Chapter 346: Hostess of Fertility(4/?)

After Vahn’s promise, he began to slowly trace his hands over every part of Lunoire’s body without making any efforts to hide his intrigue at her body. He used [Hands of Nirvana] sparingly and acted as if he was trying to explore every nook and cranny, every small freckle, and every sensation as if she were the most interesting thing in the world. Lunoire just released hot and gasps and watched Vahn’s actions with her droopy eyes. She could see that, though there was passion contained within his eyes, Vahn was more focused on her body, her needs, than his own desires. Even though he was literally familiarizing himself with her entire body, each and every one of her reactions, she didn’t feel any aversion to his actions at all.

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Because of his focus, Vahn started to get immersed in his own actions as he lifted Lunoire’s arms and slowly traced his palms along their length until reaching her fingers. He inspected their flexibility, wiggled them about a bit, and also looked in and around her fingernails. On a whim, or perhaps due to his own curiosity, Vahn put one of her fingers into his mouth and nibbled on it a bit. Afterward, he did the same for her other arm before slowing working his way down her torso and abdomen. Her breasts were slightly on the larger side and had a very youthful shape, which made sense considering she was barely even twenty. Though they were slightly darker than the color of her lips, Lunoire had peach colored nipples with a few small bumps around the areole. For a brief moment, Vahn felt Lunoire’s aura expand a bit with a red hue so he bent down after testing their feel for a while and rolled her solidified nipple with his tongue.

Lunoire released a long and hot sigh as she loosely placed her hands around Vahn’s head and hugged him with a minimal amount of strength. She was enjoying his ‘exploration’, but she didn’t want to give into the stimulation too much since it was rare that she experienced such ‘care’. She hadn’t told anyone about it, but her experience in the past usually had her doing everything so everything Vahn was doing was new and exciting. Even if she felt like he was putting on a show, Lunoire still wanted to enjoy the moment for however long it continued. Since he had so many other women, she had no illusions that Vahn would be able to always care for her, at least emotionally, but it was nice to feel wanted every now and then…

After savoring the flavor for a bit, Vahn traced his hands along Lunoire’s ribs and sent small bursts of stimulation along her sides that made her body quiver and her teeth clatter a bit from the shiver that ran through her body. Since he already had his head to her body, Vahn wanted to treat Lunoire in a manner similar to the virgin Syr, so he began to gently kiss around her diaphragm while massaging her sides. Lunoire hadn’t missed Vahn’s intent, but it actually made her feel like his behavior really was an ‘act’, since it was very similar to his treatment of another girl. Fortunately, Vahn was very attentive to her needs so he almost instantly stopped his actions and raised his head to smile down at Lunoire. She had a somewhat blank expression for a moment before smiling back as he traced his index finger along the line of her abdomen.

Vahn had noticed it earlier, but Lunoire had the most ‘obviously’ muscular figure of the girls. Because she was human, she didn’t have the trait that made her body look lithe like a Cat Person. Instead, she had very visible abs whenever her abdomen flexed up a bit, and there was a very beautiful line that ran down from her diaphragm to slightly below her navel. This was the convergence point for her abdominal muscles, and Vahn thought it was interesting to see them tightly contract under his touch. In his opinion, she had an incredibly womanly figure with an equally incredible physique. She might not the ‘flawlessness’ of Syr, the ‘cool’ beauty of Ryuu, the ‘mischevious’ nature of Chloe, or the ‘Liveliness’ of Arnya, but her ‘Gentle’ disposition and natural beauty were more than enough to stir Vahn’s heart. He could feel it itching progressively more the longer he explored her body, and an anticipation began to show very visibly on his face.

Lunoire stroked the top of his head and said in a very soothing tone, “That’s enough Vahn…you’ve shown me plenty of care already. I’m read-nnn!” Vahn had placed his index finger around two inches below her belly button, just where the line of her abdominal muscles made the beautiful curve toward her neatly trimmed pubes. He traced his finger in a small circle that caused her muscles to twitch and contract as he drew a thin line of energy that stimulated deep within her body. Vahn could smell a powerful, womanly, musk but ignored it for the time being as he looked into Lunoire’s watery eyes and said in a gentle tone, “I want to experience every part of you…is that okay?” He removed his finger and Lunoire let out a hot gasp before drawing several breaths in silence. She looked into Vahn’s eyes and saw the care and concern in his expression, but she could also see that he was being very serious and considerate of her needs…

Lunoire released another sigh before closing her eyes for several seconds as she thought about what it was she actually wanted. She was tempted to see how long she could lay in silence and make Vahn wait, but she also knew the other girls were at her side, primarily to support her, though the only thing she currently felt from them was a little ‘pressure’. Though she wasn’t trying to be, Lunoire felt like she was acting selfish because of her own lack of interest in men ever since her bad experience in the past. Vahn was very obviously not the same man that had hurt her heart, but it was hard not to compare them since she had only ever truly gotten close to the two.

