Chapter 303: Unexpected Reaction

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Vahn tried to pull back his hips a bit but Hestia’s body moved to match his motion perfectly. She hugged her head against his chest and nuzzled against him as she said, “Ehehehe, I got you Vahn~” Even Aki stopped her own actions because of how strange Hestia was acting because Vahn had even lifted her body completely from the bed with a frown on his face. Since he was completely buried within her, it was painful and uncomfortable like it had been in the past, but Vahn still felt a little incredulity about the sudden, and unexpected, change in the situation. It felt like Hestia had taken shape around his p**** before completely solidifying as a gentle and comforting heat came from her interior and seeped into his body.

Hestia laughed in a strange manner again before saying, “Let’s just stay like this for a while, I promise I’ll let you go in a moment…I just want to experience being together like this for a while…just a little while…” As she spoke, Hestia actually wrapped her legs around his hips as if she were trying to pull them even closer together. Since she was much small than he was, it was actually very awkward to have her hanging from his body even though her weight was negligible with his current strength. He was currently supporting her body off the bed on his hands and knees while she literally clung to his body with more strength than Vahn had ever expected her to show. Fortunately, as she had next to no stamina, Hestia eventually couldn’t continue the powerful clamping and slipped off of his body and plopped onto the bed with a silly smile on her face.

Vahn felt his brain buzz after looking down at her contented expression and saw her beautiful body covered in a layer of sweat from her exertion. A pressure began to build up in the bridge of his nose before he sent a glance toward Aki that caused a shiver to run down her spine and into her tail. Hestia saw his look and an enamored look appeared on her face as she weakly opened her arms and said, “Come…I’ll accept everything~.” Vahn exhaled loudly through his nose before repositioning himself and instantly burying himself into her depths with enough force to knock her body up on the bed a bit. She released a loud gasp and tried to hug around Vahn’s waist but immediately lost her grip the moment he moved his hips again. Vahn started to knock into her body with a steady rhythm and Hestia raised her arms above her head and weakly grasped the pillow under her head as the released amorous and sensual moans that chiseled away at Vahn’s sensibilities. Even Aki had started to comfort herself more passionately as he stared at the scene with a fervent expression on her face.

Because of the medicine, Hestia had taken, Vahn was able to probe several angles that he had never gotten to try before against Hestia. He already knew her weak spot, but he was looking for any other areas that might cause her to shout out in an even louder voice. Even though she wasn’t moving around much due to her lack of stamina, Hestia’s voice seemed to be growing progressively louder as if she were trying to urge him forward. It was already to the point that he was taking longer, much more intense, thrusts that knocked into Hestia body with a loud sound. Vahn could even feel the fluids draining from her body splash about and the sound echoes about in his mind and increased his tensions even further. He had only ever experienced something similar with Hephaestus and didn’t expect he’d have such an interaction with the relatively ‘placid’ Hestia so soon.

From the side, Vahn heard a nasally moan from Aki and saw her release a hot sigh as she stared at their intercourse with glazed eyes of her own. Since Hestia had been in a continuous orgasm for a while, Vahn sped up his movements even more until it got to the point where Hestia’s diaphragm spasmed with each thrust. She couldn’t even moan out and choked on her own gasps as she stared up at Vahn’s face with an incredibly passionate gaze. Vahn saw her look and kissed her lips while deeply invading her mouth with his tongue. He grabbed around her shoulders before lifting her body into a sitting position as he released an exorbitant amount of semen into her steamy depths. Though he held her body up a bit at first, Vahn lowed Hestia’s weight onto his lap and allowed her to sit against him as her body continuously clamped around him with fierce contractions for nearly an entire minute.

Vahn held her powerless body for a while after before lowering her gently onto the bed before removing his p**** with a plop. Every time they finished having sex, it was like Hestia was forcing out everything from inside of her without leaving any remnants at all. Vahn stroked her hair a bit and smiled at seeing how happy she looked while lazily laying against the bed. He took out a warm town and wiped down her body before doing his best to remove the stain from his own semen from the bedspread. The entire aftercare took a few minutes before Vahn threw away the towel and locked eyes with Aki who had been leaning against the headboard and watching his actions with a somewhat ‘impatient’ look on her face.

Vahn gestured with his hands and made her crawl over to him as he said,”I’ve never had sex with a cat person before…tell me how you want it.” Hearing his words, Aki’s ears twitched about and she lowered her head for a few seconds but didn’t stop moving toward him. After she neared his body, she ‘crawled’ up his torso with her heads and muttered, “I want to sit in your lap…just like in the library. I want you to hold my body tightly no matter what happens…” Her ears were drpoping down a bit and Aki had a somewhat ‘pained’ look in her face as if she were imploring Vahn with, not just her words, but her actions.

