Chapter 304: Pristine

Just as he had done for Hestia, Vahn wiped down Aki’s body with a warm towel before cleaning up the mess that had dripped down onto the floor. Though her stamina was impressive, Aki was helpless against the combined assault of losing her virginity and Vahn’s [Hands of Nirvana]. During their long embrace earlier, she had fallen asleep while she was licking his neck which is what eventually brought the moment to an end. Now that he saw the two naked girls side-by-side, Vahn felt a sense of accomplishment along with a strange urge within the back of his mind.

Though he enjoyed himself immensely, Vahn realized that he was still a bit too excited after things had come to an end. Just like his time with Hephaestus, whenever he took control of the situation it was hard for him to calm down. He still paid attention to the girls’ needs and changed his movements based on their reactions, but Vahn realized his own stamina was an issue. Though he could ‘calm himself’ whenever he wanted, there wasn’t much he could about his mentality and the conflicting feelings within his body other than meditating and using [Will of the Emperor] to forcibly ease his tensions.

Even if they didn’t mind, Vahn was unwilling to have sex with a woman when she had already lost consciousness and he wasn’t going to forcibly wake up either of them. After covering their bodies with the blanket, Vahn noticed Hestia’s bad habit kicked in as she actually climbed on top of Aki’s body and used her modest breasts as a pillow. Vahn was tempted to separate them but decided against it since he thought it was a somewhat tantalizing sight. Vahn fixed the covers before rubbing both of their heads and stepping away from the bed. He pulled the [Proof of Affection] out of his inventory since he was curious about what Aki would want. He also humored the idea of using the [Hearts Desire]s that were beginning to stockpile in his inventory but decided against it. Vahn was enjoying interacting with the girls in a meaningful way without relying on exposing their secrets just to get closer to them.

After activating the item, a light shone in Vahn’s hand before a strange elastic band appeared in his hands. Vahn had never seen an item like it so he stored it within his inventory so it could be identified. The moment he saw the name of the item, a wry smile appeared on Vahn’s face before he removed it from his inventory and folded it up on the table next to the bed and left a note for Aki. He also looked through the system shop to see how much it cost in OP before finding it was priced at only 5OP even though it seemed like a relatively important item…

[Maternity Band]

Rank: H

P.Def: 5

M.Def: 10

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Ability: Abdominal Shaping(F), Incubator(G)

An elastic band designed to support a woman before, during, and after pregnancy. Allows for an easier time carrying the child and helps support the shape of the abdomen to prevent distension. Regulates body temperature within the area of the band.

Though he hadn’t checked to confirm if she was actually pregnant, Vahn knew Aki would probably like the item when she discovered it in the morning. Since they were both tuckered out, Vahn expected they would be sleeping in a bit and didn’t plan to stay in the room with them since he would be waking up very early and didn’t want to disturb them. He planned to venture into the dungeon tomorrow, at least for a little while, and then meet up with Hephaestus and give her a [Materynity Band] of her own. He knew they probably wouldn’t need it for a few weeks, but he imagined she would be pleased and might even ‘reward’ him for his concerns. Now that he was in an ‘excited’ state, Vahn actually had a strong urge to track down Hephaestus, and to a lesser extent Loki. She was likely still intended to get pregnant before the Denatus and Vahn felt willing to take the leap in his current state of mind.

After dimming the lights and opening the vent a little to let some cooler air in the room, Vahn left the sleeping girls and went downstairs to take a bath. Though he had calmed his mind, there wasn’t much he could do about his wandering thoughts since there was nothing to distract him. Instead of being tired, Vahn felt incredibly awake at the moment even after relaxing in the bath for more than an hour. It was currently slightly after midnight and Vahn wasn’t even sure if it was a good idea to go to sleep since he didn’t feel tired at all. He even thought about venturing into the dungeon for a bit since it had been a while and his blood was boiling for a bit of action. However, unless he moved the girls into his workshop, Vahn was unwilling to leave them unprotected through the night. Even a moderately strong Level 1 might be able to defeat the current Aki after all.

