Chapter 371: Godhand Marathon

After Anubis’s ‘fall’, Vahn helped wipe down her body before bundling her up in a roll of blankets and tossing her into the bed to stay warm. They talked for a while about the matters of the future and how Anubis, once the children in the pack were self-sufficient, intended to abolish her Familia and become his servant at the Manor. She didn’t want to abandon the responsibility she had to the pups after Vahn had gotten her to accept them indefinitely in the past. They were already making marked progress towards becoming functional ‘adults’, and it would be but a short two years until the last of the children reached maturity.

It was already somewhat rare in the Southern Tribe for those that have reached adulthood to stay in their original pack unless they were under an Alpha. Now that Vahn was out of the household, the boys were more proactively increasing their strength and becoming more independent. Maan and Rasui had even started courting each other, though it looked like Chione still wanted to follow Anubis in the future and planned to become a ‘servant’ as well. As for the twins, Akil and Ata, they had been looking outside of the Familia for companionship and had both started courting the same girl from the Eirene Familia. When Vahn heard that she was in her twenties, he wasn’t entirely sure what to think, but it was ultimately up to the boys to seek their own path. Besides, he couldn’t say much when there were girls like Tsubaki and Milan in his life…

After parting with Anubis, Vahn quickly washed up in the bath to remove the very womanly smell that had soaked into his pores and wafted off of his body. There were a number of girls with sensitive noses back at the Manor, and Vahn didn’t want to ‘trigger’ them by carrying Anubis’ scent around with him. This was something he had to keep in mind often in the past, since there were a surprising number of girls that were susceptible to such scents. Fortunately, though Vahn still had inhibitions about it, there weren’t any men with that trait within the Manor or it would cause a stir with how much pheromones were emitted by the twenty-plus girls residing there.

The trip back to the Manor took nearly twenty minutes, but Vahn still managed to arrive just before 2 PM as promised. Though his ‘schedule’ was ultimately decided by himself, Vahn knew it was important to do his best to adapt to the needs of the girls whenever he could. There would be long stints of time for himself, so he wanted to make them happy in the relatively brief moments they were together. Upon arrival, since word had spread about his earlier promise, there were a surprising number of girls waiting for him. Seeing their numbers, Vahn realized they had probably talked on the network and deduced his intent since even Hephaestus, Loki and Aisha had shown up. He also found out from Syr that the girls were going to do a ‘rotation’ at the Hostess of Fertility and, with that as the justification, she became the first to receive his massage for the day.

He didn’t have a permanent room for treatment yet, but Vahn had set up a temporary ‘parlor’ in the past since this wasn’t the first time he had given massages to the girls. Unlike the past, however, Syr stripped down entirely naked instead of using the undergarments and towel that Vahn had prepared. She had a very youthful figure and was like a beautiful young flower that looked ripe for plucking, but Vahn would have to wait for later if he wanted to do something like that. For the time being, he helped her climb onto the table and get comfortable before he started their session. Because Syr was no longer a virgin, his massage quickly became far more intense than she had expected and, by the time she was finally ‘free’, Vahn had to carry her out in a bundle since she was unable to walk under her own efforts.

Syr’s appearance raised a flag for some of the girls, but the rest had excited and somewhat anticipatory looks on their faces, especially those that had yet to receive his massage in the past.

After passing off Syr to Ryuu and Aki, Hephaestus was the next ‘victim’ since she still had work to return to later in the day. Unless Vahn specifically wanted her to stay for longer periods of time, Hephaestus was usually very busy and had built a large backlog from all the time she had taken for them in the past few months. Her ‘expenditures’ had grown by an incredible amount recently and she had taken on several large contracts to make up for the deficit.

Vahn knew about her struggles and had given her the ‘patents’ for several designs he had blueprinted. Hephaestus, using her knowledge and experience as a goddess of forging, had greatly improved upon his initial designs and was making a veritable fortune off selling the finished products to other Familia. He made sure not to include anything that would cause an actual ‘revolution’, because Vahn understood that, with the current state of the world and how corrupt things were, it would only lead to great suffering for a large number of people in order to benefit a select few wealthy individuals.

