Chapter 395: Cyclops’ Subjugation

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Vahn and Tsubaki continued their first ‘battle’ for nearly ten full minutes until Tsubaki eventually had to draw a breath of air after Vahn rolled over partway through and reversed positions with her. She had been pinning him down at the beginning, but as the contest continued she had lost herself a bit in the moment and created a window of opportunity for Vahn to exploit. With the sudden change, her focus lapsed and she was unable to continue for much longer and eventually had to pull her face away from Vahn to gasp for air. As he started to kiss her exposed neck, Vahn whispered in Tsubaki’s ear, “That’s one in my favor…”

Tsubaki was stirred to action by Vahn’s words and surprisingly raised her knees up while spreading her own legs. Vahn was caught off guard because he could feel a radiating heat and moisture coming from his waist before Tsubaki planted her bare feet against his hips, gripped his forearms, and kicked up with enough force to life his body and flip him over her head. Just like so many times in the past, Vahn saw the world turn upside down for a brief moment yet, unlikes the past, Tsubaki didn’t simply release him during the throw and used the momentum of the toss to follow his body before pinning him once again with her plump butt.

Even though he was rather ‘experienced’ as of late, Vahn had never been thrown or performed acrobatic maneuvers in bed, so he was both excited and confused at the same time. He knew this was Tsubaki trying to keep the momentum in her favor and now she was pinning his arms from above as she kissed around his neck and chest. Though her movements lacked practice, her control and perception were very high and she was quickly beginning to get a rise out of him through her actions. Vahn’s heart was itching a fair amount as he tried to free himself from her vice-like grip. She wasn’t holding him hard enough to actually injure his wrists, but she was still nigh-immovable due to the difference in their power. There was never a time, more than this moment, where Vahn wished he was stronger. Just like when it came to dealing with Tione and Tiona, Vahn would need physical strength in order to prevent himself from being ‘taken’ and on the receiving end of their ‘assault’.

Vahn decided that Tsubaki’s advantage had been enjoyed for long enough and performed a feat of flexibility that was outside of expectation for most men. As if his spine was several times more flexible than normal, Vahn raised his legs in a manner similar to Tsubaki and lifted her body in a somewhat awkward position. She had been sitting on top of him, so there was nowhere to easily ground herself and she was easily lifted from his body and currently staring down at him with a cheeky grin as she said, “Does that make three for me?” Vahn smiled at her words before ogling the hanging breasts as he gentle swayed Tsubaki’s hips with his toes to make them sway from left to right.

Tsubaki beautiful brown skin flushed red at her cheeks because of Vahn’s teasing smile in conjunction with his actions. Just as she was about to initiate her counter, Vahn dropped his feet away so that her body fell as he came to a seated position. Tsubaki had landed on her feet in a squat and felt something hard briefly poke at her that sent a wave of electricity up her back. She was still holding Vahn’s wrists from earlier and currently held them above his head as he ‘expertly’ sought out her exposed nipple and began rolling it with his tongue. Tsubaki was in an awkward position because, if she released his wrists, her balanced would make her fall back unless she kicked off from the futon and retreated. Sitting plainly wasn’t an option either, since every time she lowered her hips she felt an invasive prod as Vahn twisted his hips to match her movements with what she felt was an ‘unnecessary’ amount of control over his lower body.

Though she had anticipated it somewhat, Tsubaki was very quickly realizing she wouldn’t be able to edge out any long-term advantages against Vahn unless she was willing to injure him. It wasn’t that she lacked the capabilities, but that Vahn’s ‘Nirvana’ had actually left her body far more sensitive than in the past and she didn’t have proper control over her strength, regardless of how much finesse she could show in combat. Every time he rolled her nipple. she felt a tingling sensation spread through her rapidly heating body and just wanted to hug his head to stop his motions. At this rate, the moment Vahn got any actual advantages, she would likely end up at his mercy until she embarrassingly had to ‘beg’ for a reprieve as he had mentioned earlier.

For a very brief moment, Tsubaki imagined herself being pinned by Vahn and crying out his name in a sensual tone and a giddy feeling spread through her stomach as her hips dropped slightly once again. She felt the hot and invasive probe graze her ridiculously sensitive genitals and felt a large wave of electricity run up her body that caused her to release a deep, albeit brief, moan. Vahn, hearing the sound, brought his combination tongue-attack and suction to an end with a ‘pop’ and stared up into Tsubaki’s flushed face with a smiling expression. Even without him saying anything, Tsubaki knew what he meant and it brought a frown to her face as he regained her balance and released his wrists.

