Chapter 289: Lax Regulations

Vahn enjoyed watching Aki’s tail twitch as he played with her ears affectionately for a few minutes. He had even used [Hands of Nirvana] briefly in his right hand that was placed on her waist and gently stroked her side a bit. It was very interesting because her mouth became very tiny and she closed her eyes as her chin quivered a bit as she resisted the pleasant feelings. Vahn was briefly tempted to do more, but they had just had a conversation about regulations and setting aside a proper place for such things. He did, however, lean forward and try to catch the tip of her cat ear in his lips. Since she had been right next to him, Vahn had been watching them flicker occasionally and wanted to tease her a bit since she was receptive to his actions.

The moment he caught her ear in his mouth, Aki let out a loud mewling, “Nyaaaaan~! Don’t bite my ears~.” Vahn couldn’t help but laugh since it was the first time she had slipped up in her speaking habits since they met. Aki was usually very level-headed and spoke fluently without any obvious verbal ticks. However, she still had the common trait of all cat people he had seen when she was excited and this made Vahn feel a little satisfied, especially since she had made no effort to actually pull away from him.

After gently ‘nibbling’ on her ear for a few seconds, Vahn pulled his mouth away and rubbed her head while saying, “Aki, you are so adorable…” She hung her head a bit under his palm and had a mild blush on her face as she ‘glared’ upward into his eyes for teasing her so much. Vahn was very aware that her aura had started to gravitate toward him and knew she was probably reaching the limits of her own tolerance. If he continued any further, things would take a turn down a strange direction and they might end up doing something intimate here in the library. Since he knew how much she disliked ‘indecisive’ behavior, Vahn was very tempted to push things further but knew it wouldn’t be the best way to handle the situation.

Though he didn’t know what she had done with Loki, Vahn assumed that Aki wasn’t lacking ‘experience’ and was probably receptive to trying new things. He suddenly had a thought so he whispered softly, “Aki, sit on my lap…” Vahn’s heart started beating quickly, because he felt like he was acting out of character compared to his usual self. Most of the girls around him weren’t easy to approach since they had some kind of trauma or mental burden that made them require his attention. Aki, however, was one of the older mortal girls around him and she had a very stable and rational personality. Vahn felt like he could push himself a little further if it was with a girl like her…

Aki still had her ‘glaring’ expression, but her eyes opened wider at Vahn’s words before a slight blush appeared on her face. She had thought that Vahn was just going to tease her and then walk away after taking liberties, but now she realized why Loki had cautioned her previously. During their discussion, Loki had told Aki that Vahn actually has a lot of restraints in his interactions with most of the girls around him. She said that Vahn needed someone more stable and receptive to his advances that was also near his level of strength. This is why Vahn had ‘lost control’ when he was with Hephaestus since she was receptive to his desires and had let him release his tensions for nearly an entire day. Whenever he was with someone like Hestia, he was always taking a passive role and doing his best to tend to her needs instead of his own.

After recalling their conversation, Aki felt a bit of expectation in her own heart because she was wondering how far Vahn was willing to go. Her words earlier about showing restraint had been true, but she also didn’t want to back down after things had developed this far. She wasn’t a lesbian, but most of her sexual experiences had been with women and she was looking forward to spending time with a ‘real’ man. With a small amount of inhibitions, Aki tried to scoot over and sit in Vahn’s lap, but he said, “Try and face me…” Hearing his words, her heart immediately began to beat faster because of the potential implication in his words. She knew about the girls around Vahn, especially the cat people around him, so there was a very high possibility he might do something that makes her heart waver in a dangerous direction.

For a few seconds, Aki’s tail twitched about before she stood up from the sofa and stood right in front of Vahn. She made eye contact with him before muttering, “Excuse me…” as she crawled on top of his lap and sat down with her legs straddling his in what could only be seen as a very intimate action. Vahn enjoyed the pleasant feeling of her butt pressed against his legs and could even feel a small amount of warmth coming from the space concealed by her white skirt. Vahn placed his hands around Aki’s back and she immediately tensed up and leaned forward before he even touched her body. She placed her hands on his shoulders and nuzzled into his neck as if it were the most natural position to take. Vahn was immediately reminded of Chloe and knew what Aki was expecting.