Surprisingly, for her at least, several minutes had passed as everyone in the room waited for her to come to a decision. She hadn’t even noticed so much time had passed until she felt a slightly cool sensation between her own thighs because the moisture had started to dry off and cool down. She opened her eyes and saw that Vahn’s expression hadn’t changed much at all, just that it had turned much softer as he continued to stare down at her with concern in his eyes. Looking around, Lunoire noticed that all the girls had similar expressions and it made her feel a gentle warmth spreading through her heart. She looked back to Vahn and showed a small smile as she said, “I want you to make love to me Vahn…and I want you to listen to my story as you do it…I don’t want it to be intense…I just want to enjoy the experience and vent my heart and frustrations. I know it might seem like a strange request…but I feel like, if its now, I might be able to overcome my past…” As she spoke, Lunoire reached down with her hand and grabbed Vahn’s relatively large p**** and gingerly stroked the hot member with her hand.

Though he still wanted to explore her body more, Vahn nodded his head with a confident smile and said, “It’s not a strange request at all, Lunoire…if it will help heal your heart, I’ll do whatever it takes. Right here, at this moment, you’re surrounded by people you care about…this is a safe place, and I’ll never allow any harm to come to you as long as I’m around and able to prevent it.” As a show of his ‘conviction’, Vahn moved backward before placing his knees in between Lunoire’s thighs and hiking up her knees with his hands. Her secret garden became clearly visible and Vahn could see a fresh stream of moisture slowly trickling out of the slightly open vulva. Strangely enough, with his discerning eye, it didn’t actually look like she had sex very often, even though she seemed to consider herself in a negative light. At least now he would be able to learn the reason while also shortening the distance between them to zero.

Vahn placed the tip of his glans between the hot and malleable flesh before angling at the hole leading towards the depths of her v*****. Throughout the entire process, Vahn continued to lock eyes with Lunoire and, once she nodded her head, slowly and steadily inserted himself into her depths before leaning over her body. Unexpectedly, though she claimed to be experienced, Lunoire’s v***** was very hot and tight and it clamped comfortably around the portion of his p**** that was inside of her body. The reason he had been ‘shocked’ was, after entering past a certain point, Vahn actually felt a little bit of resistance in her depths and only got about 60% of the way in before he hit a dead end. Her v***** seemed much ‘shallower’ than he expected considering her height and mature figure. The most peculiar thing was the fact that she wasn’t any looser than some of the virgin girls he had been with, including the three Cat Persons in recent memory.

Lunoire had also released a somewhat pained gasp when Vahn placed his weight into her hips. She felt like she was being wrenched open and it was far different than her initial expectations, especially after seeing the other girls manage just fine. Though she was still in a bit of pain, Lunoire released a strange laugh as tears built up in her eyes and she said, “I’m happy…it’s nothing like what I experienced in the past…I feel like I’ll truly be able to forget if things are like this…haha…ha…” As she spoke, Lunoire had peeked down and saw that, though she felt Vahn pushing against her insides, there was still a surprising amount of his p**** outside of her body. With time, she knew her body would adapt to his and also realized that, when that happened, she probably wouldn’t be easily satisfied by other people…this strangely brought her a certain level of comfort after considering the situation for a moment.

Vahn leaned over Lunoire’s body until their gazes match with each other’s, almost like he was about to start kissing her. Lunoire smiled before bringing her hands up to his face and hugging his head toward her breasts and cradling it there. She laughed a little and Vahn could hear the reverberations in her chest as she said, “I won’t be able to talk if we’re kissing…just focus on my body…it doesn’t even matter if you listen to what I have to say…” Vahn could hear, along with her breathing, Lunoire’s heart beating rapidly in her chest beyond the firm, and supple, breasts pressed against his face. He nodded his head, and to make better progress, lifted up her legs with both of his hands and exploited the flexible nature of her body to act as leverage as he slowly pulled back his hips before thrusting in at a slightly faster speed.

