Chapter 481: Master

Vahn had been somewhat surprised by the notification within the system because the ‘sound’ emitted when it informed him someone wanted to become his subordinate was always louder and more ‘insistent’ than others. However, it didn’t seem like he would be given time to think about it right now since, as he cast a quick glance toward the item descriptions, Lefiya had suddenly turned around and looked directly at him. He wasn’t exactly sure why, presumably because of the subordinate notification, Vahn felt a little bit of pressure from Lefiya and inadvertently swallowed when she lowered her hands and stopped concealing her breasts.

Lefiya’s body was trembling greatly and had taken on a rudy crimson coloration but the resolute look in her eyes persisted as she said, “Ano…I want you to look at me…for however long it takes for me to get used to it…please watch me closely from now on, Vahn!” Lefiya looked like she had just completed a marathon after she shouted out the last words. She seemed to desperately want to conceal herself and was even leaning forward slightly as if she wanted to retreat into the water. Unfortunately, she just caused her breasts to dangle forward slightly and made them even more prominent as they grazed the water’s surface.

Other than stare blankly, Vahn didn’t know how else to react and it wasn’t until the notification sounded within his head once again that he snapped out of his stupor. He habitually averted his eyes but this caused a strange reaction in Lefiya as she reached forward, almost like she wanted to turn his face back to her. Fortunately, Vahn looked at her before she completed the action so she dropped her hands and continued to watch him with her resolute Dark Blue eyes. Vahn was thinking about his reaction when Fenrir, who had still been clinging to his back, said, “Lefiya is a good girl…” as if it was all the explanation he needed. As if incited by Fenrir’s words, Lefiya raised her chin slightly and tried to sit up straight as she said, “Please…I want you to look…”

Vahn released a silent sigh through his nose as he continued to ignore the notification from the system and began to look over Lefiya’s body with his gaze. She trembled greatly and even started to bite her lip, but Lefiya made no efforts to hide her body and even stood up in the basin to reveal the contents that had been ‘hidden’ by the warm water. Vahn was already very familiar with Lefiya’s body, so he wasn’t that surprised by the revelation, but it didn’t stop him from feeling slightly flush because he knew the circumstances were somewhat ‘tense’. She was very fair skinned, had budding breasts that looked like they would reach a B-Cup in the near future, and had a thin waist with somewhat thin thighs. She was a very cute girl, but Vahn couldn’t help but feel she was far too ‘young’ after casting a glance downwards.

Lefiya’s mouth was open slightly and Vahn could see her lower jaw quivering as she watched him trace his gaze across every part of her body. When he looked back up at her, Lefiya strangely nodded before turning around and moving her long hair to the front of her body, completely exposing her backside. Vahn realized her intention and inspected her from top to ‘bottom’ once again before mentally commenting, (“She has a very small butt…but it’s cute?”). Sis, hearing his comment said, (*You can probably convince her to exercise a bit if you’re that worried about it, Vahn.*) Hearing Sis’s laughter and her somewhat ‘amused’ tone, Vahn’s eyes widened slightly before he turned his gaze back to Lefiya’s face.

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When Vahn’s eyes were drawn to her butt, Lefiya felt a little self-conscious because she knew from the other girls that Vahn liked butts. Her’s wasn’t really much to speak of and she hadn’t thought about it much until she somehow found herself ‘displaying’ her body to Vahn. She suspected he would claim to not mind it, but Lefiya resolved to talk with some of the other girls, especially Tsubaki and Lunoire, as they both had bigger butts than other girls. She already knew ‘dancing’ was a good way to shape her hips and thighs so she could also try talking to Haruhime or learn the traditional dances from Tiona and Tione, both girls with ‘developed’ butts…

As he had seen her aura flickering about in a strange manner, Vahn assumed Lefiya was feeling a little self-conscious so he smiled and said, “You’re very cute, Lefiya…you will become a beautiful woman in the future.” With an ‘as expected’ kind of look on her face, Lefiya nodded before turning back around and sitting down in the water. To Vahn’s surprise, she had calmed down a great deal all of a sudden and seemed to be thinking about something until she said, “I know it’s a bit early, but I want you to take me as your disciple, Vahn. Even if I’m able to reach the pinnacle of magic through my own efforts, I’ve decided that I would rather get there with you…I don’t know if what I’m feeling is love, but I know I’ve liked you for a very long time…I want us to be closer together until…until we can be as close as you and Fenrir are…”

