Chapter 512: Night Battle (2/3)

Because he had unequipped his own tunic, Vahn was completely naked after Tione had ripped open his trousers and torn off his briefs. He removed the remaining torn cloth and charged at the two girls who split up to flank him from the sides. Vahn was beginning to realize that there was almost no way he could pin both girls at the same time since their flexibility and combat sensibilities were simply too high. Even forcing Tiona into an awkward position nearly caused him to suffer a defeat so he needed to come up with a way to force them into submission individually. They weren’t actually fighting, even though it might appear otherwise, so he was extremely limited in his options…

White energy began to radiate from Vahn’s palms that alerted both girls as they moved to evade his swipes against their bodies. Vahn had decided that the only way to ‘win’ would be to stimulate their bodies to the point that they simply couldn’t remain standing. His own stamina was nearly limitless, so he would eventually be able to outlast them as he sapped away at their stamina. It might cause them to feel frustration, but that was something they would have to cope with when they were defeated regardless. This could only end with them taking him by force or him doing the same to them. Not only would this not ‘fix’ the two girls’ problem, but Vahn wasn’t the type that liked to be on the receiving end so he stepped up his efforts as fiery blood pumped through his veins.

Vahn leaped toward Tiona while crouching low to the ground, causing her to step back as Tione followed him from behind. Just as he was about to reach out and try to touch her, Vahn disappeared from both girls’ sights before appearing behind Tione and passing his palms down the side of her body while wriggling his fingers at the same time. She had initially been able to react to his movement, but Vahn stunned her body by converging his intent on her long enough to complete his action. Tione’s body trembled before she instinctually tried to kick back at him with a very serious attack before falling to her knees and breathing heavily.

Tiona leaped over Tione’s body and kept both of her hands up in a ‘grabbing’ motion that was also intended to stop Vahn’s hands. The excitement on her face had increased to the point where she almost looked ‘mad’ with passion as she grabbed toward him while saying, “Vahn, this is super fun~! I really want to make you mine, ahahahaha~!” Though he didn’t use them often enough, Vahn was proficient in close-quarters-combat techniques after self-study and fighting against the highly proficient Tsubaki. He stepped back and traced his palms in a circle in and inward-to-outward motion to knock Tiona’s wrists away before stepping forward, saying, “I’ll show you both my worth!” as he ran his palms up Tiona’s ribs and traced them over her diminutive breasts.

Tiona’s resistance against such ‘attacks’ was much higher than the inexperienced Tione so she tried to grab Vahn’s arms by wrapping her arms around behind his elbows. If she could pin the sneaky hands to her side long enough for Tione to capture Vahn, it wouldn’t matter even if she had to ‘suffer’ for a little while. Contrary to her expectations, Vahn didn’t try to escape and simply ’embraced’ her body as he ran his hands around her back. Tiona pinned his arms as her teeth chattered in an effort to resist Vahn’s stimulating touch. He wasn’t trying to ‘relax’ their bodies but instead making them feel an incredible amount of pleasure. Though her bottoms were made to be absorbent, light moisture was escaping out from the sides of the stretchy fabric as Tiona released hot breaths against Vahn’s chest.

Tione had recovered enough of her mobility to step forward and try to help pin Vahn, but the moment she got near they both vanished from sight before reappearing at a different location. Both Tione and Tiona realized at the same time why Vahn hadn’t evaded and Tiona immediately let go of Vahn’s arms and tried to escape. Vahn wasn’t going to grant her reprieve so easily, however, as his left hand found its way to Tiona’s bottom and relieved her of the last bastion protecting her dignity. He had stored away the garment into his inventory and stepped forward at the same time as Tiona tried to move back.

Tiona pressed her hands to Vahn’s chest and tried to force him away but she suddenly found herself crashing into a wall and Vahn pressed against her. It wasn’t a strong enough impact to do any real damage to her, but it was enough to break her action temporarily. Vahn’s hands were constantly moving around her body and causing echoes to eat away at her sensibilities. The ‘worst’ part was that Vahn had shifted his weight and lifted her right leg as a hot object probed against her in a manner that made her heart itch painfully. Anticipation began to rise in her body as she mustered up what little strength she could manage to force him away.

Vahn allowed Tiona to push him back as she gasped for breath and leaned forward slightly to ‘cope’ with the reverberations wracking her body. Tione had once again made her way over an attempt to aide Tiona and felt very excited when she saw Vahn ‘pushed’ away and knocked off balance. She spread her arms to try and grab his body but hugged empty air at the same time as a hot electrical sensation wrapped around her right breast and lower abdomen. Her body jerked in an instant as a cold feeling touched her lower body and she tried to elbow back to force Vahn off her body. Just as her grab had touched empty air, there was absolutely no feedback from her strike and the only thing that seemed to change in the situation was that her bottoms and panties were now missing.

