Chapter 450: Confronting Freya

Detecting Freya’s arrival, likely alongside Loki and Ottar, Vahn realized he was still in his mock ‘Progenitus’ state and knew it would potentially complicate matters if he met Freya like this. However, he decided that it would actually be beneficial to show up in a form she didn’t expect as it would allow him to throw her off her groove. Since he had two [Transfiguration Lens]s in his inventory, and also specialized in transformation magic, he would be able to explain it away if it became a point of contention. She likely wasn’t the type to spread rumors anyways, especially since she was trying to get closer to him, so Vahn decided not to worry about it. Even if his enemies knew he could change form, it would simply make them more cautious in trying to approach him and allow him to seize the initiative in future confrontations…

Hestia showed up at the back of the Manor to retrieve Vahn and was surprised to see his current form. He explained his reasoning to her before they both made their way to the study where Hephaestus, Loki, Freya, and Ottar were waiting for their arrival. Vahn felt a little nervous about the upcoming confrontation but decided to treat it with the same conviction as he had decided to face the rest of his matters with. With the turn of the new year, Vahn wanted to completely reinvent himself and didn’t want to get caught up in the momentum of others so easily. Freya seemed to be the type that desired control over a situation and Vahn knew it would only benefit him if he controlled the momentum himself.

Before he entered the study, Hestia stopped him in the outside corridor and said in a serious tone, “Vahn, you have to be cautious of Freya, even if things eventually develop to the point where you have to ‘compromise’ with her…even if her behavior is a product of her Divinity, she has always been the type that embraced her fate. If you create a gap for her in your heart, she will seize it and never let go…she is even worse than me when it comes to how clingy she can get…” Toward the end of her words, Hestia showed an embarrassed expression and hung her head low. Vahn smiled and stroked her silky black hair as he said, “Don’t worry, Hestia, I know precisely how dangerous Freya can be…besides, I think your behavior is cute. I know you’ve been holding yourself back a lot lately, so don’t be afraid to be a little needy at times…”

Hearing Vahn’s words, Hestia looked up with glittering eyes and a beaming smile on her face before jumping up and clinging to Vahn happily as she said, “Ehehehehe, Vahn~!” As they weren’t too far away from the study, Hestia’s loud outburst had alerted everyone inside so Loki came out with a somewhat annoyed expression on her face as she said, “Hestia…there is a time and place for everything…” Vahn, however, wrapped his arms around Hestia’s waist and took toward Loki as he said, “It’s better like this…after all, this is our home. Freya might be a guest, but I can’t prioritize her over the people I care about.” Without any hesitation, Vahn sent a wink to Loki and carried Hestia into the room as she flustered about in his arms.

Seeing Vahn’s ‘peculiar’ arrival, Hephaestus showed a bit of confusion while Freya looked predominately unperturbed. However, though her expression remained unchanged, Vahn could see the fluctuations in her aura as he walked over and sat down next to Hephaestus before finally releasing Hestia. Then, before anyone else could open up the conversation, Vahn looked at Freya for a brief moment before staring at Ottar as he said, “Greetings, Freya, Ottar…welcome to the Hearth Manor. This isn’t exactly our first time meeting, but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vahn Mason, known as the Sage Aldrnari and the Captain of the Hestia Familia…now, the question that begs an answer is…what brings you here today?”

As Vahn spoke, he waved his hand and set out a variety of expensive teas, snacks, and even a bottle of wine since he knew both Loki and Freya were the type to partake of wine throughout the day, almost as if it were water. Freya herself stared at Vahn with a hint of confusion on her face for several seconds before asking, “You are Vahn Mason…?” Knowing that she was confused about his appearance, Vahn smiled and picked up his own teacup before explaining, “That is correct…you see, I’ve been working on developing a transformation magic and have even had some success in developing items that can be used to change a person’s appearance.” After setting his cup down, Vahn pulled out the [Transfiguration Lens] and, without any ceremony, activated its effect…

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This was a good opportunity to test the limit of the item as well as put Freya herself off kilter so Vahn did something drastic that he knew would completely seize the momentum in his favor. Before the eyes of the stunned goddesses, and one Boaz, Vahn’s form shrunk from his 180cm down to around 160cm and he became the spitting image of Tiona. Vahn had thought about taking things even further and becoming someone like Hestia, but imagining a pair of giant breasts on his chest was somewhat awkward. Of course, the lack of his ‘best friend’ down below made Vahn feel a strange sense of anxiety but he was able to overcome it by imagining he was in the form of someone he cared about deeply.

