Chapter 505: Sanjouno Haruhime (1/2)

The room was rather dark, as lights within the danmachi record were powered by magic cores and there were none active in their current room, but this wasn’t an issue for either Vahn or Haruhime. Seeing her figure in the low-light of the room, Vahn could feel a subtle scratching at his heart that as heat spread through his blood as a result of his own [Heart of the Eternal Flame] pumping powerfully in his chest. Haruhime had always been a very beautiful girl, but seeing her laying against the futon with a teary-eyed expression made a powerful urge rise up in Vahn that was only kept at bay by his rationality and concern for her.

Haruhime’s state was off compared to what Vahn had grown to expect and she seemed to be suffering a great deal of pain even though there were no signs of problems with her body. Other than the heat that was spreading from her abdomen, there were no other abnormalities and even the flow of her mana was strong and stable. The only discernable cause was the illusory third tail that fluttered around between Haruhime’s legs alongside her other fluffy appendages. Laying on her back, all of Haruhime’s tails writhed about in between her thighs and tickled against Vahn’s hands as he finally freed Haruhime from her outer layer of clothing.

Vahn saw the obi wrapping up Haruhime’s breasts and made his hands towards the fabric as Haruhime whimpered in a pitiful manner, “Vaahn…please…” To comfort her, Vahn placed his hand against Haruhime’s abdomen and was surprised by the heat radiating from her body as the tendrils of her auras twined around his forearm. He used his [Hands of Nirvana] to try and soothe her ‘pain’ but she immediately bit her bottom lip as her fingernails dug into the futon. Vahn stroked the top of her hair and said, “It’ll be okay, Haruhime…leave it to me. If your body is prepared properly, things will become painful for you…” As if she didn’t agree with his words at all, Haruhime shook her head from side-to-side in a clearly frustrated manner.

Just as Vahn was about to ask what was wrong, Haruhime seemed to reach a critical point and, almost as if her weakened state from before had been an illusion, she quickly pulled up her body while attempting to push him down. Vahn’s balance and the sheer difference in their parameters weren’t easily overwhelmed, however, resulting in Haruhime leaning against him as she tore away at his clothing. Vahn was confused for a brief moment before realizing that Haruhime’s state was overwhelming her own sensibilities and he needed to take more decisive action. Her Innate had a powerful influence over her own state of mind, and he had underestimated its influence at this critical moment.

Unequipping his clothing completely, Haruhime’s rather sharp nails scratched against his chest before she realized he was now bare before her. Instead of clawing at him in a desperate manner, she seemed to calm down a bit as she rubbed her palms against his body and began kissing him in a dazed state. Vahn wanted to comfort her by petting and tending to her body, but he realized she wasn’t in a ‘normal’ state at all and instead began placing his hands against her clothing and storing them away in his inventory instead. Haruhime could feel the ‘cool’ air against her flushed skin and it caused her aura to become even stronger in an instant. She tried to push against his chest once again, but Vahn was like an immovable mountain that made her almost want to start crying.

Suddenly, Haruhime felt a pressure collapsing in on her from all directions as the giddiness she had been feeling was being suppressed deep inside of her. Though the heat in her body didn’t fade, she felt her mind regain some of its clarity and looked up to see Vahn’s gentle face. He placed his hand against her cheek as white energy spread from his palms into her mind like a flood as he said, “Emotions may give you power, but if you lose yourself to them you will become a slave…the Haruhime I love isn’t such a desperate girl. Have confidence, Haruhime, or I will be inhibited by my own concerns for you…”

Though she was breathing deeply with labored, almost painful, breaths, Haruhime tried to calm down as she nodded her head and said, “It feels like my heart is about to burst…please comfort me, Vahn. I’ll give you everything, so please accept it…” Haruhime actually had a slight urge to taunt and seduce Vahn, but she quelled the urge and kept repeating words within her mind to remind herself that she needed to act properly. However, there was another ‘presence’ within her mind that ‘whispered’ tantalizing words of promise that were hard for her to ignore. It spoke of conquest, dominance, and obtaining Vahn for herself…

Unbeknownst to Haruhime, the reason Vahn had forcibly suppressed her with his [Will of the Emperor] was that a large illusory fox had appeared behind her body and was currently staring at him with slanted and greedy eyes. He hugged Haruhime’s head against his chest and stared down the large white fox that was covered with red markings that were more than 10m in length. There were nine tails twining around behind it’s back that danced with an illusory fire that spread through the room as if it were setting it ablaze. Because its size was large, even compared to the somewhat open parlor, its tails would pass through the walls, floor, and ceiling and the seemed to add an additional 10m to its overall length.

