Chapter 347: Hostess of Fertility(5/5)

After Lunoire fell asleep, Vahn helped to wipe down her body with the assistance of the other girls before a small conversation started about whether or not they should continue. Vahn had considered the matter for a moment before addressing everyone present in a gentle, yet firm, tone of voice, “I understand things may be awkward, maybe even a bit difficult, but I know Lunoire would blame herself more if we brought things to an early conclusion. I feel like the best thing to do is continue onwards without inflating things too far and then, when she wakes back up, we’ll all treat her well as if the past doesn’t matter at all. Besides…” Vahn looked over at Ryuu and saw her eyes open marginally wider when he said, “I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself easily if I backed down now.”

The entire group looked at Ryuu and the somewhat sad atmosphere immediately became more tense, with more than a fair amount of awkwardness as everyone waited for her reaction. Though she had already mentally prepared herself, Ryuu still had a fair amount of inhibitions about everything that was happening but she still nodded her head and, with a small smile on her face said, “I’m ready Vahn, please treat me kindly…” For a brief moment, Ryuu had a strange thought to defend her figure but she knew from personal experience that Vahn thought she was beautiful. Though she didn’t mention it, nor did she even care much in the past, Ryuu felt like her small breasts weren’t very womanly.

Vahn had seen the small fluctuation in Ryuu’s aura, but he couldn’t understand what kind of thought she could have had and determined that she was just nervous. He could blame her either because he was actually very nervous about finally sleeping with Ryuu as well. Though Vahn wouldn’t advocate the matter, it wasn’t incorrect to claim that the majority of elves were far more beautiful than most people. Everything about Ryuu, from her incredibly athletic figure that appeared to not have a single sign of fat, to her beautiful, cool, sky blue eyes, was a step above normal considerations for what could be considered aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. In fact, now that things had come to this point, Vahn felt incredibly blessed to even have the opportunity of being with a girl like Ryuu so he showed a genuine smile and said, “Ryuu, you’re so beautiful…”

As Vahn spoke, he reached out his hand with a slight hesitation before feeling emboldened when Ryuu showed a healthy blush and said, “Thank you…you also look very handsome.” While Vahn was slightly stunned by Ryuu’s words, they could both hear a slight giggling from the others and looked over to see Syr, Chloe, and Arnya all smiling in a teasing and playful manner. Ryuu’s blush became much deeper and for a brief moment, though he wasn’t sure he had seen it correctly, Vahn thought he saw Ryuu’s ears waggle slightly. When he turned back to her, Ryuu reached out and grabbed Vahn’s hand on her own before moving it to her modest, yet tender, breasts. Strangely, her blush faded marginally and Ryuu released an almost inaudible sigh as she smiled at Vahn.

Thoughts rapidly passed through Vahn’s head before he whispered in a low tone, “Lay down, Ryuu…leave the rest to me.” As he spoke, he gently moved his fingers to test the texture and feel of Ryuu’s breast under his palm. Ryuu nodded her head at his words before somewhat awkwardly laying on her back. Even without his prompting, it looked like she was trying to emulate the other girls and had spread her own long legs as if she were displaying the contents of her secret garden. Vahn’s mind blanked for a moment and his eyes were drawn to the slight moisture flowing from the slightly parted vulva that revealed a pale pink interior. It was a color that matched Ryuu’s lips and nipples and it was unlike anything that Vahn had ever seen so he was very curious.

Vahn felt like he had dazed for a moment too long, so he shook his head with a smile before taking a position between Ryuu’s thighs. Surprisingly, Ryuu seemed to be becoming progressively calmer as her mind adapted to the situation and Vahn felt a strange urge well up inside of him to break her expression down. He didn’t know what it was about elves, but Vahn felt an urge to tease them every time he saw their cool and composed appearances. After leaning forward a bit, Vahn placed both of his hands at Ryuu’s waist and used a gentle stream of energy to trace up her sides. Though she closed her eyes and shook slightly, Ryuu’s composure didn’t break from the stimulation and the only thing that changed was her breathing. The strange urge deep within him grew marginally stronger as Vahn moved his hands to Ryuu’s breasts and felt her heart palpitating rapidly under his right palm.