‘Vahn’ smiled at the stunned crowd and spoke out in a voice that made him nearly want to laugh because it was identical to Tiona’s,”As you can see, I’ve made a great deal of progress when it comes to transformation magic~.” Because he had been emulating Tiona, Vahn found that he actually added a bit of inflection to his own words and this made him a little excited. However, Freya wasn’t the most shocked by his transformation and it was Loki who asked, “What the hell is going on!? Did you really just become Tiona~!?” as she began to pat Vahn’s body earnestly. Without any warning at all, Vahn found Loki reaching in between his thighs before a ‘fluttery’ feeling spread in his lower body. Loki’s eyes widened into full circles as she muttered, “It’s gone…”

Slapping away Loki’s invasive hands, Vahn frowned and said, “Loki, calm down, I can always change back whenever I want. I’ll explain later; now isn’t the type for you to freak out…” Because he was feeling uncomfortable in his baggy clothes, Vahn toggled through some items in his inventory before using his equip function to change into a new set of clothing. He didn’t want to wear the super exposing clothes of an Amazon, so Vahn picked out one of the sweaters Preasia often wore and a pair of shorts. For a brief moment, he contemplated if he should wear underwear but decided against it for the time being and kept on his briefs.

Freya had managed to collect herself a bit, though she was surprised when Vahn’s clothing suddenly changed in an instant, and said in a bemused tone, “That is quite the impressive item you have created for yourself…I’m sure it would be able to make the Hestia Familia a great deal of Valis if you sold it in the market.” Vahn turned ‘his’ eyes to Freya and said plainly, “I had asked why you decided to come here Freya. Thus far, other than failing to charm me thirteen times, you haven’t stated your purpose at all. I don’t mind associating with potential allies to the Alliance, but my time isn’t mine alone these days…”

Hearing Vahn blatantly call out her ‘failed’ attempts to charm him, Freya showed a slight smile before setting down her own cup and saying, “Very well…Vahn. I had thought it would be interesting to share a few pleasantries in order to consolidate our relationship, however, I won’t ‘waste’ your time. Simply put…” At this point, Freya looked around at Hephaestus, Loki, and Hestia before saying, “I want you~.” Freya began to laugh with her hand covering her mouth when the other three goddesses ‘glared’ at her. Without showing any signs that he had been affected by her words, however, Vahn nodded his head and said, “I know, but I have no intentions of becoming your’s I’m afraid.”

Freya’s eyes squinted slightly at his words before asking in a ‘sad’ tone, “Do you not find my appearance to your liking?” Vahn shook his head and stated in a calm manner, “I won’t deny you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, but that doesn’t mean much given the current state of affairs. I am blessed by many beautiful, kind, compassionate, and capable women in my life. Though this is our first meeting official meeting, I’m not overly fond of women that try to strip the first time I lay eyes on them…” Vahn remembered the scene from the day of his wedding and shook his head to prevent the image from rising to the forefront of his mind.

