Chapter 370: Nanu’s Progress

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Not long after he ‘escaped’ from Tsubaki’s Manor, Vahn arrived outside his old residence and workshop. Just like in the past, Anubis was already waiting for him before he stepped through the courtyard and Vahn could also sense that Nanu was also present. When he entered into the foyer, the two bowed politely to him as Anubis said, “Welcome, Master, it is a pleasure to see you today~.” After Anubis finished her greeting, Nanu said, “Master, thank you for coming to visit us. I have been working hard to increase my capabilities, so please feel free to test me whenever you’d like!” As the first person to receive Vahn’s ‘flame seed’, Nanu had benefitted greatly from it and was well on her way to Level 3. Though she was around average strength amongst the members of the ‘pack’ in the past, she was now much stronger than the other six children.

Vahn affectionately stroked the small girls head in a somewhat rough manner that made her coo in a pleased tone as she rubbed her head against his palm. Recognizing the look in Vahn’s eyes, Anubis bowed her head politely before excusing herself without a word. Nanu’s ears twitched slightly at the sounds of her exit, but she pretended to not notice and, when Anubis finally disappeared, she stepped forward and started rubbing her head against Vahn’s abdomen after wrapping her arms around his waist. Now that she didn’t have to ‘front’ with Anubis around, Nanu teared up a bit as she said, “Master, I want to spend more time with you…I am doing my best, but my heart hurts from not being able to see you…” Nanu was sniffling a bit as Vahn used [Hands of Nirvana] to ease her mind as he continued to pet the back of her head.

After a few minutes of consoling the small chienthrope girl, Nanu took him to their previously shared workshop and Vahn checked her progress and walked her through some of the steps she had been struggling with. Though she had also become Tsubaki’s apprentice, she spent the majority of her time trying to improve her skills alone since she didn’t want to ‘betray’ Vahn, who was her first Master and future ‘mate’. Once she had shown her progress in forging, Nanu sparred with Vahn in order to display the growth in her combat skills.

Nanu was still incredibly flexible and used a fighting style that made proper use of her instincts, but she couldn’t gain any edge against Vahn after the qualitative improvement of the majority of his skills. Instead of being upset at her one-sided defeat, Nanu was actually ecstatic that Vahn was so strong and he could see a competitive flame burning within her eyes while he walked her through various techniques that would help her strength develop further.

By the time their training session had ended, Nanu was left gasping for air while laying on the cold grass without seeming to mind it at all. Her olive-brown skin was radiating a bit of steam because of her exertion and, when she saw Vahn looking down on her, Nanu showed a somewhat hopeful smile as she pulled up her shirt and showed her belly to him. Vahn arched his brow slightly before showing a smile and reaching out his hand to rub the somewhat hot stomach of Nanu as she happily writhed about on the grass with a happy expression on her face.

Around the time for lunch, Nanu was sitting with her back to Vahn while he brushed her hair before she suddenly sat up and said in a straightforward manner, “Thank you for being so kind to me today, Master. I will continue to endeavor to become a worthy mate for you in the future!” Nanu then bowed in a somewhat reverential manner before trotting off towards the inside of the residence with a pitter-patter of footsteps. Vahn followed her retreat with his eyes before turning his attention to Anubis, who had just recently arrived and had likely been the trigger for Nanu’s departure.

Anubis showed an elegant smile that reached her eyes before she bowed politely and said, “Good afternoon, Master…I have come to receive your affections…that is, if you’ll spare a few for this faithful servant~?” Vahn bounced up to his feet before vanishing from sight the moment his foot touched the ground. Anubis’s ears twitched, but she didn’t break her composure as she turned to her left and matched gazes with the smiling Vahn as he said, “You’ve been too good to me, Anubis, today I’ll spoil you plentily as thanks for everything you’ve done. It’s not an order, but I’d like you to tell me honestly if there is something you’d like to do…” Vahn paused for a moment as he stared deeply into her moonlight eyes and continued in a low tone, “As long as it’s within my power, anything is fine…” As he spoke, Vahn reached out his hand and stroked the interior of Anubis’s large and fluffy ears with his thumb in a spot he knew she enjoyed.

