Chapter 396: Taking Control

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After Tsubaki flipped him over on his back, Vahn couldn’t do much more than try to get some small advantage by molding her large breasts with his hands. She had started a breathing rhythm with her eyes closed and, every time she lifted her butt from his body, Tsubaki would exhale loudly through her mouth as she tightened up her abdominal muscles as if she were trying to crush his member. Vahn could feel the edges of his eyes twitch as the edges of his glans scraped against her folds in a very stimulating manner. He had tried to adjust his angle, but Tsubaki had pinned his legs with her hands and was carrying out a one-sided assault while he made feeble attempts to counterattack.

It might have been tolerable at first, but Tsubaki’s enamored expression and teasing smile made Vahn’s heart itch. She had been persisting in a steady rhythm for nearly a half hour and Vahn felt a little bit of fluid drain from his p**** every time she lifted her body. He had tried everything from rubbing her breasts, massaging her sides, stroking her abdomen, and even trying to rock her hips. Tsubaki, however, easily countered his movements and, whenever he tried to reposition to get an advantage, she would pin down his shoulders once again with a teasing laugh before continuing her assault.

The most ‘frustrating’ thing of all was that Vahn could tell that Tsubaki’s breathing and straining over her muscles was preventing her own climax. Though she was obviously feeling it greatly, Tsubaki was in a state of absolute focus where she wouldn’t let him get a single advantage. Other than a few minor liberties, he was almost completely at her mercy and was on the verge of ‘snapping’. Vahn knew that using [Hands of Nirvana] would immediately change the momentum in his favor, but it was also the same as saying he had ‘given up’ and had to rely on cheating to win against her.

As his tensions continued to rise from Tsubaki’s constant assault, Vahn tried a last ditch effort to get an edge against by trying to stimulate her c******* with his right hand, but Tsubaki caught it in an instant before pinning both of his wrists above his head as she leaned forward and pressed her breasts firmly against his chest. She had a big smile on her face as she asked in a husky tone layered with amorous undertones, “Are you about to hit your limit~? You’ve lasted much longer than I expected…it’s actually very impressive…but I’ll be taking this win, Vahn…” As her words fell, Tsubaki began to sway her butt from side to side in a tight circle with Vahn still firmly held inside of her. It was incredibly stimulating for her, but Vahn was much closer to release than she was to climax. She had felt the warm sensation spreading inside of her several times and knew he couldn’t keep holding it in much longer.

Vahn tried to free his hands from Tsubaki in one last desperate attempt before she leaned in and sealed his lips with a deep and passionate kiss. This was one of the few times when Vahn was on the ‘receiving’ end and he wasn’t actually that fond of it. Though he enjoyed everything that was happening, Vahn knew he was the type that liked to get a rise out of people more than he liked being ‘forced’. He didn’t like feeling helpless in this type of situation and, if not for the fact that he cared about Tsubaki, Vahn would have escaped from her instead of letting his tensions loose and releasing his pent-up emotions deep inside of her body.

Feeling the pressure expanding inside her depths, Tsubaki stopped kissing Vahn and released a hot sigh against the side of Vahn’s face when she rested her head next to his. Her breath tickled his skin and her words made Vahn’s heart itch fiercely when she chuckled and said, “That’s another point in my favor…” Vahn nodded his head in affirmation as he reached his hands around her back and held her firmly in his embrace. Tsubaki showed a happy smile and kissed the side of Vahn’s face as she stroked his cheek with her right hand. After a few seconds passed, however, Vahn said in a plain tone, “I’ll give this bout to you, Tsubaki, I’ll even give you the final victory…”

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Tsubaki felt a bit of anxiety well up inside of her stomach as she listened to Vahn’s calm words and felt a bit of warmth enter through her back. Tracing his hands around her body, Vahn continued in a gentle, almost soothing, tone, “But, if you’re allowed to use your strength to get an advantage, don’t blame me for using my own…I’ll give you the victory, but it won’t be without a cost. It’s my turn from now until you call my name and I’m satisfied…there is quite a bit of time left in the day…” Vahn had hugged Tsubaki’s body tightly against his as she weakly tried to lift herself from his embrace.