Hearing Vahn’s words, Freya paused for several seconds as she processed what he was saying to her. She could tell that he had taken a female form to ‘cope’ with her a little better, but there was also no discernable fallacy in what he said to her. He almost seemed to be genuinely offended by her actions the other day and this put her in a somewhat difficult position. Vahn didn’t seem to be willing to give her time to think about the situation, however, as he said, “I’m aware of the arrangement you’ve made with the Alliance, Freya, and I’m grateful for the efforts you have put into securing your end of the agreement. When you are prepared, I am willing to assist you in your pregnancy as long as you manage to come to terms with Hephaestus, Loki, and Hestia…”

Freya’s eyes snapped back to Vahn and saw that he was looking at Ottar with an appraising look in his eyes. Because he was currently in the form of a female, Freya found his gaze somewhat annoying but didn’t comment on it as she said in a teasing manner, “I’m not sure if you know, Vahn, but there was also a discussion where it involved you being the one to impregnate me. I wouldn’t expect you to act hostile toward the future mother of your child~.” Though she didn’t understand the full reason, Freya felt a chill run down her back when Vahn looked at her with a cold expression. Even though he currently looked like Tiona, Vahn’s capabilities weren’t altered at all and Freya’s words had caused his [Will of the Emperor] to activate.

Ottar became on high alert in an instant and Vahn felt a powerful danger sense arise in the back of his mind before Freya raised her hand and said, “Ottar, stand down…” Though Freya was tempted to let Ottar intimidate Vahn a little, she hadn’t missed the glint in Hestia’s eyes as the lilies holding up her pigtails began to glow with a divine light. If Vahn was in any actual danger, it wouldn’t be a surprise to Freya if she found both herself and Ottar dead at the hands of the vengeful little goddess. Ottar might be able to return to the cycle of reincarnation, but Freya would have to contend with an enraged Hestia in Heaven…

The threat he felt from Ottar helped Vahn calm down a little so he pulled back his aura and said, “I have been doing a great deal of research into the potential of the children I will sire with goddesses. Because they will likely be born with a pseudo-divinity related to their parents, I have to be very cautious when it comes to impregnating goddesses. Though I will not back down if that is the decision you make, you should know that you will face numerous restrictions as a result and the child will have to be raised within the Hearth Manor. Until I can find a solution to the compulsions derived from Divinity, I can’t allow you to act as you please…”

Freya wasn’t surprised to find that Vahn was ‘researching’ such things but she found it strange that he was so ‘confident’ in his words. Her ability to see through falsehoods was one of the best amongst all gods and she could tell he wasn’t embellishing things at all. It was almost like he ‘knew’ what kind of existences his own children would be…thus, with that thought in mind, Freya smiled slightly and asked, “Is there something about the children that sets them apart from normal demigods…?” However, it wasn’t Vahn that answered her question as Loki slammed the table and said in a stern tone, “Until you have taken the necessary vows, you aren’t privy to that type of information at all, Freya! Don’t try to play games when there are literally three other goddesses present!”

When she had stood up, Loki had moved to block Freya’s line of sight with Vahn so that the intuitive goddess could only ‘guess’ at the truth without gleaning anything from Vahn himself. She could make all kinds of assumptions herself but it was nearly impossible to know anything for sure since it was Loki that took action. Throughout their entire relationship with each other, that had persisted for nearly 400 million years, Freya had very rarely ever gotten any advantages against the trickster goddess. Thus, though her intuition told her there was something more special about Vahn’s children than normal, she couldn’t be absolutely sure. The only thing she could rationalize was that the children had a unique quality as a result of the concentration of their blood. Either that, or it related to Vahn’s own Divinities…

Freya began to laugh in a dismissive manner as she looked at Loki and said, “Dear Loki…you don’t have to be so tense. I was simply curious, after all, it’s a matter that relates to my own child~.” Loki’s expression hardened for a moment before she looked back and saw that Vahn’s was relatively normal. A smile appeared on her face and she asked, “Is it really something you have to worry about right now~? After all, we agreed during our last discussion that Vahn had the right to impregnate whoever he wanted. Even if you choose to bear his child, it is ultimately up to him if he wants to give you one~.”