Though she usually appeared very elegant the majority of the time, Anubis’s composure immediately broke down under Vahn’s touch as she fidgetted about with a slightly enamored look on her face. Her tail began to waggled from side to side in a steady rhythm as she asked in a somewhat husky voice, “Maaaster…anything~?” After passing his perception over the surroundings and confirming there were no onlookers, Vahn closed the distance with Anubis before wrapping his hands around her waist and stroking the top of her tail with his fingers. She released a stifled crying sound as Vahn leaned close to her pointed, dog-like, ears and said, “Today, it can be anything you want…as long as you’re willing to tell me honestly.”

Anubis grabbed the hem of his ‘new’ tunic with an angsty expression on her face as she looked up into his eyes and said in a somewhat pitiable tone, “Master, please be rough with Anubis…she wants to feel like she belongs to her Master…haaaaaauuu~.” Vahn was a little caught off guard when Anubis began to speak in the third person but he still continued to maintain his demeanor as he whispered into her ear using the type of tone he used to speak with Fenrir, “Good girl, Anubis, you’re being honest…now you just have to tell me what you want me to do…”

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When she heard his words, Anubis shook her head powerfully and her ears battered Vahn’s chin in a somewhat confounding manner he thought was very adorable. After a few seconds, she looked up at him with a ‘sad’ look and said, “No…Anubis can’t make such a request. Master has to make the decision…no matter what it is, Anubis has already prepared her heart…” Vahn began to feel a bit of pressure from her words because he hadn’t actually thought of anything he wanted to do with her before visiting. There were a number of things he wanted to ‘try’ with her in the past, but Vahn wasn’t sure it was appropriate to go to that extent in the present moment.

After a very brief moment of hesitation, Vahn saw the almost ‘pleading’ look in Anubis’s eyes before resolving himself for what was to come. He didn’t know how far he would push her, but Vahn couldn’t help but feel curious about how far Anubis would allow things to develop. He knew she had a few ‘deviant’ tendencies, but he didn’t know the extent of her submissive nature and her desire to be dominated. Vahn really wasn’t the type to ‘forcefully’ have someone submit to him, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t interested in putting on an act and expanding his range and curiosity. Ultimately, he just wanted to make the girls that worked hard for his sake happy, and Anubis had done a lot for him in the past and would continue to ‘serve’ him well into the future.

Vahn promised to be back at the Hearth Manor at 2 PM, so he had slightly under an hour and a half to spend with Anubis before he would be ‘forced’ to return. Accounting for taking a bath after the fact, Vahn had little over an hour to ‘tend’ to her needs and this was plenty of time given that this would be a somewhat exploratory experience. After confirming his plan of action, Vahn pulled out the leash he had used when taking Anubis for a walk in the past and her ears immediately perked up as she happily presented her neck to Vahn. Once he fixed the link to her collar, Vahn said in a firm and commanding, “Anubis, come!” Vahn knew quite a bit about the ecology of the Southern Tribe and about their customs for how an ‘Alpha’ was supposed to behave. If she wanted him to ‘dominate’ her, he would play the part until the very end to remove any unease that might be present in her heart.

Anubis beamed a smile as she followed along behind Vahn with her tail beating from side-to-side hard enough to create a small sound of wind being distorted. Vahn followed his memory and walked Anubis to her room before she paused and had an awkward smile on her face as she said, “Master…Anubis overstepped her boundaries and moved into Master’s room when you left. Please punish Anubis for her mistakes…” She had a passionate look in her eyes that were also filled with expectations as she ‘pleaded’ to Vahn for a punishment. Vahn cocked his head to the side before squinting his eyes and ‘dragging’ her next door to his old room. He didn’t pull on the leash too hard, but Anubis released a strange choking sound that had several undertones that made a shiver run down Vahn’s spine.

Vahn noticed that his room hadn’t changed much since his departure, but he could smell a powerful scent in the room that undoubtedly belonged to Anubis. She might not have done it intentionally, but Vahn knew that she had ‘masked’ the former scent of Hephaestus with her own pheromones and likely comforted herself in the bed he used to treat as his own. Though he initially planned to use the bed, Vahn recalled the first time he had triggered Anubis’s arousal in the past and how she had presented her butt to him while supporting herself against the wall. It had been a powerful memory that firmly planted itself in his heart, so Vahn wanted to return the favor to Anubis now that he had the opportunity.