However, when she tried to stand and get a better vantage, Vahn leaned back from her earlier actions and brought both of his palms to the backs of her knees with him. Instead of standing, Tsubaki dropped her weight onto his abdomen before Vahn rocked his body forward and ended up on top of her once again with a smile on his face. Tsubaki had the urge to retaliate during the maneuver but a part of herself had already resigned to submitting to Vahn in an effort match the image in her mind. The moment he was on top of her, reality seemed to overlap with delusions and Tsubaki mumbled a single word before biting her lip and frowning after she said, “Vahn…”

Though it was very silent, Vahn had been staring directly into Tsubaki’s face from a near zero distance and had easily heard her utterance. He felt a burst of warmth spread from his chest but, instead of pressing his advantage in a domineering fashion, Vahn gently caressed the side of Tsubaki’s somewhat frustrated face and said, “It’s time…Tsubaki…” Though it hadn’t been a convention foreplay, Tsubaki had been producing an abnormal amount of love nectar for quite some time at this point. When she had been pressing him down earlier, Vahn had been very aware of the pooling fluids and knew she was more than prepared for what was to come. He didn’t know if it was the influence of the Matryoshka, but her body was in a ‘hyper’ responsive state at the moment combined with her already enhanced sensitivity.

At this point, Tsubaki could feel Vahn’s member against her abdomen and it would only take a bit of repositioning before their union was complete. She felt a powerful anxiety welling up inside of herself that she hadn’t expected and Tsubaki didn’t know if it were her prior inhibitions coming to the surface, or if it was her fear about being a mother after having given up on the idea for so long. For more than a decade, she had no hopes at all of bearing children but now, as soon as Vahn did the deed would she undoubtedly end up pregnant. Based on Vahn’s speculation, her body wouldn’t even be able to miscarry and she would have to come to term unless she ended up dying or doing something drastic.

However, her willpower wasn’t something that would waver as the result of a bout of petty anxiety. Tsubaki had already resolved herself for this moment several times in the past few days so she relaxed her body and said in a husky tone, “Show me what you can do ki…Vahn.” Seeing the unwavering gaze from Vahn’s aquamarine eyes made Tsubaki swallow the word ‘kid’, since she would have no choice but to see him as a man from here onwards. Not just any man either, but the man she had watched him rapidly develop into from the fragile boy in the past. Remembering his almost apathetic state at the time and overlapping it with his current focus and confident disposition, Tsubaki couldn’t help but mutter in the back of her mind as a warm feeling spread through her chest, (“You’ve really grown up into quite the man, Vahn…”)

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With Tsubaki’s consent, Vahn nodded his head before pulling back his hips and using his left hand to maneuver the tip of his glans into the surprisingly hot folds of Tsubaki. Vahn didn’t know if it was a racial trait of being a Half-Dwarf, but he felt like the fluids of her body were slightly acidic and made a tingling sensation spread through his body after coming into contact with the hot nectar. Though she had been somewhat ‘open’ in the past, Tsubaki’s vulva were somewhat taut and springy because of his prior efforts during the ‘Nirvana’ procedure. Most notably, however, was how Tsubaki’s body shook slightly even with the brief contact of his tip against the seemingly unused slit.

Vahn didn’t expect the sight of Tsubaki biting her own lip to excite him so much and he had hesitated for a brief moment to burn the image into his mind before she gave him a reproachful glare with her red eyes. With a wry smile on his face, Vahn buried himself into the hot interior of her fold and rubbed his glans inside the pliant, yet highly resistant and ridiculously hot, l**** until he found the small and pulsating entrance he had been looking for. Even though Tsubaki wasn’t a virgin, Vahn could hardly tell the difference at all since the hole seemed to be much smaller than the girth of his own members and his glans had to forcibly widen the resistant flesh as he eased his hips forward.

Tsubaki released a grunt infused with a somewhat sensual moan as a bit of moisture built up in her eyes and she gave Vahn a begrudging look as she said, “You put so much effort into reworking my insides, but you couldn’t ‘adapt’ my body to more easily accept your little monster down there?” Because of the amount of pain, even Tsubaki felt like she had just lost her virginity for the second time and reached down to the area where they were connected and probed around with her fingers before pulling them back to show a crimson liquid covering her fingers. She gave Vahn a blaming look and saw his flustered expression before releasing a sigh and saying, “Whatever, we can start changing that the natural way from now on…just spare me from having you use your ‘Nirvana’ on my v***** from now on…”

Vahn wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t muster up the courage since Tsubaki still had a look of blame on her face as she regulated her breathing like she was doing an exercise. Even though her pain tolerance was very high, considering she was both a Master Smith and First-Class Adventurer, Tsubaki truly hadn’t adapted to the refreshed nerves and sensitivity that remained after Vahn’s ‘Nirvana’. Even small burns from when she was forging caused her to wince and she would use small doses of potions to remove the small burns because she had been overly aware of taking care of her ‘new’ body. Though she had implied it before, she had been trying to ‘save’ herself for Vahn ever since then and didn’t want to blemish the youthful and flawless skin he had conferred upon her.

