Chapter 344: Hostess of Fertility(2/?)

After settling Syr onto the bed, Vahn got to look over her body from above as she made an instinctual attempt to try and cover her private areas with her hands. If not for her incredibly thick and pink aura that was practically sticking to his body, Vahn would have believed she was having second thoughts. Instead, he leaned over her body slightly and locked eyes with Syr as he began to trace his palm along her body. Though she was making an effort to cover her chest with her hand, Vahn was easily able to slip through her playful resistance. There was a fervent expression in her watery eyes and, even though she was putting on a show of behaving bashfully, Vahn could tell she had far more expectation than inhibitions. Within the depths of her eyes, there was a constantly glimmering light as her charm was passively activated and trying its best to affect Vahn’s mind.

Chloe and Arnya had sat on Syr’s flanks and were watching the intimate moment between Syr and Vahn with unveiled interest and curiosity. As they had discussed earlier, they were letting Vahn guide things at his pace, at least for the time being. Though they weren’t ignorant about the matters between men and women, it was still their first times and, other than Lunoire, the only experienced person here was Vahn himself. After a few long seconds of caressing, Vahn whispered in a quiet, loving, voice, “You have an incredible body…it’s nearly flawless, Syr. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure not to damage it in the slightest…” Vahn stroked the side of her face before planting a moderately short kiss on her lips. Since he couldn’t get wrapped up in the momentum of events and fully focus on a single girl, he had to retain his senses and take control of the situation.

A warm, stimulating, energy began to appear on Vahn’s palm as he caressed Syr’s right breast with practiced movements. Her breasts were very soft, but there was a suppleness to them as well which seemed to perfectly align with her youthful appearance. Syr released a hot gasp as her face formed into a small frown as she struggled to accept the stimulation. Vahn was taking care to not go overboard, but he needed to properly prepare her or there would be problems later on. The entire time he was caressing her body, Vahn continued to hold Syr’s gaze and the two stared at each other with passionate expressions. She seemed to be struggling with something, and Vahn knew she very likely wanted to kiss him and get lost in the moment together.

Vahn smiled gently before leaning down and sharing another, somewhat passionate, kiss with Syr before pulling his face away again. She had tried to hug his head with her hands, but there wasn’t much she could do to hold him down with the constant stimulation to her body. Vahn whispered in a low, soothing tone, “I’ll make it up to you plentily in the future…for now, just allow yourself to experience everything that is happening. Focus on the sensations and vocalize how you feel…don’t be afraid, you’re not alone right now, Syr.” After he finished speaking, Vahn moved his head downwards and began performing an action that he had developed when dealing with Hestia. While he gently fondled Syr’s right breast, he began roll her left nipple with his tongue while gingerly sucking on the hard protrusion with a moderate amount of force.

Syr immediately squeezed the back of his head and said, “Vahn…ahh…that feels strange~!” The other four girls were watching Vahn’s actions with interest and Lunoire laughed gently from the side and said, “It seems the rumors are true…Vahn is a bit of a technician. At least you girls don’t have to worry about being hurt.” Everyone, excluding Vahn and Syr, gave Lunoire a passing glance and saw the care and concern on her face slowly melt away. As the only experienced girl among the group, they had been asking her about various things leading up until this moment. Her words made them all feel a lot calmer, including Syr who was currently suffering Vahn’s ‘care’.

Vahn placed his left hand on the side of Syr’s ribs and rhythmically massaged the area while placing his right hand on the bed as support. He let go of her nipple with an audible ‘pop’ before tracing his head down and assaulting her body with small kisses. He kissed around her diaphragm and slowly traced further down her body, following the nearly indistinguishable line of her navel, the belly button itself, and the smooth transition of muscles leading down to the bare mound below. Throughout the entire duration of his ‘journey’, Syr continued to place her hands on the back of Vahn’s head as she struggled to watch him by tilting her head. To help her, Chloe had grabbed a few pillows as support to make things easier.