After thinking about the best way to ‘punish’ her, Vahn showed what he hoped was a cruel smile as he gazed at her expectant look and said, “Strip, all the way down to your lingerie…if you’re not wearing any…well, I’ll have to punish you even more~?” Hearing his words, Anubis quickly discarded the robe she had been wearing and, as Vahn had anticipated, she was indeed missing any undergarments. She had probably planned for things to develop in this direction after receiving his earlier message and had likely ‘prepared’ herself for the encounter. The only thing she was wearing after removing the robe was the black and gold collar Vahn had given her in the past as she ‘proudly’ displayed herself before him.

Vahn admired the exotic nature of Anubis’s beauty from the tip of her ears down to the delicate toes on her feet. She had the same olive-brown complexion of the past, a very shapely and mature figure with somewhat large, impeccably flawless breasts. Her most striking features, other than the long black hair, were her moonlight colored eyes that emitted a gentle glow, the large pointy ears on her head, and the large bushy tail flailing about like a propeller on her relatively large butt. Like all goddesses, she was completely bare around her genitals and her skin had a healthy gloss with a somewhat subtle blush beginning to rise due to her increased excitement.

Now that she was fully nude, Vahn nodded his head with a smile and said, “Turn around, I want to look at your tail.” Anubis happily complied and turned her back to Vahn before doing her best to stop her tail from wagging so he could view it better. Vahn had actually wanted to do this for a long time, so he leaned down near the base of Anubis’s tail, right where it connected with her backside, and stared at the connection before getting at a zero distance and smelling the topside. He lifted her shaking tail with his hands and dragged his nose along its length and could feel his brain buzz from the stimulating scent of the pheromones coming from the somewhat bristly, yet incredibly soft, fur.

Though he hadn’t done anything yet, Anubis released a stifled cry intermixed with a sensuous moan as she said, “Maaaster~” Her voice tickled Vahn’s ears and he opened his eyes after enjoying the smell of her tail for a while. After standing, Vahn said in a teasing tone, “You’re quite beautiful, Anubis, and your tail has a tantalizing smell with a fine texture…” Vahn had decided that, since Anubis wanted to be punished, he would do the opposite and pamper her plentily since it would ‘torment’ her more than if he were actually rough with her. He began to gently trace his index finger over her exotic body while using [Hands of Nirvana], but not before he said in a commanding tone, “Don’t move at all…the more noise you make, the longer your punishment will be…”

Even though he was pressed for time, Vahn was curious about each of Anubis’s reactions and ‘tormented’ her for nearly twenty minutes as he treated her body as if it were incredibly precious. Her body had been shaking as if she were left out in the cold for a long period of time even though her body was burning up. She released muffled cries from the constant stimulation and there were a few tears welling up in her eyes as she fought against the urge to move and make noise. Vahn almost felt pity for her, but Anubis’s Loyalty had been constantly increasing for a while and her aura had long-ago turned a passionate red with a vibrant pink mixed within it. She likely understood Vahn’s ‘punishment’ and was actually agonizing while also feeling very happy at the same time.

After another small flood of fluids drained down her thighs, Vahn decided her punishment had gone on long enough as he stood close to her back and gingerly bit the tip of her pointy ear with his teeth. Anubis wasn’t able to stop herself from crying out and she immediately leaned her back against Vahn with her mouth gasping for air before she clenched her teeth together tightly as if still following his earlier orders. Vahn traced both palms from the outside of her thighs upwards until he had his hands on the connecting tissue between Anubis’s torso and her legs. He thumbed the bones of her pelvis gently before slowly guiding her body forward and forcing her to take small steps.

