Chapter 343: Hostess of Fertility(1/?)

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After a short while, Syr managed to recover her composure, at least enough to put on her characteristically gentle expression. She clapped her hands together to draws everyone’s attention and said in a chipper tone, “Okay then, now that everyone has clearly stated their position, the only thing that remains is understanding the current situation. It doesn’t seem like anyone here is confused, but I’ll say it for clarification in the event that there was a misunderstanding of sorts…ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do Vahn, but we….ummm…” Syr began to act very bashfully and was seemingly unable to continue her words easily as she cradled her own rosy cheeks in embarrassment.

Ryuu had been watching Syr with an encouraging smile as she spoke, but now that she was mentally stalling Ryuu let out a short sigh and said in a ‘calm’ voice, “There are several reasons behind why we’ve gathered here, but the most important thing is that we wanted to show our mutual support of each other and make our intentions clear in a setting where everyone was present. Chloe and I have been in a position to be approached by you for some time, but we wanted to help support Syr’s love since she isn’t easily able to make headway on her own…” Syr gave Ryuu an aggrieved glare but Ryuu had been looking at Vahn and seemingly failed to notice as she continued, “Everyone here trusts Syr and wants to see her find happiness, so we didn’t want to ‘steal’ you from her before things had developed beyond a certain point. Now that everything is in the open…”

Chloe burst out laughing the moment Ryuu started to blush and hesitate before she chimed out in an amused tone, “If you’re willing, Vahn, every girl here wants to celebrate and have sex with you~nya! It’s to show our unity, our sisterhood, and the emotions we all share together, not just with ourselves, but with you as well. How we go about it is entirely up to you though~nyahaha.” With Chloe’s little outburst, the atmosphere in the room became somewhat awkward and tense. Vahn could see the somewhat pink auras of everyone turn a richer shade with a small tinge of red.

Syr managed to calm herself down a little after things had been ‘explained’ by Chloe so she said in a guiding tone, “Even though it might be a little scary, everyone here has resolved themselves for this moment and we all came together with the proper convictions. I feel that we’ll have a much stronger bond as a whole if we experience this together, though I won’t deny I’d like some time of my own in the future, ehehehe.” At the end of her words, Syr did her best to wink and poke out her tongue briefly in a teasing fashion directed at Vahn.

Though he felt like his heart was going to explode in his chest, Vahn did his best to remain calm and composed as he overlooked all the beautiful girls that had gathered together, not simply for his, but for their shared benefits. There was something strangely calming about knowing that, even though they outnumbered him, and were actually stronger than he was, every girl present placed their trust in him and allowed Vahn to make the decision about how to proceed. Since they were willing to go so far for him, Vahn decided to state honestly, “Though I’ve read up on it a bit, I don’t have absolute confidence in handling more than three girls at the same time. I know things might get a little awkward if we’re all together, but I also feel like it will bring everyone closer if we share our first experience instead of splitting apart and making it a personal matter. Just imagining the other girls waiting for me in their rooms makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, almost like I’d have to rush matters…”

Vahn took a deep breath and felt a little more confident after seeing that all of the girls were patiently listening to his words. He felt emboldened as the giddy feelings in his body slowly dissolved and were replaced by warmth and passion as he continued, “Besides, seeing everyone together like this…it makes me feel very blessed, almost to an overwhelming extent. You’re all so beautiful…” Vahn continued to pass his eyes over the girls and, from their perspective, the only things they could see were his clear aquamarine eyes, unclouded by any negative emotions. The only thing they saw within the transparent depths were intrigue, appreciation, and gratitude, intermixed with powerful emotions.

Syr began to laugh, almost as if she were trying to alter the flow of the atmosphere to prevent things from becoming too tense. Though Vahn spoke clearly, and honestly, he wasn’t saying anything to guide the actions of the others and Syr was aware this would be the case. Unless he was incited to action, there was a very real chance Vahn could continue to stare at, and appreciate, the girls for several minutes without actually doing anything. One of the things she had discussed on the network was helping Vahn learn to take control of the situation instead of being swept up by it. Due to the nature of his existence, with consideration of his personality, there was a very real chance Vahn would often be tending to several women at once. If he always waited for the flow to be dictated by others, it would eventually cause problems for everyone involved, primarily Vahn himself.