With a slightly shaky voice, Tsubaki whispered, “I might have gone a little too far…but fine, do what you want, Vahn, just make sure you don’t break me. You already changed my body from the inside out, at least spare me my mind and soul…hahaha…” Vahn nodded his head slowly as he stroked Tsubaki’s long black hair with his hand and said, “I will never hurt you, Tsubaki, this much I can promise you. Just remember that teasing goes both ways…and, even though I’m still young, I’m also a man. My pride might not be developed to the same extent as some, but I still hold it close to my chest…of course, if you want me to stop for real, I’ll-“

Before Vahn could continue, Tsubaki pinched his left cheek with her right hand in a somewhat painful manner and said, “Shut up, Vahn, you talk too much. Now is the time to act, don’t worry, I’m not so fragile and I know you won’t do anything that would risk ‘our’ baby. Just make sure you start thinking of a name, I’ll be expecting a good one…” Vahn freed his cheek from Tsubaki’s fingers and said in a confident tone, “We’ll both talk about it, after all, I want to know everything about you in the future. I’ll make my decision once I have a better understanding of the situation. For now, my only concern is what I’m going to be doing for the next…four, maybe five, hours?”

Tsubaki swallowed hard at Vahn’s words before a shiver ran up her back as light reverberations began to spread through her body from Vahn’s ‘unfair’ hands. He had been gently pressing into each of her pressure points and nerve clusters, almost like he was linking them all together and constantly compounding the tensions in her body while also forcing the surrounding muscles to relax. It was a very frustrating and complicated feeling because, even though she tried to resist the mounting pressure, each echo built up on top of the previous ones and they continued to bounce around in her body without ceasing for a single moment.

Vahn could feel the vibrations through Tsubaki’s body and felt her v***** wriggling about as if it had come to life as her body entered the early stages of what would likely be a perpetual climax. He didn’t want to push her over the edge simply using his massage techniques, but Vahn wanted to keep her at the precipice. He lifted her panting body before managing to shift her weight for a brief moment where he could get his feet under him. He hadn’t done much to her lower body, so Tsubaki still had strength in her legs when Vahn gripped her butt and said, “Hold on tightly…” Tsubaki was currently biting her lower lip again as she loosely hugged Vahn’s shoulders with her arms and wrapped her long brown legs around his waist.

Though things would continue on the ground later, Vahn wanted to try something ‘interesting’ since he had confidence in Tsubaki’s tolerance. Using Shundo, he reappeared next to a wall before pressing Tsubaki against it with his own body. She was surprised by the sudden change and put as much strength as she could in her weak arms to hold onto Vahn as he pried open her legs with his hands and lifted them to the point where her knees touched the wall behind her. Since she couldn’t put much strength into her arms, the only thing that kept Tsubaki from falling was the wall behind her, Vahn’s hands, and the hot rod that was piercing her to the point where a constant pink glow emitted from the imprint on her lower abdomen.

Vahn used Tsubaki’s own weight, combined with the leverage he had gained, to piston powerfully into her body from below. Other than when he took someone from behind, Vahn felt like this was one of the positions where he could most ‘reliably’ control the body of the woman. He wasn’t sure if it was a trait of all girls, or just the ones he had been with, but they were all very flexible. When he had been with Hephaestus earlier, she had even been able to do a full split as Vahn rocked her hips around. Though his own flexibility was very high, Vahn knew he couldn’t do the same things as the girls because of the orientation of his bones. He could easily do a split, but it would cause some discomfort for obvious reasons.

Another reason Vahn enjoyed this position was due to the loud, sloppy, intense, and erotic sound that was coming from where they were connected. He knew it was the ‘pride’ of a woman to show their tolerance during intercourse and how effective the sounds coming from their body could be when used against them. For a strong woman like Tsubaki, it was especially effective and Vahn could feel her legs quivering in frustration and she clung to his body and released sensual moans into his ears. Vahn pressed his weight against her even more and Tsubaki’s stifled moans became even louder as he adjusted his position and scrapped his p**** along the topside of Tsubaki’s v***** in slow and steady pistons that made her entire body vibrate powerfully as a flood of juices constantly dripped from the tantalizing brown flesh.

A powerful reverberation passed through Tsubaki’s body and her womanly moan became closer to a pitiful whine as she pressed her head into his neck. Vahn could feel a powerful stimulation gripping around his own p**** as a result of her climax, but he ground his own teeth and continued his movements to push Tsubaki further and further up the endless ladder of pleasure. This was something he had long noticed about women, the fact they were able to have simultaneous climaxes that could be drawn out for more than an hour if properly managed. He was a bit jealous since, though it was incredibly pleasurable for him, the moment of release was very short and faded away just a few seconds later as if all the tensions in his body had been an illusion.

Tsubaki began to pat his back as she muttered almost pitifully into his ear, “Okay…Vahn, that’s enough…I’ll call your name….as much as you want…just let me down…” Though she had made mental preparations for what was to come, Tsubaki had severely underestimated Vahn’s technique in conjunction with his [Hands of Nirvana]. Her body was way too sensitive after the change and it was like the energy coming from his hands was especially synergistic now. It might be because he had ‘shaped’ her using that same energy, but Tsubaki felt like it was way stronger than she had remembered from the past. Even though his hands were just on the backs of her knees, it was like the energy was spreading through her blood and making her entire body ache from the waves of pleasure coming from where she was connected with Vahn.