Hearing her name, Fenrir opened her eyes and looked at Lefiya as if she had just obtained a new rival. She had been ‘resting’ against her Master because he was currently talking with Lefiya and had stopped paying attention until she heard her name mentioned. Seeing the resolute in Lefiya’s eyes, Fenrir said, “If Lefiya is a good girl…Master will treat us both well…but Master is the best to Fenrir. If Lefiya tries to take Master away, Fenrir will…” For a brief moment, Fenrir was tempted to say that she would ‘eat’ Lefiya but realized those were very dangerous words. If she made such threats right in front of her Master, he would undoubtedly think she was being a ‘bad’ girl. She had been trying super hard to get along better with the other girls lately and didn’t want to undo everything just to threaten a potential rival. Instead of completing her threat, Fenrir squinted her eyes and said, “Fenrir will work harder than anyone else to be Master’s favorite…Lefiya can try her best too…”

Lefiya had felt a chill run down her back for a brief moment but nodded her head in a resolute manner and said, “Yes, I will do my best from now on! That’s why…!” More than any of the previous instances, the notification of Lefiya wanting to become his subordinate sounded out in Vahn’s mind like a loud alarm. He was tempted to refuse her in his mind while accepting her in reality, much like he had done for Nanu, but Vahn believed Lefiya was much more stable than the Chienthrope girl. She was the type that put a lot of thought into her actions, putting even more into some of her delusions, so Vahn knew she had seriously considered the matter.

Since he was also interested in something, Vahn nodded his head and said, “Very well, Lefiya, from this point on you are my apprentice. However, if you’d like to be like Fenrir…you would have to become my subordinate as well…” Lefiya continued to stare back with a resolute gaze but Vahn could see several questions forming in her mind. Vahn smiled slightly and explained, “I can form contracts with people that gives me a stronger bond with them and allows us to understand each other better. But, and this is something you need to consider seriously, it also allows me to influence you slightly through my own thoughts…if you are loyal enough to me, I may even be able to dictate your actions…”

Lefiya’s dark blue eyes darted around as she rapidly processed the information Vahn was disclosing to her. She could tell he was being truthful to her and it made her both happy and worried at the same time. If his words were taken in an extreme meaning, it meant that he could even ‘control’ her in the future, though it seemingly required her ‘loyalty’ to allow him to do so. Lefiya was somewhat hesitant but she saw the unwavering gaze of Fenrir looking directly at her and nodded as she said, “Even if things get difficult in the future, I believe that you will never do anything to hurt me, Vahn. And…I’m somewhat curious about how that bond works…if possible, please tell me when you’re doing something so I can familiarize myself with it and understand it better…”

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Vahn had expected Lefiya to be more hesitant but she instead seemed somewhat insistent on the matter. It might be her inherent curiosity, as she was very interested in things that were somewhat ‘mystical’ in nature. Before he nodded his head, however, Vahn asked Sis, (“I can remove the subordinate status from people willingly, can’t I?”) Almost before he had completed the question, Sis answered, (*Yes, but the person’s ‘Loyalty’ parameter in the system would reset to 50 and you wouldn’t be able to accept them as a subordinate again.*) Hearing her reply, Vahn smiled and nodded his head as he said, “From now on, you’ll be both my Apprentice and Subordinate Lefiya…I promise that I will do my best to make sure you never regret your decision today.”

Lefiya smiled in return before blinking in confusion because she suddenly felt like there was a ‘link’ between her and Vahn. She was curious, so she asked, “Can you show me how the ‘compulsion’ works once…? And, umm, please don’t make me do anything strange…” Vahn had briefly glanced at the system and saw that Lefiya’s Loyalty was already at 91, which showed that she had already made some pretty significant decisions about their relationship. Since she was curious, Vahn considered the matter for a moment before ‘ordering’ Lefiya to wag her ears. He knew Elves had a fair amount of control over their ears, if they put in the effort, and he thought it would be cute.