For a brief moment, Tiona had dropped her guard after hitting empty air for the second time. She had wanted to catch her breath real quick and had completely forgotten that there was currently no Tiona to keep Vahn busy. Though this small ‘gap’ in her mentality lasted for less than a second, Vahn had once again grabbed her body from behind as he pressed his index finger against her little button his placing his right arm around her body to support her, just in case. Tione’s eyes opened wide as a soundless yell escaped her lips causing her hips to rise, back to arch, and feet to curve all at the same time. Vahn supported her body with his own as he groped her chest and gently probed the tidal gates that had failed to stymie the flow of fluids escaping Tione’s lower body. Perhaps she hadn’t prepared herself ‘enough’ before entering this room because she ended up releasing more than just love juices at the sudden intense stimulus.

Tiona had seen everything transpire and tried to step forward to aide Tione yet, much like her elder sister, she couldn’t muster any strength in her legs and stumbled about like a newborn fawn. Just as she was about to regain her footing, Vahn and Tione disappeared and a premonition reached Tiona at the same time as her vision became dominated by brown skin. Vahn pushed Tione into Tiona, forcing the younger of the two twins to catch her sister as they both fell backward. Tiona knew things were about to get ‘bad’ for them, but she couldn’t simply discard the limp sister of her body because there was a non-negligible chance she could injure herself if she landed badly.

After sending the two girls to the ground, with Tiona cushioning Tione’s fall, Vahn stepped forward and crouched down at the same time, aiming for the ‘win condition’ with his left index finger. Tione was temporarily out of commission, so the only ‘threat’ remaining was Tiona. In a manner similar to her older sister, Tiona’s back arched as she squeezed the limp body of Tione after Vahn pushed her button. It felt like her lower body was connected to her brain and her mind completely blanked as a powerful reverberation sent her consciousness flying away. Vahn wasn’t content with the current outcome and knew things needed to be ‘finished’ before he could truly begin to relax.

Because they were the same size, Tiona and Tione perfectly overlapped with each other and Tiona was currently holding up her own sister’s body as Tione ‘straddled’ her hips. Vahn grabbed Tione’s hips with his hands and pulled her back slightly so that her knees were properly grounded. He then grabbed her left arm and twisted it into her back before forcing down both of their bodies into the ground. Tiona’s butt ended up high in the air with Vahn leaning over her around the same time that she returned to her senses. She tried to struggle and free herself but she couldn’t put strength into her lower body and Vahn was leveraging his own weight against her. In a desperate attempt to ‘escape’, Tione tried to use her free right hand to push away at the ground but, the moment she pressed her palm to the ground, Vahn had reached forward and snatched it up before pulling her arm straight and pressing her more firmly into Tiona.

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Vahn released a long breath before inhaling and ‘stunning’ Tione once again to reposition her arm against her back and pinning them both at the same time. It was undoubtedly a little painful, but there was no danger of her joints dislocating unless she herself did so. Since he had control over her lower body, she wouldn’t be able to get enough leverage for the action so Vahn had effectively ‘won’ against both girls, though it was in a somewhat underhanded manner. Tione continued to struggle as Vahn wedged open both girls’ legs and said, “With this, it’s my victory…” Tione tried to jerk her body from side to side a few times as a hot object dashed away the ‘coldness’ touching her lower body.

Just like Tiona had in the past, Tione began drawing in heavy breaths as her body tensed up slightly at the foreign objects intrusion. She was simultaneously unwilling to admit defeat while also feeling an almost overwhelming sense of happiness at the same time. As for Vahn, he knew that Amazons didn’t have a hymen and they ‘resisted’ entry during their first time unless their partner was a bit forceful. Without any hesitation, Vahn found the correct angle and raised his hips slightly before plowing deeply into Tione’s body with enough force to make both girls shift several centimeters along the ground. Any resistance Tione showed ceased as she drew labored and heavy breaths with an amorous look on her face as she peered back at Vahn.