Vahn slowed his movements, but he didn’t come to a complete stop as he said in a teasing voice similar to Tsubaki’s from earlier, “I don’t simply want you to call my name, Tsubaki, I want you to scream it as I continue to push you higher and higher towards a greater pleasure. I’ll let you down…as soon as I ejaculate again, or when you say my name… let’s say, one-hundred times?” With his words, Vahn pistoned hard into Tsubaki’s body and she released a long moan before saying, “You…really…” Though not as hard as before, Vahn scraped himself along the top of Tsubaki’s inner walls and sent a powerful wave through her body that instantly changed her tone as she said, “Vahn…”

The sensual way she had called his name was almost like the starting gun and Vahn moved his hips in a very small circle as he undulated in a steady rhythm while moving Tsubaki’s legs to match his movements. Tsubaki began to release gasping breaths but, instead of calling his name again immediately, she said in a serious manner, “If I ever hear…any of the other girls…mention this in the future…I will make sure you go through hell training….every day until you become…stronger than me!” Somehow, Tsubaki regained a bit of strength in her arms as she tightly hugged his body and placed her mouth near his ear without directly shouting into it as she loudly moaned, “Vaaahn~”

Though he had already been in an excited state, Vahn’s heart fluttered and he felt a chill run down his back at hearing Tsubaki call his name in such a manner. From then onwards, every time he scraped her insides, Tsubaki would continue to call his name over and over with an increasing amount of passion each time. Vahn could feel his teeth clattering and felt like his own sensibilities were beginning to deteriorate every time she opened her beautiful lips and called his name. He hadn’t expected the impact of such a simple act to resonate so powerfully with him and he wasn’t sure if she would reach one-hundred before he couldn’t hold himself back anymore…

Tsubaki had held back at first, but after repeating his name more than ten times she began to stop caring and just said Vahn’s name as loudly as she felt like. Every time he pressed into her, Tsubaki could feel him knocking against the ‘barrier’ inside of her body and the resonate energy spread through her body like a tidal wave. She was beginning to feel like the time before her current climax was an illusion. It seemed to never come to an end, no matter how much she tried to resist the pleasure, so the only form of release she could manage was crying out Vahn’s name as she held tightly to his body.

Tsubaki could actually feel Vahn ‘growing’ inside of her and could feel the powerful heat rising in his body and it only stirred her up even more and she resolved herself to beat him up in the future for doing such a thing to her. As if he wasn’t satisfied with changing her body with his ‘Nirvana’, now Vahn seemed intent on rewriting her memory of what normal pleasure was supposed to be like. She just wanted to beat him up until he had turned into a pig face but the only thing she could do right now was to continue calling his name in the hopes that he would give her a momentary reprieve in the seemingly distant future…

Even Vahn wasn’t sure how much time was passing at this point as he mechanically counted the times Tsubaki called his name as he resisted the urge to release. Perhaps she had remembered her earlier actions, but every time he tried to pull out of her Tsubaki would clamp her abdominal muscled and clench up her butt to tighten around his member as if refusing to let it escape. It wasn’t the same vice-like tightness of a goddess like Hestia and Anubis, but it was a powerful force that almost made it seem as though her insides had turned into a powerful suction force. Tsubaki’s voice had, ironically, become like a beacon that showed him the way through stormy seas and warned him of an inevitable collision if he continued forward without proper caution.

After what felt like an eternity for both of them, which was actually only around seven minutes, Tsubaki shouted Vahn’s name one final time as he finally released his built up tensions deep inside of her with a long gasp escaping his throat. Tsubaki herself, as if hypnotized by her own words, had released the final shout at the top of her lungs. Vahn felt like his legs were going weak and Tsubaki’s relatively light body began to feel heavy against his hips. Before he actually fell over, Vahn did his best to use Shundo as they both appeared on top of the futon. Without the support of the wall, Tsubaki fell back while still in the middle of her own cry and Vahn used what remained of his strength to guide her body safely to the bed. She wouldn’t actually have been harmed, even if he let her fall freely, but Vahn didn’t want to be accused of lacking ‘delicacy’ after the fact.

Vahn had slipped out of Tsubaki when she fell to the futon, so he also collapsed next to her as they both drew gasps of breath and tried to regulate their breathing. Since she was under the effects of [Hands of Nirvana], Tsubaki was at a severe disadvantage and Vahn was able to recover long before her. Tsubaki looked up at him with glazed and passionate eyes and, from the very moment they matched gazes, Vahn could feel her aura flare up and wrap around him greedily. He knew he had flipped her switch and there was still plenty of daylight left before he would have to return.

