Chapter 506: Sanjouno Haruhime (2/2)

As Vahn continued to comfort her original tail, Haruhime felt a strange sense of ‘loneliness’ in her other tails and, even though she couldn’t exercise control of them, she kind of wanted Vahn to tend to ‘them’ as well. It was a very peculiar sensation because Haruhime ‘resented’ the disobedient limb but also wanted Vahn to comfort it the same as her other tail because she felt incomplete having just one of her tails tended to. Though it wasn’t too obvious at first, since Vahn’s actions were very satisfying, Haruhime felt like the sensations from her lower body had started to fade into an echo as the feeling of being ‘incomplete’ continued to spread through her mind.

Realizing this, Haruhime actually became a little annoyed because it was like her own mind was starting to disobey her as well. The strange voice had returned to her mind and was compelling her to appeal to Vahn for ‘equal’ treatment and this made her realize that Vahn’s words of caution had greater implications. She had already felt it several times in the past, but Haruhime was very aware of the second ‘presence’ within her body now. Though she wasn’t sure if it could hear her at all, Haruhime shouted out in her mind, (“If you continue getting in the way of me getting closer to Vahn, I will do everything in my power to remove you from my body…I don’t need you nearly as much as my heart needs Vahn!”) Even now, Haruhime felt like the only things preventing her from going mad were Vahn’s efforts and the blazing ‘inferno’ that radiated from her chest.

Though the presence had one-sidedly been speaking to Haruhime before, it now fell silent for a long period of time before an ‘audible’ voice sounded in her ears, even though she knew it was closer to an auditory hallucination than actual sound, “Why do you let us be ruled by this man…? Even though he is capable, we can become much stronger…he should be ours…he CAN be ours…” As subtle as it might be, Haruhime could hear a strange ‘resentment’ in the voices words that incited her anger. Instead of saying it within her mind, Haruhime shouted out, “You don’t know anything about Vahn! You wouldn’t even exist if I didn’t do my best to get stronger to be at his side! I don’t need you at all, I’ve never needed you!”

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Vahn was surprised by Haruhime’s sudden outburst but quickly realized what was going on as turned her body onto its side and lifted her up high, making use of her flexibility, before leaning down and sealing her lips. He had noticed that Haruhime’s body had become somewhat less ‘responsive’ earlier and now realized that the fox inside of her was trying to make the experience less pleasurable for her so that she would try and pressure him in its stead. Haruhime had tears in her eyes as she grasped Vahn’s neck and freed her other leg before flipping over on her back. Even if it was somewhat uncomfortable, she didn’t care at all and just wanted to be with Vahn.

If her Innate was inhibited her own sensitivity, Vahn was going to take matters into his own hands and ‘conquer’ it if necessary. He could even make Eva, a being with instantaneous regeneration, writhe about under his hands, much less a tiny fox. However, he was still worried about Haruhime and pressed up both her right and left legs until it tilted her butt up off the ground and said, “Hold your legs yourself…I’ll show that little fox that it can’t get in our way.” Following his words, Haruhime linked her arms around the backs of her knees and held up her legs in a tantalizing manner that excited Vahn much more than the hypnotic tails ever could. This way, he could see where he and Haruhime were connected perfectly and she was flexible enough that, even if he pressed down on her from above, her body easily contorted to match his movements.

Vahn traced his thumbs around Haruhime’s somewhat swollen vulva and traced them along the interior of her l**** before pressing his thumb up against her somewhat underdeveloped c*******. Haruhime’s body shook under his actions as she released a heavy sigh and cried out, “Vahn…it feels good…more…” Though he followed her words, Vahn also kept part of his attention focused on her tails and pinned all three of them with his legs. The illusory third tail and Haruhime’s second tail kept writhing about under his legs as they coiled around and stroked his lower back. There was even a moment when the tail tried to make its way into the cleft of his buttocks so Vahn decided to take extreme measures.