Eventually, Vahn gave up on sleep and headed toward his workshop to conduct more experiments with his blood. After seeing it turn into a crystal, Vahn was certain there were several unique qualities that hadn’t been discovered by the disreputable scientists of his previous world. Though they conducted thousands of experiments at his expense, they never discovered a secondary use for his blood other than curing diseases and regenerating damaged tissue. Now that he was in a world where things like magic and alchemy existed, Vahn was able to make more progress in a few hours than hundreds of scientists made in his fourteen years of life. It gave him a small amount of pride knowing he had found success where they had failed even through cruel and inhumane methods.

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Since he had already forged one previously, Vahn was able to almost perfectly emulate his earlier process since he had adapted his mind and body to easily ‘mass produce’ any items he had forged in the past. If it was something recent, especially something within the same day, Vahn could get progressively faster at creating the item without any loss in form or function. The second [Fox Maiden’s Bracelet] took him around three hours to forge, compared to the four and a half hours previously. Vahn then moved on to the anklets and, even though they were slightly different in structure, he was easily able to forge both of them with a combined time of four hours. Since the sun rose slightly later in the last few days, Vahn finished the three accessories before it had peaked over the horizon. Now, he just had to make the necklace after consulting Haruhime and he would have completed his first set of ‘batteries’ to assist Haruhime’s magic.

As the sun had started to appear on the horizon, Vahn made his way over the Manor using Shundo as he headed toward the Hostess of Fertility at his maximum speed to receive the girls and escort them back if necessary. After around eight minutes, he landed outside and passed his perception over the interior of the girls’ dorm to confirm that everyone was still present and there hadn’t been any issues. His arrival hadn’t been ignored either, as he could see Fenrir moving about before hearing her muffled shouts through the door. After a few seconds passed, she came out the door after it had been opened by Syr and proudly proclaimed, “Fenrir protected everyone~!” Though she still couldn’t manage a proper smile, Vahn understood the was ‘happy’ and ‘proud’ since he had given her the mission to protect the girls when he left last night. He patted her head and ears with both hands as she gnashed her teeth ‘happily’ to emulate a smile.

Vahn saw the gentle expression of Syr and sent her a wink that caused her to blush slightly before she greeted him. Since there were a lot of people present, she was acting in her usual manner instead of showing the false bravado she had the previous night. Though they weren’t open yet, Syr led the group into the Hostess of Fertility and Vahn was able to see Emiru and Maemi helping clean up alongside Arnya, Shizune, Mona, and Chloe. Lunoire and Mama Mia were in the kitchen with the preparation staff and Ryuu was already at his side wearing her Adventurers outfit after successfully predicting he would want to visit the dungeon later.

After interacting with everyone for a while, Vahn furrowed his brows a bit because he had heard Shizune talking about returning to the Far East before trying to settle down and find a husband. Since she was no longer a virgin, she had a concern that she would probably have to settle as someone’s concubine or mistress and live out the remaining number of her youthful years servicing others in the hopes of having children of her own. Vahn took pity on her situation and gave her the [Virgin’s Promise] that he had received from Hestia and explained its use. Everyone was surprised when he explained it could restore someone’s virginity and Vahn even noticed a strange look in Haruhime’s eyes before he once again told her she was still a virgin.

Though she didn’t quite believe the item did as Vahn said, since it was just a small translucent pearl, Shizune still thanked him with a polite bow before taking the pill in front of everyone present. Vahn had also been curious about its use and wondered what it meant to restore something to a pristine state. Less than a second after she swallowed it, a magical light began to cover Shizune’s body and it looked like there was a hazy steam emitting from the pores of her skin. Everyone watched with intrigue to see if Vahn’s claims were true before their expressions all changed to shock and beffudlement after watching the changes that occurred rapidly before them.

