Chapter 513: Night Battle (3/3)

Tiona had enough sense to not dig her fingers into his back so, other than a few hand-shaped bruises and a bit of pain in his back, Vahn managed to claim the final victory against Tiona even though it was at the cost of taking a headbutt to his chin when she jerked her body during a powerful climax. Vahn recovered quickly and just kissed her forehead as she hugged his body with a terrifying force, fortunately, less than he was capable of enduring. Though he was weaker than her in Power, Vahn’s Endurance was a monstrous 4440, which was more than enough to be able to prevent her from easily crushing his body with her strength.

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Just as usual, though much more powerful than previous experiences, Tiona’s body lapped up his semen greedily and didn’t allow a single drop to spill, even under the influence of gravity. From below, Ais could see Tiona’s body acting almost like a ‘mouth’ as it expanded slightly and tried to pull Vahn deeper into her interior. This was something she couldn’t emulate, so it always made her a little envious every time she saw it happening. She had once tried to regulate her breathing while flexing her abdominal muscles, but there wasn’t anything she could do to make her own v***** actually create the same suction force as Tiona. Now that Tione was added to the mix, Ais showed a ‘calculating’ expression as she considered ways to ‘compete’ with the two similarly aged girls.

Tiona eventually recovered her senses and released heavy breaths against Vahn’s chest before looking up and squeezing him as she playfully asked, “Can you peel me off your body~?” As it stood, unless Vahn could forcibly remove her, Tiona felt like it was her victory even though she had suffered a few defeats. Vahn, however, had already expected her antics as he placed one finger at the base of her neck and the other right above the cleft of her pert buttocks. Tiona’s eyes widened and she immediately released Vahn, knowing full well the repercussions if she decided to ‘fight’ that final battle. She had once asked Vahn to perform the ‘Convergence of Heaven and Earth’ on her out of curiosity, and it had affected her body for nearly an entire day after the fact. By the time her body had returned to normal, she had to change her underwear five times because of how uncomfortable they had become from her own fluids constantly leaking…

Vahn chuckled and said, “It looks like the Sage Aldrnari has claimed victory against the Hiryute Sisters~.” Tiona sat against the bed with a loving smile on her face as she placed her hand against her lower body and said, “If we don’t take medicine after this, we’ll be pregnant…I can feel my body burning up and its a very exciting feeling…ehehehe~.” Tiona then fell back onto the bed and sprawled out in a very unladylike manner with a far-off look appearing in her eyes. Vahn’s own smile faded a bit and he said, “One day, I’ll be strong enough that Hippolyta and Kali have no choice but to take a step back. Even though it is important to value one’s culture, if it causes people to have to go through such trying situations, it’s simply unacceptable…”

Tiona laughed happily as she pulled up her legs and spread them like a frog and said, “If you say things like that, you’ll have to calm down the heat of my body~.” One of the things that got Tiona the most ‘excited’ was when Vahn performed heroic actions and said words filled with conviction. Even though she had still been in an excited state, her lower body palpitated with excitement in an inviting manner as she looked into Vahn’s face with a passionate look in her eyes. However, another head popped out from over Vahn’s shoulder as Ais said, “Tiona…it is my turn…” while hugging Vahn’s body from behind.

Ais’s actions hadn’t been a surprise to either Vahn or Tiona, so she simply laughed before rolling over to Tione’s limp body and poking her in the cheek, playfully commenting, “I think you killed her~?” Contrary to her words, Tione’s chest was rising and falling as she took in shallow breaths with her arms splayed out and her legs dangling from the bed. Vahn had been in a ‘hurry’ earlier, so he hadn’t gotten the opportunity to take care of her body properly before he was forced into battle. Vahn’s expression melted seeing the two naked sisters side-by-side and he said, “Tiona, look after her for me…” Tiona nodded her head and said matter-of-factly, “I’ve been watching after this all-too-serious girl for our entire lives…even without you telling me~.”