Invasive energy tried to overwhelm his mind once again, but it crashed against the ‘frigid’ wall of [Will of the Emperor] as if it had no substance at all. This was the seventh attempt by the fox to try and exercise some degree of influence over him and each failure caused its eyes to squint more. Vahn wasn’t sure if the fox was actually a sentient entity, because he couldn’t sense it at all and, if not for his [Eyes of Truth], he may not have been able to see it either. After the eighth failure, the fox’s eyes opened wide as all of its tails flickered about before the nearly came to a complete stop. It was almost as if it was now moving in slow motion and its tails had become far more illusory than before.

A light appeared within Vahn’s pupils as he gazed into the large golden eyes of the fox that seemed to transition from being greedy to…curious. Instead of diving into Haruhime as it had in the past, the fox leaned toward Vahn as if it were smelling him but there were no sounds to indicate whether this was the case. As if it had realized something, the fox shrunk slightly and paced around behind Haruhime as it kept eye contact with Vahn. From its actions, Vahn realized that it must not have thought he could actually see it at first and now it was suddenly curious about him. Either that, or it wanted to create a gap in his mind by ‘tricking’ him into lowering his guard. Given what he had seen thus far, Vahn believed it might have been the later as he hugged Haruhime’s body even tighter.

Seeing Vahn’s actions, the fox squinted its eyes before they began darting around as if it were ‘thinking’. Thoughts of its sentience became more developed within Vahn’s mind and he was even considering trying to speak to it when its wispy tails suddenly flickered again and he felt the ninth wave of energy crash against his [Will of the Emperor], this time like a tidal wave as it attempted to overwhelm him. For a brief moment, there was a ‘challenging’ look in the foxes eyes before a strangely ‘human’ smile appeared on its face. It didn’t seem to mind that its attempts had failed at all as it slowly walked over to Haruhime as its body got progressively smaller. Eventually, it was no larger than the size of a fox kit as it jumped on to Haruhime’s shoulder and stood on its back legs with its paws against his chest.

The fox looked up and appeared to be quite adorable, but Vahn didn’t drop his guard at all even when it began to nuzzle against his body in a seemingly affectionate manner. A few seconds later, as if somewhat dissatisfied, the fox gave him another ‘pitiable’ look before it disappeared into wispy blue flames. Vahn looked around for signs of its appearance as Haruhime began drawing deeper breaths as her body shook slightly in his arms. Realizing what had happened, Vahn felt more than a little annoyed because the ‘small’ fox had obviously retreated into Haruhime’s body. He couldn’t even detect it at all now, as its energy was exactly the same as Haruhime’s own. As it was her Innate, they were inextricably linked together and there wasn’t anything he could do about it with his current power.

On Haruhime’s end, she had been doing her best to calm down as she enjoyed Vahn’s embrace and scent. The words in the back of her mind had increased greatly for a time but had eased up a short while ago, making Haruhime feel like they had just been her imagination. However, after the fox vanished from Vahn’s sight, Haruhime suddenly felt the heat in her body spreading once again but there was a strange clarity to her mind instead of the anxiousness she had felt earlier. All of her senses were greatly enhanced and Vahn’s smell was like an intoxicating aroma that made her body burn, yet her clarity persisted and it made her feel strangely ‘in control’ of the situation. However, there was another underlying ‘instinct’ within her that compelled her to place her palms against Vahn as she wrapped her tails around his body as if returning his embrace.

