Chapter 302: Abnormal Behavior

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After calming his mind adequately, Vahn returned to the Hearth Manor and scanned the interior to see that Hestia and Aki were still within his secret workshop so he made his way up to the room and opened the false wall that separated it from his bedroom. Since Vahn was the only person that could open it from the outside, both girls knew he had arrived and Hestia put down her quill before walking over and jumping into Vahn’s arms. He could see she had a very tired expression and knew she had probably been working hard all day. When he turned his attention to Aki, she had her usual smile on her face as she said, “Welcome back.” Vahn smiled in response and said, “Here, you two have worked hard today, I’ll give you a reward.”

Hestia’s body twitched and she stared up into Vahn’s face with her crystalline blue eyes and he could see her aura was quickly transitioning from a docile state to a highly active one with a pink hue. Vahn leaned forward as he raised Hestia’s butt and gave her a quick peck on the lips before saying, “It’ll just be a massage for now while you brief me on anything new that happened.” Though her aura didn’t fade by much, Vahn saw it diminish a bit as Hestia laughed, “Ehehe, I guess that’s fine as well~.” Vahn smiled slightly at her reaction before lifting up her legs with his left hand and holding her in a princess carry before making eye contact with Aki. She nodded her head in response and picked up her own scroll before placing it away in her pouch and following behind.

When they moved to Hestia’s room, Vahn laid her down on the bed and she rolled about in a strange manner as her dress wilted apart rapidly. She looked up at Vahn with a ‘pitiful’ expression on her face as she ‘sheepishly’ covered her own breasts and asked, “Just a massage?” Vahn furrowed his brows a bit because Hestia was acting up even though Aki was still present. As if she could read his expression, Hestia remarked, “Eeeeh, I already talked to both Aki and Loki about various things…” As she spoke, Hestia’s expression became a little rosy and Vahn arched his brows as he turned to Aki and saw a ‘strange’ smile on her face. Her tail flickered a bit and she muttered in a low voice, “I don’t mind…”

Vahn immediately felt like he was in a dilemma because he had just walked into the situation that he tried to avoid earlier. It felt like his efforts to calm his mind had been fruitless because he was now suffering a join attack by two women he was fond of acting adorably in front of him. Vahn cocked his head as if he were in deep thought before releasing a short sigh and shaking his head. Both girls saw his response but Vahn clarified matters by saying, “I left the other girls at the Hostess of Fertility because they got a little drunk. There is a lot to do tomorrow and I’ll have to wake up early to get everything prepared…” Vahn felt like he was making an excuse and noticed that neither Hestia or Aki showed a positive response to his explanation.

Seeing their reactions, Vahn felt an urge to laugh and it showed as a smile appeared on his face and he said, “Fine, I won’t hold back then if you’re going to act like this.” Though he put a lot of restraints on himself, Vahn was actually very interested in the girls around him. If they were going to act ‘sad’ when he was trying to be considerate, he didn’t mind giving them a light punishment for testing his boundaries. He still wanted to meet Raul in the future, so it looked like he was going to have to apologize to the mystery man that held Aki’s affections. Before either of them could react to his words, Vahn appeared behind Aki with his Shundo and lifted up her body before plopping her down on the bed next to Hestia.

Because Vahn wasn’t acting like himself, both girls were a little flustered but Hestia recovered quickly as an excited glint appeared in her eyes. She held out her hand and shouted, “Wait, wait one minute ~!” Vahn tilted his head and watched her butt wiggle to the side of the bed as she pulled out a small vial of pills and a cream he had never seen before. Aki had dazed for a moment, but seeing Hestia’s actions brought her mind back to reality as she looked to Vahn and asked in an uncharacteristically shy manner, “Are we going to…?” Vahn turned his head away from Hestia’s actions and stared into her beautiful black eyes and stated firmly, “The final decision is your’s, but I won’t let you back down if you decide to stay.”

Hearing Vahn’s words, Aki swallowed a bit of saliva but didn’t say anything as she started to strip off her own clothing. Vahn smiled at her actions and said softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll take proper responsibility…I won’t let it be painful and you’ll be able to remember tonight for the rest of your life.” Since Vahn wanted to try a few things, his words were very sincere and it showed in his expression enough to ease Aki’s heart. He almost wanted to continue his words and explain his intentions, but Vahn thought it would be more ‘exciting’ if he kept the surprise until later. They were the ones that had pushed him to this extent, so it was only proper that he gave her a light punishment.

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Hestia finished smearing the pale cream inside of herself before an excited expression appeared on her face and she shouted, “Okay, I’m ready now~! Don’t be surprised, ehehehehe~.” Vahn saw the strangely ‘confident’ look on Hestia’s face and he was able to intuit what she was up to. He already recognized the pills as the ones that Aki had brought over and the cream was likely meant to support her efforts. However, before she could make her move, she was intercepted by Aki who said, “That isn’t good Hestia-sama, you need to properly prepare yourself before having sex…” Though she was trying to keep up a strong front, both Vahn and Hestia could see that Aki’s face was beginning to glow with a rosy blush.

Vahn stared at the two black-haired girls as they held each other completely naked and admired the sight for a moment before unequipping his clothing. Without changing his stance at all, Vahn was now standing naked next to the bed and it caused both girls to look over. With a confident look touched with a trace of teasing, Vahn said, “It’ll be fine, Aki, leave everything to me this time.”

Hearing Vahn’s words, Aki’s ears twitched and her tail began to flicker before she immediately startled when Vahn appeared right in front of them. Before they could react, Vahn reached around and hugged both girls before placing his fingers in the center of their backs.