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Vahn briefly recalled their two varying [Hearts Desire]s and couldn’t help but agree with Tiona’s words, as she had always been the one making concessions and trying to help Tione. Unlike the always cheerful and lively Tiona, Tione had always been somewhat ‘desperate’ in all of her actions as she fought desperately to try and escape that shadow cast by her own little sister’s brilliance. The main reason why Tiona had reached Level 2 at the same time as Tione was because she had always waited for her big sister to catch up with her. It was tragic that they two had been pitted against each other since the love Tiona had for her elder twin was one of the purest and most powerful bonds Vahn had ever seen. Even without the ‘benefit’ of an Innate like [Gemini], Tiona had always done her best to help Tione, regardless of the pain she had to suffer as a result…true bonds were those that could withstand heavy burdens, and Tiona had withstood some that few would have been able to bear in her place, including Tione…

Feeling Ais’s movements, Vahn was broken from his momentary reverie as she licked his shoulder, almost as if she were tasting his sweat. Ever since the first time they were together, Ais had always been ‘fond’ of using her mouth, including sucking on his fingers, licking his lips, and even ‘copying’ his own actions by licking his nipples. Every time they were together, Ais seemed to be more fond of licking than kissing so Vahn wasn’t surprised by her actions at all. Just as he was about to ask how she would like to have sex, Ais had already prepared an answer by saying, “I want to try something…”

This was another trait that always made having sex with Ais a fresh experience, because she was always interested in trying new things, almost like she was trying to ‘master’ having sex.

Vahn nodded his head and asked, “What did you want to try this time…?” in a curious and expectant manner. Ais traced her tongue across his shoulder in a slow motion before saying, “Lots of things…” before coming around to the front of his body and leaning against his chest. Ais placed her hand against the tip of his glans, which was peering out between her thighs with several centimeters of visible support. Ais seemed to be ‘calculating’ something for a moment before she made a small nod and said, “I will hold you like this…” as she hooked her left arm around his neck and rubbed his glans with her right palm.

Though he was a little confused, Vahn somewhat understood what Ais wanted him to but, as he was preparing to pick up her body, she shook her head and said, “I want to try standing…and then moving later…” Vahn had never had sex where both he and the girl were standing since the angle seemed a bit difficult, but he was equally as interested in Ais when it came to trying new things. He pushed against her back slightly as she continued clinging to his neck and lifted her butt slightly as her back arched. Because of the difference in their height, Ais stood on her toes as Vahn pulled back his hips and placed his glans against her slightly puffy vulva and probed toward the waiting entrance contained within.

Ais lowered her body weight against Vahn and guided the angle with her own body, no longer the inexperienced girl she had been in the past. She then tried to stand up normally but had to stay on her toes since the angle was indeed difficult to manage unless she was raised slightly. This was why she was holding Vahn’s neck as support and it felt strange and exciting, even though it was somewhat awkward. Vahn wasn’t sure of the best way to move about, but he knew he would need to support Ais a bit so he cupped her still-developing breasts firmly to let her upper body relax a little. Ais’s eyes opened slightly and a small smile appeared on her face, realizing that she could now move more easily.

With the awkwardness of the position ‘fixed’, Ais began rocking her hips in small motions as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Vahn’s p**** inside her v*****. Every time she had sex with Vahn, Ais felt a little bit ‘happier’ than she had been in the past and now it had become something comfortable that made her heart feel at ease. Since he was always receptive to the things she wanted to try, it made her eager to try all kinds of things with him so that she could get more of his ‘firsts’. She didn’t know why it was so important herself, but Ais wanted to experience all kinds of things with Vahn before other girls ‘took’ the opportunity for themselves…

After adapting to Ais’s motions, Vahn began moving his own waist slightly to ‘oppose’ her movements to make it more pleasurable for them both. He knew that sex with Ais was an ‘exchange’ and a ‘journey’ that they were both on together, so he didn’t push her until she was ready to take the ‘leap’ and fly. Tiona watched from the bed in her characteristic sitting posture, legs spread with her feet together as she held her ankles, as she marveled at their love-making. She knew that her body was always a bit ‘eager’ and she sought proactive action from Vahn to feel at ease. This meant she didn’t really enjoy slow sex like Ais, and Tiona suspected this was something Ais knew as well…