Though she had been talking to Freya, Loki had been matching Vahn’s gaze and he understood what she was trying to do so he also smiled as she moved out of the way. Vahn could see the somewhat frustrated expression on Freya’s face as she stared into the contents of her cup in clear distaste. Though Vahn didn’t like the idea of holding such things against someone, he also knew that there was no need for him to be the one to impregnate goddesses. There were more reasons for him not to do so than to ever agree to such a situation and unless they could garner great benefits from the exchange, there was no reason to accede to Freya’s desire. Vahn knew he would probably have to at some point, but that would be in order to protect the livelihoods of everyone else in the Manor…

Freya turned her gaze between Loki and Hephaestus before saying in a low tone, “We also agreed that you wouldn’t prime Vahn to have a bad impression of me…even though it’s our first real meeting, it’s very obvious he has guarded himself against me. This isn’t a fair exchange at all…” Hearing her words, Vahn shook his head and explained without the goddesses having to speak, “That isn’t entirely correct…I have been guarded against you because I could sense your presence at times and knew you were a threat to myself and the people I cared about. Other than a few words of caution, none of the goddesses have said anything negative about you at all. I have no reason to explain to you how I was able to learn about you, but know that it wasn’t through any means given to me by the goddesses present.”

Loki began laughing at Vahn’s words as she looked at the disgruntled Freya and said, “You should be able to tell, right, Freya? We have kept our promises and have even compromised to allow you to meet Vahn sooner. It was your own actions that have caused him to be guarded against you or else the vows we took during our last meeting wouldn’t be in effect anymore~.” Freya bit her bottom lip hearing Loki’s words as she scanned her own soul and saw the tell-tale signs of the vows she had taken. As Loki stated, the bonds were still in effect and it was very obvious that Vahn’s actions were entirely based on his own perception and the decisions he had made.

With a somewhat pained and frustrated expression on her face, Freya looked directly at Vahn and her frown deepened. Seeing him as a woman was actually very annoying to her and it was almost like an insult because he had easily resisted her charm as a man. Releasing a sigh, Freya asked in a dull tone, “Why are you so guarded against me compared to other goddesses? How can you so easily trust Loki, an actual goddess of trickery, yet dislike someone like me, a goddess of beauty?” Vahn shook his head in response and stated in a calm down, “I know that Divinity can warp gods to do terrible things but it doesn’t mean they are inherently bad. My interactions with Loki have shown me how dissatisfied she is with her own Divinity and she has taken many actions to win my trust…you, however, have only shown me distasteful actions and how you consider yourself to be above others. Even though you are sitting in front of three women I love dearly, you act indifferently and even tried to charm me right in front of them…not only did you insult me in doing so, but you insulted three people I care about deeply…how am I supposed to react to that?”

Freya’s mind stalled a bit when she considered Vahn’s words and, even though she found them abrasive to her ears, she could tell he spoke the truth. She now knew why it felt like he was ‘offended’ by her…it was because she had offended him several times in a very short period of time. Even before they exchanged words she had tried to seduce him once and had even tried to charm him several times in front of three of his lovers, each a goddess, with one even being his wife. Freya was so used to things going her way that she was caught off guard by the sudden series of events and wasn’t sure of what action to take.

Once again, Vahn didn’t seem to be willing to give her time to think matters over as he stated, “You have lived a long life, far longer than I can even comprehend, so I don’t expect you to change easily. However, because I am a mortal that has lived a short life, I put more thought and emotion into each of my actions than normal. It is because of this that I cannot easily compromise with you, so please don’t take it to heart. As one of the members of the Tripartite, you are one of our most important allies and I don’t want our relationship to be so tense. We will associate with each other often in the future and I will do my best to not be biased toward you…however, I will expect a similar amount of effort from you. If you can’t show me even the basic amount of respect, I don’t mind cutting ties with you in the future…”

At this point, Vahn had turned to Ottar and rose to his feet to greet the man known as the King. However, Vahn realized a little belatedly how awkward his actions were since he was currently in the form of Tiona. Ottar was rather massive and stood more than 50cm taller than he was at present, towering over Tiona’s relatively small frame. Vahn, however, didn’t allow his own inhibitions to prevent him from taking the action he thought was appropriate. In front of the relatively confused Freya, and the somewhat nervous Hephaestus, Loki, and Hestia, Vahn walked to Ottar and asked, “Ottar…you love Freya, do you not?”

