Chapter 345: Hostess of Fertility (3/?)

After calming down her body for a short while, Chloe stared into Vahn’s face with squinted eyes as she placed her palm on her abdomen and leaned forward before whispering in a very quiet tone, “Are you trying to make me pregnant~? I feel like my insides are filled to the brim with a very hot liquid…” Chloe licked the side of his face, even against his hair, in a playful manner before she started to rock her hips in slow movements. Before Vahn answered her question, and before she could enjoy the moment any longer, Arnya shouted out, “Nya!? Sneaky, sneaky~!” Without any sense of propriety, Arnya reached over and pulled on the end of Chloe’s tail and made her release a startled, “Nyaaaa!?” as she raised her hips off of Vahn’s body. Unlike the base of their tail, which could be very pleasurable when handled properly, it was very painful for a Cat Person to have their tail yanked by another person.

Chloe gave Arnya a fierce look before noticing that all the other girls were staring at her with a slight blame in their expressions as well. She had gotten a bit lost in the moment earlier, so now she laughed awkwardly before moving off to the side before leaning over and giving Vahn one last kiss on the cheek. Vahn was going to reach out and stroke her hair, but Arnya tried to straddle his waist unexpectedly so he turned his attention to her and said, “Arnya, wait a moment.” She looked at him with and had a slightly startled expression before laughing sheepishly and backing off of his body. Vahn knew she was in very high tensions, and she was probably trying to ‘rush’ things to ease her own heart. Seeing her back away with an apologetic expression, Vahn smiled gently before pulling out a towel and saying, “Don’t worry, I just want to clean myself up a bit…” He had cleaned himself after being with Syr as well, since there was a mixture of fluids covering his genitals. Both Syr and Chloe had been virgins, so there was a fair amount of blood mixed in and Vahn didn’t want the girls to get sick by having another person’s blood mixed with their own.

Arnya quickly realized what Vahn meant as she watched him wipe himself off with the towel. After her tail twitched a few times, she crawled over to him quickly and grabbed the towel and said, “Let me help~nya!” She then attentively ‘cleaned’ Vahn’s p**** and did her best to dry around the area with the towel before throwing it off to the side when she felt like it was enough. Vahn laughed at her actions and stroked her somewhat fluffy brown hair and soft ears with his palm. She made a strange mewling sound and closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation as she asked, “Nyahaaaa, is it okay nyow~?” Vahn ruffled her hair a bit more before saying in a gentle tone, “Yes, I’m ready now, Arnya…” She opened her eyes before making a wide smile and straddling Vahn’s legs. Instead of letting it sit between them, Arnya held Vahn’s p**** down before sitting on top of it.

Vahn felt a lukewarm moisture covering his p**** and felt the somewhat plump buttocks of Arnya wrap around his glans and shaft. Before he could make sense of what she was doing, Arnya looked at his left shoulder and asked, “Will you really let me mark you, Vahn? I’ve never really considered the matters of falling in love, but I know the importance of the marking a boy. Even if we don’t officially get married, are you fine with being something like my husband? Are you really okay with sharing my burdens, even though you don’t know anything about my past?” Unlike her normal self, Arnya had a serious, contemplative, expression on her face as she traced over the area where Chloe had bitten him previously. After she finished her words, Arnya turned to look at Vahn with brown, almost amber-like, eyes and waited for his response.

Vahn’s smile turned far more gentle than it had been previously as he shook his head and whispered, “Arnya, the past isn’t what defines a person…it is how they choose to act in the present, and what they’re willing to do to ensure a better future, not just for themselves, but the people they care about. All I can say for certain is, regardless of your past, and the burdens you shoulder, I will never back down when it comes to helping the people close to my heart…when you’re ready, your burden will become ‘our’ burden, and you’d be surprised with how easy things get when you learn to, not rely on, but trust in others…”

Arnya smiled before resting her chin against Vahn’s shoulder and whispering, “I still don’t know, Vahn…your answer brings me a bit of comfort, but I’m not sure if its what I’m looking for…but, I think that, in time, I’ll be able to find the answer as long as you don’t give up on me…I don’t want to be an ‘abandoned cat’ anymore…I’d like a home…and people that care for me without having any expectations…” Vahn felt a ticklish feeling on his shoulder for a brief moment before Arnya laughed playfully. Without raising her head much, Arnya turned to the side and whispered directly into Vahn’s ear, “I want a red ribbon…or maybe a green one~?”