Soon after his collar was bare, Aki stopped her actions even though Vahn had placed his hands on her pert buttocks. She traced around the bite mark on his neck before nonchalantly moving her head to the other side of Vahn’s collar and pulling aside the tunic to see if there were a ‘bare’ area. While she was inspecting his neck, Vahn put a little energy into his fingers that made her butt tremble a bit under his touch. He asked her in a somewhat playful manner, “Did you really want me to grab your tail?” Aki’s eyes widened a bit as she looked into his eyes with a bit of confusion on her face before realizing he had never actually indicated what he was going to do when she sat on his lap. She could feel the tingling sensation from his palms, but he had made no attempt to grab her tail even after her preparations were finished.

Vahn shook his head and said, “No, it’s fine…you wanted me to take responsibility earlier…and I’m somewhat interested to see how things progress from now on.” Before Aki could say anything, Vahn slipped his right hand under her skirt before scooping her tail in his palm and loosely gripped it. Aki’s back straightened a bit and she had a serious look in her eyes that was touched with a hint of melancholy as she sighed, “If only Raul could have been as decisive as you…” Vahn furrowed his brows a bit, but he still had a smile on his face as he asked, “Having regrets already?” Aki shook her head and stated plainly, “The only reason I became an Adventurer was to get strong enough to protect my happiness in the future. I don’t want to be stuck going into the dungeon for the rest of my life…besides, my heart isn’t strong enough to wait another seven years for a man that has only ever treated me like a friend.”

Though there was a hint of melancholy in her eyes, Vahn could see Aki’s resolve overshadow it greatly. Her aura was also clinging to him heavily and Vahn knew she didn’t have as many inhibitions as her face might show. After nodding his head, Vahn put a bit more strength into his grip and began to squeeze Aki’s tail while stimulating it with his thumb and [Hands of Nirvana]. He was interested to see how a cat person would respond if he touched their most sensitive spot with the inclusion of his energy. To reward his curiosity, Aki arched forward and bit powerfully into his right shoulder and Vahn could feel her teeth break through his skin. She released a loud moan and exhaled heavily through her nose as Vahn grit his teeth to resist the pain while fondling her tail with his fingers.

Even though it was somewhat painful, Vahn continued his actions and whispered into Aki’s ear, “I want to try something…bear with me unless it’s too much, okay?” Since Aki was ‘technically’ still a virgin, Vahn was curious how she would react to his massage when her body was in a sexually stimulated state. While still holding her tail, Vahn began tracing his left hand along Aki’s back and targeting her pressure points to ease the tension of her body. He was curious if he could actually cause the body of someone that had tensed up through stimulation to actual calm down. He also wanted to make the experience memorable for Aki so she didn’t have any regrets about her choice. Since she had been a ‘partner’ of Loki’s, Vahn had some slight expectations that she had a bit of tolerance against stimulation.

For a short minute or so, Aki resisted his hand even though he put in a fair amount of effort to ease the tension of her body. It seemed that the tail of a cat person overrode some of their other functions and could still cause their body to tense up even when the muscles were relaxed. Vahn thought it was a very interesting reaction, because Aki still tried to bit into his shoulder but was losing her ability to clamp down with her teeth. She just continued to release labored breaths through her nose while doing her best to ‘hold’ on while Vahn was stroking her tail. Vahn was also very aware of the warm moisture that had started to soak through his trousers from underneath Aki’s skirt.

After around ten minutes, Aki laid powerlessly against Vahn’s body as he slowly moved his hand around her back and checked for any tense areas that might have emerged without his notice. Noticing there were no points untended, Vahn hugged Aki’s body which was covered in a layer of sweat. There was so much moisture built up beneath her that Vahn was almost certain there was more than vaginal secretions contained within. Though it was a light smell, Vahn could detect a slight aroma of urine that made him feel a little bad about his actions.

Vahn placed his hands on Aki’s butt and leaned back so she wouldn’t fall backward with his next actions. He was tempted to nibble on her ear again, but Vahn just whispered to her instead, “Since it isn’t a good opportunity to push ourselves too far…please be satisfied with this for now.” Unable to respond to his words, Aki just licked his neck once with her somewhat rough tongue to show that she was listening. Vahn felt his heart itch from the ticklish sensation as he said, “Take a deep breath…” Following his words, Aki drew a long breath and held it in preparation for what was to come. She had already been pushed further than she ever expected, so she was a bit afraid of what was to come if Vahn told her to take a breath first.