After some of the attention had shifted to her, Syr beamed a beautiful smile and said, “Then the only thing that remains is what you wish to do…don’t be shy Vahn, tell us what you want…nobody here will judge you, in fact, we’ll do our best to make things exceed your expectations. You have to understand that, while the network may allow us to communicate easily, you are the unifying force that brings us all together. Your hopes, desires, dreams, these are the reasons we come together…so you don’t have to hide them from us. Just be yourself…I promise there are many of us that will love you regardless of how you change…”

Incited by Syr’s words, the only girls also pitched in a bit as Chloe said, “Syr’s right, Vahn, restraint is important, but there are certain situations where its okay to let go.” Following her words, Ryuu showed an encouraging smile and said, “I’ll do my best as well…” Since Ryuu wasn’t too fond of ‘public’ displays of affection, it was a pretty big deal that she was putting herself in this position. If not for her trust in all the girls present, it would be nearly impossible to get her together in the same bed as another girl. Taking over the silence, Arnya pumped her fist and said, “Right, right, I’m also very curious about how things will go~nyahahaha.” As for Lunoire, her expression didn’t change much as she mused with a gentle smile on her face, “Everyone trusts you, Vahn…”

Each time one of the girls gave him encouragement, Vahn could feel something welling up inside of his chest that was on the verge of exploding outward. He knew exactly what Syr meant since he would likely never have a simple relationship, at least with most of the girls currently on the network. Since he already had the resolve to help them overcome their pasts in order to build a better future, Vahn had no reason to hesitate at all, especially considering that they were receptive to his wants and needs. Every girl here was also stronger than he was, so there was no actual danger that things would take a dangerous turn if he lost his sensibilities for a moment. The moment things got out of hand, there would always be someone present to ground the situation, at least that was his hope.

Vahn laughed a short chuckle as he shook his head before saying with a gratified smile on his face, “Yeah, I know I shouldn’t hesitate at all, it’s just a little difficult to rationalize and guide things along when there are so many girls present. It feels like I need to pay attention to everyone equally, but I’m not sure that is even possible…” Vahn released a short sigh before continuing, “I’ll just do what I can, so let me know if there is something you want, or something you’d like to try. I’ll do my best to satisfy everyone, especially if you’re willing to entrust yourself to my care…” Seeing all the girls nod, with various types of smiles on their faces, Vahn nodded his head before a powerful embarrassment overwhelmed him. A blush deeper than almost any he had ever experienced showed on his face and it made all the girls curious about what he was going to say.

Vahn laughed in an awkward manner before taking a deep breath and saying in a slightly dry voice, “Ummm, I’d like to…uh…see everyone’s panties?” When he had been thinking about how to start, Vahn remembered Syr’s earlier action of lifting her skirt to tease him. Though he would see much more than just panties later, Vahn was still interested in the sight of five girls showing their panties to him at the same time. As she had seen through his intentions, Syr walked forward and stood next to the other girls and said, “Okay, everyone, let’s stand up in a line~!” She seemed to have taken the role of guiding the others in understanding what Vahn was trying to convey, and he realized this might have been the role she had delegated for herself after talking to Hephaestus, Eina, and Loki. Her organizational skills and management ability were incredible, and she also had a powerful understanding of how people thought, felt, and acted. Most importantly, she was the core of the group and inspired a great deal of confidence and trust in the other girls.

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Everyone stood up in a line as directed by Syr, and Vahn was able to see the heights and figures of the girls and directly compare them. Arnya was the shortest, at 150cm tall, while Chloe stood at a modest 158cm alongside Syr. Lunoire was 161cm, and the most mature looking of the girls, while Ryuu stood the tallest at 165cm, the same height as Vahn. They all had incredible figures that would inspire men to action with their thin waists, fit bodies, and various sized busts and butts to accent their impeccable beauty. Chloe and Arnya, more so than fit, had very lithe and flexible looking figures, even though they were somewhat petite and had modest breasts. After they were all lined up, Syr grabbed the side of her skirt and waited for everyone to match her before they all raised their skirts in concert with each other.