Feeling how quickly Ryuu’s heart was beating, Vahn’s smile turned more natural and he became decidedly more affectionate as he leaned over her body and ‘surprised’ her with a kiss on the lips. Since she had closed her eyes to ‘cope’ with the stimulation, she hadn’t been prepared for Vahn’s sudden action but quickly tried to reciprocate with a kiss of her own. Though it was somewhat sloppy and unpracticed, it was still a very pleasant kiss and reminded, not just Vahn, but Ryuu of the time they had shared in front of the gravesite together. Vahn supported his body with his right arm before reaching over and grabbed Ryuu’s right hand with his left. She was slightly confused until Vahn pulled away from their kiss and whispered, “Show me where you want me to touch…”

Vahn activated his [Hands of Nirvana] and a moderately stimulating energy flowed from his fingertips as he gingerly stroked the area between Ryuu’s shoulder and breast. Not that he was very close to her, Vahn could see her eyes wavering a bit from the stimulation and understood why she had closed them earlier. After a short hesitation, Ryuu placed her hand overtop Vahn’s and slowly began exploring her own body while a progressively deeper blush rose on her face as Vahn continued to stare into her eyes. Though he had expected it somewhat, Vahn still smiled with a small amount of shock when Ryuu placed his hand back on her breasts. The wavering in her eyes increased and she squinted them as if she were about to close them completely. Vahn leaned down and whispered a question into her long elven ears, “You have sensitive breasts~?”

Without waiting for Ryuu’s response, Vahn traced his thumb over her nipple and felt her body shake slightly as an ambient heat rose from the garden down below. Ryuu’s eyes closed completely and her mouth shrunk into a small shape similar to a frown as she fought to resist against the pleasurable feeling. Vahn didn’t know why elves tried so hard to maintain their composure but it was very interesting to see such a cool girl unable to resist even light stimulation. He had even stopped using [Hands of Nirvana], but she continued to close her eyes as the blush on her face grew deeper and more rudy. Ryuu’s aura had already turned a rosy pink with a touch of passionate red and it was wrapping around his body in a mildly possessive manner. Vahn smiled widely, even though Ryuu’s eyes weren’t open to see it, as he leaned down and began licking her long ears.

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Ryuu, perhaps surprised by the sudden change, opened her mouth slightly and released a strange sound like a squeaking moan as she reached up and hugged Vahn’s body. An elves ears were one of their most sensitive spots and it was a tradition that only close family and lovers were even allowed to touch them. Vahn’s licking of her ears was an incredibly intimate and stimulating action, especially combined with the stimulation she was receiving from her breasts. Though she had done her best to not cry out, Ryuu started releasing small noises that strangely sounded like a mix between a squeak and a moan. Every time Vahn heard one of the tiny noises Ryuu tried to conceal, he could feel the strange ‘urge’ to tease her growing inside his heart and he couldn’t help raise his head and stare into Ryuu’s face. Confused about why he had stopped, Ryuu opened her watery, sky blue, eyes to match Vahn’s aquamarine green ones as he asked, “How can you be so incredibly adorable?”

Ryuu’s eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly like she was trying to answer the question but couldn’t find the words. A strong heat began to rise in her face and Vahn’s smile grew alongside it as he briefly leaned forward to kiss her lips before moving to her other ears, shifting his weight, and massaging her other breast without further questions. Ryuu’s ‘defenses’ had been breached after the sudden change and now her cries were even more audible and increasingly adorable. Ryuu’s voice was usually somewhat husky, low, and very mature sounding, but her current sounds were much higher pitch and they literally sounded closer to squeaks because of how hard she was trying to prevent herself from crying out.