Placing his right hand at the connecting point of Aki’s tail, Vahn traced his left hand along the line of her back before stopping at the base of where her head connected into her neck. The technique he was about to use was one of the more ‘cautioned’ acts that could be used on a female. It was known as the ‘convergence of heaven and earth’ and required him to create an anchor point for his energy at the top and base of the spine that would be able to diffuse through the rest of the body. Vahn expected that it would likely lead her to the biggest conceivable climax, and he was a bit worried if she would actually be okay.

Since there were no ‘dangers’ to the technique, Vahn assumed she would be okay and began to the procedure that he had always wanted to try in the past. The moment he placed the pinpoint energy into the area near her tail, Aki’s tail turned ramrod straight and Vahn could feel a heavy flow of moisture against his waist as he triggered the spot at the top of her spine as well. She immediately released the breath she had been holding and made a strange, throaty, sound like “NyaahahaaahaaaAaaaaaaa” as Vahn traced both hands, one down, the other up, until they came to the same point at the back of Aki’s spine. Vahn noticed that the strange sound coming from Aki immediately faded and he looked to see her stared wide-eyed with a silent cry as if she were unable to form any sounds at all.

Aki mechanically turned her head toward Vahn without blinking and just continued to stare at him with her hazy black eyes as a powerful series of vibrations ran through her body. Vahn began to feel worried that he had gone too far since her reaction had been very different than his expectations. He expected her to potentially cry out or have a somewhat violent reaction, but the only thing she was doing was staring at him as waves powerful enough to be felt by him ran through her body. Vahn noticed that Aki wasn’t breathing at all, so he quickly began pressing into her pressure points to disperse the energy that had been building up in her body.

After a few quick presses, Aki’s fell like a marionette that had its strings cut and Vahn had to catch her with his right arm and hug her body as he worked to undo the procedure. Nearly two minutes later, Aki was breathing shallow breaths while being cradled in Vahn’s arms with what Vahn could only describe as a ‘happy’ or ‘peaceful’ expression on her face. He released a relieved sigh since it seemed like she had enjoyed the ‘massage’ greatly and had just fallen asleep after her tensions were released. Vahn held her body and stroked her long black hair even though it had been soaked through a bit with sweat. A while later, Vahn felt the warm moisture that had soaked through his trousers began to feel cold an uncomfortable. He didn’t want Aki to get sick while sleeping with wet clothing, so he needed to either wipe down her body or take her to the bath.

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Laying her body down on the couch, Aki curled up into a ball and Vahn was finally able to see the aftermath of having Aki sit on his lap. His trousers had been completely soaked through and it looked like he had wet himself with how large the stain was. So much moisture had built up, that it had even pooled a bit and soaked into the sofa underneath them. When Vahn stood up, there was the outline of his own butt in the cushions of the sofa created with a large stain. With a bit of hesitation, Vahn leaned down and smelled the cushion at a fair distance away and could smell a powerful scent of urine. He had assumed Aki might have wet herself, but he hadn’t actually confirmed it until now. Though he didn’t blame her at all, Vahn still felt a little ‘unclean’ at the moment and also wanted to take a bath himself.

Afraid that it might cause a minor fiasco if they were seen, Vahn used his domain to scan the area around the manor before picking a route. After picking up Aki’s unconscious body, Vahn stowed away the sofa to hide the evidence before using Shundo to appear next to the window. Even though it was very cold outside, Vahn would be able to make the trip in only a few short seconds and it shouldn’t be a problem for either of them. He didn’t want to ‘risk’ walking through the halls since, even if he wasn’t spotted, many of the girls would be able to detect the ‘scent’. Vahn would need to double-back and clean the library later just in case the aroma had spread through the air. This caused him to remember Aki’s earlier words, and Vahn realized it was probably a good idea to actually designate an area as she had mentioned…

After dashing through the courtyard, Vahn appeared at the top of the Manor before making his way over the roof and landing in the back area where the onsen was located. Vahn placed his palm on Aki’s diaphragm and massaged it a bit with [Hands of Nirvana] to wake her up. She opened her eyes lazily and stared up at Vahn before looking around the area to try and make sense of the situation. After collecting herself a bit, Aki reached out with her right hand and pinched an exposed section of Vahn’s skin with her fingers and twisted it powerfully as she said, “You can’t give girls that kind of massage…you’ll break them if you aren’t careful.”