The best example of this was the Pallum people who had a large portion of their population as slaves. Because they reached physical maturity quickly, didn’t require a lot of food to sustain, and reproduced rapidly, they were the ‘go to’ choice for slaves that worked in dangerous and unsanitary conditions. Even though their species could live well over 140 years, the average life expectancy of a Pallum hardly reached 45. Introducing concepts like machinery and assembly lines would just greatly increase the number of casualties on a continent-wide scale and cause a severe burden on the environment. Though he hadn’t seen what his own Earth looked like, Vahn thought the continent of Eden was a breathtakingly beautiful place and didn’t want to see it ‘spoiled’ because of the greed of a few people, likely gods, and goddesses.

Vahn was very careful with Hephaestus’ body during their session because he was very nervous to do anything that might injure the small bundle of life that was slowly growing within her womb. He actually spent the majority of their session together watching the small, somewhat spherical-shaped, embryo to make sure nothing happened to it. Even though he knew she would be fine, Vahn couldn’t help but feel a little scared by the incredibly minuscule possibility that something could go wrong. Hephaestus was very aware of Vahn’s concern and just enjoyed their time together since, even without him pushing her to the limits, it was still a very enjoyable and relaxing session.

When the girls saw Hephaestus walk out on her own with a deep blush on their face, Vahn got a few strange looks from them that made him show a wry smile before taking Loki into the room. She happily stripped down her clothing but, instead of removing everything, Loki kept her black stockings on and teased Vahn for a bit before hopping onto the table that Vahn wiped down with a sterile towel. Much like Hephaestus, Vahn was worried about Loki so he didn’t do things too intensely and just helped remove any tensions in her body and helped loosen up her joints. Because she wasn’t ‘prevented’ from speaking, Loki spent the entire twenty minutes goading him on and teasing him for how much care he was showing her body even though she was in a ‘safe’ phase. Towards the end, Vahn had been riled up a bit by her so, before he let her walk out of the room, he pinched her somewhat fleshy butt with enough force to make the trickster goddess yelp for a reprieve.

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After getting dressed, Loki walked out of the room rubbing her butt fervently with an ‘aggrieved’ expression on her face as she ‘warned’ the other girls to be wary of Vahn ‘destroying’ their butts. With her exit, the next ‘victim’ entered the room and it happened to be someone Vahn hadn’t quite expected. Milan had joined the queue at some point and, because she hadn’t been able to experience his massage before, the other girls allowed her to move up in the line since she was the ‘caretaker’ of the youth troupe. When she entered the room, Milan had a somewhat bashful smile on her face as she asked, “What do I need to do~?” Though she put a bit of inflection on her words and tried to act in a teasing manner, Vahn could see through her nervousness by how her aura was fluctuating.

Vahn warned her that things might be somewhat ‘intense’ since it was her first time and then waited for her to change behind the curtain he had set up off to the side. She stepped out wearing her pale-yellow lingerie and holding a towel to cover her front before climbing onto the table and trying to relax. Though he didn’t verbalize it much, Vahn enjoyed massaging the various beast-girls more than normal since the inclusion of the tail and ears made him feel a little excited because of their incongruity. Milan had a beautiful curve to her back with a mature and somewhat fleshy butt with a chestnut brown tail poking out from the connecting muscles between her back and butt. Because of her tensions, Milan’s tail twitched about every time he touched her back until it got to the point where it just dropped down ‘sadly’ after Vahn ‘forcefully’ removed the tensions from her body.

For around twenty minutes, Milan released stifled mewling sounds that were unique to Cat Persons as she twitched about under his touch as powerful reverberations passed through the entirety of her body. Since she was a ‘mature’ girl, Milan experienced the full effects of his massage and, because she hadn’t had a partner since her husband’s death, it caused her body to react somewhat ‘violently’ and Vahn had to wipe up the table and part of the floor when he was finished. Milan had a fierce blush on her face as she held her hands to cover her embarrassment when Vahn carried her out and turned her over to Ryuu and Aki before they took her off to the side to help her get dressed and ‘recover’.

