeded in the attempt. From the side, Loki watched things play out with a fervent expression of interest on her face. She had seen the ‘technical prowess’ of Vahn and how he was able to effortlessly target the same point even when someone resisted. Loki felt like, even if she didn’t take control and just entrusted her body to him…she would probably be able to experience something entirely brand-new.

Because of the amount of semen ejaculated from Vahn, he actually began to feel a small amount of pain since he couldn’t move his p**** at all and the pressure continued to increase inside of Hestia. Though he was intrigued about it whenever he was licking her earlier, Vahn now had a bit of fear for the ridiculously strong pressure coming from her relatively diminutive body. He felt like her v***** was somehow trying to punish his p**** for daring to take her virginity. Things got so bad that Vahn couldn’t help but furrow his brows which caused Loki to ask, “Eh~? What’s with that reaction?” Tilting her head behind Vahn, Loki saw his p**** inside of Hestia and she could actually see it ‘squeezing’ the portion of Vahn’s p**** still stuck inside. Her eyes widened at the realization that Vahn probably couldn’t even move at all.

After nearly two minutes of increasing discomfort, Hestia’s body began to relax and she fell powerlessly from his neck against the bed. She had a wavering light in her crystalline blue eyes and a slightly opened mouth while her fiercely flushed face was covered in a layer of sweat. The moment she let go of him, Vahn’s p**** actually almost flopped out of Hestia because of the pressure that was suddenly released. Loki had been staring at their connecting point and nearly took a shot of semen to the face with how forcefully Hestia’s v***** closed. She stared at the liquid blankly before falling onto the bed and cackling like a maddened hyena.

Vahn was just relieved to have been shown leniency by the ‘dangerous’ organ so he released a sigh as he stroked Hestia’s face lovingly before kissing her in a gentle manner. When he separated from her, at nearly the same time, they both said, “I love you…” It would have been an incredibly touching moment if not for the laughing demon behind them who continued her laughing fit for nearly three whole minutes.

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