Eventually, Vahn could feel Ryuu’s body begin to tremble greatly as she released a long and hot sigh against his shoulders. He realized that her body had actually climaxed just from having her ears and breasts teased but the strangest part was how her orgasm seemed to have calmed her down a lot. Vahn had pulled away from her ears and saw Ryuu’s smiling face and loving sky blue eyes as she said, “I’m ready…thanks for being patient, Vahn.” Unsure of what to say at first, Vahn’s mind blanked for a moment before a smile appeared on his face and he responded, “Ryuu, thanks for loving me… let’s be together for a very long time.” Ryuu’s smile grew larger as her eyes squinted in a happy manner and she nodded her head with an, ‘Nn’ sound.

Vahn positioned himself at the entrance of Ryuu’s v***** and immediately noticed a peculiarity that he hadn’t expected. Ryuu’s v***** seemed to be palpitating at the same rate her heart was beating and it sent somewhat stimulating pulses through his glans that made Vahn feel a hint of expectation since he imagined it would be far greater when he actually entered inside of her. He couldn’t help but imagine that the sensation would make him feel even closer to Ryuu since he would literally be able to feel her heartbeat aligned with his through her breasts while also feeling it pulsate around his p****. It was a strangely intimate thought and Vahn briefly wondered it if was a racial trait of all elves as he slowly tried to make his way into the remarkably tight hole.

Throughout the process, Vahn was staring into Ryuu’s sky blue eyes and noticed she didn’t have much of a reaction even though a foreign object was entering her body for the first time. Instead, she just continued to smile lovingly at him and even nodded her head with a larger smile when he had hit a pocket of resistance. Since he didn’t want to hurt her, Vahn reached down and used [Hands of Nirvana] to stroke the muscles of her lower abdomen and make things easier while also preparing to ease any pain and discomfort she might feel. Ryuu felt the warm energy flowing through her body angled her head up to kiss Vahn on the lips before saying, “I’m a tough girl, you don’t have to be overly cautious with me…now do it, Vahn, and let’s be together from now, until forever…”

Vahn nodded his head and began to passionately kiss Ryuu as he put more strength into his hips. Though the resistance was surprisingly strong, and the sound that emerged was actually somewhat spine-tingling, Ryuu didn’t seem to have any reaction to what had to be an incredible amount of pain. Vahn wasn’t sure if it was because elves were incredibly thin, but Ryuu’s insides were much tighter than he had expected because of her mature appearance. He could feel a warm liquid intermixed with vital energies draining from the area where they were connected and Vahn knew Ryuu had to be bleeding a great deal more than normal and he was only able to enter slightly more than halfway inside of her before coming to a dead end. As he expected, Vahn could feel Ryuu’s heart beating and it sent reverberations through his body in a strangely intimate, yet moderately discomforting, manner.

Though she didn’t seem to mind it much, Vahn was worried about the sticky and warm fluids coming from Ryuu so he sent his energy into her body to heal any potential damage that had been done before he did anything else. So that she didn’t have the opportunity to ‘complain’, Vahn started kissing Ryuu more deeply and intertwined her tongue with his own. Ryuu’s saliva tasted somewhat thin, but there was also a sweet flavor to it and Vahn thought it was a somewhat addictive flavor and tried to savor it a bit until he was confident Ryuu had recovered. Other than healing her wounds, Vahn had sent strings of stimulating energy into her body and had even felt the effects on his own p**** and it made his body twitch. Though he knew about the concept of masturbation, Vahn had never performed that act because he felt like it would be a slap in the face to all the girls around him.

The sticky feeling was soon replaced by a small wash of warm, moist, and lubricating liquids and Vahn felt comfortable enough to start moving slightly. Ryuu, once again, actually started to become calmer after he began to move and, instead of releasing any kind of moans, she just kissed his lips and stared at him whenever they parted. Vahn felt like it was a strange reaction and, if not for the fact her aura was almost entirely a passionate red, he would have suspected she didn’t feel much from their bond. Of course, he could also feel her heart beating rapidly from where they were connected and this was an indicator that his assumption would have been wrong even without the ability to see auras. Still, it made him feel a little remorseful because he would like to get a bigger rise out of her when they were doing something so intimate together.