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Ottar looked down at the small Amazoness woman looking up at him and felt a small amount of incredulity since he knew the woman before him was Vahn Mason, the man his goddess had been eyeing. With a stern expression on his face, Ottar answered, “Vahn Mason, you should not shun Lady Freya’s feelings…” However, Vahn didn’t seem to mind his words at all as he tilted his head and asked, “Do you not love Freya after all?” Though he wasn’t the type to show emotions, Ottar frowned slightly before looking over at his goddess and seeing her expression had stabilized. Vahn’s inciting words had been bothering him a bit but he would never take action without Freya’s consent. Since she didn’t seem to mind him answering, Ottar nodded his head and stated, “I love Lady Freya.”

Vahn smiled in what could be misconstrued as a cheerful manner, since Tiona’s default expressions were as such, before nodding his head and saying, “Then there is a simple solution to all of the current tensions. Freya, for the time being, you should concern yourself more with the people that already love you than trying to earn my affections. I also have my own children to worry about and I won’t lie, dealing with a child that might potentially have a Divinity relating to sex isn’t something I’m looking forward to…” Hearing Vahn’s words, Freya’s eyes opened wide and she could see that, once again, Vahn was speaking from the heart. She started to think that the entire reason he was so hostile toward her was that he understood her Divinity and how ‘problematic’ it would be dealing with a child that was predisposed toward such behavior…

Freya released an almost indiscernible sigh of relief before her smile bloomed into an elegant expression and she said, “It was always my intention of having one of the children of my Familia sire a child first. Even though I offended them, and you, earlier, I’m not trying to make enemies by stepping on the toes of the goddesses in the Alliance. I will wait until Hephaestus and Loki give birth before approaching you in such a manner…” Vahn nodded his head with a natural smile on his face until Freya smiled somewhat mischievously and said, “However, I would still like to get to know you a bit better over the next year or so…I’ve never seen a boy that can change forms before~”

Loki released an exasperated sigh while Hephaestus shook her head and gave Freya a tired look and said, “Vahn already had enough on his plate, Freya, don’t pressure him about such things. You already have plenty of ‘toys’ at your disposal…” Freya unabashedly nodded her head and said, “Yes, I suppose you are right my dear Hephaestus…however, I can’t help but be a little envious that you get to experience something so ‘unique’…” Before Freya could continue teasing the goddesses, Vahn looked over and stated plainly, “I’m more than confident in handling women without relying on such things. I’ve never once used my transformation ability for such deviant behaviors…”

Freya opened her eyes slightly wider but, before she was able to say anything, Vahn shook his head once again and said, “I will likely never need to as I’m quite confident in my capabilities without having to rely on ‘gimmicks’…” As Vahn spoke, he looked toward Hephaestus, Loki, and Hestia and caused the three girls to blush slightly under his smiling expression. Even though he currently looked like Tiona, Vahn’s disposition naturally showed through and they understood he was boasting about his prowess. Even Loki, who was a relatively experienced woman, nodded her head and said, “Vahn’s technical prowess is abnormal…in fact, I feel more inclined to try and make things interesting for him just to make up for the satisfaction he brings me…”

Though they hadn’t done it in a while, Freya and Loki actually had a long relationship in the past and she was very aware of some of Loki’s ‘complexities’. Hearing Loki say such things in a serious manner made Freya feel a bit of an ache in her lower body as she gave Vahn an appraising look. Seeing the confidence he carried himself with, even as a woman, made Freya’s heart flutter a bit and she wondered how she would be able to ‘convince’ him to sleep with her in the future. For now, however, she set the matter to the back of her mind and looked toward Ottar as she said, “I have decided to have Ottar guard the Hearth Manor in the future when you are on expeditions with the Loki Familia…”

Seeing Freya address him, Ottar bowed his head slightly and said, “As you will…” before returning to his statuesque posture. Vahn was slightly surprised that the ‘King’ would be protecting the Manor while he was away and it made him feel slightly at ease knowing such a powerhouse would be nearby. Even in his static posture, Vahn could feel an immense threat radiating from Ottar’s body and knew that, if they were to actually fight, he would probably die before he knew what had happened. He might be able to egg out an internecine victory with an [Effigy of the Hero], but it was unlikely.