Shizune originally had a very sensuous body with defined curves and a height of around 161cm with dark brown, almost black, hair and purple eyes. Because of the years she had spent as a slave, her disposition had changed to show her ‘experience’ and it was hard to hide the somewhat seductive look she had in her eyes that was accentuated by the makeup she wore. Now, however, her frame had shrunk down to only 120cm and she shrank before everyone’s eyes as her waitress outfit hung somewhat loosely from her body. Her face grew a healthy amount of youthful fat and her eyes became more rounded while her fluffy fox ears looked almost comically oversized on her head. She stared at her own tiny hands and uttered a confused, “Eeeeeeeiii~?” as her fluffy tail twitched about behind her body.

Since she hadn’t made any effort to conceal her body, Vahn gave her a cloak to wrap around herself for the time being as he said, “This was a little different than I expected…” Then, as a strange thought passed through his head, Vahn hesitantly asked, “Ummm, Shizune…when exactly did you lose your virginity.” The moment he asked his question, Vahn received some strange looks from several of the girls but Shizune’s large eyes opened wide as she hugged the cloak to her own body and muttered, “I was ten when my village got attacked by bandits…” Without explaining further, everyone understood the implication behind her words and had various degrees of indignation on their faces. However, they also understood what had happened and believed that Vahn’s medicine did exactly as he claimed, just to an unimaginable extent. It hadn’t simply healed her hymen, but it had reversed Shizune’s body to the point before she had lost her virginity while also removing scars and any signs of her previous age.

Vahn awkwardly scratched his head because Shizune had been talking about returning to the Far East to seke a husband and settle down. Now, she would have to, realistically, wait up to four years before finding a partner and Vahn imagined it would be a very ‘unique’ experience for whoever she decided upon. However, since it was only her body that reverted, Vahn wasn’t sure Shizune was actually willing to wait that long and it made him feel a strange concern for her future. Though she was taller than Lili, Shizune’s body was actually immature and it would be several years before she once again went through puberty and regained her womanly charms. The idea of a ‘sexually experienced’ woman walking around with the body of a child was slightly unnerving.

As if she had read his mind, Syr turned to Shizune and asked, “Ano…Shizune, do you still intend to return to the Far East so soon and find a partner? I don’t mean to be rude…but it isn’t safe to travel in your current state.” It was already very difficult for Shizune to make a trip when she was an adult, and now it would be next to impossible for her to return without catching the eye of some slave trader. Since she was a Kitsune, she was a very ‘rare’ find within the continent of Eden and would be even more sought after since she was still ‘young’. If they actually did catch her and find out how much ‘experience’ she had while still being a virgin, Vahn shuddered at the thought…

Shizune nodded her head in agreement with Syr and said, “Now that I’m like this, I don’t want to return to the Far East anymore. The only reason I cared was that I didn’t have any hopes within this City, but now I have a chance to relive a lot of my life and change many things…I think I’ll stay and work at the Hostess of Fertility now and then maybe even consider becoming a Supporter and Adventurer in the future. I really don’t know…I feel like I have so many paths to choose from all of a sudden.” Almost immediately after she started responding to Syr, tears began to well up in Shizune’s eyes as she hugged the cloak Vahn had given her closer to her body.

Milan had been watching the scene play out and exchanged glances with Tina before they both made their way forward to comfort the crying kitsune girl. Tina and Shizune were now near the same height and Vahn felt that they looked like a cute pair of sisters, even though their races were different. He had even locked eyes with Milan briefly and saw the care and concern she had for Shizune so he nodded his head which prompted her to ask, “Shizune, I know you’re still technically an adult…but I wouldn’t mind accepting you as my legal daughter if you’re fine with that. I’ll help take care of you and you can be Tina’s big sis from now on…”

As if her mind had regressed along with her body, Shizune hugged Milan and Tina with a very pitiable expression on her face as she began to cry loudly. Everyone present watched the trio embrace and even Mama Mia came out to inspect the ruckus before looking at Shizune’s current state with an incredulous look on her face. She immediately looked toward Vahn and they locked eyes before she motioned to the back of the kitchen with her head and an ‘angry’ look on her face. Vahn exchanged a wry smile with Syr before following behind Mama Mia and receiving a long lecture about doing strange things that make young girls cry.

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