Lunoire released another pained gasp, but there was a sensual undertone to her voice as she said, “Yes, that’s good…just like that…nnn…” Though it wasn’t her first time having sex, Lunoire felt like the experience was drastically different than anything she had experienced in the past. Instead of Vahn selfishly seeking his own pleasure, he was doing his best to care for her body and tend to her needs over his own. Given her prior experience with sex, it was almost the complete opposite of her expectations and understanding of the process. Even now, as she thought about what she wanted to say, it was like he was carefully exploring her insides, almost like he was mapping each individual bump and fold…while also becoming increasingly familiar with the depths as he gently, ever so gently, pressed against the back of her v*****.

After around a minute of slow pistoning, Lunoire released a long sigh and tried to tell her story to the best of her ability, “I was born…in the Empire…when I was a young girl…both of my parents died…in a war….” Lunoire released another long sigh, not just because of the pleasure but due to the strange relief she was filling by speaking about her past. She took in a steady breath and continued, “I was only seven years old…and I was forced out of our house…to become an orphan on the streets…everyone…even the people that used to treat me kindly…suddenly acted like I was a burden…though they didn’t immediately treat me poorly…eventually…they stopped giving me food….and stopped caring about my health…especially when the war was still ongoing…I had to run away to a different area…just to try and find food to survive…”

Lunoire released a loud moan after Vahn poked a particularly sensitive spot that she hadn’t even been aware of before. She laughed at her own outburst before stroking the back of his head and saying, “Go easy on me…” Vahn nodded his head and avoided hitting the same spot again, even though he had every intention of exploiting the ‘weakness’ later on. Lunoire showed a grateful smile before continuing, “For several years…I wandered about as a street orphan…until I learned about blessings…and joined a Familia called…a Familia called…nnnnnnnnnnuugh~” Though he hadn’t been doing anything intense, Vahn had been steadily, rhythmically, working away at Lunoire’s defenses until she was unable to resist a mild climax.

After taking several deep breaths, Lunoire tried her best to continue with slightly quicker bursts of words, “I joined the Leto Familia and became a Supporter when I was ten years old…I became an official Adventurer when I was twelve and reached Level 2…and then worked hard to build a better life for myself…when I was fourteen, I met an older man, around twenty-two years old, who was very handsome…and cool…and he treated me kindly and showed concern for my well being. He made me feel like…for the first time since my parents had died…that there was someone in the world that cared about me again…only two days after we met…he took me out on a date and convinced me to give up my virginity to him…I was afraid to lose him, so I didn’t turn him down…and even though I was very scared, I thought it was better than being alone again…”

Lunoire had started crying as she recounted her tale, and this was one of the reasons why she didn’t want to look at Vahn’s face. She didn’t want him to see the struggle she was going through and just wanted him to treat her kindly and gently without showing a pained and empathetic expression to her. Lunoire didn’t want his pity, and she didn’t even mind if he never loved her, she just wanted him to comfort her broken heart that had been slowly bleeding out for the last six years…no, ever since that day she was told her parents died.

Though he couldn’t see her face, Vahn could feel Lunoire’s body shaking, the quivering in her chest, and palpitations of her heart as her aura blazed about in a chaotic manner. He pretended not to notice, but he did his best to secretly channel a calming energy into her body and hoped she wouldn’t notice. After a short moment of silence, Lunoire continued, “After that, we made a promise to become lovers…we promised to live together in a small house…to raise a family and avoid having to live the rest of our lives fighting…so I started working even harder to increase my strength…because he was older than I was, and because I trusted him…I gave everything I earned to him, even to the point where I couldn’t always afford to eat a good meal…whenever I asked him for help, he always gave me kind words and encouraged me to work hard…he told me I needed to be more self-reliant and not rely on the money we were saving up for our future…”

At this point, every girl in the room was already vaguely aware of how Lunoire’s story was going to progress. There was clear anger in their eyes, including the supposedly ‘ditzy’ Arnya, as they looked at each other and made a silent promise. Lunoire managed to collect herself a bit and said, “I worked so hard, for an entire two years…all that while, I did my best to make sure he was happy, since he always gave me kind words…I did everything he wanted me to do, even some things that I didn’t want to try…whenever I resisted, whenever I hesitated, he would always show a face of disappointment…sometimes, he would even leave me for several days at a time until finally showing back up and treating me kindly again…because I didn’t want to be alone anymore, I had been keeping track of the amount of money ‘we’ had saved up…” Lunoire had put extra emphasis on the word ‘we’ when she spoke it at the end, almost like she was spitting the word.