Vahn felt the soft appendages wrap around him as a strange ‘burning’ sensation touched his skin and tried to spread through his body from the illusory flames on Haruhime’s tails. It was a very similar sensation to when Eva was draining his blood and Vahn knew that Haruhime’s ‘charm’ wasn’t the only effect she could make use of to try and seduce him. Her tails seemed to be the ‘source’ of her power and Vahn had suffered their illusory attack several times in the past. Though he had been in contact with them several times, this was actually Vahn’s first time suffering this type of ‘attack’ from Haruhime and there was a strange compulsion in his body to simply accept it. However, Vahn wasn’t going to be controlled so easily and he realized he would have to ‘defeat’ the fox within Haruhime to overcome this peculiar situation.

Without delaying the matter any further, Vahn removed the last piece of clothing from Haruhime’s body and revealed her delicate garden to the now hot air of the room. Though they had been illusory, the flames from the fox had increased the temperature of the room a great deal and it was nearly 40 degrees inside the parlor now. As Renards didn’t enjoy laying on their backs, as their tails jutted out slightly and it would be somewhat uncomfortable to lay on them for an extended period of time, Vahn lowered Haruhime’s body. She looked up at him with golden eyes and didn’t say any words of resistance at all, though her tails tried to ‘cling’ to him along with the red tendrils of her aura.

Though he knew the girl before him was Haruhime, Vahn also knew there was another presence within her, not that there was any actual difference between the two. Since it seemed to want to challenge him, while Haruhime herself eagerly sought intimacy with him, Vahn decided to step up the pace as he laid Haruhime on her side before grabbing her hips and forcing her onto her knees. Haruhime released a sensual moan as her nails dug into the futon and her tails spread out like a fan in front of his face before ‘dancing’ about in a tantalizing and hypnotic manner…

Vahn had prepared himself for the ‘attack’, but the next moment was marked by Haruhime crying out, “Vahn~!” as he found himself already inserted inside of her as he ‘ravished’ her body. He was leaning over her back as her tails writhed about his body and he had even been pressing down her head. Haruhime had a heated expression on her face as she took labored breaths and said, “Don’t stoooop~.” after feeling Vahn’s movements had ceased. As if it had realized Vahn had ‘escaped’ its influence, one of Haruhime’s tails snuck up his chest and rubbed around at his face as a captivating aroma touched his nostrils. The illusory blue flames tried to invade his mind through the pores in his skin before they once again crashed against the impenetrable wall of [Will of the Emperor].

Thoughts rapidly raced through Vahn’s mind and he realized the influence of the tails was based on his own mentality and the visual stimuli he received more than anything else. Since he had already been prepared to take Haruhime, the ‘hypnotic’ effect of the tails had taken advantage of the gap and used his own ‘willingness’ against him. Even though his [Will of the Emperor] protected his mind, Vahn wasn’t immune to the things he ‘chose’ to do. If Haruhime didn’t cry out his name, he might not have even realized it before the event had already escalated greatly. Realizing this, Vahn could help but shake his head as he mentally remarked, (“I didn’t expect that today would have two difficult battles to overcome…”)

Vahn adamantly refused to be a ‘bystander’ in this important event in Haruhime’s life so grabbed around the base of her tails and traced his hand along their combined lengths and held them together to prevent them from wandering. Haruhime tried to wiggle around her butt, since it was very restrictive for a Renard to have their tails ‘bound’, but Vahn didn’t loosen up his grip and completely prevented their mischief. He saw the ‘bloody mess’ where he was connected with Haruhime and lamented his own weakness. Fortunately, Haruhime’s body seemed more than ready for the insertion and she didn’t seem to be bothered by any pain at all. Even though it looked like he had been a bit forceful, almost as if he had stretched out her insides, her aura didn’t fluctuate with the signs of pain at all.

Since Vahn had stopped pinning down her head, Haruhime arched her back to look at him with confusion and a pleading look on her face. Vahn smiled and moved his hips in a small circle that made her take in a quick breath before exhaling over a much longer length of time. With the momentum shifting in his favor, Vahn said, “Doing things in a forceful and savage manner goes against everything I know about proper sex…” Though she was very ‘educated’ on the matter, Vahn took on a lecturing tone as he used his left hand to stroke Haruhime’s stark white backside with his [Hands of Nirvana] and [Petting]. She quickly lowered her head once again as her long hair poured around her face and she accepted his actions completely.