Vahn laughed before hugging Arnya’s body tightly against his own. He could feel her strangely large breasts press into his chest before reaching around and grabbing the base of her tail. As usual for a Cat Person, Arnya’s body flinched at the sudden contact before she placed her hands on Vahn’s shoulders in a manner he was very familiar with at this point. Because she was snuggled into his shoulder, Vahn could see the other girls watching them with expectation before Chloe sent him an encouraging nod. Because he was giving most of the girls their ‘first’ time, Vahn was focusing on them individually for the moment, but things would likely escalate a bit when everyone had taken a turn. Syr had already calmed down and had even applied a cream to help recover for future actions as she watched Vahn having sex with other girls with unconcealed interest.

After glancing at each of the girls, Vahn nuzzled against Arnya’s hair with his face and put strength into his grip around her tail. She immediately arched forward and bit him in a slightly lower spot that where Chloe had marked him previously. Vahn was already accustomed to the momentary pain as he began massaging Arnya’s tail with his fingers which made her hips naturally rise a bit as she bit harder into his shoulder. Because she had been sitting atop his p****, the flow of love juices increased and she ended up stroking his member with her slightly open vulva and butt cheeks. Vahn was a little surprised by the unexpected sensation but continued holding Arnya’s body tight for a while until she eventually calmed down a bit and released his shoulder.

Arnya pulled her face away and placed her full weight on Vahn before looking into his eyes with a sight glimmer contained within her own. There was a small amount of blood on her lips, but Vahn didn’t mind it at all as he leaned forward and kissed her on the lips for the first time. She was momentarily surprised but didn’t make any attempt to move away as she enjoyed the new sensation as Vahn caressed her back while gently stroking her tail in an affectionate manner. After more than a minute passed, Arnya leaned forward and pressed Vahn against the headboard while raising her hips. She eventually separated from his lips with a hot sigh before whispering, “Nyo more waiting, nyahahaha…” Vahn could feel her grab his p**** and try to position it on her own, but he squeezed her tail somewhat strongly and she immediately tucked her head down as she raised her butt.

Vahn blew into her ear and made it flinch before whispering in a low voice, “Don’t push yourself, leave it to me, Arnya…” Using his free hand, Vahn helped find the correct angle while still supporting Arnya’s body by squeezing her tail. She had nodded her head at his earlier words and started licking up the blood that had been dripping from the wound on his shoulder. Not long after she felt a hot feeling enter her body, Vahn loosened up his grip on her tail and she slowly felt her hips falling. Arnya released a mewling sigh at hot intrusion before recalling Chloe’s experience and placing her weight back as she tucked in her body slightly. Though there was a momentary resistance, Arnya easily broke through her own hymen and only paused for a few seconds before she started licking his neck again.

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Now that he had officially been with three Cat Persons, Vahn was able to have a relatively decent understanding of their racial traits through first-hand experience. Unlike goddesses, amazons, or even humans, the interior of their v***** was more lukewarm than hot. However, the moment they went into ‘heat’, Vahn could feel their entire body temperature increase by several degrees as their insides turned somewhat ‘puffy’ and hot. It was a pleasant sensation, but it wasn’t that tight even when he had accepted the virginities of three Cat Persons at this point. There was also a strange ‘stickiness’ that caused more friction than what he experienced with most girls and Vahn felt like Arnya was even ‘stickier’ than Aki and Chloe had been. Not only were her breasts, and butt, larger than normal, but her muscles were more developed and her racial traits were more developed than others. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and Vahn felt slightly guilty that he was able to rationalize things while he was supposed to be focused on the girl he was with.