As she was waiting for Vahn to tell her to do something, Lefiya felt like being passive was going to make things weird so she decided to lighten the atmosphere a bit by trying to make Vahn laugh. After thinking about it briefly, Lefiya felt a bit of heat rise to her cheeks as she slightly flexed the muscles around the side of her head and made her ears waggle. She knew Vahn liked teasing Elves and he would probably find the action to be very cute. As expected, Lefiya saw Vahn show a wide smile but she was shocked when he said, “That is an example of how it works…”

Vahn knew she was confused so he explained, “The bond works by linking our minds partially…I thought it would be cute if you waggled your ears and figured it wouldn’t be too strange. How did you feel…?” Hearing his explanation, Lefiya was a little shaken because his thoughts almost aligned perfectly with her own. She had felt as though she were making a conscious decision and had even rationalized it before she took action. Since Vahn claimed that was exactly what he wanted her to do, Lefiya felt a little lost until Vahn said in an apologetic tone, “I can feel your loyalty slipping…sorry, Lefiya, I didn’t mean to make you do something strange.”

Hearing Vahn’s words, Lefiya raised her hands and waved them back and forth as she said, “No, it’s not that, Vahn! I was just a little scared by my own thought process regarding the compulsion. The action itself wasn’t bad and I was happy when I thought you were happy!” Since she had decided for herself to follow this path, even after Vahn’s warning, Lefiya didn’t want him to blame himself, especially when she was the one to ask him to do something. Fortunately, he seemed to believe her so Lefiya released a relieved sigh as she pat her chest. She wasn’t aware that Vahn had seen her Loyalty jump back up, though he also highly appreciated her explanation of things.

Though it was a strange realization, Lefiya felt the softness of her chest and suddenly had a thought before asking, “You haven’t asked me to do anything else, right…?” Vahn tilted his head in a thoughtful manner before raising up his hand and saying, “I, Vahn Mason, hereby swear upon my Familia, my Crest, and my Goddess, Hestia, that I will never tell a lie to Lefiya Viridis when she asks me any questions I am allowed to answer in accordance with other restrictions and pre-existing vows. If it is a question I cannot answer, I swear that I will also specify the reason.” Since Lefiya was willing to go to rather extreme lengths, Vahn felt like he owed it to her to show some conviction of his own.

Seeing Vahn suddenly take a vow, accompanied by a flashing light that broke away and entered his body, Lefiya felt a warmth spread from her heart. Then, when he had finished the vow, Vahn turned to her and answered, “I haven’t asked you to do anything else.” Hearing his words, Lefiya smiled widely before stutteringly saying, “I…I want you to ‘t-tell’ me to…to…to…to let you t-touch my b-b-body! I don’t want to be afraid anymore~!” Vahn’s eyes widened at her request before nodding his head and ‘ordering’ her through their bond to allow him to freely touch her body. Since she seemed to be wanting to ‘get used’ to it, Vahn also added on that she should tell him what she wanted him to do. It was a bit of a ‘risque’ order, as Vahn had experienced a bit of a trauma with Anubis, but he believed Lefiya was a sensible girl.

Since she had built up her anticipation, Lefiya was paying attention to her thoughts and actions as she held eye contact with Vahn. After a short while passed, Lefiya felt like things were taking too long so she mustered up her courage and asked, “Can you try touching my breasts?” Lefiya assumed things had already taken effect and Vahn was just thinking about what he wanted to do. She saw him nod before reaching out his hand and poking his index finger on her left breast, just two centimeters away from the cherry bud. Lefiya felt her heart rate increasing but was otherwise fine as she said, “You can move it…” Following her words, Vahn traced his index finger across her chest and Lefiya felt like her heart might explode any moment. However, she realized she didn’t really mind his touch that much and it actually made her feel very excited instead…