Vahn remembered that Ryuu seemed to have very sensitive breasts and ears so he decided to resume his early actions and noticed Ryuu had an almost immediate response as she hugged around his body and started making her small sounds that tickled his heart. Though he wasn’t entirely sure, Vahn felt like Ryuu was a girl that was strangely more sensitive in her breasts than her actual v*****. It was a curious thought and Vahn tried to test his theory by sending a wave of energy through his index finger and thumb as he pinched the pale pink protrusion that had become completely rigid. Ryuu immediately released a long sigh intermixed with a subtle moan and Vahn understood there was a high probability his theory was correct. The only way he could make sure, however, was to trace his hand down to where they were connected and test to the sensitivity of Ryuu’s little bundle of nerves.

Though he typically didn’t think it was a good idea during a girl’s first time, Vahn wanted to make things more ‘enjoyable’ for Ryuu so he lightly stimulated the small nerve center and notice that, though there was a large increase in the stream of fluids coming from her v*****, Ryuu didn’t have a strong reaction to having her c******* massaged. Vahn stopped licking her ears to look into her face and Ryuu’s enamored expression melted a little as she smiled gently and encouragingly at him. While still watching her face, Vahn brought his hand back up to Ryuu’s breasts and saw her lower jaw tremble slightly before she closed her eyes and released an adorable little squeak. Vahn’s eyes widened slightly because this more or less confirmed his theory and it seemed to be true that Ryuu felt more stimulation from her breasts and ears than her own v*****. Since it was the first time he had ever experienced such a thing, Vahn felt a great deal of excitement as he released a gentle, yet steady, stream of stimulating energy directly through Ryuu’s nipple.

Ryuu gnashed her teeth a bit and released a mewling-like cry as her already ridiculously tight v***** clamped down on him with a great deal of pressure. Vahn’s eyes widened as he moved his hips at a quicker tempo to reach his own critical limit as he quickly moved to the other side of Ryuu’s body and massaged her right breast while licking her left ear. Because of his efforts, Ryuu had a continuous sequence of orgasms that linked together and became increasingly more powerful. Her ability to stifle her own moans was very high, but Ryuu still started to make marginally higher pitched noises that were vastly different from any sounds she usually made. It wasn’t long before Vahn reached his own climax and, against his expectations yet again, Ryuu’s eyes instantly opened wide the moment he ejaculated into her and she yelled out a throaty, ‘Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh’ that had completely caught, not only himself, but everyone present off guard.

Vahn had pulled away from Ryuu’s ears and saw her staring wide-eyed at him as her body went through powerful reverberations. Though she was obviously very affected by the orgasm she was going through, Ryuu was remarkably still able to talk as she stuttered, “I can feel it…the mana…the energy…it’s overwhelming…it’s like its trying to fill me up completely~!” Vahn understood Ryuu’s reaction now because elves were incredibly sensitive to mana and she could only interpret his source energy-rich semen as being profoundly thick with mana. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that, with just his Tier 3 soul, his source energy was several tens of times more potent than normal mana and it must have been quite the surprise for the generally cool elven beauty. Even after nearly a minute had passed, her body continued to spasm slightly as she held her hand over her lower abdomen with an incredulous expression on her face.

After Ryuu had calmed down for a bit, she looked up at Vahn and asked, “I heard from Riveria that you had been researching about the issues regarding pregnancy of various races. Have you looked inside my body to see if there are any reasons for why elves typically take a long time to get pregnant?” Vahn was very surprised by Ryuu’s question and shook his head before saying, “No, I didn’t want to be invasive without asking permission first…” Ryuu nodded her head with a smile and said, “I don’t want to get pregnant yet, but I’d like you to check to see if there is anything strange with my body…please, Vahn.” Vahn nodded his head before slipping out of Ryuu and helping wipe down her body as he inspected the interior with his [Eyes of Truth]. As he anticipated, there was a surprising amount of blood that had soaked into the blankets beneath Ryuu’s butt and there were even several traces of it splashed about on her thighs and genitals so Vahn felt compelled to treat her with tenderness.