Seeing her reaction and hearing her words, Vahn felt his heart itch as if easy action she took tickled it ceaselessly. In a bout of inspiration, Vahn gripped Aki’s butt forcefully before standing on the bed and lifting her body. She held onto his shoulders in confusion as Vahn used Shundo and found his footing on the floor nearby. Before she could make sense of what was happening, Vahn said, “If we’re going to be facing each other, I wanted to try doing it while standing up once…I think it’ll make it more exciting for you as well.” Without explaining further, Vahn lifting Aki’s body before trying to haphazardly find the correct angle. Because it was his first time doing it in this manner, Vahn had no experience with his actions and realized that his own size was complicating matters.

Aki came to her senses and wrapped her legs around his hips as if she were straddling his body and supported her own weight against Vahn’s shoulders. She had a very determined expression on her enamored face which caused Vahn to smile in a manner that felt awkward. From Aki’s perspective, she saw Vahn show an almost bestial smile that made her heart throb as she breathed in and out through her nose. Because she had already been working away at her own body for nearly fifteen minutes, Aki’s v***** was already opening slightly and gently contracting due to the minor echoes still bouncing around inside her body. Vahn finally found the correct angle before locking eyes with Aki and slowly putting a bit of strength in his hands that were wrapped around her hips. Though she didn’t exactly resist his actions, Vahn could feel Aki’s body tense as she passively resisted lowering her own hips.

After Vahn had sunk the entirety of his p**** within her relatively lukewarm v*****, he stopped his actions and continued to stare into Aki’s face. He could see she had a bit of last minute hesitation even though she made no efforts to separate their bodies. She was actually stronger than him, so there was little he could do if she tried to free herself from his grasp. After a few seconds, Vahn traced his right hand over her left butt cheek before he loosely gripped around the base of her tail. The hesitation in her eyes vanished in an instant as she stared directly into Vahn’s face before turning her attention to the scar she had left on his shoulder. Vahn could feel her grip tighten a bit on his shoulders and he began to lower her body by using her own weight to sink further into her depths. Though she was a virgin, Aki had taken the same medicine as Hestia and he was able to smoothly enter due to her preparations.

Soon after he entered, Vahn felt a resistance against his glans that made Aki’s body twitch but he continued forward undaunted as he gripped her tail tightly. Instead of biting him, Aki put her chin on Vahn’s shoulder where the scar was and hugged his body while holding her breath and resisting the pain. Since she was a Level 4, she was able to prevent herself from crying out at all and just released a long sigh when Vahn finally knocked against the back of her own v*****. Vahn had dazed for a brief moment because he realized that Hestia had changed his expectations about sex a bit. Though it was an incredibly pleasant feeling within Aki, Vahn still felt a bit of incongruity coming from the sensations on his own p****. Vahn laughed a little within his mind because he knew it wasn’t fair to compare two different girls, especially when he was currently accepting the virginity of one of them.

Vahn wanted to kiss Aki, but she continued to hold his body as she wiggled her own hips a bit as if trying to feel his p**** within her body. With a smile on his face, Vahn gripped her tail a little and caused her body to arch forward enough that she raised her own hips. Vahn loosened his grip and raised his hips as Aki fell against his body. Vahn felt a shiver run down his spine because the moment she dropped Aki weakly called out a , “Nyaa~” into his ear. As if the strange incongruity he experienced earlier had vanished, Vahn felt a bit of excitement well up inside of him as he repeated the action a few times. Every single time she fell, Aki released a mewling moan that sounded like a cat crying out. The sound tickled, not only Vahn’s ears, but it felt like it was scratching his heart as he began to draw excited breaths.

If not for the fact he was treating her body carefully since she had just lost her virginity, Vahn wanted to move more intensely because of his previous entanglement with Hestia. Instead, he moved over to a wall and allowed Aki’s body to rest against it for a few seconds. She eventually realized what he was trying to do and stopped holding his shoulders in a death grip. Though Vahn couldn’t see it himself, there were bruises marks on his shoulder that matched each of her fingers where she had been holding him.