A golden aura spread through the room in an instant as a single golden chain emerged from the void behind Vahn and entangled all three of Haruhime’s tails before pinning them down to the floor. Haruhime’s eyes opened widely and the golden glow contained within them began to fluctuate, revealing the original placid green of Haruhime’s eyes, almost as if a golden mist was being cleared from them. Within her mind, Haruhime could hear the voice shouting out, “No, we can’t let him do this to us! We are one and the same, not two different entities! We can’t let him bind us like this!” Haruhime, however, smiled as she looked into Vahn’s eyes and said, “You did nothing for me when I was suffering all those years…Vahn is the one that saved me…even if I had to give up all of my power, I know Vahn would still take care of me.”

Haruhime’s only desire in life, other than being freed from that nightmare, had been to walk at Vahn’s side and support him. However, if she had to give up the things that Vahn loved about her in her pursuit of him, Haruhime would rather be powerless. Even if she could only enjoy his love periodically within the Manor, she didn’t care at all…the only thing that mattered is that she was able to stay with him without trying to change him. She wanted him to remain the same heroic boy that had saved her, not become the thing she feared most about almost being a prostitute…being the end of a hero’s tale.

Before Vahn had saved her, Haruhime felt like she wasn’t even worth saving anymore because she knew well that she would fall in love with the man that liberated her from that love. Because she was a prostitute, she felt like she would corrupt and ruin their lives so she was simply satisfied with being a mistress or a concubine…she had thought she could be something more at Vahn’s side, but it seems that her own power opposed the happiness she sought. If that was the case, she didn’t care about power at all and would rather become a servant that dedicated herself to Vahn than the cause of his burdens…

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There was a long pause within her mind before the voice said in a quiet tone, “We can’t lie to ourselves…we know what lays dormant within our mind well. We can’t simply be satisfied being beneath others…not after what we went through…” Haruhime nodded her head before another sensual moan escaped her lips. The reverberations traced up through her body along her spine and made her mind wander, even though she was still able to retain a strange clarity at the same time. Since she couldn’t vocalize it through her lips, Haruhime responded within her mind and said, (“The only thing that forces ‘us’ to be beneath Vahn is your behavior…don’t you understand? If we become stronger, we won’t be beneath him at all…we will get to walk at his side as equals..!”)

Haruhime understood that the presence inside of her was also a fundamental part of her, something that had always been there even when she couldn’t feel its influence. She was simply too weak in the past, or simply didn’t have the proper understanding to communicate with it. However, she didn’t mind giving it up at all if it stood in her way. Even if she had to start over from scratch, Haruhime would simply work twice as hard to eventually become strong enough to follow Vahn again. If she lost her power completely, she would become a servant and tend to him when he returned to the Manor…

The voice was completely aware of Haruhime’s thought and shouted out, “This isn’t us! We suffered for so long and now we have the power to change our fate! We should be the ones to-” Before the voice could finish its words, Haruhime asked, (“Will that truly make us happy? Can it make my heart feel like this? Surely you can feel it as well…this endless warmth…”) When the voice sounded out again, Haruhime could sense the fear contained within as it said, “That power isn’t our’s…we are a slave to it. If we do not obey that boy, we will lose that power and then be left with nothing!”

Haruhime ‘smiled’ within her mind as her real body gasped out once again before Vahn sealed her lips with his own. She noticed this in the past, but his saliva was strangely ‘sweet’ and swallowing it made her feel a warm sensation that made her feel even closer to him. As if it was frustrated at being ignored, the voice shouted out, “We can’t do this! No, no, no, no, no! If we don’t turn back soon, this boy will take everything from us!” In response, Haruhime’s ‘smile’ spread even more as she said, (“I want him to take it…my everything…OUR everything!”) A powerful panic overwhelmed her body, but Haruhime didn’t pay any attention to it at all and just focused on her interactions with Vahn. She clung to his body as if she were trying to truly become a part of him as her own body reverberated with powerful echoes of pleasure.