Because Vahn generally dealt with multiple girls, he wasn’t always able to take things slow and steady with most of the girls. Other than Ais, the only girls he typically had ‘slow’ sex with were Eina and, very occasionally, Ryuu. Some of the girls hadn’t even had Vahn to themselves yet, so things were always somewhat passionate as everyone tried to keep the tensions high. Vahn also worked hard to make sure that everyone was properly ‘stimulated’, so he kind of forced things to speed up through his own actions. Though she had her fair share of intense sex, Ais was one of the few girls that had always been able to enjoy things at her preferable pace since she was often ‘patient’ enough to wait for the other girls to be tired and less likely to interfere.

After her body had heated up a great deal, Ais used her free hand to grab Vahn’s and guide it around her body as she said, “I love your hands…almost as much as I love you…make me feel good, Vahn…” Her words finished, Ais angled her head and kissed Vahn as he leaned around her shoulder and began to emit light from his palms. Ais released a quick breath through her nose as the sudden stimulation but quickly adapted before circling her hips counter-clockwise as she relied on Vahn’s left hand as support. He also adapted quickly and moved his hand from her left breast to her right, crossing his arm across her chest to let her lean against his bicep.

A shiver ran through Ais’s body suddenly as her insides began to writhe around Vahn’s p**** in a light orgasm. She temporarily stopped her kiss and released a pleasured sigh before saying, “You try something…” As they had often done, Ais would guide the initial act and then let Vahn ‘experiment’ with her body before she took the initiative back later. By taking turns, they were both able to appease their curiosity while Ais was able to experience brief moments of uncertainty and surprise from Vahn’s actions. Vahn was also able to learn a great deal about how to pleasure other women because Ais’s reactions were always very honest and straightforward. She would directly tell him when she felt good, even though her words weren’t always clear…

Vahn had already been thinking about the next step and decided to continue with his initial plan. Slowing his motions to let Ais prepare herself, Vahn leaned back and let Ais recline against him before picking up her legs with both of his hands. He initially brought them straight up, which caused Ais’s body to tighten up noticeably but was somewhat difficult to sustain. After a few thoughts cycled through his head, Vahn pulled Ais’s legs apart and support her body by holding the back of her knees. He could move a lot easier like this and was also pressing against the front of Ais’s v***** with enough force to make a small bulge in her lower abdomen. Ais released a few short breaths from her mouth as she continued to cling to his neck with her arms raised.

After regulating her breathing, Ais smiled and said, “This is a little scary…but it feels very nice…” before looking down and widening her eyes. She reached down and pressed against the very slight bulge and it made her body shudder a little realizing how ‘deep’ Vahn was inside of her. While holding his neck with her left hand, Ais continued placing her palm against her lower abdomen to feel the movement of Vahn from both the inside and outside of her body. Though he couldn’t completely penetrate Ais from this angle, Vahn was able to easily target the sweet spots inside of Ais when he was holding her like this. Even still, Vahn was able to knock against her depths since entering her completely typically pushed up her womb a bit after her v***** expanded through arousal.

Ais was still nearly as tight as she was during the first time they had sex, but her insides were far more malleable now as she had long adapted to having sex with him. Even during their first time, Ais had been able to ‘accept’ him completely, and she had worked hard to adapt her body to make it easier in the future. She also had immaculate control over her body and often found the best way to move along with him, making things inarguably better for them both. Unlike most girls, who seemed to try and ‘avoid’ their sweet spots, Ais could accurately target them even without Vahn’s actions and often ‘showed’ him the correct angle when they tried new positions. It wasn’t that she was overeager to feel pleasure, but more so that Ais felt like she was ‘supposed’ to do it in an effort to achieve some kind of victory against other girls. Vahn was aware of her ‘competitive’ nature, but she showed proper restraint most of the time and never acted aggressively toward the other girls.