Tsubaki would never admit it, but it made her slightly happy that, even though she wasn’t a true virgin, she emulated the characteristics of one. It made her feel a lot closer with Vahn and she almost wanted to bury the past deep within her heart and try to move on, not because she had fallen out of love, but because she fell into a new one…

Vahn had been waiting for Tsubaki’s body to adapt to his sudden intrusion while also reflecting on the situation and enjoying the strange sensations coming from his p****. Tsubaki had the characteristic tightness of a virgin woman, but her muscles were compact and powerful which made her insides tense up and squeeze on him every time she exhaled. Vahn loved the soft and smooth bodies of some of the thinner girls, but he actually preferred the sensual glow of a strong woman’s skin and the subtle lines of the muscles beneath. Just like Hephaestus, Tsubaki had slightly visible abs whenever she exhaled and Vahn felt like he could just lose himself in touching them for hours if they let him.

As for the other sensations he was feeling, Vahn hadn’t been able to fit all of himself into Tsubaki and there were still a few centimeters exposed to the air. However, regardless of this fact, Vahn’s genitals were tingling from the fluids that had been soaked in through his pores and it made him clench his butt periodically from the strange sensation. He could tell his body was immediately ‘rejecting’ the invasive fluids, but it was still affecting him slightly and Vahn was curious if it was a sexual characteristic of a Half-Dwarf, or if it was due to the [Matryoshka of Fertility]. He felt like it was the latter and had the subtle impression that, even if he himself had been infertile, the Matryoshka would have guaranteed he would be able to inseminate the girl under its effects properly.

After she had regulated her breathing for a while, Tsubaki gripped Vahn’s wrists and pulled him toward her body because he had been sitting upright and staring at her from above previously. She wrapped her legs loosely around the back of his and brought her feet to the interior before resting her feet by his knees. As she had said, it wasn’t her first time having sex and she knew how to make future movements easier and, now that she had prepared her body better, she wasn’t going to continue being passive. Even if this was fated to be her loss, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight so she grabbed Vahn’s face and asked, “What, are you waiting for me to tell you what to do? I thought you were supposed to be a man already…well, I can teach if you if you call me ‘Mommy’ once~?” Though she flushed at her own words, Tsubaki still did her best to tease Vahn, completely forgetting about his ability to see through auras and emotions.

Vahn’s mind had blanked for a brief moment when Tsubaki told him to call her ‘Mommy’ and a strange incongruity happened as the memories of his own Mother briefly appeared within his mind. Though he had never truly known her, Vahn knew his Mother had cared for him deeply all the way up until the moment of her death. She wanted nothing by happiness for him and, even though he was such an abnormal baby, she held him lovingly as if he were the most precious thing in the world. That brief moment, truly on a few minutes in the entirety of his previous life, had been his salvation when he nearly lost himself in the dark abyss after his death…

Tsubaki had only been intending to tease Vahn, but she saw him completely stall at her words as silent tears began to fall from his eyes. Even though he was looking directly at her, Tsubaki knew his mind had wandered far away from this dark room that they shared. She suddenly recalled the matter of his origins and knew that her words had probably triggered something buried deep within him. Instead of trying to goad him on, Tsubaki grabbed Vahn and hugged him into her bosom as lovingly as she could manage while stroking his head in a soothing manner.

Tsubaki had known that Hephaestus had sent Vahn to her so she could be something like a surrogate mother to him, but she hadn’t realized how much he needed someone to fill the hole in his heart left by his actual mother. Though she couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t change with time, Tsubaki decided that, even when she had a child of her own, she would look after Vahn until he no longer needed her to do so. A gentle smile touched her lips and she remarked inside of her own mind, (“Looks like I already have a big baby to look after…”). Even though there were other women that would suit the role, Tsubaki had already placed herself in that position many months ago and she wasn’t going to let anyone else bear the burden for her…

Vahn eventually returned to his senses and could feel the heat from Tsubaki’s body spreading through his own as she gently caressed his head. He suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed because he had never been ‘comforted’ like this when he was supposed to be having sex. The fact that he had cried before one of the women he wanted to rely on him made Vahn feel somewhat ashamed of himself, but he couldn’t deny that, deep within his heart and mind, Tsubaki’s embrace brought him a comfort he desperately sought. Before he had become ‘aware’ of women, she and Hephaestus would often hold him like this without any expectations at all, other than providing him some momentary relief from his own trauma.