Using the same method to prevent himself form ‘thinking’, Vahn tilted Arnya’s head and began kissing her as she slowly moved her hips atop him. Surprisingly, though she was more petite than Chloe, Arnya was nearly able to accept him completely even though it was her first time. It might have something to do with her ‘development’ compared to other Cat Persons, but Vahn wasn’t overly concerned with it and just enjoyed the moment. Arnya had great stamina and maintained a steady rhythm while regulating her breathing. Vahn already knew her ditzy personality was a facade, but he only realized how well she could control her body when they were having sex. Just like him, she seemed to be able to avoid reaching climax and didn’t completely lose herself to the pleasure, regardless of how stimulating things got.

Eventually, after a half hour had passed, Vahn laughed before separating from Arnya to take a few deep breaths. She had a cheerful smile on her flushed face and began to laugh slightly as well, without stopping her hips from moving. Vahn stroked her hair affectionately before saying, “Though I feel like it would be interesting to keep going for a long while, we can’t keep the others waiting for too long…I’m going to increase the intensity a bit, okay Arnya?” In response to his words, Arnya leaned back and got as much of Vahn inside of her as she could before grabbing the sides of his face and saying in a heated voice, “I thought I might be able to get an edge over on you…looks like this is fated to be my loss…nyahaha…”

Vahn could see the amorous expression on Arnya’s face as she stared at him with her glossy brown eyes. Though she was still stuck at 99 Affection, Arnya’s (Love?) had transitioned to (Love) after she spoke. When he saw the notification, the annoyance he had felt when he heard it faded away entirely as he grabbed Arnya’s somewhat plump butt with both of his hands. As expected, it was very toned, likely due to her exercises, but it was still somewhat fleshy and malleable. Vahn held her gaze with his own and said in a low tone, “I’ll make sure you don’t regret it…Arnya.” Hearing his words, Arnya laughed in a, ‘Nyahahaha’ manner before leaning forward and giving him a deeply passionate kiss with her somewhat rough tongue seemingly intending to scrape out the saliva from his mouth.

He wanted to comment that it was his defeat, especially considering that he was going to have to use [Hands of Nirvana], but that type of thing could wait for later. Right now, Vahn wanted to push Arnya over the edge and get her to orgasm for the first time while they were immersed in their kiss. Warm, stimulating, energy began to flow through his hands that caused Arnya’s butt to twitch with somewhat powerful spasms that echoed through her body. Vahn traced his hands along her butt until reaching her lower back and touched the skin around her tail with his index fingers. Her body experienced a powerful spasm and Vahn could feel a shiver run through her body that caused a flood to appear from where they were connected. Arnya began to move her hips in a small circle without breaking free from the kiss as Vahn stroked up and down her back with the stimulating energy. Unexpectedly, she held on for an additional ten minutes before experiencing a powerful climax that even caused her to nearly bite through Vahn’s bottom lip with her teeth. Fortunately, she seemed to possess enough wherewithal to not complete her action and only drew a bit of blood before giving him an apologetic expression after the fact.

After they eventually separated, Arnya rubbed her lower abdomen a bit with a somewhat sad expression on her face as she said, “I don’t think I’m ready to have a baby, but I’ll keep it if you want me to, Vahn.” Even though it wasn’t guaranteed, the vast majority of Cat Persons got pregnant after their first time and it was common to the point that most of them considered it a ‘sure thing’. Vahn shook his head with a smile on his face and explained in a soothing tone, “Arnya, no, everyone…you should keep this in mind. Though I’d love to have children with everyone someday, I’ll never force you into a position where you’re obligated to bear my children. Though it’s a decision I’d like to share with you, I will always leave the final decision to the girl…I can’t carry the child for you, but I will do my best to help care for them when they are born.”

Arnya released a relieved sigh, but the apologetic expression didn’t disappear from her face and she just stared off into space for a short while until Syr said in a playful tune, “I think, at least in my case, I’ll leave it up to fate. I know you have the ability to tell if a girl is pregnant, but please never peak at the inside of my belly without permission, okay Vahn~? I want to be surprised when I finally have a baby~.” Vahn’s brows raised at Syr’s sudden request, but he nodded his head in affirmation and said, “Sure, I look forward to that day…I feel a little excited just thinking about it, hahahaha~”

Syr laughed like a bell along with Vahn for a short while before clapping her hands and asking, “Okay, who would like to go next, Ryuu, Lunoire~? We’re almost through with all the formalities and then we’ll be able to move onto the more interesting things, fufufufu~.” Ryuu’s face blushed slightly at the question as Lunoire began to laugh and said, “This isn’t my first time, so it’s only fair if everyone gets to experience some alone time with Vahn. I don’t mind just participating later~.”