Suddenly, it felt like the ‘presence’ within her was trying to escape and she felt a ‘tugging’ sensation at her lower body before another shouted sounded out in her ears, “We can’t escape! This blasted chain confines us! What is this!?” Though Haruhime had decided to give her ‘everything’ to Vahn, the part of her subconsciousness that sought power and had manifested as her Innate didn’t wish to be ruled. It resisted greatly, but the reverberations experienced by Haruhime wracked its own body and threatened to overwhelm it before long. Haruhime herself didn’t know it, but the fox spirit was a part of her that she had ‘given up’ in the past when she abandoned her hope, and it didn’t want to suddenly be ‘consumed’ once again by the powerful emotions that she was experiencing for Vahn.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t escape [Enkidu] at all and this caused its panic to compound greatly as it desperately tried to convince Haruhime to consider the matter properly. If they completely fell to Vahn, there would be no ‘hope’ left that they would one day obtain the ‘freedom’ they so desperately sought in the past. She knew that Haruhime feared being ‘controlled’ by others, just as her life had been decided by others in the past. However, the only thing she got in response to her cries were the simple words, (“This is one of the first real decisions I made for myself…how can I be the thing standing in my way? Won’t you accompany me once again…to obtain our happiness?”)

The fox spirit trembled as another wave of pleasure wracked its own body and it sobbed fearfully, “We’re scared…” Haruhime nodded as Vahn kissed her collarbone and traced his large hand around her back as ‘electricity’ spread through her body in a highly stimulating manner. However, her clarity never left her as she softly stated, (“But we can feel it…the love he feels for us…he needs us just as much as we need him…”) Though Vahn had incredible power, strong convictions, and unrivaled capabilities…he was still just a young boy with a troubled past that even exceeded her own. Even with so many girls looking after him, she could still see that he had an ’emptiness’ inside of him that only girls like Hephaestus, Hestia, Eina, and Tsubaki could fill. Haruhime wanted to be in that same category…she wanted to be able to fill up that small gap within his heart and bring him just a part of the happiness he had brought to her…

Though he had been holding it in for a while, as they had already been going at it for nearly half an hour, Vahn reached a critical point and leaned into Haruhime’s body with his weight as he knocked against the back of her v***** while releasing a flood of semen into her depths. Haruhime clung to him tightly as her body trembled at the invasion of Vahn’s hot fluids invading her interior. It felt like it was ‘burning’ her insides in a strangely pleasant manner that shook the very foundation of her body. Overlapping with her own voice, there was a ‘shudder’ within her mind as the voice mewled, “We can’t escape anymore…this boy will never let us go, even if we want to run away…” Instead of being worried by these words, Haruhime smiled in both her mind and reality as she said, “Good…”

Right after the word left her lips, the writhing tails ceased their movements as the illusory tail perfectly overlapped with the second one. Even with the restriction of [Enkidu], the second tail began to fray at the ends before a physical third tail appeared in its place. Haruhime felt a powerful sense of liberation and ‘surrender’ as the voice said, “Fine…we will walk with this boy…but we must increase our own strength even more. He is much stronger than us…” Haruhime nodded her head lazily as Vahn slowly raised his body from her’s and stared down at her. Their eyes matched at Haruhime’s face bloomed with a smile as she said, “We’re okay now…” Vahn had noticed the change in Haruhime’s body and also took note of the fact that her aura had expanded slightly with the inclusion of her third tail. He remembered her aura had been even bigger within the Divination, but that wasn’t too important right now as he stroked Haruhime’s face and said, “I love you, Haruhime…”

Vahn loosened up [Enkidu] at the same time as he spoke and Haruhime overlapped her hand with his as the golden color of her eyes stabilized and completely covered the underlying green. However, she didn’t show any signs of being influenced by her Innate at all as she said in a sensual and hot tone, “I love you too, Vahn…” The two continued to stare into each other’s eyes as Vahn moved his hips slightly, effectively triggering Haruhime once again as her aura flared up. However, they were both brought to stunned silence when a voice shouted out from beside them, “What about us~!?”