Though she had initially concealed the secret area with her hands, Syr had slightly opened her legs wider as Vahn traced his head down her abdomen. By the time he reached the youthful-looking mound, Vahn’s mind had begun to buzz from the strange, almost flowery, smell coming from Syr’s v*****. Usually, the musk of a woman was somewhat robust and bittersweet, sometimes with a ‘warm’ smell. Syr, however, actually smelled incredibly pleasant, even though it was still a mind-numbing aroma. Vahn felt that not just her eyes, but her fragrance had the power to charm men as well. He was easily able to resist the effects as he arched his body a bit to lift up Syr’s legs and spread them wider in a natural, relaxed, shape. Just like every ‘goddess’ he had seen, the line of Syr’s v***** was almost a perfect line that only briefly opened with slight contractions even though she was already generating a healthy amount of fluid from the interior.

Even though she was probably ‘prepared’, Vahn still wanted to make the experience more memorable for her, so he gingerly opened the impeccably shaped vulva and peaked into the somewhat pale, yet rosy, colored interior of Syr’s v*****. Without any hesitation, other than preparing himself to resist the tantalizing aroma, Vahn leaned forward with his head while lifting up Syr’s legs a bit. The moment his tongue contacted her interior, Syr arched her back and began pulling on his hair like she was trying to rip it out. Vahn could feel the small convulsions slightly reverberating through his hands, tongue, and cheeks, but he knew he could take her to much higher heights. Her reaction was largely related to her inexperience, and Vahn knew she hadn’t experienced a true orgasm yet and intended to bring her to it naturally without relying on [Hands of Nirvana].

He was actually very proficient in gauging the reactions of a girl’s body, so Vahn very quickly found a few more sensitive spots within Syr’s v***** while, very gently, thumbing the small bead at the top in a probing manner. Syr released pleasant moans as she stared at the top of Vahn’s head with an incredibly passionate gaze in her eyes. Her light-grey eyes had started to glow silvery white and her charm was kicked into overdrive. For those with Divinity related to beauty, they were very capable of charming people in normal circumstances, but their power was the strongest during intercourse. If Vahn wasn’t capable of actually resisting her ability, he would eventually become a slave to her and would be unable to rationalize his own actions without her permission.

However, Vahn didn’t show any signs at all of the powerful charm having any effect on his body and it made Syr’s heart palpitate powerfully in her chest. Though she had already made her decision to be with Vahn, it was only now that she had truly decided to dedicate her everything to him regardless of what happens in the future. Since her power didn’t work against him, Syr felt like everything she was experiencing was the first ‘real’ interaction she had ever had with another person. Eventually, her emotions reached a critical level and she shouted at the top of her lungs without caring about how others saw her, “Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn, I love yooooooooooooooou~!”

Vahn could feel the powerful reverberations of Syr’s body and heard her loud exclamation as she literally tried to bury his face into her depths while squeezing the sides of his head with her strangely slender, yet plump feeling, thighs. After a few seconds, her body relaxed its tensions and Vahn freed himself before pulling out a towel and wiping his face after giving a wry smile to the other girls staring at him with varying degrees of a blush on their face. Though he didn’t ask, he felt like they were all wondering what it would be like when he showed them the same care as Syr. Vahn had noticed that every aura within the room, though they were all overlapping, was focused toward him and it made him feel like the center of this small world.

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After drying his face, Vahn leaned over Syr’s body and caressed her cheek before saying in a low tone, “I’m going to start, I’ll make it as painless as possible…” Syr shook her head lazily and said in a slightly husky voice, “I don’t care, do whatever you want with me Vahn. I’m yours, now and forever…and you’re mine…” The silvery light in her eyes doubled in intensity but Vahn just blinked away the effects before leaning down and kissing her lips without losing his own momentum. Syr loosely hugged his body as she felt a very hot feeling at the entrance of her own v*****. She immediately started taking rapid breaths before Vahn placed his hand on her abdomen and she felt a powerful, calming, energy spread through her abdomen.

Before she could make sense of what he was doing, she felt a ‘pressure’ and invasive feeling enter her lower body. After a very short period of time, there was a painful resistance and a muted pop before the invasive, ridiculously hot, object hit a dead end that made her abdomen convulse and sent an electrical current up her spine that made her gasp painfully as Vahn continued to kiss her. Almost as quickly as the pain had come, it rapidly dissipated and Syr almost felt like she had imagined it because of how brief the moment had been. She understood that Vahn had done something to ease her burden and a sense of relief spread through her heart with a strange sense of loss accompanying it. Fortunately, Vahn continued to tend to her and any negative emotions were quickly banished as she indulged fully in his love and affection.