Vahn’s eyes widened more than a fair amount as he admired the beautiful thighs of the girls that were complemented by their choice of white stockings, white garter belts, and most importantly for the occasion, white lace panties. The impact of seeing all the girls showing off the hidden contents of their skirts all at once had been much greater than Vahn had expected. He wasn’t the only affected either, as most of the girls had varying degrees of blushes on their face while Chloe commented, “This is actually more embarrassing than I expected, nyahaha~.” Her words snapped Vahn out of his daze and he showed a large smile as he honestly stated, “I feel incredibly fortunate to be alive right now.”

His words caused the atmosphere to mellow out into a pink haze until his emotions built to a critical level and he said, “In the future, I’d like to see you all wear all kinds of clothing…I can’t even imagine something unsuitable for your beautiful figures. However, for now, I think things will become progressively more awkward if I keep making strange requests.” Vahn casually stowed away the sofas that were behind the girls and they all, with the exclusion of Arnya, reacted by dropping the hem of their skirts. As for Arnya, she just stood there with a red face and wide eyes, almost as if she had frozen in time for a brief moment. When the floor space had been opened up, Vahn set out a large bed and the atmosphere immediately became tenser. Vahn could feel the strange awkwardness in the air, but he also took note that all of the girls had somewhat passionate auras, even though there were small tufts of purples and oranges, which showed their fears and inhibitions.

Vahn smiled and looked over the girls again and said, “In the future, I don’t mind if you’d like to wear cute outfits when we’re together, but I think, for this situation, it’s better if everyone got naked.” Though he could unequip his clothing in an instant, Vahn began starting to undress in the normal way before Syr snapped out of her daze and said in a guiding tone, “Vahn is correct, we shouldn’t continue to delay things or there won’t be enough time in the day to proceed forward.” She also began to slowly undress, albeit with a little hesitation and awkwardness in her movements. As the youngest of the group of girls, even though she was the defacto leader, Syr’s actions were a strong influence so the other girls also began to undress. The only one that struggled more than Syr was Arnya, whose tail had been twitching about chaotically for a while now.

While they were undressing, Vahn unabashedly looked over and admired the figures of the various girls, several of which he was just seeing for the first time. Syr had a very youthful figure with fair skin and a surprisingly flawless figure. Perhaps it was due to her demigoddess origins, but her body was nearly perfect in its balance and beauty, including her slightly bulbous, budding, breasts. Matching the pale red of her lips, her nipples were similar in coloration and everything about her seemed to trigger some primal instinct within Vahn’s mind as his heart began to itch. When she finally removed her own panties, after hesitating for several seconds, Vahn’s eyes widened marginally because he noticed that, like a goddess, she was completely bare. Though he didn’t say it out loud, Vahn felt like Syr was closer to a goddess in appearance than an actual mortal.

Chloe had a very lithe figure, as Vahn had noticed before, with a thin waist and very athletic proportions. She had modest breasts and a slightly pale complexion with a pert butt that drew a tantalizing sight when taking into consideration her black cat-like tail that had a stark blue ribbon neatly tied near its base. Unlike the impeccably ‘smooth’ Syr, Chloe had small tufts of black hair around her slightly moist crotch. As for Ryuu, she had the lightest complexion of the group and was also somewhat similar to a goddess with how flawless her beauty was. Her breasts were the smallest of the group, but the pale pink protrusions at the center were somewhat mesmerizing because of how abnormally light they were compared to normal. As for her secret garden, it was neatly maintained and Vahn could tell she put ‘care’ into her appearance.