When he peeked into her body, Vahn saw the strange sight of his own semen but tried his best to ignore it for the time being as he investigated each part of her reproductive organ. Surprisingly, Vahn found no issues with the ovaries of Ryuu, nor were here fallopian tubes abnormal and it didn’t make any sense why elves would have trouble conceiving. Since he knew there had to be a reason, Vahn began to change his vision to look more closely at the flow of energy contained within Ryuu’s body, with his primary focus on the eggs within her ovaries. He had confirmed they were all ‘alive’ earlier, but now Vahn noticed a strange peculiarity now that he looked more closely.

It was almost unnoticeable at first, but Vahn saw lines of energy passing through Ryuu’s uterus that seeped into her interior walls and made them writhe about. This was the reason for Ryuu’s powerful reaction earlier and he knew the root cause was his own semen. It seemed like Ryuu’s womb was trying to absorb the source energy within his ejaculate and it was guiding it along the fallopian tubes and nourishing the ovaries and their precious contents. Vahn followed the trail of energy with clear intrigue written on his face that caused every girl in the room to hold their breaths so as not to accidentally disturb him.

Vahn noticed there was a strange cyclic process where the energy was revolved around within the interior of the ovary before detaching one of the follicles and Vahn could see it rapidly develop in real time, almost as if time were being accelerated and Ryuu’s body slowly began to heat up as her body entered an imposed ovulation cycled because of the induction of his source energy. After a short few minutes, the egg detached from the ovary before making its way into the fallopian tubes and catching against the inner walls. If things continued as they were, Vahn was absolutely certain Ryuu would get pregnant and he had a hypothesis concerning the reason behind the difficulties elves faced when it came to getting pregnant.

Ryuu felt a strange feeling in her own body and her heart began to beat rapidly in her chest as she watched Vahn stare intently at something beyond her sight and comprehension. The only thing she was completely aware of was the fact that she could feel the mana he had released inside of her changing something within her body and it was a somewhat terrifying, yet strangely comforting, though. After a few minutes passed, Vahn looked up at her and said in a serious tone, “I can’t be certain, but I think I may have found the reason behind the difficulty elves face when getting pregnant. Well, that can wait for later, for now, you need to consider taking contraceptive before things develop even further.”

Hearing Vahn’s words, Ryuu’s eyes widened marginally and she asked, “Am I pregnant, already?” Though she said she didn’t want to have a child yet, Ryuu couldn’t help but feel a little giddy at the idea that she had already become pregnant. Vahn saw her expression and smiled gently before reaching out and stroking her cheek. He shook his head slightly and said in a soothing tone, “You’re not pregnant yet, but your body has started ovulation and there is currently a fertile egg waiting in your fallopian tubes, ah, the place where the sperm meets the egg. Depending on how things progress, there is a good chance you would get pregnant if you didn’t take action, though it wouldn’t be confirmed until a week or two passed and the egg made its way into the uterus, the place typically referred to as the womb.”

Ryuu nodded her head thoughtfully before looking over to Syr and asking, “Syr, can you give me one of the pills? Just knowing I can get pregnant is enough for now…I want to increase my strength and focus on training the girls in the Familia first. Vahn, you need to talk to Riveria about this as it could be a matter of utmost importance to the elven race…” Vahn nodded his head and said, “Yes, I’ll let her know later…though I suspect she might find out before I get a chance to tell her with how fast information travels over the network.” Hearing his words, Ryuu’s eyes widened and she bowed slightly and said, “Excuse me for a moment…” before running off to a nearby room completely naked. Vahn watched her fair white butt wiggle about along the way until she returned a few seconds later and said, “I sent a message to Riveria-sama…”

Vahn laughed at Ryuu’s behavior before feeling a little melancholic when she age the small blue pill that Syr had handed her. The feeling increased further when Chloe took one as well but Vahn was surprised when Arnya refused and said, “Nyahaha, I’d rather leave nyature to takes its course. There is nyo actual guarantee that I’ll get pregnyant and maybe it’ll be interesting~? I don’t knyow, I just don’t want to take a pill~nya!” Vahn felt strangely warm when Arnya gave him a quick glance and then Syr set the pills off to the side without taking one for herself. She had already stated earlier that she didn’t mind getting pregnant, as long as it wasn’t forced and she was able to find out about it naturally.