This wasn’t Vahn’s first time having sex with an Amazon, so he wasn’t caught off guard by the powerful vice-like grip that wrapped around him and seemed to ‘suck’ him further into her depths. He had only made it a little more than halfway with his entry, but it didn’t stop Tione’s body from trying to ‘devour’ him further. When he moved his hips back, the suction force increased greatly and her insides writhed around as her muscles contracted enough to make his back shake as he released a small gasp of his own. Unable to defeat him in a ‘contest’ of strength, it was almost like Tione’s body was trying to defeat him in another way. Compared to his previous experiences with Tiona, it was a little overwhelming and Vahn quickly understood why having sex with an Amazon was such a highly sought after experienced. The image of a cheekily smiling red-haired boy invaded Vahn’s thoughts for a brief moment and he decided to smack Welf the next time they met.

Since their ‘contest’ had entered a new phase, Vahn pulled back Tione’s arms and lifted her body at the same time as he rose to his feet. Her weight pulled her further down against him as she cocked her head back and said, “Vahn…what…are you doing~?” Tione’s body was completely in ‘breeding’ mode and she could hardly think properly as her thoughts raced, considering methods where she could still ‘win’ against Vahn. Vahn was in an awkward position trying to hold up Tione’s body with her legs dangling but he was still able to set up a bed before he ‘pushed’ her onto it. She released a gasp as she fell forward in a confusion at the sudden ‘vacancy’ in her lower body. It made her feel incredibly frustrated in an instant as strength quickly began to return to her body. However, her anger didn’t get her very far as an even more confused expression appeared on her face moments later.

Vahn had pushed Tione to the side of the bed with her upper body laying against it as her legs dangled from the side. He then reached down and picked up Tiona by her armpits as she laughed playfully and said, “I was just thinking I might have been able to recover a bit of my energy…” Though he would have liked to ‘finish off’ Tione, this was irrefutably a two-versus-one situation and things would have become troublesome if Tiona was able to recover while he was busy with the elder sister. Vahn sat her body against Tione’s lower back before laying her down, using Tiona’s weight to continue pressing Tione to the bed. He then lifted Tione’s legs by her ankled and contorted her body in an awkward manner before saying, “Hold these for me…” to Tiona.

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Though she ‘shouldn’t’ comply with him, Tiona laughed and grabbed her own sister’s legs and hugged them tightly as Vahn pulled down her hips and pressed her button once again. Her grip tightened even further and completely sealed off Tione’s means of escape as Vahn found her steamy entrance once again and probed into his depths in an instant. Tione released a gasping moan as she said, “Tionaaaa, you traitoooor~!” As for the younger of the two twins, she couldn’t even hear anything her elder sister said as electrical currents caused her head to bob and twitch as she continued squeezing her sister’s legs.

Because of Tiona’s ‘assistance’, Tione’s body was lifted at an angle that made Vahn ‘scrape’ against the backside of her v***** which just so happened to have several ‘weak’ spots of the once-mighty Amazon warrior. As he pistoned her with powerful thrusts, the only solution to overcome the ‘suction’ of her lower body, Vahn also simultaneously used his right hand to probe around and massage Tiona’s insides while using his left pink and thump to send alternating currents of energy into Tione’s butt. The stimulation caused her body to rhythmically twitch in the same tempo as Vahn’s movements and she quickly found herself unable to do anything but ‘breathe’ as she gripped the sheets tightly.

Unable to stand at the side and simply watch, Ais had moved over and was currently crouching down as she watched Vahn’s p**** entering Tione’s v***** over and over again. She was already completely naked and had her index finger held loosely in her mouth as she watched the events play out with intrigue and curiosity. Vahn turned his eyes toward her and saw the glimmer in Ais’s golden eyes as a small smile appeared on his face and he ‘redoubled’ his efforts with Tione. It might be a result of her unique first experience, but Ais had a tendency to ‘watch’ when Vahn was having sex with other girls, almost like she was a student eager to learn new information. He could also see the competitive light in her eyes, likely comparing her performance to Tione’s…

Since this was going to be a long night, Vahn couldn’t afford to hold out for too long so he didn’t resist at all as the pleasure in his own body continued to rise like a tide. He was somewhat eager to move onto Tiona’s body next because the stimulation he received from Tione’s v***** was completely beyond his expectations. Vahn felt like this skin of his p**** was being dragged by her insides because of the powerful suction force and it was very difficult to resist outright ejaculating every time he thrust his hips. Without any attempt to prevent himself from doing so, Vahn had already started to release a small amount of precum before he could feel a surge pass through his body, causing him to speed up before pressing himself as deeply as possible into Tione’s body as she cried out with a long, “Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahnnnnnnnn~!”