As Vahn was looking over Ottar’s body, Freya laughed before continuing, “I know your expedition is in the next five days, so I would like to resolve the matter of the pregnancy before then. I believe you will be heading into the lower floors, and I’m not fond of the idea of waiting an additional month…” The one to answer Freya was Loki as she nodded her head and said, “That’s right, they’ll be trying to set a new clear record this time around so it’ll take at least two weeks just for travel time…” Even for an S-Rank Familia, it took nearly five full days for an expedition to even reach the 50th floor, assuming they were moving at a fair pace. Progress beyond that point slowed down a great deal so, even without setting any new records or completing any quests, it would take a bare minimum of two weeks to make a round trip.

Vahn contemplated the matter for a brief moment before saying, “I can perform the procedure at any point, assuming you’ve come to an agreement with Hephaestus, Loki, and Hestia…other than a few preparations, most of which have already been made, everything is ready for whenever you are. I’ve been expecting this situation to happen sooner or later and knew you would likely bring it up before the expedition started…” Freya smiled at hearing Vahn’s words and said, “Since I’m not trying to have your child, there aren’t any extra preparations I need to make. I’ve already signed a vow to protect the information pertaining to the process, among other things…”

Seeing that Loki and Hephaestus were nodding their head, Vahn knew that things had already been taken care of before Freya was even allowed to meet him. With a slight smile on his face, Vahn said, “Well then, you just have to let me know when you’re ready and then we’ll proceed from there…” Freya nodded in affirmation before a curious expression appeared on her face and she asked, “Ah, there is one thing I was curious about…I know a bit about Anubis’ disposition, so I’ve always been curious about why she was willing to become your servant. I’m certain the matter pertains to your soul so, while I’m under oath to not reveal your information, is there any chance you would be willing to reveal it to me? I am able to see souls so, depending on what I’m able to discern, there is a fair chance I may be willing to compromise on more matters in the future…”

Vahn’s eyes opened slightly at her words before asking, “Loki, Hephaestus, is there any danger if I reveal my soul?” Hephaestus showed a thoughtful expression but it was, surprisingly, Hestia who answered, “Other than during a vow, there is no way for a god, even those that govern life and death, to interfere with a soul. It isn’t uncommon for some gods to ‘collect’ the souls of their favorite mortals after they die, but that doesn’t interfere with the natural cycle of reincarnation at all. Freya’s interest in your soul is likely related to her Divinity in Death and her curiosity about your origins…it should be safe to display it to her.” Hephaestus was a bit stunned by Hestia’s words but Loki nodded her head and explained, “Hestia is right, there shouldn’t be any actual danger besides this screwball losing her senses when she catches sight of it…”

With the consent of the three goddesses, Vahn nodded his head and said, “Well then, take a look…” as he removed the concealment from his soul. The moment he did so, Freya’s eyes opened wide and she even dropped the cup she was holding as she rose from the small sofa and stared directly at him. From her perspective, Freya saw Vahn turn from an empty abyss into a resplendent rainbow as his soul exploded from his body like a blazing inferno. A normal soul could be compared to a small torch, but Vahn’s was like a star and, instead of a single color, it shone like a rainbow and Freya could even see a beautiful golden aura spinning around in the core of his soul…almost like a series of chains that made her own soul tremble slightly.