After a few seconds passed, Vahn pulled his finger away and Lefiya began calming her breathing as she placed her hand over where Vahn had previously touched and said, “It feels like my heart is going to beat out of my chest, but I kind of wanted you to keep going…” Realizing her own words, Lefiya’s eyes widened as she turned her gaze to Vahn with a somewhat worried look, not because she was afraid he had done something strange, but because she didn’t want him to think she was a ‘bad’ girl. Seeing his calm expression and gentle smile, Lefiya released a sigh of relief and said, “This is better…I feel like I can get a lot closer to you now. I would like to try things like holding hands, or even sleeping next to you in the future…maybe even washing each other…and then we can-” Once again, Lefiya found herself saying the thought that were passing through her mind and she began to realize what was going on.

Vahn showed an apologetic smile and said, “I thought it would be easier for you if you were able to tell me what you wanted instead of panicking while thinking about what I might do. You have a tendency to let your mind wander, not that I have any complaints, mind you, so this should have made your more aware of what was going on. If you’d like, I can cancel easily-” Lefiya shook her head suddenly and said, “No, this is better! I want to stay like this, but only when we’re alone!” Even though she had been thinking it, Lefiya hadn’t expected the words to burst out of her lips and she felt both excited and a little scared at the same time. If things continued like this, Lefiya believed it wouldn’t be long before she and Vahn were very close with each other. Since she already planned to be with him for the rest of her life, Lefiya wanted to be closer even sooner as it would also affect her growth rate and make Vahn more reliant on her.

Stopped by Lefiya’s outburst, Vahn modified her orders to only apply when it was just the three of them before turning to Fenrir and saying, “Fenrir, from now on Lefiya is one of us…you must take care of her and do your best to get along, just like you get along with Fafnir and Anubis…” Without complaint, Fenrir raised up her paw and said, “Fenrir will always protect the people closest to Master. Lefiya is very ‘weak’ so Fenrir will watch over her when Master isn’t around~!” Though she knew it was ‘bad’, Fenrir felt like clarifying her status to Lefiya and expressing that she considered Vahn her Master with every fiber of her being. If Lefiya was going to be Vahn’s subordinate, Fenrir wanted her to make sure she knew Vahn was the ‘most important’.

Lefiya nodded her head and said, “I will do my best to get along with Fenrir as well. Though she is a bit scary at times, she is also very cute and I know she is very important to Ma-” Just as the word was about to leave her lips, Lefiya realized what she was about to say and blinked in confusion before seeing Fenrir laughing somewhat mischievously as she said, “Master likes us to call him ‘Vahn’, but we know in our hearts that he is our Master. Master is the best to Fenrir because Fenrir treats Master as her most important possession. If Lefiya wants to be closest to Master, she has to accept him in her heart. If Lefiya accepts Master fully, Master will treat Lefiya almost as good as Fenrir~.”

Not only was Lefiya surprised, but Vahn was outright shaken by Fenrir’s words. He knew it was a trait of those that were subordinated to him to call him ‘Master’, but he hadn’t put that much thought into it before. It seemed ‘normal’ for Anubis to call him Master and it wasn’t ‘unexpected’ for Fafnir and Fenrir, who had both been normal monsters previously, to refer to him as such. Now, however, Vahn realized his title as ‘Master’ ran a lot deeper than he expected and it might even be related to the Loyalty values of his subordinates. Lefiya was only at 103 and had nearly called him Master by mistake after hearing Fenrir repeat it a few times…

Lefiya’s eyes darted about for a moment before she looked to the ‘flustered’ Vahn and saw his worry and concern. She covered her lips with her hand and laughed before saying, “I want to call you Master when we’re alone like this…after all, you are my Master in magic and my Master through the bond we share with each other. I think it might actually be better like this…it already makes me feel a lot closer to…Master.” Lefiya had almost said Vahn at the very end but it sounded ‘wrong’ in her mind. When she changed the address, it made her feel slightly happy and his expression made her feel even happier. He obviously liked being called ‘Master’, even though he seemed troubled by it, so Lefiya found it interesting.