Vahn had noticed that, from the very moment he inserted himself inside Syr, he could feel a strange energy trying to enter his body through his p****. He knew that, once again, this was Syr’s charm trying to take effect and it acted like a powerful aphrodisiac that tried to spread through his body. Fortunately, if it wasn’t an attack on his mind, his body naturally diffused the hot energy just like it had done so when Eva drained his blood in the past. After the brief awkwardness, Vahn could feel the actual sensations of Syr’s interior and was genuinely shocked by the conflicting stimulation he was experiencing. It was really weird because, though she felt tight, it wasn’t constructive at all. It was almost like she was ‘perfectly shaped’ for his p**** and he had been able to bury himself into her depths without any other preparation at all. There was also a strange, almost massaging, sensation that passively attacked various points of his p****, even though he hadn’t moved. Vahn began to realize that Syr didn’t just possess Divinity related to Beauty, but also very likely possessed one related to fertility and sex itself. Her body had immediately adapted to his size and shape, and even though she was completely inexperienced her v***** itself was instinctively reacting in a manner that seemed ‘inhuman’.

When Vahn finally began to move, he couldn’t stop himself from releasing a hot sigh because, the moment he tried to withdraw, her v***** clamped down with a comfortable pressure with a suction similar to an Amazon. He realized that having sex with Syr would be a very dangerous thing in the future if she ever got truly proficient with controlling her body and power. Even if he had incredible self-control, Vahn could understand how someone would become addicted to sex with a girl like Syr. It wasn’t just her external beauty that was nearly perfect, but her insides matched, and perhaps even exceeded her nearly ‘flawless’ traits it in certain aspects.

Since he wasn’t making much effort to resist the buildup, it was only around five minutes later that Vahn felt a powerful urge as he slowly pistoned into the slightly bloody mess where he was connected with Syr. She had also been releasing powerful moans that literally sent waves of a strange energy through the air that Vahn noticed had an influence on the other girls. It wasn’t charming them, but their auras had becoming increasingly red with a passionate hue as they watched the intercourse between him and Syr. Though he didn’t stare too much, Vahn could see that Chloe had turned into a veritable mess and there was a noticeable sheen on her raven black pubes as she watched him with somewhat hungry eyes.

Vahn was wondering when Syr would climax again and he noticed a strange peculiarity as he continued to resist the urge himself. Every time he eased up on his restraint a bit, he could feel the reaction from her body changed slightly. Given her earlier reactions, Syr should have long climaxed from the stimulation she was receiving, but the only thing she did was release pleasant moans while matching his movements with her own body. Vahn began to suspect that her body had actually, through the influence of her Divinity, matched his own tempo and tensions. He felt like, if he held back for an hour, Syr wouldn’t climax at all in that entire duration unless he did. It was a scary thought, because it meant her body was constantly reacting to his, instead of him having to time his own climax to comfort the girl. To test his suspicions, Vahn relaxed his own body while speeding up his pace marginally while pressing into her with his weight.

He quickly reached a critical level and could feel Syr’s body begin to release powerful vibrations before he eventually released himself deep within her ridiculously pleasant feeling v*****. They both experienced a powerful climax and Vahn could actually feel Syr’s v***** contracting from the entrance to her depth in a powerful manner, almost like she was stroking his p**** with her insides and trying to wring out the contents within his urethra. It was more stimulation than Vahn had ever experienced and he couldn’t stop himself from releasing a strange groan as a shiver ran along his back for nearly twenty seconds. For a brief moment, at the very end, Vahn felt a powerful energy try to spread through his body but was able to resist it instinctually.