Though Hestia had been massaged by Vahn plenty in the past, Aki was the one who noticed what he was about to do and she immediately tucked her head and placed it against his chest while Hestia gave her a strange look. She turned to ask Vahn what he was up to, but the moment she turned her head Vahn traced his fingers down their spines while using [Hands of Nirvana]. Hestia’s body arched a bit but Vahn prevented her from falling over as she shouted out in a loud voice. Aki, who had already prepared herself, just tightly hugged Vahn’s body as a fair amount of fluid began to drain from her exposed genitals. Vahn didn’t mind casual foreplay and taking his time, but he was still in the mindset of ‘punishing’ the girls and didn’t want to get caught up in their momentum. He expected they might put on a small play for him before they actually began, but Vahn didn’t want to wait another ten minutes when he was already ready.

Vahn allowed the two girls to lay back against the bed and Hestia looked up at him through hazy eyes and said, “Vaaaaahn, you’re acting strangely~” In response to her words, Vahn shook his head and stated plainly, “I’ve been cooped up in the Manor for a while and now it feels like there is a large weight on my shoulders since I’m able to move about again. I tried controlling my excitement before I returned, but the two of you kept enticing me even when I tried to compromise…” As he spoked, Vahn used [Hands of Nirvana] to stroke around the girls’ bellies and breasts as he stimulated their pressure points. He wasn’t ‘relaxing’ them, so they were still able to move just fine, but their bodies were in a heightened state of pleasure and he wasn’t letting them come down from the dizzying sensation.

Aki seemed to have better control than Hestia as she was able to stifle her moans through gnashed teeth and just took several deep breaths to retain her reasoning. Vahn thought her reaction was interesting, so he decided to give her a short break as he turned to Hestia and said, “I don’t often get to take the initiative when we’re together…so let me try to do things my way this time. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happen to you…” Vahn stroked her face and uttered his words in a calming tone that made Hestia produce a strange cooing sound as she held onto his arm and said, “Do it Vahn…I like you better like thissssss~”

Vahn raised his brows a bit because he hadn’t expected Hestia’s words even though he knew she always wanted him to be more proactive. He was so afraid of accidentally hurting her that he had let her take the initiative every time they had sex, but he now realized that was an unnecessary concern. Since Hestia felt closer to him when he ‘sought’ her out, then he would bring them closer together than they had ever been before…Vahn turned over to Aki and said, “Watch closely.” She swallowed a bit before nodding her head as she watched Vahn pry open Hestia’s stark-white legs to reveal the slightly puffy mound of Hestia. It was already dripping with a healthy amount of love juices and there was even a creamy color dripping out of the slightly red and somewhat swollen interior.

Most of the time they had sex, Vahn let Hestia sit on top of him and this was only the second time he had been the one pinning her body in this manner. Vahn placed some pillows under her butt before lifting her right leg and finding the correct angle. He noticed that the insides of her v***** were a lot hotter than normal and, even though the walls seemed to have swollen up a bit, it was actually much easier to move into her depths. The painful tightness had eased up by a great deal and Vahn felt an itchy feeling in his heart as he watched the smile bloom on Hestia’s face. He made it around 80% in before hitting a dead end, but he was able to keep going after he noticed the surprising malleability of her interior. After putting in a little effort, Vahn was more than 90% of his full length into Hestia before she released a sad sigh and said, “Even with all that…it wasn’t enough?”

Vahn could feel her frustrations and just shook his head before a confident glint appeared in his eyes and he said, “Like I said, leave it to me Hestia…” Before she could respond to his words, Vahn leaned forward and pinned both of her hands with his right hand and began to kiss her on the lips. She flinched at first but didn’t struggle to escape until Vahn moved his left hand to her pelvis and she could feel the hot energy coming from his palms. Hestia tried to free herself from his lips to protest, but Vahn dropped his weight onto her and she released a loud shout that was muffled by Vahn’s mouth. Vahn had forcibly eased the tension of Hestia’s muscles around her pelvis, abdomen, and butt as he buried his full length into her interior. He knew it must have been painful for her and began to heal any damage that might have been caused as he continued to kiss her body until she calmed down.

Aki had been watching Vahn’s actions from the side but instead of feeling scared by how domineering his actions were, she instead felt a bit of excitement and expectation in her heart. Though she didn’t resent Raul, Aki had always preferred the type of man that took decisive action and didn’t hold back when it came to expressing their love. She had spent several intimate moments with Vahn in the past and had actually been building up a few frustrations because he never went beyond a certain point with her. Though she greatly enjoyed the time the spent together, Aki had blamed Vahn a bit for his ‘indecisiveness’, especially when she had made herself all the experimental things he wanted to try on her. Now that she saw him acting in this fashion, Aki could feel an incredible heat coming from her own body and she also started to make preparations of her own as she began to comfort herself.

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Though Vahn was almost entirely focused on Hestia, he still looked over to see Aki fondling her own breasts as her fingers worked away at her c******* while she watched him and Hestia have sex with a fervent expression on her face. When they made eye contact, Aki opened her mouth a bit and released a moan that sounded like a muffled, “Nyaaa~” sound. He didn’t feel like he was in a rush, but Vahn was looking forward to what was to come after he finished off Hestia. With that thought in mind, Vahn turned his eyes back to Hestia and stroked her head for a bit after releasing her hands. She gave him an ‘evil’ look before wiggling her own hips a bit and releasing a light moan. Reaching down, she could feel the zero distance between them and released a sigh before saying, “We’re finally together completely…” As her words finished, Vahn saw a glint in Hestia’s eyes as she wrapped her arms around him lovingly before a powerful clamping completely locked his p**** deep within her v*****.

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