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After collecting himself for a few moments, Vahn raised his face and saw the loving expression of Tsubaki which made his heart twist in his chest as he swallowed a knot in his throat. Making gazes with him, Tsubaki squinted her eyes and flexed her powerful abdominal muscles to clench down on Vahn’s p**** that was still slowly pressing further into her depths. Vahn released a slight groan at the unexpected action of Tsubaki and was caught unprepared when she pulled up his face and began kissing him with no small amount of passion.

Vahn had felt a bit of guilt overwhelming him earlier, but now Tsubaki’s actions were wearing away at his sensibilities and making his brain buzz once again. When Tsubaki kicked the top of his mouth and pulled away with an enamored look on her face, Vahn couldn’t help but comment in his mind, (“Ah, this isn’t my Mother, just a woman who loves me…and someone I’m supposed to love as well. Here I am talking about moving forward and yet I almost lost myself to my own past…”)

Shaking his head, Vahn’s disposition changed and he suddenly showed a confident expression on his face as he said, “Break time is over…prepare yourself, Tsubaki.” Tsubaki laughed in a playful manner at his words and pulled back her own legs to make his hips move forward. Incited by her actions, Vahn tucked his head into the beautiful transition between Tsubaki’s neck and collarbone as he began to kiss around on the healthy brown skin covered in a light layer of sweat. He noticed that, though her sweat was somewhat salty, there was a subtle and intoxicating sweetness contained within. Without tarrying about any longer, Vahn began to move his hips in deep and probing movements.

Every time he would probe her depths, Tsubaki would breathe out in a regulated manner and inhale every time he would pull away. She seemed to be trying to control the reaction of her own body, but it just incited Vahn to tease her more so he began targeting the weak spots inside of her. Though it was a bit shameless to say, Vahn was absolutely confident that he knew Tsubaki’s body better than even she did. He had seen the network of nerves inside of her v***** previously and knew every delicate and sensitive spot inside of her entire body like the back of his hand. Even Vahn was afraid of how much he could ‘torment’ her if he really put effort into trying to make her cry out his name.

As one would expect, the moment Vahn began poking her ‘sweet’ spots, Tsubaki’s steady breaths turned into short gasps tinged with sensual undertones. Tsubaki’s voice was somewhat deep for a woman and she had a subtle and husky intonation to all of the sounds she made that caused Vahn’s ears to tickle. Knowing he could get a mature woman like Tsubaki to moan in such a sensual way made Vahn feel a bit of pride and he continued swapping between the various points inside of her body to prevent her from adapting to his rhythm. He also continued to lap up the sweat on her neck and had been ‘nibbling’ on her collarbone for a while as she hugged his body tightly.

Tsubaki had somewhat expected this to happen, but she was still shocked to her core at Vahn’s technical prowess. The reasons she had restricted his [Hands of Nirvana] was because Tsubaki knew, from the very moment he began tracing his hands across her body, she would suffer an absolute defeat. Even without the use of such a ‘godly’ technique, Vahn was easily able to make the heat in her body spread rapidly as waves of pleasure passed from her abdomen to her head every time he moved his hips. Though she did her best to stifle her moans, since they were rather embarrassing to hear, there was nothing she could do to prevent them from leaking out. She couldn’t even use her strength to stop his movement because her control over her body was inadequate and Tsubaki was afraid of injuring him…

Vahn’s efforts and Tsubaki’s inhibitions overlapped and turned into a cycle of increasing pleasure for the once proud swordswoman who was holding onto Vahn’s body almost like she was afraid to fall through the futon and into the earth below. He had traced all the way around her neck and collarbone to both sides of her face before nibbling playfully on her ears. Tsubaki felt like he was avoiding kissing her just because he wanted to hear her cry out and she wanted to get even with him but was unable to muster any meaningful resistance. Even though she was so much stronger than he was, Tsubaki felt powerless against the current Vahn as he skillfully targeted pleasure centers in her body she wasn’t even aware of.