Though he couldn’t see her face, Vahn could feel the anger coming from Lunoire’s body and he felt the shaking of her body as she said, “I approached him and asked if we could live together…I told him how much money ‘we’ had saved up together…I even found a nice little house for us to both live in that was relatively inexpensive…but the only thing I got for my troubles was a hard slap to the face and a barrage of insults…he told me that he had used all the money for gambling, all in order to earn more so that we could live a better life…he told me that, because he was low on money, I needed to work even harder or he would leave me…as I cried on the ground, he eventually started to treat me ‘nicely’ again…I was scared and didn’t want to listen to what he said, so he slapped me several times before leaving me there…because it was meant to be a celebration, I had asked him to meet at a public restaurant…so he left me on the floor in a crowded area and just walked away…a few days later, when I was afraid of being alone…I tried to track him down with some of the money I had earned… I wanted to make up with him and try again to work toward our dream together…”

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For a long while, Lunoire fell into silence as her body spasmed as if she were in severe pain. When she next spoke, it was in a loud, crying voice, “I found him, together with another young girl at a hotel…when I confronted them, he actually accused me of lying about our relationship…he kept telling the new girl that I was just a crazy stalker…that I was a delusional woman that followed him around because I thought he was cool…and the young girl actually believed his words and shouted at me not to rob her of her happiness…!” At this point, Lunoire began to laugh in a somewhat hysterical fashion before she said, “Later that very same day, he came over to the Inn I was staying at and tried to apologize…he literally tried to tell me it was a misunderstanding and that I was the girl he loved the most….he tried to convince me that we could live a happy life together as long as we saved up enough money! Then, then, that m*********** actually tried to force himself on me when I told him to leave!”

Lunoire put a bit of strength into her hands that were hugging Vahn’s head as she cried loudly without even trying to hide her sobs. After she calmed down a bit, Lunoire said, “Fortunately, I was already Level 3 and he was still stuck at Level 2…I resisted against him for the first time and even injured him to the point where he couldn’t stand…not long after that, the girl he had been sleeping with earlier actually showed up at the door…she had been feeling uncertain after the earlier incident and had followed him and eavesdropped on our conversation…after I beat him up, she tried to use a dagger to stab him in the heart since she had just given her virginity to him after they promised to be together…unlike me, she was a beautiful and sweet girl, yet he had managed to convince her to give up her virginity after just one day…I stopped her from killing him, but I didn’t prevent her from severely disfiguring his face…after that, we found out that he had actually been sleeping with a number of young girls…all so that he could pay off his gambling debts and find ‘talent’ for criminal organizations…that’s right, his idea of giving me a happy life…was to try and raise me to become a prostitute to pay off his own debts!”

After taking nearly a minute to calm down, Lunoire took several deep breaths and became aware of the calming energy coursing through her body. Though she didn’t notice it at first, she was aware of the foreign energy when she was trying to calm her mind. She realized that, even though she had been lashing out and laying all her concerns on him, Vahn took them all in stride and continued to care, not just for her body, but her mind as well as he earnestly tended to her body. Her heart wrenched painfully in her chest as a new stream of tears began to build up in her eyes as she said, “After that, I became a bounty hunter until Leto-sama ended up returning to Heaven…since I had nowhere to call home, I decided to leave the empire…I wanted to start a new life and escape from that cruel place…I came to the City of Orario and met Chloe soon after…we became partners and hunted down wanted criminals for around three years…” Lunoire looked over to the Ryuu, who currently had a gentle smile on her face, before saying, “We accepted a contract to hunt down the wanted criminal Ryuu…after we failed in our mission and understood the truth of the matter…Chloe and I decided to join the Hostess of Fertility to protect Syr and Ryuu…the rest is history…”