Now that they had sorted out the matters of pregnancy, for the time being, the atmosphere became a little awkward because of the shift in the tone that had occurred. Vahn had already slept with all the girls at this point, but it was only around 10 PM and he could see that everyone’s auras were still burning passionately and he knew things shouldn’t end on such a strange note. Though Lunoire was still sleeping, there were four incredibly beautiful girls sitting on the bed naked in front of him and Vahn tensions had actually only been increasing after everything that happened earlier. It felt like he was on an emotional roller coaster but now he was at the top of a long fall and the thought of moving forward was exhilarating because he knew that, as long as he didn’t take it too far, the girls would reciprocate as best they could.

Vahn smiled and turned to Ryuu whose eyes opened slightly wider when he looked at her as a small blush touched her cheeks. Her reaction made Vahn hesitate for a moment before he said in a low tone, “Ryuu, can you watch over Lunoire for a little while? I don’t want her to wake up and feel alone…” Hearing Vahn’s words, Ryuu showed a gentle smile before nodding politely and moving over to sit next to the sleeping Lunoire. Vahn followed her movements with his eyes and promised to make it up to her later before turning his attention towards Syr, Chloe, and Arnya. The three girls looked back at him with a bit of anticipation on their faces, especially Syr who had calmed down a lot since earlier.

Vahn took a deep breath to work up the nerve to say, “I have a bit of confidence in managing three girls at once…I want to try doing it from behind with Syr…” Syr’s eyes widened a bit before a beautiful smile appeared on her face and she began to laugh playfully before turning her butt towards Vahn. Chloe and Arnya seemed to be a little confused at first but didn’t really have any inhibitions about having sex from behind. As long as they weren’t pinned on their backs, everything else was fair game and interesting for the two curious Cat Persons. They lined up next to Syr and Vahn felt a powerful pressure build-up in the bridge of his nose before he actually felt a light trickle of blood when the pressure released. Seeing the three fair skinned girls line up with their butts out, gardens revealed, and the two tails flanking Syr’s immaculate little frame was a powerful impact to Vahn’s mental state.

The girls had been looking back over their shoulders and saw Vahn’s ‘hungry’ expression before he used a towel to wipe away the small amount of blood. All three of their hearts began to beat rapidly when Vahn crawled up behind Syr and looked over her back with a somewhat possessive look as he stroked her somewhat pale backside. She felt a shifter run up her spine and her eyes turned slightly glazed and she lowered her head to enjoy the feelings welling up inside of her. Vahn had also turned his attention to the firm, yet pliant, butt of Chloe and the fleshy, yet toned, butt of Arnya, as he traced his palms over their backsides and fiddled with their tails using his thumbs. The two cats girls mewled in a similar manner as their tails twitched about somewhat violently under his caress.

Before things got too out of hand, Vahn turned his attention back to Syr before fixing his glans against the entrance of her somewhat intimidating v*****. He whispered in a firm, yet gentle, tone as he said, “Syr, I’m going to put it in…Chloe, Arnya, do your best…I don’t mind if you cry out a bit…” Before the three girls could respond to his words, Vahn slowly inserted himself into the dangerous organ of Syr and immediately felt his mind buzz from the unforgettable stimulation. At the same time, with [Hands of Nirvana] active, Vahn began to fondle the butts of Chloe and Arnya as he fiddled with their tails without squeezing them too hard. Syr began to release her sensual moans almost immediately after he pressed into her while both Cat Persons began to mewl and nyaa in a manner that made Vahn’s heart itch as giddy feelings and excitement welled up inside of him.