Without much hesitation, Vahn crunched a [Senzu Bean] in his mouth before flipping Tsubaki over on her stomach and raising her rather large and plump butt so that she was on her knees. Vahn released a fervent sigh of his own as he stared at the slightly open vulva that dripped with a combination of Tsubaki’s love juices and his own life-giving serum. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say Tsubaki had the biggest butt among girls that he associated with and, because of his past efforts, it was very shapely and pleasant to the touch.

Vahn could see her anus twitch a bit in a steady pulsing manner and it was slightly moist from all of the fluids she had produced earlier. Spreading her slightly swollen vulva, Vahn positioned his glans at the entrance to Tsubaki’s v***** before pressing forward with his hips and straddling her legs with his own. Tsubaki released a long sigh at his re-entry and tried to lift her body before a shock ran through her back that made her collapse back to the bed. Vahn had started massaging her butt using his [Hands of Nirvana] and was tracing his thumbs along the edge of her vulva and spreading them as he probed their interior and continually stimulated her. He avoided the ‘danger zone’ at the top, since he didn’t want Tsubaki to actually break, but continued to knead Tsubaki’s fleshy butt and insides with his dexterous fingers as she buried her head into a pillow.

Though he couldn’t understand it fully, Vahn felt his instincts sending warnings to his mind and telling him that he was putting himself in an increasing amount of danger. He imagined that Tsubaki was probably going to be angry with him later, but that was something he would have to deal with the time came. Now, and for nearly three hours after, Vahn placed his full focus on Tsubaki’s body as they both experienced the changes that had occurred ever since she experienced ‘Nirvana’ in the past. Though it might be an illusion, Vahn felt like Tsubaki was becoming increasingly more beautiful the longer they were together and it incited him to eagerly seek out her body. Towards the end, she had even started calling his name again and Vahn’s instincts went haywire the moment he pulled out of her body.

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By the end, they had spent nearly five hours together without rest and both Vahn and Tsubaki were exhausted from the exertion. Tsubaki was especially affected since she had been on the ‘receiving’ end for a long period of time and was only now being ‘allowed’ to recover. Though she had egged him on a bit, and greatly enjoyed the time they spent together, Tsubaki now felt incredibly embarrassed as she began to recall everything she had said and done at Vahn’s behest. There was even a point where he had pinned her wrists in the same way she had done to him, almost as if he were trying to get ‘even’ with her. Now that the effects of his energy were beginning to fade, some clarity returned to her mind and she lazily raised her body to stare at Vahn sprawled out with his arms wide.

After watching him for a few seconds, Tsubaki crawled over to the side and reached for a small vial before removing the top and downing the contents. She felt a cool sensation enter her throat before a warmth began to spread through her body. What she had consumed was a High-Grade Elixer that costs nearly 500,000V and recovered both stamina and injuries. However, even with the effects of the potion, Tsubaki could feel like there was something ‘missing’ in her lower body as an ache continued to persist. Though it had been a long time since she experienced such a thing, Tsubaki knew her body was ‘craving’ Vahn’s and it would likely take her several hours to ‘return to normal’. She pressed down on her own abdomen and dragged her hand down as a large volume of fluids drained from her interior. Because of Vahn’s actions in the past, her insides were very pliant and closed very quickly. This allowed a fair amount of buildup to persist even after the fact and Tsubaki knew it would probably be ‘dripping’ out of her for the rest of the day unless she tried to clean it out in the bath…

Releasing a long sigh, Tsubaki looked over and saw Vahn sitting up and she said in a plain tone, “Vahn, I’m sorry…” Vahn cocked his head to the side in confusion and looked like he was about to ask a question before his eyes widened and he tried to rise to his feet. Tsubaki, however, had already moved over in a flash and used her long leg to kick at Vahn’s guard and send him tumbling through the room. Before he could land on his feet and use Shundo to ‘escape’, Tsubaki had already appeared next to him and grabbed his wrist mid-air before flipping him onto his stomach.

As if emulating their first meeting, Tsubaki dropped her naked and plump butt down on Vahn’s back. She noticed a bit of fluid drain out of her v***** and leak out onto his lower back and begin to pool. Tsubaki’s brows began to twitch at the sight before she raised her hand and lowered it down to smack Vahn’s rear end and gave him his second spanking between two lives as she lectured him about proper restraint and to not bully women. When Vahn tried to apologize, Tsubaki said in a somewhat snide tone, “Sure, I’ll forgive you, as long as you apologize one-hundred times~!”

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