At this point, Vahn lifted his head from Lunoire’s chest and looked into her somewhat disheveled appearance before shaking his head and saying, “No, the rest is the future we’ll make together…the past is important, it defines where we came from, allows us to reflect on the path we took, but it is not what defines who we are…” Vahn put a bit more force into his thrust and poked the sensitive spot of Lunoire and made her moan out in a passionate manner. When she opened her eyes, Vahn leaned forward and stared directly into the amber pupils and said in a firm tone, “It is our actions in the present that defines us, nothing more, nothing less. Events of the past fade with the passage of time, but the present and future are things we can directly impact…” Vahn gave another hard thrust that made Lunoire cry out and grip the bedspread with her hands as he continued, “…things we can influence, things we can change…you have just as much a right as anyone else to be happy, and the sooner you understand that, the less power the past will have on you. You never had to compromise from the very beginning, because seeking happiness, seeking freedom, this is the right of everyone that has ever been born into this world. Lunoire…I can’t do anything for the young girl that lost her family thirteen years ago, but I can do my best to comfort you for every year hereafter…”

While he was speaking, Vahn had been steadily attacking Lunoire’s weak spots as they stared into each other’s eyes. She could see the honesty in his expression, the care, and concern within his eyes, and the conviction within his comforting words. Every time he pressed into her, she could feel a shiver along her back like he was trying to rewrite all the bad feelings that she had just laid out for him. Even though she had placed her emotional burden on his shoulders, Vahn didn’t shy away for a moment and continued to give power to his words with his actions. In between her pleasured moans, Lunoire’s brows furrowed low with a hesitant look on her face as she asked, “Will this happiness be able to last…I’m afraid that, just like when I was…a little girl, that it will one day just vanish…and leave me alone without a place to call home again.”

It wasn’t Vahn that answered Lunoire’s question as Syr reached out and grabbed her left hand before saying, “That is simply preposterous, Lunoire, no matter what happens from now on, we’ll always be together…we’re already one big happy family.” On the other side of her body, Chloe, the person who had known Lunoire the longest, asked in a mischevious, somewhat teasing tone, “Nyaaa~? Were you planning to leave me behind one day Lunoire? I don’t think my heart would be able to take it, nyahaha…” Hearing their words, Lunoire turned around and noticed that everyone was looking at her with expression of care, concern, and most importantly, love…though she had cried a lot in the last half hour, Lunoire’s eyes began to tear up again before she said in a sobbing tone, “Please let me be happy again…I want to know what it really feels like to belong…please, show me what it means to be loved, Vahn!”

Vahn leaned forward and sealed Lunoire’s lips with a passionate kiss, reminiscent of when he had pushed her to the bed at the very beginning. This time, Lunoire reciprocated his advances with an eagerness that made Vahn pull away and stare into her confused face as he said, “You don’t need to try hard to please me, Lunoire…just being yourself has always been enough. Thank you for giving me a chance to love you…” Without waiting for her response, Vahn began to plant gentle, short, kisses onto Lunoire’s lips. She gingerly returned his affections and noticed that the feelings in her heart were compounding rapidly, especially when Vahn moved from her lips and began kissing her neck and collarbone. He began to thrust more rapidly than his steady pace from earlier, and she could feel the tensions rising in her body as they steadily built towards something both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Unlike the empty experiences she had in the past, everything Vahn gave her was full of emotion and it sent her body into a state she had only ever known with him. Though she had climaxed more than once as he gently made love to her, what she experienced at the very end, when Vahn released the scalding hot fluid into her body, was something that pushed her mind beyond anything Lunoire had previously thought possible…

After nearly three minutes, Lunoire was steadily brought down from her elevated state where it felt like her mind had reached the clouds. The weightlessness in her body turned into a heavy, almost melancholic, ache that slowly faded away as she felt the warmth inside of her own body. She opened her hazy eyes and saw Vahn’s kind face still smiling gently at her as he caressed her lovingly. Because she had overtaxed her mind earlier, Lunoire was in a dazed state that bordered between dreams and reality as she lazily brought up her arms and hugged Vahn’s body. She could feel his warmth spread through her, almost as if it were trying to banish away any negatively that had rooted itself in her heart. It might take time, but Lunoire understood that one day, as long as she continued to feel this warmth, she would be able to overcome her past…the future suddenly seemed much brighter, all the way up until she passed out and darkness claimed her.

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