Anubis began to draw labored breaths as she entrusted her weight against Vahn and took awkward steps until they were less than a meter from the wall they had been facing. Vahn arched his fingers into a claw-like shape and traced his nails up Anubis’s body as he uttered two words that made her body tremble greatly, “Bend over…” As she began to move, Vahn ‘helped’ Anubis as he pushed down against her shoulder with just enough force that she wasn’t actually unable to resist him. Her tail began to beat about rapidly as Vahn inspected the veritable flood coming from her slightly open vulva. She had the ‘flawless’ v***** of a goddess, but Anubis’s arousal had made it so that the enticing mound had an ‘eager’ look to it.

Because of how violently her tail was wagging about, Vahn gripped it with a bit of force which made Anubis’s body shake as she released a loud moan and another tide of fluids that had a pungent aroma that made Vahn feel a little dizzy. He wasn’t trying to hurt her, so Vahn activated his [Eyes of Truth] to make sure there wouldn’t be any damage as he lifted Anubis’s hips slightly using nothing by her tail. She immediately screamed out in a scarily aroused voice, “Maaaaaaaaasterrrrrrr~!” Her upper body fell down slightly until the point that her butt was actually higher than her head and she was standing on the tips of her toes as Vahn lifted her body from the sensitive tail on her backside. Vahn confirmed that, though it was likely painful, his actions didn’t damage the bones or muscled in her tail and instead most of her nerves were firing as if she was in immense pleasure.

Vahn hadn’t properly prepared himself before getting to this point, so he unequipped his clothing before becoming completely naked in the blink of an eye. He felt a strange sense of conquest in him before he even did anything just because of the somewhat compromising position of Anubis and her very over the top reaction. He grabbed his readied member before placing the glans against the surprisingly ‘burning’ vaginal entrance of Anubis. The moment he made contact, Anubis began to take deep breaths through her nose before exhaling loudly. He saw her clench her hands into fists as she closed her eyes in preparation for his entrance yet, after several seconds passed, nothing changed. Confused, Anubis tilted her head to look at Vahn and, the moment he saw her eyes Vahn jerked his hips forward with a fair amount of strength and she practically yelped before releasing a powerful shriek at the top of her lungs.

Understanding that her body was well prepared for his insertion, Vahn had waited for the moment when Anubis had ‘relaxed’ due to her confusion before pressing forward in a single decisive thrust. She immediately put her hands back against the wall during her loud shriek that very quickly turned into a sensual sounding moan before shrinking into a throaty gasp when she ran out of oxygen. Vahn noticed that, other than the surprising heat of Anubis’s v*****, she actually clamped down fiercely in a manner very similar to Hestia. However, Vahn noticed an immediate difference as a strange ‘massaging’ sensation began to take place within Anubis’s insides and it was very stimulating even though he couldn’t exactly move his hips.

As he had never had sex with a Chienthrope, Vahn wasn’t sure if this was a racial trait or if it was something specific to Anubis. His concerns were answered quickly, however, when Anubis explained with a panting voice, “Anubis became…a chienthrope…because she likes…when it hurts a bit…Master…please dominate Anubis even more…even if it hurts…I want it to huuuurt~.” From her words, Vahn understood that sex with a Chienthrope probably didn’t require the male to move at all. Instead, they were almost locked together by the clamping force and Vahn knew that, if he actually moved, it would likely be ‘painful’ as he dragged her insides a bit with his movements.

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Though he was hesitant for a moment, Vahn decided to trust Anubis’s experience and give her what she asked for. Vahn let her hips fall a bit as he stopped pulling her tail and instead grabbed her hips with his hands for better leverage. He noticed that he still couldn’t move easily and Anubis’s body followed his movements as she was unable to easily support her own weight in the current position. Resolving himself, Vahn grasped her hips with a much stronger grip that would most likely leave bruises on her skin as he pushed her hips forward while pulling back his waist. Anubis released a loud cry that sounded like a mixture of pain and pleasure as Vahn forcefully pulled out his p**** from her insides. Though it didn’t ‘come out’, Vahn watched the somewhat scary sight of Anubis’s v***** invert slightly as it clung tightly to his p****.