The fact that Lefiya was suddenly acting a lot more comfortably around him, even to the point where she could smile while still sitting naked, made Vahn realized that the ‘influence’ of the Unit Management function was stronger than he expected. It was less obvious with girls like Anubis and Fenrir, but it was very obvious with a girl like Lefiya whom Vahn had known for a long time. He decided to change up his order a bit and said, “From now on, I’ll change it to where you let me know when things bother you, Lefiya. Please don’t just follow all my orders and change your behavior completely just to suit me. I’ve always thought Lefiya was a cute and sensible girl, so I hope you’ll stay that way for a long time to come…” Vahn knew she would treat the words seriously since he had also ‘ordered’ her at the same time.

In response to his words, Lefiya nodded her head and said, “I’m a little worried that the other girls will think I’m being strange, so I’ll only act like this when its the three of us. However…I’d like you to allow me to have fun with Ais too. I never had the chance to express my feelings, but I’ve adored Ais ever since she saved me…I want to be closer to her and even harbored romantic feelings for her…” Hearing her own words, Lefiya felt her heart racing but she kept saying them until the end. Even if it was ‘fake’, Lefiya felt a lot more confident because she was able to vocalize the thoughts that often got jumbled up inside of her. When Vahn nodded his head with a smile and said, “Yes, I think most people are aware of that. Please don’t change your relationship with Ais, as she is also very fond of you, Lefiya. If you’d like to be closer with her in the future, feel free to tell her about it as I’m sure she will also look after you properly…” she felt like her brain was going to explode from the build-up of happiness and blood pressure…

Vahn had never expected their short bath to last for nearly forty minutes and actually felt a bit prune-like when he finally extricated himself from the water. Lefiya had decided to help her ‘senior’ and helped Fenrir wear her bottoms before tying the pouch around her waist as she held up her arms and allowed it. Seeing they were getting along better, though their interactions had become strangely hierarchal somehow, Vahn smiled before making his way toward the tent. The naked Lefiya, and the clothed Fenrir, followed in behind him as the perpetually blushing Elf began getting dressed in the relative security of the tent.

They had already talked about it previously and both girls were going to watch over him as he increased his own Level. Sis had informed him that it could take up to an hour, as his body was somewhat unique compared to the other residents of this world, so Vahn had decided to use the tent while the two girls ate their lunch and watched over him. When he opened up his status and saw his parameters, Vahn had a smile on his face before mentally pressing the (+) symbol and allowing the energy in his body to begin rapidly circulating around his body. It felt like all of his pores had opened and he found himself slowly entering a meditative state as a cold sensation spread from his mind to meet the warm sensation emerging from his chest…



Name: [Vahn Mason]

Age: 15

Race: Human, *sealed*

Parameter: [Danmachi: 1-4]


-Power: 1906+(A808)->(A840)->(I0)

-Endurance: 2221+(SS1065)->(SSS1104)->(I0)

-Dexterity: 1807+(S919)->(S939)->(I0)

-Agility: 1959+(A867)->(S900)->(I0)

-Magic: 3562+(SSS2302)->(SSS2735)->(I0)

Total:11455+(5,961)->(6,519)->(0)(A/N: His new total is 17,974 for the curious.)

Soul Tier: 3 (Lord Soul)

[Karma]: 9108->9,435

[OP]: 4,252,009->4,113,548

[Valis]: 643,884,901

Skills: [Will of the Emperor:SSS], [Rakshasa Body:E], [Keeper of the Akashic Tome:B], [Eyes of Truth: B],[Bow Mastery:S], [Stealth:B], [Chainbreaker:S], [Heart of the Eternal Flame:SS], [Prometheus:A], [Call of the Reaper:A],[Yggdrasil’s Favor:S], [Veil of the Traveler: S], [Featherfoot:B->A], [Hands of Nirvana:S], [Metallurgy:B], [Fist Strike:A], [Friend of Spirits:A]

Magic: [Thria*Mimos:B], [Shundo:B]

Development Skills: [Wound Transfer:S], [Spirit Healing:A]->[Well of Spirit:I], [Swordsman:A], [Master Smith:H], [Mixing:C], [Mentor:A], [Petting:D], [Mage:C]


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