Though it was a little strange not to hold onto Syr’s hips when they were having sex from behind, Syr’s body seemed to adapt to everything he did and, even though she was only a Level 1, she moved against his waist whenever he thrust forward to ensure that he always struck the deepest part inside of her. Vahn’s jaw shook a bit because of the tingling sensation running up his spine as he traced his index and middle fingers along the slightly open slits of Chloe and Arnya before inserting his energy-rich fingers into the interior of their vulva and finding the vaginal opening. They began to wag their butts a bit from the stimulation as both girls pressed their faces low to the bed and gave out their characteristic moans as Vahn dexterously worked his fingers inside of them. He had already ‘mapped’ out several spots of interest and stimulated the nerve inside of their vaginas that ran along the underside of their urethra and connect to their c*******. Both girls had a flood of liquids coming from their vaginas as Vahn stimulated one of the most sensitive parts of their bodies. Because of his efforts, all three girls were making incredibly loud moans and Vahn couldn’t help but have wide eyes at the efficacy of his actions when he managed to bring all three girls, and himself because of how Syr’s body worked, to climax.

After releasing another large volume of semen into Syr’s interior, she plopped onto the bed after Vahn pulled out and had a happy and enamored smile on her face. Chloe and Arnya had reached powerful orgasms of their own, but they had much greater stamina than Syr and had been ‘awakened’ by Vahn’s actions. For a Cat Person, just climaxing wasn’t enough as their instincts made them desire release inside of their bodies in order to ease their tensions. After helping Syr over to Ryuu and Lunoire, the two girls began to ‘attack’ Vahn as a duo as Chloe mounted his lap while Arnya hugged him from behind and strangely began licking the opposite side of his neck, ears, and even his hair. Vahn thought it would be a weird feeling, but he noticed that the rough tongue of Arnya felt incredibly pleasant whenever she licked against his sideburns and temples, almost like she was grooming him.

About half an hour into their little threesome, Lunoire eventually woke up and saw Arnya laughing cheerfully while shaking her hips in Vahn’s lap and stalled for a moment before Syr whispered in a low, somewhat sensual, tone, “It’s good to see you’re awake Lunoire…Vahn, no, we were all worried about you. Because he didn’t want you to blame yourself if things came to an early end, Vahn has continued putting in effort and had us take turns taking care of you.” Lunoire looked over at the deeply blushing face of Syr who continued to watch Vahn, Arnya, and Chloe go at it like wild animals in what seemed like a very ‘fun’ sexual experience. After hearing Ryuu’s strange cries earlier, and now hearing the two cat-like and cheerful moans of Arnya and Chloe, Syr began to wonder if she should develop her own unique cry to try and entice Vahn with…

Lunoire sat up on the bed and began to watch the three before turning to Ryuu and asking in a gentle tone, “How did it go, Ryuu?” Ryuu turned to gaze into Lunoire’s amber eyes with her sky blue pair and said with a lovely smile blooming on her face, “It was better than anything I expected…Vahn is very attentive and shows a lot of care and concern when having sex. He tries to make it pleasant for the girls and can change his tempo to match their needs. Just watching him have sex with Chloe and Arnya is the best example…they seem like they’re all having fun.” Lunoire looked at the three wildlings and nodded her head as a beautiful smile bloomed on her face and she said, “Yes, I believe you’re right…I’d like to try having ‘fun’ sex myself.” As if by providence, Arnya released a loud ‘Nyaaaahaaaaahahahaaaaa~!’ before writhing about in Vahn’s arms for a few seconds. He held onto her tightly until she calmed back down and rose from his waist and looked over at the three ‘gawking’ girls and said, “If you want to have funya with Vahnya, just do it~nya!”

Vahn had looked over at the girls as well before Chloe pushed his back with a little force and sent him tumbling forward on the bed with a mischevious laugh. The girls hadn’t been far away so, as Vahn fell forward, his face planted into the soft thighs of Lunoire before he recovered himself and showed a wry smile before sending a ‘glare’ at Chloe. She fell back on the bed and began laughing playfully before yanking Arnya’s tail who was next to her. The brown haired cat girl yelped before looking down at Chloe who said in a mischevious tone, “Arnyaaa, let’s play together~” Though she blanked for a short moment, Arnya’s face showed a playful smile of her own as she jumped on top of Chloe and the two girls began tumbling about in their own little world for a while as Vahn watched them with a bit of confusion, but a fair amount of intrigue. Syr began laughing from the side and Vahn looked over as she whispered in a quiet tone, “Arnya and Chloe have been the ‘poster cat girls’ for the Hostess of Fertility for a long time and have always gotten along well. Now is a good opportunity to strengthen their bond, and it looks like they’re having fun~.”