After getting slightly more than halfway out, Vahn thrust himself forward with a bit of intensity and pumped against Anubis’s butt as his eye twitched a bit. The powerful grip of her v***** on his p**** actually made the thrust somewhat painful and Vahn felt a twinge of severe pain shoot through his p**** and up his spine. The normal state of his erect p**** was a combination of firmness and flexibility, but Vahn realized that would be a problem considering what Anubis requested of him. After having experienced rapidly changing his body very recently, Vahn ‘willed’ his p**** to become harder and focused on making it less malleable so he could oppose the clamping power of Anubis’s somewhat dangerous organ.

As a stop-gap measure, Vahn had moved his palms to Anubis’s butt cheeks and began releasing a powerful stimulating energy that alternated between his hands and made her butt spasm as all the nerves fired and caused her hips to shake rapidly while easing up the muscles in her lower body. Anubis released a strange cry like, ‘Gyaaagagagagagagaga’ in the same rhythm as his stimulation and Vahn felt like she might be losing her mind but noticed that her aura was surprisingly stable. After a minute or so, Vahn had successfully ‘hardened’ himself and returned his hands to roughly the same spot on Anubis’s hips. It was easy to find since there were actual handprints left behind because of his earlier actions.

Now that he was more ‘durable’, Vahn repeated his earlier action and had a much easier time removing himself before pounding hard into her interior again. He felt less stimulation, but it was still a very pleasant sensation so he didn’t mind it much and began trying to keep a steady pace as he slowly pulled out over and over again before repeatedly pounding against her somewhat plump butt. Vahn got distracted by the ripples that ran through her backside and a strange urge began to well up inside of him because of her ‘cries’. Deciding it shouldn’t be a problem he couldn’t fix, Vahn removed his right hand from Anubis’s hip before raising it slightly and dropping it down swiftly to smack Anubsis’s backside.

Anubis released an almost hiccup-like moan as she drew a sharp breath before sending Vahn a strange, almost ‘taunting’ smile and said, “Harder…Master…punish Anubis more and more~.” Incited by her words, Vahn began to proactively spank Anubis and her shouts turned into strangely pleasant cries that became progressively louder over time. This continued for some time until Anubis seemed like she was losing the strength to support her body with just her arms. Vahn had a dangerous thought and decided to ‘help’ her by grabbing the leash that had been dangling down from her collar since the very beginning. He pulled back on it a little bit and Anubis made a slight gagging sound before her aura flared up immensely as she grasped her collar with both hands and an extended tongue.

Vahn could feel another tidal surge coming from Anubis as her insides writhed around for what felt like the twentieth time. They didn’t have much time left and Vahn felt like something dangerous might awaken inside of him if he continued trying to test Anubis’s ‘limits’ during their very first time together. He could tell she was very satisfied since her Loyalty had increased nearly a thousand points in the last hour, so Vahn decided to bring things to an end. He walked forward while pulling up Anubis’s upper body with the leash and pressed her against the wall so she could support herself more easily. Knowing she would probably enjoy it more if he was rough, Vahn pressed his weight against her and ‘squished’ her against the wall a bit as he powerfully pistoned upwards into her body while using [Hands of Nirvana] to stimulate Anubis’s abdomen with his right hand, and her little bead of nerves with his left.

Anubis began to spasm slightly and dropped her arms powerlessly as she drew short and shallow breaths from the overwhelming stimulation. Even her feet were lifted off the ground by Vahn every time he pressed into her body and it seemed like she was on the verge of asphyxiating before Vahn finally released a large stream of semen into her depths with one final push while pressing her firmly against the wall. He continued to hold her while passively inspecting her body to make sure she wasn’t actually injured from his actions. Other than some light bruising, she was entirely fine and even her breathing was beginning to recover at a faster rate than he expected.

After around two minutes of light spasming, Vahn let Anubis slide down the wall as he gently guided her hips back until he managed to separate from her. It might be another racial trait of a Chienthrope, but the moment he released inside of her, Anubis’s v***** ‘dropped’ a bit as if it were trying to absorb his semen before loosening up a few seconds later and releasing the powerful clamping that had persisted since the beginning. Though he didn’t let her ‘fall’, Vahn allowed Anubis to drop to the ground before she laid almost lifelessly on her side with a dazed expression. Even though this was the case, Anubis’s tail gently lifted from the ground before thumping against the floor over and over as a satisfied smile appeared on her face.

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