However, though she was incredibly sensitive, Tsubaki still last nearly twenty minutes before releasing a powerful cry and removing her arms from Vahn’s back as she gripped the futon below and arched her body with enough force to momentarily lift Vahn. Because she had bucked him forward, Vahn inserted himself completely into her depth and was rubbing against the entrance of her cervix. Though he could hold back for a much longer period of time, Vahn lifted the back of Tsubaki’s legs so she wasn’t able to hold up her hips anymore as he leaned against her body and ejaculated against the tiny entrance at the back of her v*****.

Though she had already been having a powerful climax, Vahn’s ejaculation sent a sudden wave of heat and pleasure through Tsubaki’s body as the small heart-shaped imprint above her womb glowed with a pink magical light. A powerful, overwhelming, wave of pleasure wracked Tsubaki’s body and she could feel everything from the tips of her toes to the top of her head vibrating as she bit her bottom lip with enough force to draw blood. If not for Vahn pressing her down, Tsubaki had the illusion that her body would have floated away and there was even a subtle fear that she would have never been able to come back down again.

Vahn had sensed the fluctuation of energy coming from Tsubaki’s body, but he was currently too busy embracing Tsubaki’s shaking body to pay any attention to the change happening below. The one thing he was aware of was the warm energy coursing through his own p**** and the strange sensation that Tsubaki’s womb was actually absorbing his semen. There was a burning sensation right below his navel, and Vahn could feel it was coming from Tsubaki’s body, likely from the imprint left behind by the Matryoshka.

For an unnerving seven minutes, Tsubaki’s body continued to vibrate and even Vahn was beginning to suspect something was very wrong. However, her body eventually relaxed and she lazily brought her arms up around Vahn’s back to pat him a few times so he would lift himself from her body. Vahn blinked in confusion before separating from Tsubaki after what felt like an eternity. Her brown skin was covered in a beautiful sheen with the sweat that had been built up and even her long black hair was matted around the loving expression on her face. Though he had seen her give similar looks previously, Vahn truly felt like Tsubaki had opened herself completely to him at this moment and he had a powerful urge to kiss her somewhat beige colored lips.

Tsubaki, however, seemed to be more interested in the changes to her body as she gently pushed Vahn away when he tried to kiss her. She chuckled and said, “There is plenty of time for that, after all, aren’t we going to be together for the rest of our lives now?” Vahn had felt momentarily dejected but it was immediately dashed away by Tsubaki’s words and her awkward action of bending her body forward to stare at where they were connected. The black imprint above her womb was now a faded pink that was very similar in color to her own skin, albeit slightly lighter due to the pink coloration against her natural brown.

Vahn saw the imprint as well and immediately activated his [Eyes of Truth] to see a strange sight before him. Beneath the almost indistinguishable imprint, there was now an incredibly complex formation of magical energy surrounding the interior of Tsubaki’s womb. Though he hadn’t observed the changes as they were happening, Vahn could see the aftermath and the strange sight of his own semen having completely vanished. Now, in the very center of Tsubaki’s womb, nestled firmly against the interior walls, there was a vibrant bundle of vitality that was being nourished by the strange magical formation. Though it was somewhat outside of his expectations, Vahn could confirm without a doubt that Tsubaki was pregnant. Based on the complexity of the formation, there was likely nothing she could do to change that now…

At some point, Tsubaki’s left eye had started to glow with a magical light and she could also see, though not nearly with the same clarity as Vahn, the presence of a foreign magical energy inside of her own body. Though it normally would have terrified her, since the incompatibilities between magic could literally tear apart someone’s body, this magical energy made her feel a profound warmth that spread through her entire body and brought her comfort. Out of curiosity, she did something that made Vahn panic greatly as she flicked with her full strength at the small imprint with her finger. The moment her finger, which would have been able to destroy a large stone, came into contact with the area a magical light shone and immediately repelled her with. She could feel her own finger had become numb by the rebound and began to laugh at the flustered Vahn before flipping over and pinning him to the futon.

A large grin appeared on her flushed face as she stared down at Vahn and said in a teasing tone, “You’ve really done it now, Vahn! Now that we got the ‘formalities’ out of the way, why don’t we step up the pace a bit, hahahaha~!” Tsubaki dropped her weight against Vahn’s hips as she spoke and had done so with enough force to make the imprint at her stomach glow for a brief moment as her womb was completely shielded from the impact. A wave of pleasure ran through her body that made her grin widen as she pressed Vahn’s shoulders to the futon and began moving her own hips without giving him the opportunity to target her weak spots again. She didn’t say it out loud, but she had given Vahn a few points for his earlier actions and now wanted to recoup her losses a bit…

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