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Vahn winced a bit but allowed her to continue since he knew he was at fault for what happened earlier. With a wry smile on his face, he said, “Sorry Aki…I got a little carried away. You were just acting too cute and I wanted to see if you-” Before he could finish, Aki wriggled out of his hands and began inspecting her own body while saying, “I don’t care about anything like that. If I wanted you to stop, I could have said or done something…” Aki inspected the dampness of her own spats and smelled it with her hand before wincing and saying, “I’ve never been stimulated to the point where I actually peed myself…sorry about that.” Without saying anything else, Aki began to strip off her clothing and throwing it off to the side near one of the pools.

Vahn had been preparing to explain that she wasn’t at fault, but he got a bit distracted by her actions and watched her undress completely. Though Aki still had a lithe figure, she seemed a little ‘softer’ than the other cat people Vahn had seen. She wasn’t fat at all, but her body didn’t seem to be that toned. Even her modest breasts actually looked more like puffy mounds than shapely assets. Her breasts were approaching a B-cup, but they looked somewhat soft and immature even though she was nearly twenty years old.

When she had almost completely undressed, Aki had a slight blush on her face as she thumbed the sides of her spats with a bit of hesitation. Vahn thought she was embarrassed to be seen naked by him so he turned his head and could hear the sound of clothing being moved about quickly before Aki said, “You can turn around now.” Vahn was a bit confused until he noticed the bundle of fabric that Aki had hidden away in the pile of clothing. He realized she probably didn’t want him to see her panties that had likely been soaked with pee so he ignored the matter and took in the view of her body. She had somewhat slender hips and a pert butt that wasn’t very large, even though it was somewhat squishy to the touch. The thing that caught his eye though was the fact that she didn’t actually have much visible pubic hair and it looked like she actively kept it trimmed.

Aki had a slightly embarrassed look as she explained, “I have a small bald spot when it grows in…so I try to keep it shaved. Do you think its weird?” Vahn shook his head and had a smile on his face as he stated confidently, “Aki, your entire body is very beautiful. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to see it for myself…I feel very fortunate.” Aki released a relieved sigh before a strange melancholy appeared in her eyes for a brief moment. Vahn had noticed it and was prepared to ask but she explained without him having to do so, “I was thinking about that idiot again…You know, I tried to seduce him once and he just panicked before running out of the room…”

Vahn furrowed his brows slightly and asked, “You really loved him, didn’t you?” His words made Aki hang her face a bit but she shook her head and said, “I wanted to love him, but I also needed him to love me and show it through his actions. Call me a pragmatist, but there are several things I want in life and waiting around for a boy to wisen up isn’t one of them…” Without explaining further, Aki walked over and dropped her body into one of the steaming pools and said, “Come on, if someone goes to look for us and we aren’t around, it would cause a few problems. I also want to go clean up the library a bit…” Vahn nodded his head and began to undress before joining Aki in the same pool. She inspected his body with an appraising look and remarked, “Loki-sama was right, it’s more than a little on the larger side. Just let me know if you want to do anything, I have some pills that help with dilation so I should be able to manage with enough preparation.”

Vahn tilted his head and asked, “Dilation?” He began to browse through his mind for information as Aki explained, “Yeah, it’s not always easy for a girl to accept someone of your size without some repercussions. Loki-sama gave me some medicine that I could give to Hestia-sama and some of the other women if things developed to that point. It might not allow for full insertion, but it’ll help a lot if there is any discomfort…” Though she explained things casually, Aki had a slight blush on her face that wasn’t caused by the heat of the water. However, Vahn hadn’t noticed it at first because he was thinking about how Hestia might react when she learned about such a medicine. When he turned his attention to Aki to ask about it, he saw her expression and realized he shouldn’t be worrying about other girls when he was alone with another. With a smile on his face, Vahn asked, “Since the current situation is my fault…let me take responsibility and wash your body.” Hearing his words, Aki looked over with a smile on her face before moving through the water and coming to a stop next to Vahn. She traced her hand over the area where she had bitten him earlier and said, “I have a bit of responsibility myself… let’s wash each other instead.”

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