Vahn was looking at Haruhime’s backside with his [Eyes of Truth] and continued by saying, “If there is trauma to the body, it ruins the sensitivity and makes things unnecessarily painful…sex is supposed to be something that brings people closer, not something that is selfishly sought from others. It is like a compromise between two people to make each other happy…if it is a one-sided affair, it is closer to **** than the intercourse of lovers. I will make all of you mine, Haruhime, even that sneaky little fox hiding inside of you…” Haruhime couldn’t hear Vahn’s words at all because he had been teasing around her entrance after finding a sweet spot a few centimeters in.

As she had been a virgin, Haruhime was almost painfully tight but Vahn’s own tolerance against such pressure had increased greatly through ‘conditioning’. This allowed him to keep his clarity even though it was a very pleasant sensation that made his glans burn with a stimulating jolt that shot down his p**** with each probing thrust. He was very aware that the ‘flames’ were even inside of Haruhime’s body but he was able to easily resist them and enjoy their heat.

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Vahn finally found what he was looking for as he released Haruhime’s tails and pressed his thumb against the small indent slightly beneath her tail, and a few centimeters above her pulsating little anus. The tails immediately tried to move around in a similar hypnotic manner as they had previously but, shortly after Vahn inserted a thread of energy into the small indentation, Haruhime’s tails ‘curled’ up in an arc that angled toward her head. Haruhime herself released a loud cry and wiggled her hips but her tails remained rigid since Vahn had found a pressure point that had caused them to lock up.

Haruhime’s aura flickered about chaotically as she asked, “Vahn…what…my tails…” while still trying to get them to move. Vahn continued to watch her reaction with intrigue as he softly said, “Your tails are very beautiful, Haruhime, but they are also forcibly trying to take control of my mind. I know you well, and this isn’t something you’d want…right?” Hearing Vahn’s words, Haruhime’s eyes widened and she put in an effort to regulate her breathing before saying, “I would never try to control you, Vahn. I would rather cut my tails off completely if they prevented me from being together with you…”

Vahn stroked Haruhime’s backside with both of his hands as he slowly pressed his weight into her, causing a shivering moan to escape her lips as she lowered her upper body and raised her butt against him. After reaching the entrance of her cervix and pressing into it, Vahn said, “Going to such an extreme would just pain both of us, Haruhime…the only thing you need to do is gain control over your own power, and then we’ll be able to enjoy these moments even more.” Considering Haruhime’s reaction to his movements, Vahn knew she was enjoying this a lot more than more girls that had just lost her virginity. It was likely the influence of her Innate, or perhaps her own emotions overwhelming any pain she might have felt, but her body had been shivering in pleasure every time she exhaled.

Contrary to her expectations, Vahn pressed the pressure point below her tails and restored their function as he said, “Use your tails how you please, without letting them do whatever they want. After all, they are a part of you…and I’m actually quite fond of them…” As Vahn spoke, he stroked Haruhime’s original tail in an affectionate manner as he combed his fingers through the incredibly soft fur. The second tail moved about in a mesmerizing fashion, followed by the illusory third tail, but Vahn didn’t pay any attention to them and focused on Haruhime’s original tail as he began to groom it with both hands as he slowly rocked his hips. Without pulling out far enough to part from Haruhime’s cervix, Vahn rocked his hips almost as if he was knocking against her depths over and over. He knew there weren’t actually too many nerves around the area, but Loki had described the sense of ‘fullness’ as being comforting to a lot of women when they were having sex with the person they loved.

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Haruhime released gasps in time with his movements as she pressed her forehead into her forearms and enjoyed the moment while trying to exercise control over her tails. She realized now that her second tail wasn’t listening to her at all and there was even a strange phantom sensation around her butt that made her a little frustrated. No matter how much effort she put into it, Haruhime found that she couldn’t regain control over the once familiar situation and it actually made her resent the tail for causing Vahn problems. It was like having her left arm doing whatever it wanted, since the appendage was something that she naturally had full control over previously, and it was a very vexing feeling. If not for Vahn’s ‘comfort’, Haruhime felt like this situation would be a lot more stressful than it currently was…

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