Though she had been taking long, drawn-out, breaths, Syr smiled and tried to speak between heavy gasps, “I’m…so…glad…you’re you!…Vaaaaahn…hahaha…hahahahahaha~!” Because he had been able to resist, even during the critical moment, Syr felt an incredible sense of relief as she held her hands over her crying eyes and couldn’t help but laugh because of how happy she felt. She knew better than anyone how dangerous their sexual relations would be and couldn’t stop herself from letting her emotions show due to how relieved she felt at the moment. Things got even better when she felt Vahn pull her close and kiss her passionately for a long time…

After a few minutes, Syr and Vahn had separated and she was being comforted by Lunoire and Ryuu for a moment as she tried to regain her calm. Even now, there were tears that would occasionally fall from her face as Lunoire hugged her gently and patted her back in a caring manner. Though the situation felt a little awkward, Syr had wanted everyone to continue since it would help her calm down after the atmosphere changed again. She didn’t want to be the reason why everything broke down and urged Vahn to continue with the other girls for a while until she regained her composure.

Vahn was concerned with Syr, but he knew she was speaking truthfully and there were already two people comforting her. The more affection and concern he showed for her right now, the longer it would take for her to actually recover. Unless he intended to take her away from this room and spend time alone, there was almost nothing he could do for her besides continue forward without hesitating for too long. Fortunately, Chloe was an attentive girl and had tugged on Vahn’s arm playfully and said, “Come on, Vahn, I’ve also been waiting a long time~” As she spoke, Chloe affectionately stroked the bite mark she had left on Vahn long ago. Vahn nodded his head and showed a smile before moving over to the headboard and leaning his back against it. Cat People, especially for their first time, liked to hug from the front and lean into the male since it made them feel safe and comfortable. He had learned from Aki, and several documented sources, that they didn’t like to be pinned at all, and it would actually stress them out a fair bit and cause them to feel a powerful anxiety.

Chloe smiled before quickly mounting on top of Vahn’s lap before the atmosphere was temporarily destroyed when Arnya exclaimed in a loud voice, “Wait, you already have two bite marks!? What about me~nya!?” She had pointed at Vahn’s shoulder at the two differently sized bite marks and had a face of incredulity and shock. Chloe looked over with a somewhat fierce look and bonked Arnya on the head as she shouted, “Pay attention to the mood Arnya~! You haven’t even decided if you want to stay with Vahn forever, and you can always bite a little off to the side~nya!” Arnya rubbed the top of her head with a slightly teary expression until she heard Chloe’s words. Her eyes widened into saucers and she patted her fist against her palm and said, as if she had a profound realization, “Nyahaha, that’s right, I can just bite nyext to Chloe’s bite~!” Chloe had an incredulous look of her own and seemed like she wanted to say something until Arnya waved her hand dismissively and asked, “Are you going to start~nya? I can see a lot more from this angle, nyahahaha~!” Because she was sitting in Vahn’s lap, Chloe would be the person doing most of the moving and Arnya could clearly see everything when she leaned over and stared at Chloe’s butt.

Chloe tucked her head a bit in a surprisingly bashful manner as she muttered in a low, almost threatening, tone, “Nya…I’ll get you back for this, Arnya…Just you wait~” Though it was a low voice, Arnya and Chloe were both Cat People and had very sensitive hearing. Arnya’s eyes widened again as she laughed in a playful manner and said, “Nyahaha~? Don’t be mad Chloe, aren’t we partners~?” As if to show solidarity, Arnya got closer to Vahn and Chloe before snuggling up next to Vahn and staring into Chloe’s face as she said, “There, I’ll watch from up close without staring at your butt~nyahaha!” Chloe’s brows furrowed a bit until Vahn said in a gentle tone, “Chloe, Arnya, please don’t fight. This is the first time I get to be together with everyone, so I’d like for it to be a memorable experience without any negativity.”

Arnya responded before Chloe by rubbing her head against Vahn’s shoulder and saying in a cheerful voice, “Nyaaa, Vahn is so kind and gentle~!” Chloe released a short sigh before saying in a confident manner toward Vahn, “I’m already more than ready, Vahn. Please treat me kindly~nya…” After she spoke, Chloe leaned forward and licked the bite mark she had left on Vahn’s left shoulder in the past. Vahn nodded his head and began kissing her neck in turn before gently grabbing her tail. Chloe’s body tensed up a bit before she raised her hips on her own. Vahn used his free hand to stroke her medium length black hair and ears before removing his hand from her tail and finding the correct angle for Chloe.