They had already been having sex for nearly twenty minutes, ten for the first position and an additional ten for Vahn’s ‘alternative’ position. Tione had awoken by now and had a ‘fierce’ look in her eyes before she saw Vahn and Ais in a ‘strange’ position. Before she was able to make complete sense of everything, Tiona whispered, “Just sit and watch…we already lost, so behave properly. We’ll get some points back later on…” Tiona knew better than to ‘interfere’ with Ais since the golden girl usually showed a lot of patience when it came to waiting for other girls to finish. Besides, the hot feeling in her body had been persisting since earlier and Tiona felt very ‘content’ right now, an emotion shared by her elder sister who obediently became a spectator.

As if she had been keeping track of the time, Ais released a long sigh and said, “Sit down on the bed…” while looking over at Tiona and Tione. She was beginning to feel bad that the other girls were having to watch her but, while her body had several small orgasms, neither she nor Vahn had ‘finished’ completely. Tiona saw her look and smiled widely in response without saying anything as Vahn sat on the bed. Ais’s eyes darted about for a moment and she said, “Move back further on the bed…then hold my legs like you did earlier…” Though Vahn hadn’t been able to move easily when he lifted her legs up straight, Ais had enjoyed the ‘full’ feeling when her own legs compressed against her stomach. Vahn was also able to easily insert himself inside of her, so Ais had expectations that it would be easier if he was on the bed…

Vahn sat with his feet together, similar to Tiona, and squeezed together Ais’s legs in the manner she had suggested. He found they were a lot more stable now and Ais was even able to drop her hands as she overlapped his right arm with her own. She grabbed his left hand and said, “Its fine like this…” as she pulled it away. Vahn was easily able to support Ais’s legs with one hand while he was sitting down, so that freed up his left hand which Ais guided to her crotch in a suggestive manner. Vahn understood the ‘ingeniousness’ of this position and naturally stimulated Ais’s c******* as she used her left hand as a support against his thigh and circled her hips in small movements. Vahn rolled the budding bead between his index finger and thumb in practiced movements that made a healthy volume of fluid flow from Ais’s v*****.

Ais’s body shuddered with greater intensity as she said, “This is good…it feels really good…” Penetration was generally less pleasurable than stimulating around the v***** itself, so it was inarguably more pleasant to make small motions that made her feel ‘complete’ while having Vahn make use of his ‘godhand’. She had never brought it up, but Ais sometimes fantasized asking Vahn if they could try just ‘playing’ around without having sex sometimes. His massages were already incredible, but Ais felt like they could be even better if they made things more intimate. When there was time, Ais wanted to bring up the idea and see how many times she could feel the ‘wave’ pass through her body simultaneously. Her current record was seventeen times, but Ais believed she could one day reach one-hundred…she didn’t know why, but it seemed like it would be exciting giving it a try.

Vahn could feel that Ais’s body was reaching a critical level, even though his own had yet to reach that point. However, he already knew plenty of ways to ensure that his timing matched their own important event so, as he stimulated Ais’s c*******, Vahn extended his pinky and periodically proded against his own shaft, sending an ‘electrical’ current through it that made his p**** twitch. Though he knew how, Vahn had made a resolution to never masturbate since there were more than a ‘few’ woman that would help him relieve his urges if they got to that point. That didn’t prevent him from taking some shortcuts during sex, however, since Vahn felt it was more meaningful for the girl if they reached the peak together. Even Loki had agreed with this sentiment in the past, so Vahn did his best to match the timing of their major orgasms whenever he could.

The interior of Ais’s v***** began to writhe about madly as her body began to tremble, signaling the arrival of the oncoming wave. Vahn squeezed her body tightly and rocked his body slightly to assist in her movements as she reached a critical level. Just as her breathing had greatly accelerated, with mouth slightly agape, Vahn hugged her even tighter as he pinched her c******* lightly while proding his own p**** with his pinky and sending a jolt of energy through both of their bodies. She had already been planning to cry out, but Ais’s body began to tremble powerfully, almost like she was having a seizure, while an ear-shattering scream escaped her throat heavily laden with a passionate and sensual intonation. The slow build-up of their sex had reached a pinnacle in a moment and Ais’s body began to jerk slightly after her shout as she desperately drew in breaths of air to resist the overwhelming pleasure…

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