Freya looked at Hephaestus, Loki, and Hestia before asking in an incredulous voice, “Has Anubis not told you what his soul looks like…? There is no way he is just a normal demigod…it’s impossible!” Anubis had actually brought it up to the other goddesses in the past but they were still somewhat taken aback by Freya’s reaction. The simple fact of the matter was, not that they were privy to such information, Anubis had seen Vahn’s soul when he was Tier 2. Now that he was a Tier 3, Vahn’s soul was much more powerful and it would have likely even caused Anubis to experience a great deal of shock alongside an equal amount of vindication.

Though she had looked at him with amorous eyes before, Vahn noticed that there was a fervent light in Freya’s eyes now as she looked toward his chest. Vahn felt a bit of pressure from her gaze so he reactivated his [Veil of the Traveler] which caused Freya to come back to her senses. She gave him a somewhat serious look compared to before and then turned her attention to the stoic and statuesque Ottar. Vahn could sense the fluctuations in her aura and decided to prevent things from spiraling downward as he said, “What you saw doesn’t change the status quo of our current relationship, Freya. If you have any intention of changing your decision based on something inconsequential you’ll find that I’m not so understanding…”

Freya furrowed her brows slightly and stated in a low tone, “After seeing your soul, I know that you aren’t a simple boy at all…I want my child to have the highest possible potential…but, I will respect your wishes on this matter. Ottar, dear, I will allow you to sire my child but know that you may have to care for it yourself in the future…” Compared to her previous self, Freya seemed a bit ‘off’ and spoke earnestly without any pageantry at all. Ottar looked directly at her before nodding his head in a curt manner and saying, “As you will…” just as he always had. Vahn wasn’t too fond of this outcome since it felt like he was going to cause a child to have a sad upbringing, but he could also see the resolution in Ottar’s aura. Since he wouldn’t abandon Freya in the future, it meant that Ottar’s child would still be nearby and Vahn could worry about them when the time came.

Just as Vahn was about to suggest something similar, Freya smiled at Ottar before turning her attention back to Vahn and saying, “I want to get this taken care of as soon as possible…what do I need to do?” Vahn, expecting such an outcome, nodded his head and began to explain, “I’m not sure it’s appropriate to do it within the Manor, but you’ll need to be within the range of my domain so that I can carry out the first part of the procedure…after you’re finished, then I’ll finish the rest of the preparations on my own.” Vahn cocked his head to the side and, before Freya could ask any questions, Vahn turned to Loki and said, “Can I have you escort and explain things to Freya and then inform me when things are ready? I think it will be for the best if I’m not involved directly as much as possible…”

Loki smiled in a somewhat mischevious manner and said, “Sure thing, Vahn, just leave it all to me~! We’re about to be renovating this place anyways, so why not make use of one of the areas that is going to be under construction? Most of the time you ‘help’ with the process will take place here in the future regardless…” Knowing that a bunch of people would be having sex in the Manor didn’t seem to sit well with Hestia who interrupted Loki’s words and said, “We will make a separate building for such things…I don’t want ‘strangers’ to be having sex under the same roof where we’ll raise our children…”

Though she was a bit surprised by Hestia’s words, Loki ended up taking a step back when she considered the matter in greater detail. Since her own daughter would be running around the Manor in the future, it did actually seem strange to allow such behaviors. Fortunately, Freya seemed to have come up with a simple solution as she said, “I own numerous properties in the area and have already stationed many of my forces in the surrounding districts. One of the private residences has already been refurbished and we can make use of it for the time being…” It was a little strange to be talking about such matters so casually, especially since she had been looking forward to the event for a while, but now Freya just wanted to get it out of the way. She knew that giving birth to a different child sooner was the fastest way to get Vahn’s child in the future…

(A/N: I know a lot of people are somewhat offended by Freya’s actions. Well, this may come as a surprise to you, but that is the intended reaction. Freya is meant to be a bit of a bitch, not one of the actual love interests of the MC. In many ways, even though she stands on the side of our protagonists, she is one of the people that will always cause drama in their lives. However, it’s better that she cause drama than actually bring harm to anyone (this isn’t even mentioning how influential she is within the City and how powerful an ally she makes).

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