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After positioning the glans into her slightly lukewarm insides, Chloe released a mewling sigh before lowering her hips a bit until the entire tip was inside of her. She laughed in a somewhat mischevious manner before whispering, “I probably can’t take it all, but I don’t want you to be afraid of hurting me~nyahaha…grab my tail, Vahn, it’s already been your’s since that moonlit light long ago…” Chloe then tucked her head firmly against his neck and licked the mark that showed their bond. For Cat People, kissing wasn’t that common since they were more fond of licking with their somewhat rough tongues. The only reason most of them kissed at all was that it was a common trend that every species had adapted to show affection to each other.

Following Chloe’s words, Vahn placed his hand around her tail and thumbed the blue ribbon before putting more force into his grip. She immediately rubbed her head and ears hard against his neck and face as a large volume of fluids began to drip from the area where they were connected. Vahn felt her body heat up a bit and he knew things were about to take a critical turn. Since Chloe was a Cat Person, and this was her first time, it meant that she would immediately go into heat and there was a very high likelihood that, unless she took contraception afterward, she would get pregnant. Vahn would leave the decision to her, but he felt like she would probably continue to try and act as his shadow for a long time unless he ‘asked’ her to have children.

Without any real hesitation, Vahn hugged Chloe’s body a bit as she dropped her hips until Vahn’s tip landed against a resistive membrane. Chloe released a strange chuckle before raising her hips slightly and putting a lot more force into her descent and immediately broke through her own hymen. Other than a small sigh, she didn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort at all. As a trained assassin, and powerful Level 4, her pain tolerance was abnormally high and even the loss of her virginity was easily tolerable. If anything, it made her feel happy as a powerful heat began to spread through her body and she lovingly licked the slightly salty neck and shoulder of Vahn. After a brief period where she adapted to the foreign object in her body, Chloe began slowly rocking her hips from front to back as Vahn supported her movements while still gripping her tail.

Though he felt slightly guilty about it, Vahn couldn’t help compare Chloe to Aki, since they were both Cat People. Not only did they have similar figures, but even the feel of their vaginas was strikingly similar. Chloe’s started off with a lukewarm heat and pleasant tightness, but her body temperature rapidly increased with her own ‘heat’ and Vahn enjoyed the sensation and movements of her waist. Even though she was inexperienced, Chloe retained a lot of her sensibilities and actively sought to bring pleasure to herself and Vahn. It was a strange thing though, and Vahn realized that it may have been wiser to have sex with Syr last, as he now couldn’t help but feel like something was ‘missing’. He did his best to ignore the strange incongruity and managed to banish it entirely moving Chloe’s head so they could kiss. He also got to the seem the amorous and affectionate look in her hazy eyes as she eagerly sought out his lips without any hesitation.

It took nearly twenty minutes, as Vahn wasn’t relying on [Hands of Nirvana] and Chloe hadn’t been ‘prepared’ beforehand, but he eventually managed to bring her to climax after their slow lovemaking session. The moment she cried out a loud, eat shattering, ‘Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~’, Vahn released his semen deep inside her fiery depths with the resolve of potentially fathering a fourth child. He held down her waist tightly, even though she was only able to accept about 80% of his length. The final decision would be left to her, but Vahn planned to talk about it if she had any insecurities over the matter. He didn’t mind having more children, especially since he had been with Chloe longer than almost anyone else, but he wouldn’t force the issue on anyone. He did recall, however, his daydream on that night many weeks ago when he imagined a childlike, smaller, version of Chloe running around in a white sundress playing with a miniature version of himself. If she decided to bear his child as well, Vahn felt like it would be a strangely fulfilling revelation…

(A/N: I know it might be a concern of some people, so know that this type of scenario will rarely happen, and probably to a far lesser extent than this particular event. The purpose of these chapters is so that, when there are eventual timeskips, people understand that stuff like this would be happening in Vahn’s life without having to explicitly state that it happens. I try to romanticize and detail the first experiences of girls, and any new developments, so please bear with me on this (UwU)

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