The next person to receive his care was Ais and she was surprisingly resilient and managed to move around a bit and talk to Vahn throughout the entire session. Out of curiosity, Vahn inspected the internal structure of her body and noticed that her nervous system was distinctly different than a ‘normal’ human beings. She actually had higher sensitivity, but it also seemed like her body naturally inhibited the stimulation she felt and this was the reason she retained her ‘awareness’ throughout the session. It was very similar to his first time with Ais, how she proactively sought his touch even after he had ‘forced’ her to undergo a powerful climax. Even under an incredible amount of stimulation that would potentially ‘break’ a normal person, she was able to continue forward undaunted and the massage ended up more like a conversation than a one-sided matter.

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Tiona had been next up after Ais and, because of the potential ‘danger’, she was also accompanied by Riveria who was also watching over the quickly recovering Ais at the side. Tiona had a massive grin on her face and a vibrant expression as she playfully discarded each piece of her clothing. Though she had a very diminutive chest, the rest of Tiona’s body was very athletic and had beautiful curves, especially her toned and plump butt. Even stationary, it looked like she was always on the verge of dancing and the line of her navel made Vahn’s brain buzz. However, as expected, Tiona was getting excited far faster than normal and could barely contain herself as she hopped up onto the table. To prevent things from getting out of hand, Vahn quickly started ‘relaxing’ her body and her reaction was ‘excessive’ to say the least.

From the moment she began to lose control of her body, Tiona’s aura began to flare up powerfully and it wasn’t long before she reached a critical level and they had to bring the session to a swift conclusion. It seemed that when an Amazon was in an ‘excited’ state, their body reacted very negatively to being ‘repressed’ and having its functions inhibited. Though she had an excited and happy expression at first, Tiona instinctively tried to lash out to force her body to move after Vahn began forcefully relaxing it. Since he didn’t want to overtax her mind, Vahn returned functionality to Tiona’s body and changed to a different method and just gently caressed her with calming energy that made her laugh and giggle in a pleasant sounding tone.

Since she was ‘unaffected’ by the massage, Tiona was able to recover immediately and sat off to the side with Ais in nothing but her off-colored white top and bottoms. Both she and Ais had expressions that were a mixture of curiosity, trepidation, and intrigue as they watched Vahn’s next client prepare herself. Even Vahn felt especially nervous because he hadn’t actually anticipated this outcome and was caught completely off guard when Riveria made her interest in the massage known. The worst part, though Vahn didn’t really have a complaint at all, was that Riveria stripped down ‘unabashedly’ after witnessing Tiona do the same earlier. Vahn wanted to ‘correct’ her misunderstanding, but he felt more than a little intimidated by the mature High Elf.

As he had often thought whenever he saw her, Riveria had a nearly flawless body that credited her species greatly. Her noble air, cool expression, and transcendent beauty made Vahn’s fingers twitch a bit since he was very aware of how big a deal the current situation was. It was already a serious matter when she allowed him to see her naked body in the bath, but it was an order of magnitude greater than she was allowing him to freely touch her in what could only be understood in an ‘intimate’ manner. It might not be the intimacy between lovers, but it was the type enjoyed by companions that possessed a great deal of trust for one another. Even Riveria’s affection showed her at 79(Trust) and Vahn was somewhat afraid of how she would respond under the effects of his [Hands of Nirvana].

Before she flipped her body over on the table, Riveria turned to Vahn and asked in a plain tone that only exacerbated Vahn’s current state, “I wonder, Vahn, can you still easily turn into a High Elf?” Vahn was caught off guard by the question but, after he processed it in his mind, nodded his head and said, “Yeah, now that I’ve done it once, it should be much easier if I ever want to try again…” Riveria gave a curt nod and said in a low tone while holding her chin with her fingers, “I see…” Then, without following up her question, Riveria turned her body over and laid down on the massage table leaving Vahn confused.