As he couldn’t sense its presence at all, Vahn was slightly startled by the sudden outburst and turned his head to see a small white fox with nine tails staring at him with a ‘pouting’ expression and teary golden eyes. Vahn wasn’t quite sure what to say until Haruhime laughed like a bell and said, “We can be a bit needy at times…please pamper us when you can, Vahn~.” Unfortunately, Haruhime’s words made him even more confused because it didn’t explain the situation at all. Matters got even more confusing when the small fox pounced toward him and began rubbing against him in a far more affectionate manner than before as it said, “You have to treat us well, or we will never accept you!”

The most surprising thing of all was the fact that Vahn could clearly ‘feel’ the small fox even though he couldn’t sense it at all. Instead of appearing illusory, it now a ‘real’ body that could be seen even without his [Eyes of Truth] active. However, even with them active, Vahn couldn’t see ‘into’ the fox so he knew it wasn’t a truly physical entity. He was so confused and curious at the same time that he wasn’t quite sure how to act until Haruhime ‘slipped’ off of him and picked up the small fox before hugging it against her chest. It looked especially adorable being held by Haruhime as its legs dangled about with its small nine tails wriggling about in a frustrated manner.

Though he kept his guard up, Vahn reached out his hand habitually and began stroking the head of the small fox and immediately noticed that it was very soft and, most importantly, ‘real’. The little fox had both a ‘happy’ and ‘frustrated’ expression on its face at the same time as it said, “We will get even stronger to stay with you, so you have to treat us well!” As he had been ‘hearing’ it for a short while now, Vahn could tell that the small fox had a voice very similar to Haruhime’s, though decidedly much younger in its intonation. The most peculiar thing though was the fact that he could clearly ‘hear’ her even though there was no actual sound emitted…

As if she understood Vahn’s confusion, not that she had any real understanding of what was happening, Haruhime said, “This little one is our ‘hope’…something that I had displaced long ago and neglected for too long. You brought my ‘hope’ back to me, Vahn…and now I can get much stronger as a result~.” Vahn had so many questions to ask but he also knew that Haruhime wouldn’t actually be able to answer them. Innates were truly ‘unique’ and defied common sense in ways he couldn’t even comprehend should someone explain it to him. Even with his own capabilities, Vahn had no way to understanding the complexities of his own Innates, much less those of other people. The only thing he knew right now was that the little fox was part of Haruhime and it had somehow materialized after some changes occurred in her body.

The small fox wriggled its way out of Haruhime’s arms before jumping up to his shoulder and curling around his necks with its tails wrapping around him like a scarf. Before Vahn could ask the question, it said, “Since we can’t always be together normally, we split a part of ourselves to always accompany you. You carry our hope on your shoulders, so never forget and neglect us!” After processing the fox’s words, Vahn asked, “Wait, are you saying you’re going to follow me around everywhere I go?” In response to his question, Haruhime laughed in an ‘elegant’ manner and said, “I already said it in the past, Vahn, but I will always strive to stand at your side no matter what. It looks like my ‘hope’ will be in your care from now on…take care of it, okay?”

Vahn felt like he was ‘compelled’ to rebuff Haruhime’s words but couldn’t think of anything to say after seeing the ‘devotion’ contained in her eyes. Eventually, he just sighed before a smile appeared on his face and he said, “I’ll do my best, Haruhime. Thank you, for everything you’ve given to me. I won’t let you down.” However, right after Vahn finished his words, the small fox bit his ear and said, “Don’t neglect us!” Though its teeth didn’t do any damage at all, Vahn winced slightly at the unexpected nibble as he reached up and tried to free the fox from his neck. However, he found that its body turned completely rigid as it nuzzled against him and he couldn’t remove it unless he tried to do so forcibly…

Haruhime laughed as she crawled up on her knees and pressed against his chest, saying, “You took good care of me earlier…now it’s my turn to take care of you. Though I used to be ashamed of my past, at least now I can make use of all that knowledge to try and satisfy you…please be honest and tell me how I’m doing~.” Though he hadn’t allowed himself to be pushed down immediately, Vahn eventually gave in and decided to see how things progress. He couldn’t deny he was interested in Haruhime’s techniques since some of the girls he was with occasionally used things she had taught them. As he lay back, the small fox released his neck before jumping up to Haruhime’s body and hanging over her shoulder as it watched him from above. Vahn felt like this adorable little fox would be the death of him one day…