Even though Tione was pinned down by Tiona, she still managed to arch her back with enough force to lift Tiona from the bed as a powerful climax assaulted her body. She had already been experiencing a long orgasm since Vahn’s earlier actions, but he had pressed her button with his middle finger at the same time as he pressed into her cervix with the tip of his glans. She couldn’t think at all as various colors assaulted her vision before blackness overwhelmed them all. The only thing she felt after that, other than the overwhelming sense of pleasure, was a profound sense of relief and happiness…

Vahn’s hips trembled as he got to experience the phenomenon of Tione’s cervix opening slightly as it ‘gulped’ down his semen into her womb. Though it was rude to think of it as ‘convenient’, there was never any necessary cleanup whenever he had sex with Tiona in the past, and that was a trait shared by Tione. Their physiology proactive sought to become pregnant and this included causing them to ovulate during sex with powerful men and completely devouring all of the semen pumped into them. Vahn could literally feel the opening in her cervix expand and contract as the suction of her v***** continued sucking his p**** deeper into her depths. Though she could hardly manage half of his length to start, Tione was now pulling him millimeter-by-millimeter further into her body until he was nearly 80% of the way into her depths.

After feeling the suction force ease up a bit, Vahn pulled out his p**** from Tione’s v***** and released a relieved sigh before prying open Tiona’s arms so she could drop Tione’s legs. He made sure to catch her feet as the fell since he noticed that Tione had passed out during her earlier climax. Tiona wasn’t in much better condition either, since Vahn had been ‘playing’ with her for the relatively short seven-minute interval before he ‘defeated’ Tione. She still had enough faculties to try and ‘grapple’ Vahn after realizing what was happening, but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed as he placed his still wet glans, lubricated by the love nectar of Tiona’s own sister, against the steamy entrance of her v*****.

Vahn took a breath and exhaled before lowering his hips once again, this time claiming a point against Tiona in their ‘climactic’ battle. As she had long ‘adapted’ to Vahn’s size, Tiona completely accepted his intrusion before her legs locked around his hips like a vice. Though the sensation he was feeling was ‘otherworldly’ compared to his previous experiences with Tiona, Vahn was highly experienced with dealing with her as he leaned down and began rolling her nipple with his tongue. Tiona was rather weak against attacks against her chest so her legs loosened up slowly and allowed Vahn to pull out of her ridiculously tight v*****. Without her muscles being relaxed by the ‘Fallen’, Tiona’s abdomen and vaginal muscles were kicked into overdrive and Vahn was hardly able to move unless he did so forcefully. Like Tione, there was also an incredible suction that would slowly pull him into her body, even if he didn’t move his hips at all.

Tiona saw Vahn’s reaction and began laughing cheerfully as she said, “I’m glad you’re happy…but I think it’s my victory if it’s just based on how happy we’re feeling~. This is so much better than in the past…it’s like we’re having sex for the first time all over again…ehehehe~.” Tiona bobbed her chin a few times, a sign Vahn had come to associate with her wanting to kiss. Deciding he had already claimed victory, Vahn returned Tiona’s freedom to her even though he knew she would probably try to squeeze the life out of him. As expected, just as he sealed her lips and began to kiss her passionately, Tiona gripped the bag of his head with her right hand as she hugged his body with her left. She had previously been pressed against the bed, but now she was sticking closely to Vahn’s body as he held them both up with his right arm.

Unable to ‘weaken’ her by attack her nipples, Tiona’s legs wrapped around him shortly thereafter as she ‘greedily’ squeezed his p**** every time she exhaled. Vahn pressed against the bed and stood up before jumping off of it and landing on his feet, causing Tiona’s hips to slam against his as she released a throaty moan. Vahn then allowed her to squeeze him as tightly as she wanted, even though it was somewhat painful, as he firmly grabbed her toned butt with both hands and began releasing waves of energy into her body that made her legs shake as some of her power left her. Vahn let Tiona take over the battle from above, but he was determined to achieve the final victory as he slammed his hips against Tiona’s and caused her to gasp once again.

Just as she had been doing previously, Ais was watching once again, this time standing below Tiona’s body as she looked up at observed the collisions with excitement clearly visible in her eyes. Even with moisture fell from Tiona’s body and splashed against her, Ais didn’t flinch and, other than a small frown appearing on her face, there were no other changes in her expression. She reached up with her finger and wiped away the moisture before smelling it and placing it into her mouth to sample the flavor. This time, her brows twitched slightly as she used her free hand to probe against the tidal gates of her own lower body and compared the flavors. Ais’s brows loosened up slightly as a ‘proud’ look appeared on her face as she continued watching the ‘battle’ between Tiona and Vahn.

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