Vahn didn’t know if Riveria wanted him to turn into a High Elf for the massage, but seeing as how she didn’t say anything he assumed it was just a random question she thought of, spur of the moment. Without worrying about it too much, Vahn stood next to the rather tall and limber body of Riveria and began using his [Hands of Nirvana] to massage her body. Though he felt nervous at first, Vahn quickly got into his own routine after noticing that she didn’t have any strange reactions and her aura remained steady. Though he hadn’t expected otherwise, Riveria was still a virgin at the age of 97 and this meant that the massage was simply an incredibly relaxing and pleasant experience for her. Vahn noticed she had a great deal of tension in her body and there were several knots he helped to remove before the twenty-minute duration had come to an end.

After sitting up on the table, Riveria’s movements became somewhat lazy and she had a subtle smile on her face as she stretched her body without paying heed to Vahn’s presence. Because she was a very beautiful girl, Vahn couldn’t help but swallow a bit of saliva when she had stretched her arms above her head and caused her modest breasts to rise. Though his eyes only wander briefly, Riveria hadn’t missed it but didn’t say anything as she jumped off the table and started getting dressed. Before she left the room with Ais and Tiona in tow, Riveria nodded her head politely and said, “Thank you, Vahn, it was an enjoyable experience.” Vahn nodded his head and saw the three out of the room before turning his attention to his system and seeing that Riveria’s affection had increased to 81(Trust). He released a relieved sigh because, up until the very moment he had finished the massage, he had been somewhat concerned about ‘offending’ her.

For the rest of the afternoon, Vahn continued to provide massages for the majority of the girls and slowly worked his way through Naaza, Lili, Chloe, Hestia, Haruhime, Mikoto, Lunoire, Ryuu, Aki, Aisha, Arnya, and, lastly, Maemi and Emiru. The twins had been a ‘unique’ experience since they had entered the room at the same time. Vahn had stared with Maemi and been very distracted since, while he was massaging her body, Emiru would realease stifled and pleasant moans as well. When they swapped places, it was even worse cine Maemi had experienced the massage and was able to associate the feelings coming from her bond with Emiru to her own memories of the event. Even though both girls were still virgins, they had made a bit of a mess in Vahn’s ‘parlor’ by the time they were ‘kicked’ out. Vahn was positive the two were trying to entice him and their little play had caused his brain to buzz for the entirely forty-plus minutes they were with him in the room.

As for the remaining girls, they were primarily the youth troupe and Preasia. They had wanted to participate as well, but were denied the opportunity based on a combination of their ages and, in the instance of Preasia, their situation. Of course, Vahn wasn’t the type to leave people out of things so, before the group ate dinner together, Vahn pampered the girls a bit and had the somewhat awkward experience of helping them bathe after Fenrir ‘influenced’ them by mentioning how pleasant it was to have Vahn wash her. He didn’t really ‘feel’ anything for the girls, but it was still awkward since Tina had a strong crush on him, Shizune was actually a ‘mature’ woman with the body of a child, and Preasia was actually an adult but was petite and acting ‘strangely’ under his touch. Though she didn’t cry out or moan, Preasia somewhat eagerly pressed against his hands and even stared directly at him in silence for a long period of time after the fact.

The rest of the evening was relatively uneventful and Vahn just cuddled up with Fenrir for a little while as he went through the process of brushing the hair, fur, and tails, of the youth troupe before everyone retired to bed for the night. Vahn was in somewhat high tensions from his experience with Anubis in the morning and the extended exposure to all the girls in the afternoon, so he wanted to release his tensions by inviting Syr and Ryuu into his room. Syr had been the next on the schedule while Ryuu had listed Syr as the only girl she was ‘comfortable’ with so Vahn spent some time with the two distinctly different girls for nearly three hours.

Vahn did his best to tend to both girls and it was a great way for him to release his tensions, but he also realized he had made a grievous error in his selection. Though he hadn’t ‘forgotten’ about what it was like to have sex with Syr, Vahn had overlooked the fact that it was ‘dangerous’ to be with her without a buffer of time between her and other girls. He ended up having to ‘vent’ himself on Ryuu, though she didn’t seem to mind at all, because Syr’s influence on the situation was somewhat dangerous for his mind and body. She seemed to notice it as well, so she wasn’t overly aggressive and actually helped Vahn tend to Ryuu quite a bit as the usually taciturn elf squirmed under their combined efforts with her adorable squeaking moans…

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