Though she felt a little ‘scared’ at leaning her body against the wall, Aki placed her trust in Vahn and looked down at where they were connected with a strangely excited expression on her face. Because she was much larger than Hestia, and had taken medicine to dilate her own v*****, Aki was able to take in Vahn’s full length after her body warmed up a bit. There were small splotches of blood against Vahn’s body but it made her feel an inexplicable happiness, especially when she saw the passionate and loving expression in Vahn’s face. He began to trace his fingers over her abdomen as if electrical currents were trailing from his fingers. Aki felt waves of pleasure building up in her body as she writhed about under his touch. Vahn enjoyed each of her reactions and kept her balanced on his own body before leaning forward and sealing her lips. They didn’t often kiss and Vahn was always surprised when he felt the slightly rough tongue of a cat person when they shared a deep kiss. It felt like she was able to lap up his saliva easily and they had surprisingly long tongues compared to humans, goddesses, and amazons.

After Aki’s body started to grow a little limp, Vahn felt like she was ready for some more intense movements since he had already healed the wound within her v***** with his [Hands of Nirvana] while he was tending to her body. Though she wasn’t nearly as tight as a needy little goddess, Vahn enjoyed the echoes of Aki’s own orgasms as her v***** writhed around his p**** in an incredibly stimulating manner. Since they had started, Vahn had noticed Aki’s body had heated up to an almost incredible level and he was vaguely aware that her body was somewhat feverish.

Though he wasn’t an actual physician, Vahn knew a lot about the physiques of others and could easily understand their condition when he was in contact with them. Vahn knew a fair amount about Cat People, and he understood that a female cat person that had reached maturity would be in a dormant state of ‘heat’ until they finally mated. The vast majority of cat person females actually got pregnant after their first intercourse and Vahn was able to understand why after seeing the changes in Aki’s body. He understood why she was always talking about ‘taking responsibility’ because, unless he actively prevented it, there was a very high chance she would get pregnant if he ejaculated inside of her.

The image of Loki passed through his mind and Vahn wondered if she had machinated events this way or if she were trying to test him somehow. Vahn had already promised to impregnate her before the Denatus, but she had sent a lovelorn kitten into his arms after their last parting. Because Aki was so receptive to him, Vahn had few inhibitions against her and appreciated everything she had been doing to help manage the Familia recently. They had spent a fair amount of time together and shared a number of intimate moments before things had finally come to this point. Since his memory was quite sharp, Vahn was able to recall the melancholic look on Aki’s face every time he didn’t cross the line in the past. He understood she was more interested in having a family than actually venturing into the dungeon and had a healthy desire for children of her own. She had already been ‘prepared’ for five years, and Vahn decided to reward her patience as he tightly embraced her shoulders and hugged Aki against his body.

Aki was confused for a brief moment at Vahn’s especially intimate and comforting gesture until she felt an intense heat swell in her own depths. She immediately released a gasp and returned his hug as she tightened her legs around his hips. Though there was a great deal of murky liquid dripping from where they were connected, there was an incredible amount that made its way into her depths and she could almost feel her insides burning as they writhed about in a powerful climax that almost rivaled the ‘convergence of heaven and earth’ that Vahn put her through in the past. That orgasm has actually caused her to awaken in the middle of the night in a panic with a damp stain on her bed for a few days, but this one was an incredibly pleasant and fulfilling one.

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Vahn heard a notification in his head and squinted his eyes a bit since the system always seemed to break the atmosphere at times. He gave a cursory glance as he continued to cradle Aki’s body while nuzzling his face against the side of her head. A small frown appeared on his face and he furrowed his brows, not because of the notification per say, but because the completion grade ignored him a bit. He felt like in invalidated a bit of the feelings they shared between each other…


//Anakitty Autumn Has Reached Maximum Affection//

//Quest Complete: [The Hearts Desire:C-SS]//

Completion Grade: C

Rewards:10,000OP, 1x[Hearts Desire:Anakitty Autumn]

Grade Rewards: 1x[Proof of Affection], 3,000OP


As if to refute the notification, Vahn held Aki’s body a bit tighter and pulled her weight against him a little more. She released a muffled ‘nyaaa~’ and returned his actions by licking his neck with her rough tongue. Incited by her own action, Aki continued to lick Vahn’s neck affectionately and the unease he had felt from the system notification faded away. Though her tongue felt a little dry and rough, Vahn thought it was an incredibly pleasant sensation so he started to stroke her back lightly with [Hands of Nirvana] as they both showed their affections for each other for an entire twenty minutes before separating. Vahn had an uncomfortable feeling on his neck, almost like he had developed a rash, but seeing the glowing and amorous expression on Aki’s face as he laid her down on the bed melted away any discomfort he had. If anything, he wanted her to lick his body even more and even nurtured the thought of convincing her to do so in the future. He figured that, if he did the same for her, she would probably be willing to give it a try…

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