Vahn turned his head back to look at the girls and could see that, though they didn’t like to be ‘pinned’, Chloe was held down by Arnya who was licking her raven black hair affectionately and she didn’t seem to be stressed out by the position. As if understanding his confusion, Syr whispered, “The girls don’t like to be pinned by men, but that instinct doesn’t trigger for women since there is no ‘danger’. It’s common for Cat Persons that are close to each other to groom one another to show their affection~!” Vahn nodded his head but struggled to pull his attention away from the tantalizing sight until Syr guided his head wit her hand in a gentle manner. She laughed in a teasing manner and said, “Aren’t there three beautiful girls right in front of you~? I wonder if you still have the confidence to manage all of us, fufufu~.” Incited by Syr’s words, Vahn showed a thoughtful expression before looking at Lunoire and saying, “I’m glad to see you’re looking a lot happier now Lunoire…do you think you’re up for continuing?” Hearing him address her, Lunoire’s smile broadened and she said in a tone that was much happier than the ‘gentle’ tone she spoke with in the past, “Sounds like fun, please take care of me from now on, Vahn~.”

After her consent, Vahn wanted to try something new and had Lunoire straddle his legs while they were both on their knees. On his flanks, Vahn had Syr and Ryuu surrounding them as they shared a strange group hug together while Vahn kneaded their butts and caressed their vaginas while Lunoire moved about on his waist at her own pace. She hugged onto Vahn’s neck and moved about with an added intensity that didn’t exist earlier as she kissed him passionately on the lips. From his sides, Ryuu and Syr were kissing his neck and shoulders while pressing their breasts against him while he stirred up their insides a bit. Though Ryuu didn’t have much of a reaction, she still continued the act in earnest while Syr’s moans tickled Vahn’s ear and made his brain buzz while he resisted her perpetual charm ability.

Lunoire eventually reached a powerful climax before taking a minute or two to recover before moving on to a supporting role as the other two girls took turns of their own. Vahn had an idea, so he let Ryuu straddle his waist as he lay on his back while Syr sat on his stomach and Lunoire got behind her. Vahn knew that Ryuu had more than just ‘respect’ and ‘trust’ for Syr, and he wanted to bring the girls a little closer together so, while Lunoire rubbed Ryuu’s sensitive breasts from behind, Syr kissed her on the lips without any hesitation while Vahn fiddled away at her surprisingly complex v***** as if he were trying to unlock its secrets. Ryuu, who was typically very reserved and maintained her sensibilities well, couldn’t resist the triple attack and began to release her adorable little squeals of pleasure as Syr rocked her body back and forth on top of Vahn’s body for nearly twenty minutes until she released another loud yell after feeling the ‘mana’ enter inside of her.

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Afterward, several things became a blur as Vahn, and all of the girls present, began to loosen their sensibilities and engage in several new and interesting sexual acts. Vahn knew this was the influence of Syr, as every time she was in a state of high arousal it spread through the entire room like a pulse of energy. However, since the charm effect didn’t work on himself, nor did it actually influence the girls, Vahn didn’t do anything to suppress it as it brought everyone closer together and made them act boldly with fewer inhibitions. He realized that Syr might be the ‘key’ to make larger groups work together since she had a powerful ‘influence’ just by being present in the same room. She also retained her rational mind, at least when she wasn’t actively having sex, and tried to guide things along and explain matters when anyone was confused. Because of her ‘guidance’, there were a few strange plays between some of the other girls and things even took a strange turn around 2 AM when Syr had everyone put on their ‘uniforms’ from earlier for one last round as they all lined up with their butts facing Vahn and ‘pleaded’ for his attention. Even Ryuu, who was usually averse to such things, joined in on the act even though her face had turned beet red up until her ears.

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