Vahn frowned slightly at Lunoire’s words, and she had noticed his expression before her own softened a bit and she said, “Don’t worry, Vahn, I’m not belittling myself or anything like that. It’s just a simple fact that I’m an exception amongst the other girls present here…please don’t concern yourself with it too much and just worry about me when the time comes.”

Seeing the ‘gentle’ and ‘caring’ expression on Lunoire’s face didn’t do much to alleviate Vahn’s frustration since he could see that her aura had diminished a fair amount over time. The passionate red had long ceased to be present and, though there was still a vibrant pint, there were also colors of orange and purple slowly spreading through her aura. He knew her trauma was acting up a bit and she was doing her best not to compare him to her past experiences. Unfortunately, though she might have realized it herself, Vahn could tell it was slowly affecting her mentality. It was almost like she considered herself ‘used goods’ and was trying to act like she was ‘unworthy’ compared to the other girls present, who were all maidens at the beginning of this peculiar lovemaking session.

Vahn shook his head after sending a glance to Syr and Ryuu and said in a firm tone, “Ryuu will feel better with the support of everyone, so I’d like to be with you first Lunoire. I won’t say I don’t care about your past, but I’m more concerned about the present and how to take care of you in the future. Even if you only want a secure and safe environment, there are several other things I want to give you…please, place your trust in me.” Before she could refute his words, Ryuu spoke out from beside Lunoire and said, “Lunoire, though I love Vahn deeply, I’m still very uncomfortable about showing affection in front of others. I don’t think I’ll be able to take the last step unless I go after everyone else…then we’ll all be on the same level and I won’t have any reason to feel afraid.”

Though it was somewhat contradictory, considering the situation, Ryuu’s words weren’t actually false since she had more than a few inhibitions about the current situation. If not for the fact she had a lot of trust for Syr, and the other girls, Ryuu wouldn’t be in this situation at all.

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Lunoire knew she was being egged on so she released a slightly exasperated sigh intermixed with a bit of relief that wasn’t missed by anyone present. Vahn had also seen some of the purple in her aura dissipate, so he knew she was happy to be cared for regardless of how own apprehensions about herself. She showed a kind smile to Ryuu before saying in a gentle tone, “Okay, then, I’ll go first…” Then, in a low voice that couldn’t be heard by even Chloe and Arnya, Lunoire continued, “…thank you.” As she moved over toward him, Vahn also moved to intercept Lunoire before leaning forward and kissing her surprised face. Her body froze for a moment before she fell back on the bed in between the other four girls with Vahn overtop her. Other than kissing, Vahn didn’t do anything other than hold Lunoire’s body closely until she eventually started to return his kiss on her own.

Vahn could tell that Lunoire didn’t think highly of herself and he wanted to break that mindset by showing her how much he sought, not just her body, but her happiness. He didn’t know about her past, but he had learned from peering into the heart’s desires of many girls that it was an unfair burden that weighed heavily on the minds of most of the girls. He himself had a troubled past, but he had learned through interacting with others that there was no future in holding onto memories that made living in the present more difficult. Whenever he had cleared the heart’s desires of girls, the thing Vahn noticed afterward was that their memories of the past slowly faded away and shattered into oblivion. They didn’t lose them, of course, they just stopped caring about them and slowly tried moving forward towards a better future.

After more than five minutes, Lunoire started patting on Vahn’s shoulder because she was struggling to breathe with how passionate their kiss had been. He eventually gave her a moment’s reprieve before staring into her amber-like eyes that were covered with a slightly glossy haze. Though he wasn’t sure if it was the best answer, Vahn tilted his head slightly and showed the most loving expression he could manage as he gently whispered, “I don’t know who hurt you…but I will do my best to never allow you to experience such a thing again. Let me show you, Lunoire, that I’m capable of showing you the care and affection you deserve…”

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