Arnya had surprisingly large breasts compared to most Cat People Vahn had seen. Though she still had the lithe figure of every other cat girl he had seen, her body seemed strangely more flexible and her breasts were closer to a C-cup than the modest A and B-cups of others. As if to refute his misconception, her butt was also moderately plumper than expected and, against any expectation he had, she was also clean shaven down below. Vahn suspected that she had actually shaved herself to prepare for tonight since there was a slight tenderness still present. As for her tail, it was slightly shorter than normal and had the same coloration as the rest of her brown hair except for the fact there were three rings of white fur and the end was frayed into a tuft.

As for Lunoire, she had a very womanly body with the largest breasts in the entire group, though not by much since Arnya was very similar in size, even though she was 11cm shorter. The most notable thing, other than her kindly face, was the fact that she had a very fit figure with the hidden outline of powerful muscles slightly present under her skin. Though her waist was tight, her hips were a fair bit wider than the other girls and she had plump thighs and a fleshy, yet muscular, butt. Although he still claimed to have an appreciation for everything about a girl, Vahn couldn’t deny that he felt his heart palpitate slightly after seeing her shapely butt. He had a strange urge to grab it with his hands, even though every girl present had a fine butt of their own. Syr’s was actually close to ‘perfect’ from Vahn’s perspective, but it was very obvious she was still ‘growing’ as she was currently the youngest girl in the group at 16. As for Lunoire’s pubic hair, she had a healthy brown bush that was also neatly groomed.

While he had been inspecting their bodies, the girls hadn’t been shy about observing Vahn either. They noticed his figure had nearly no fat at all, and all of his muscles were clearly defined and had a very natural look to them. He wasn’t incredibly ripped, but his figure still looked like it had been sculpted by the gods to be flawless in structure. Though he was somewhat ‘short’ for a man, he still struck a heroic figure with his healthy tanned skin and well-proportioned body. At least, they considered him well proportioned until he actually removed his briefs. Other than Ryuu and Chloe, the other girls went a bit wide-eyed at the reveal of Vahn’s sleeping dragon. They had heard the rumors and mentally prepared themselves for the night, but it was still somewhat intimidating to see for the first time. Even Lunoire, the only girl with experience in the group, swallowed in an audible manner that caused the other girls to give her sidelong glances.

The moment the last article of clothing hit the floor, Vahn didn’t want things to become awkward again so he looked around and gave everyone an appreciative glance before resting his gaze on Syr and saying, “I’ve kept you waiting long enough Syr…” As he spoke, Vahn walked over to the incredibly bashful young woman who actually took a step back for a brief moment as she tried to cover her naked body. She looked at the other girls and laughed awkwardly as she said, “It’s fine, I don’t mind waiting until the end so I can watch over everyone…” Vahn shook his head with a smile before stepping close and grabbing Syr around her waist which made her entire body twitch. He leaned forward toward her rosy red ears and whispered, “But I want to do it with you first…please?”

Syr released a strange sound as if she had suffered a grievance as her eyes teared up slightly from her overwhelming embarrassment. After letting out the strange cry, and seeing the teasing faces of the other girls, Syr hugged Vahn in return and said in a very quiet tone, almost like the squeak of a small animal, “Be gentle…” Vahn nodded his head and stroked the side of her face affectionately before turning his head to the side and saying, “I’ll need everyone’s support for this…Chloe, Arnya, I’d like for you to help tend to Syr. Ryuu, Lunoire, you two are the calmest so I’ll have to apologize for having you wait a bit. I promise to make it up to you later…” Vahn then picked up the startled Syr and carried her over to the bed as everyone crawled in alongside them.

This was always the most awkward part for Vahn, the moment before things officially began. He had a strange desire to just stare and gawk at the girls for long periods of times, so it was hard to get things started unless there was something to incite him. Now, he was doing his best to take the initiative and also cement things with Syr, the girl that had worked hard to arrange everything. He knew she probably intended to go last, and that was exactly why he had bumped her up in the order. Even though there was a fair chance this was her intent to begin with, Vahn was still the one that had made the decision and he intended to follow through until the end…

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