With Vahn on his back, Haruhime sat in between his legs and ‘admired’ his member that was still wet with her own fluids. Though it wasn’t very sanitary, Haruhime knew it was ‘proper’ to clean up after the fact as she moved her long hair to her back and leaned over before placing the glans against her lips. Vahn didn’t seem too surprised, which she had somewhat expected, but she wanted to get a rise out of him as she rolled her tongue around the tip in a practiced manner. She could feel him twitched slightly as she looked up into his eyes with her own upturned golden eyes and smiled. Seeing him hold his breath for a brief moment made Haruhime feel very satisfied as she took a breath before relaxing her diaphragm and neck as she lowered her head against the relatively oversized member…

Vahn wasn’t sure if he should make any comment about it, but Haruhime’s f******* was arguably better than her ‘untrained’ v*****. When he saw her begin to lower her head against him, Vahn felt a jolt run along his length that tickled his prostate slightly and caused him to clench up. Haruhime then ‘slurped’ up the remnant fluids as she created a vacuum with her mouth and ‘cleaned’ his tip. Each of her motions brought her further down on his member until Vahn glans reached the back of her throat. However, Haruhime was ‘undaunted’ as she angled her body and pulled his member downward and let the glans follow the curve of her neck. Vahn felt a shiver run up his spine this time as feelings of worry and concern fought alongside his waning rationality. Haruhime didn’t seem satisfied with her current progress at all, however, as she lowered her own body before move against his. Vahn could feel the air from her nostrils tickle his pubes as she moved her tongue from side-to-side against the base of his p****…

Because of the angle she was at Vahn could see Haruhime looking up at him with ‘smiling’ eyes as she placed her hands against his hips and created a ‘seal’ as she pulled her body away from his. The vacuum created by her seal was much stronger than previously and Vahn felt like Haruhime was going to drag his hips across the futon as a result of her efforts. Though his tolerance was quite high, Vahn held his breath to resist the suction force before releasing a sigh as Haruhime started rolling her tongue around his glans again. The small fox on her back looked between his p**** before making eye contact with him and saying, “You should say something or we won’t know how you feel!”

The fox didn’t seem satisfied with Vahn’s reaction as it jumped off Haruhime’s shoulder and stood on his abdomen before placing its paws against his chest and looking directly into its face with an ‘annoyed’ look. Vahn felt like this little fox was something similar to Haruhime’s subconscious mind so he said, “It feels great, Haruhime…unlike anything I’ve ever experienced…” as he ‘surprised’ the small fox by grabbing its body. Surprisingly, Haruhime’s body trembled a little when he grabbed the small fox and began massaging his fingers against its body to tease it. It writhed about and tried to escape his grasp as it said, “Uuuuh, you can’t treat us like this!” Haruhime, however, raised up her head and smiled as she said, “Please tease that little one as much as you want, Vahn. If it didn’t like it, it wouldn’t have come outside to play…fufufufu~.”

The little fox opened its eyes wide and shouted, “No, that’s wrong, we don’t want to be teased!” Haruhime didn’t seem to mind the fox at all and simply continued her own efforts, causing Vahn to sharply inhale once again as he gently squeezed the small fox. It mewled quietly as it said, “Gently…” in a very low tone that could have been missed if Vahn wasn’t alert. Though, as its voice seemed to transmit directly to his ears, Vahn suspected he wouldn’t have overlooked it even if he hadn’t been paying attention. Since his [Petting] was even more effective on animals, Vahn began stroking the small fox gently with his right hand as he held it with his left to keep it from escaping and causing trouble. It’s nine little tails danced about in a wispy manner as it ‘gnashed’ its teeth with its eyes closed. However, it didn’t make any attempt to escape and Vahn knew it could simply turn into a puff of flames if it really wanted to. Since it seemed to share a sensory like with Haruhime, Vahn comforted the small fox as a small repayment for Haruhime’s ‘service’…

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